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    You will agree with us when we say that Harmony is one of the top brands that manufacture a variety of speakers.

    To find the speakers that fit your specifications can be difficult.

    To help you save your time, we have compiled a list of different audio speakers from Harmony.

    In the following review, you can find the top 5 Harmony audio speakers along with a couple of tips and commonly asked questions.

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    Top Pick

    A car speaker designed to produce high quality design while also maintaining durability and overall performance.

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    Runner Up

    A high output DJ speaker designed for high outdoor performance. Equipped with a built in tweeter and subwoofer.

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    Also Great

    Built to be a mini DJ speaker with all the features and power. It has a strong outer casing with durable speakers.

    Harmony Speakers Review - Top 5 Reviews

    After a detailed analysis, I have compiled some of the best products from Harmony.

    Following is a comprehensive article regarding these products.

    #1. Best Car Audio Speaker - Harmony HA-R65 Review

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    The Harmony HA-R65 are top shelf car audio speakers. Built with high quality material and fitted with high performance speakers.

    Available in multiple sizes to fit different cars. The 2 way feature allows it to perform exceptionally good high and low volumes.

    Good power handling demonstrates a significant difference with longer lasting and durable speakers.

    Equipped with a big magnet for crystal clear sound effects. This car stereo rhythm series is designed to match the level of an outdoor speaker with ease.

    Features of HA-R65:

      • High watt power output
      • Heavy duty Ferret magnet
      • Built in factory tweeters
      • 2 way design
      • Rubber surround

    Best Car Audio Speaker

    The Best Harmony Audio Car Speaker is Harmony HA-R65 as it is designed to perform exceptionally as an audio device. This set is a good replacement for your factory speakers. With good cone design it produces high quality sound effects.

    #2. Best Bluetooth Audio Speaker - Harmony Review

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    The Harmony HA-V12P is a power house packed inside a speaker. With heavy duty speakers it can output high volumes of sounds with exceptionally good quality.

    This product is designed for your outdoor parties and gatherings.

    Covered with a steel mesh, it is very resistant to scratches and damages all around.

    The built in tweeter and subwoofer enable this speaker to generate organic sound effects on all volume levels.

    Features of HA-V12P:

      • Heavy duty speakers
      • Multiple input/output ports
      • Tall and stable design
      • Side carry handles for portability
      • High power output

    Best Outdoor DJ Speaker

    The Best Outdoor DJ Speaker is Harmony HA-V12P as it is designed specifically for parties and gatherings. The heavy duty speakers ensure to light up your parties with crystal clear sounds. Easy to carry and very convenient to install.

    #3. Best Mini DJ Speaker - Harmony HA-L15BA Review

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    Built to be a compact version of its predecessor, this Harmony speaker comes with identical sound performance for outdoor gatherings.

    The smaller design makes it very convenient to carry around. It can be pushed around with the pre-installed trolley wheels.

    The factory equipped amp makes this speaker a power house which has a lot of input and output options. Providing versatility for your desired needs.

    The amazing power handling allows this speaker to perform with low voltage inputs without short circuiting.

    Features of HA-L15BA:

        • Compact design
        • Multiple control buttons
        • Built in amp
        • Easy portability
        • High frequency response

    Best Mini DJ Speaker

    The best Mini DJ Speaker is the Harmony HA-L15BA as it is designed to be extremely user friendly and easy to operate. The audio speakers are compact yet have quality audio output. The ability to be charged and bluetooth connectivity makes this speaker very versatile.

    #4. Best 6x9 Car Audio Speaker - Harmony HA-C69 Review

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    The HA-C69 Harmony audio car speakers are designed to fit almost any vehicle. The 6×9 dimensions make them very convenient to install.

    Other than that, these Harmony audio car speakers come in seven different sizes to fit all and every sorts of specifications.

    Built in tweeter and subwoofer makes this speaker a very good replacement for your factory speakers. They provide a significant upgrade in sound quality.

