Google Daydream vs Samsung Gear VR – Head-to-Head Comparison, Buyers’ Guide, FAQs & More

VR might still not be an essential experience for everyone. However for someone who wants a top-notch cinematic experience that too in 3D, VR is a suitable gadget for you.

These headsets are portable, wireless, and easy to use. Finding a suitable VR headset for your device can be a tough task. Therefore, we did our research for you to shortlist the best ones.

We’ve gathered all the possible things you need to consider for the best experience whether it’s in Google Daydream or in Samsung Gear VR.



Longer Battery Life

VR Experience

Google Daydream


Samsung Gear VR


Now that we have an idea, let’s take a detailed review of both.

Google Daydream View Review - Best User-Friendly VR Headset

Google Daydream View is a headset that will allow you to teleport virtually anywhere you want. You will experience high-quality immersive virtual reality like never before. 

We were impressed with the wide range of applications and games that are available in the Daydream app. You do not need any additional paid services since you will get your very own VR library with the headset. 

Moreover, this headset is lightweight, durable, and comfortable for longer use. It comes with a washable face pad which can be cleaned when required. 

Features of Google Daydream View

  • Strap to your face and also comes with compatible remote control.
  • The Daydream controller is battery-powered (over a USB Type C connection).
  • Google relies on sensors within the phone to detect motion, and the motion sensors inside the phone detect any movement.
  • Daydream’s controller comes with many apps within the headset and they’re even suitable for glasses wearers and for those who get eye strain easily.
  • The longer battery life makes for a great VR experience.

Benefits of Google Daydream View

Downloading VR Apps

We can safely say this is one of the best VR headsets in the VR world. 

You can wear glasses when using VR apps on this; you can download Mobile VR games from Google play or even the play store using the VR controller it comes with.

With the application introduced and applications downloaded, you can either send off the application straightforwardly from inside the Daydream view application itself or use it on your phone.

Daydream Controller

The included controller has three buttons on the top, the greatest of which is a trackpad you can use to swipe through different menus and screens.

Charging the controller is done by means of USB type C, involving a similar link and wall connector as the Pixel.

Factors to Consider Before you Decide to Buy Google Daydream View


All the Daydream View’s viable applications are found in the Play Store. You could in fact watch youtube VR which is something you can’t do on Gear VR. The dream is more fun and can even be used for academic purposes.


The Daydream View has a more modest impression and is light in weight and the soft face pad effectively makes it more comfortable.


The Google Daydream headset has smooth illustrations and uprated movement sensors for exact head tracking. Games looked better compared to self-recordings, with sharper illustrations.


As said by the manufacturers themselves, the Daydream View headset is designed for comfort.

It feels perfectly made, and its delicate, stretchy texture makes you quickly need to get it and stretch it over your head.


The Daydream controller allows you to navigate different VR experiences within the headset which makes a big difference in using google apps.

What Do the Customers Think?

The controller has extremely advantageous volume controls which are exceptionally useful, too. Many customers appreciated its lightweight build structure which makes it comfortable to wear. The top lash is removable however, many customers found it significantly more alright with it on.

The negative aspect mentioned by some of the customers is how at times, they notice the view gradually floating out of the way. However, the controller has an approach to recenter the screen in the event that this at any point occurs.

Below are some reviews for you to read.

google daydream vr social proof
google daydream vr social proof
google daydream vr social proof

Best User-Friendly VR Headset

The best user-friendly VR headset is Google Daydream View because it enables one of the VR experiences in the VR world. With its robust headset, it truly takes the cake for being one of the best products Google has produced.

Samsung Gear VR Review - Best VR Headset For Android Devices

The Samsung Gear VR is truly outstanding and the least expensive approach to encountering virtual reality on a Samsung cell phone. Furthermore, now that you can coordinate it with a gear VR controller, it feels significantly more immersive.

The Gear VR controller takes two AAA batteries and uses a Samsung phone, which makes android devices more useful compared to google cardboard. We liked how you can use it whilst wearing your glasses or even playing games.

Gear VR actually works with wired earphones, leaving the earphone jack space on the telephone free. However, it’s likely better to utilize remote earphones to lessen your confusion.

Features of Samsung Gear VR

  • On its back, there’s a solitary trigger, which is good to have for the unavoidable surge of first-individual shooters when gaming.
  • There are a small bunch of games that offer a controller-like feeling and they work in a way that you’d expect assuming that you’ve played anything on Google’s Daydream headset.
  • Contrasted with Google Dream, Samsung has a lot bigger library of titles to appreciate, however, given the overflow, their quality comes into question on occasion.