    These Harmony audio car speakers are made with carbon fibre cones for increased durability and crystal clear sound outfit.

    Features of HA-C69:

      • Fits multiple vehicles
      • Built in tweeter and subwoofer
      • FIbreglass Cone
      • Rubber surround
      • Dust resistant grills

    Best Harmony Audio Car Speakers

    The Best Harmony Audio Car Speakers in 6×9 dimensions is the HA-C69 because it’s design makes it very versatile and fit almost any vehicle. The easy installation makes this replacement very convenient. The heavy duty speakers provide a very satisfying audio experience.

    #5. Best Mic Compatible Speaker - Harmony HA-C8A Review

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    These Harmony audio speakers are designed to be extremely portable while also being very convenient to carry and move around.

    The added compatibility of a microphone expands the versatility in use of this speaker. It can also be used as a karaoke setup.

    The heavy duty titanium coils allows the speaker to perform for long periods of time without any decline in performance or sound quality.

    Features of HA-C8A:

        • Heavy duty speakers
        • Microphone compatibility
        • Roller wheels
        • Built in tweeter and subwoofer
        • Multiple carry handles

    Best Mic Compatible Speaker

    The Best Mic Compatible Speaker is the Harmony HA-C8A because it provides all the power and features needed for a microphone enabled speaker. An elaborate control panel to help with your sound settings. It also has multiple handles for convenient carrying.

    harmony speakers review

    Buyers' Guide

    What should I Look for When Buying a Harmony Audio Speaker?

    There are a variety of products manufactured by Harmony. Although there are two main categories, outdoor speakers and car speakers. It can get a little time consuming to choose from a variety of content. To find the help you find the product that fit your desired specifications, following are some of the key features to look out for: 

    • Durability:

    A lot of top brands build their speakers with the best components on the markets. This provides their consumers with longer lasting speakers which perform at an optimal level.

    It is usually good practice for customers to buy a speaker with not only it’s interior components made with high quality components but its outer shell too.

    The interior durability allows the speaker to perform for longer and better while the outer shell enables it to withstand any damage or harm from the outside. This results in the overall longer life of a speaker.

    Often people compromise on one thing or the other. But if you wish to buy a speaker that will stand the test of time without any drop in its performance, you should buy a speaker with equally durable materials.

    • Sound Quality:

    The biggest feature any speaker could provide is its sound quality. Many top producers prioritize this over any other feature in their speakers.

    The reason this is so important is because over time the magnet inside a speaker starts to weaken and shows a significant decline in its sound output and quality.

    To make sure this doesn’t happen, you should buy a speaker with a strong and high quality magnet. This ensures that your speaker will perform longer and will last quite a period of time without any decline in its overall performance.

    As a customer, you don’t want a speaker that loses its one feature it was purchased for, high sound quality.

    • Price:

    Price is a big factor when it comes to buying a high quality speaker. Top brands often provide high quality products for a high price to their consumers.

    But more than often a moderately priced speaker can perform just as well as a top shelf speaker. The difference between the two is very minor. There can be a little difference between internal speaker coils or the speaker’s cone shape/placement.

    It is recommended to explore your products before buying a high priced speaker, you might be able to find an alternative with just the same specifications for a lower price. A speaker ranging from $200-$500 will have all the required features you need.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    What kind of speakers Harmony makes?

    Harmony excels in making audio car speakers and outdoor concert speakers. Their crown jewel is the concert speakers series which are designed to output loud volumes of sound for quite long times. This makes them a very good option for social gatherings or a backyard party. The ability to perform on low power input these speakers can handle low voltages or voltage fluctuation. Even though it is recommended to use a stable power connection.

    Is Harmony a good manufacturer?

    From multiple customer reviews online about Harmony speakers, it is clear that Harmony only produces high quality products. A lot of customers praise it for its tough and durable exteriors which often cause major damage to speakers. This makes them stand the test of time and travelling because it is very easy to damage a speaker during travelling. The damage to exterior causes uneven vibrations and echo in speakers which is not a good sign.

    Is speaker installation easy?

    Speaker installation is usually easy if you have the right tools for it. Most of the time all you need is a bunch of wires, phillips 4 headed screws and a phillip screwdriver. According to customer reviews online, best harmony audio car speakers are easy to install. The tricky part is getting the wires from the doors to your battery which might require a little professional help. Some speakers come with wires already installed and you just have to screw in and plug them with your battery. If the wires are not connected, you might need a soldering tool for attaching the wires to your speakers.

    Do I need to change default wires?

    The factory issued wires are usually high quality and perform really well if handled with proper care. But if you wish to get some extra performance and a better sound quality, there are many good third party wires that are specifically designed to strengthen and amplify the sound signal. But this usually comes at the cost of your battery’s life since the high quality wires require and drain extra power from the battery. A bigger battery can come in handy in this situation.

    Do third party speakers fit in my factory grills?

    Grills are specific to their speaker size and designs. If your third party speaker has the same round design and size then it might fit your third party speaker. But in most cases it won’t fit. Majority of the speakers come with their own custom grills installed so you don’t have to go around looking for them. As the designs progress, a lot of brands are making speakers with universal round designs to accommodate consumers and ease their experiences regarding the speakers.

    Are third party speakers recommended?

    Top brands often fit their cars with high quality speakers because music and a sound system are an essential part of it. But they come with a few options for customization. Online customer reviews highly recommend using a third speaker. Installing a third party speaker allows you to choose from a variety of options that fit your specifications such as volume output, Bass, Treble, Power Input and some other. Third party speakers are also made to be high quality with materials like rubber surround, aluminum and titanium coils and good ferrite magnets.

    How do I maximize the sound output?

    The best and easiest way to maximize your sound output is to choose a speaker that has a high power intake. This means that the speaker will be able to produce not only quality sound but also won’t distort the sounds on high volume. The other two things you can do to maximize output is by changing your factory wiring and a bigger battery. The wiring allows the speaker to utilize the power it needs and the battery acts as the necessary power bank for the speakers. Last but not the least, try to use your speakers on a high volume for extended periods.

    Do I need a bigger battery for my speakers?

    A bigger battery is only required if you wish to maximize the output of your speakers or wish to save your speakers from short circuiting. In most cases the base battery is more than enough to power up your speakers. Since factory speakers are tuned to use moderate power in order to last longer, a normal battery will do just fine. But if you are going to use a third party speaker that requires a lot of power then you might need a better power source.

    Is an amplifier necessary for car speakers?

    Amplifiers are designed and made to help you with your sound output and tweaking. Although an amplifier is always a good addition to your default stereo as it allows you with a variety of options. Harmony audio car speakers are designed to perform well without an amplifier. This can help you with desired audio sound effects and their output. Another thing that amplifiers help with is the sound quality. They strengthen and increase the intensity of the signal being fed to the speakers.

    How do I get the maximum efficiency out of my speakers?

    A lot of people complain about their speakers not lasting long as marketed. This happens more than often because when speakers are pushed to their limits the magnets inside start to lose their capability to perform on a normal level. This happens with car speakers usually. Their sound output starts to distort and volume levels start to drop. It is recommended to use them at a moderate volume to keep the speaker’s integrity intact. This way, you speakers will last longer and perform at your desired volume levels.

    Final Verdict

    Selecting a good speaker for your car or outdoor activities can enhance your experience by a lot. After testing and reviewing multiple products from Harmony we have decided that the speakers made by Harmony are top quality which are durable and have quality speakers used in them. They provide good outdoor speakers for every occasion, a small gathering or a big party. The car speakers come in different sizes to fit your vehicle. With that, we conclude our review of Harmony audio speakers. Do let us which Harmony product is best according to you.