Benefits of Samsung Gear VR


A thrilling virtual reality experience for Samsung cell phone users. 

The Gear VR has its own accelerometer, whirligig, magnetometer, and motion sensors, however, gets its substance straightforwardly from the telephone (at first the Galaxy Note 4).

It is a  comfortable and durable headset that can be used for consistent hours.

View from Headset

The Gear VR gives a 96-degree all-encompassing perspective for motion pictures and games and incorporates central changes for partially blind and farsighted individuals.

It associates with the cell phone by means of a Miniature USB. 

Factors to Consider Before you Decide to Buy Samsung Gear VR


By and large, with the vigorous and consistently developing assortment of VR content and the new controller, the new Samsung Gear VR is an effortless proposal. It’s lighter, more agreeable, and cross-viable with more established Samsung telephones, as well.


You can wear it with your glasses, and unlike other headsets, like google cardboard, you can wear it for longer periods of time since it has padding and allows for minimal light.


The cool use of Samsung Gear VR is playing games, and the graphics depend on your phone so as long as your phone is updated, the graphics will respond accordingly.


Keeping the light out is something that Samsung Gear VR has forever been great at, and the new model is no exemption. A welcome area of progress is the breathability of the headset. 

Contrasted with the more seasoned model, the pad that rests around your eyes and nose is discernibly cozier and more steady.


Samsung has made the controller viable with the build-up of applications and games that are as of now accessible to clients. 

Both the trigger and touchpad execute a similar basic “affirm” order, however, the movement capacities are generally switched off.

What Do the Customers Think?

While it can not be used as a work VR headset, this will presumably provide you with an exceptional VR experience. 

A lot of individuals said that the best viewpoint is having the option to watch 360 recordings, where being immersed in new things truly gives you a fresh new point of view on the story. 

People also said that the content is good and ample but the lenses are very scratchable so you have to be careful when cleaning.

Below are some reviews for you to read.

samsung vr social proof
samsung vr social proof
samsung vr social proof

Best VR Headset For Android Devices 

The best VR headset for android devices is Samsung Gear VR because the incorporation of the movement regulator makes Gear VR significantly more worth the buy assuming this is your initial introduction to virtual reality.

Buyers’ Guide

google vr


While buying a VR headset, comfort should always be kept in mind. The overall design and weight of the headset will determine its comfort. 

By putting on a headset, people with glasses may feel troubled by the equipment. People might encounter any of the sensations of discomfort with a VR headset because of the following reasons:

  • Additional tension on the person’s face
  • Significant burden of the headset on their head
  • Confusion from having their faculties cut off from reality
  • Eye strain because of the bright light


In the event that you’re searching for a smooth VR experience, having the most recent Intel or AMD chip and a lot of RAM won’t be sufficient; you’ll likewise require a strong graphics card. 

Furthermore, with such countless choices available, it very well may be hard to know which one is appropriate for you. Anyway, what graphics card do you want for VR? That depends upon the sort of headset you’ll need to utilize.


The design and overall build structure of the headset are important for it to be comfortable.  

Most of the headsets are designed with similar dynamics. However, some might be bulky, and it can put a strain on your neck and eyes. 


Controllers assist you with enrolling your hand and finger developments in a virtual climate. They are important to consider if you are buying a headset specifically for gaming. 

Albeit all VR controllers might look fairly comparative, they are different in view of various characteristics, and, surprisingly, to some degree minor contrasts matter when you begin involving them for a really long time.


Virtual reality headsets for cell phones are incredibly fun, in any case, it’s quite important that not all cell phones are viable with VR headsets. Utilize the free VR Compatibility Checker application. Simply download it from the Play Store, open the application, and press CHECK.

In the event that the application says that your gadget upholds VR, you’re all set! In any case, we suggest getting an updated phone that is compatible with an updated VR headset.

Field of View

One more basic calculation of the nature of a VR headset is its field of view (FOV). This boundary estimates the degree of the detectable climate at any one time.

The more extensive field of view, the more noteworthy the review experience is probably going to be, as the watcher feels present in the virtual climate.

PPD (Pixels Per Degree)

PPD is the number of pixels per level of the review point. This provides you with an estimation of the pixel thickness of the VR headset and the number of pixels per degree it presents to the eye.

You show up in this figure by isolating the flat pixel count by the level field of perspective on the focal point.

Refresh Rate

The refresh rate is one more essential figure of the nature of the client’s VR experience. It portrays how quickly the headset shows pictures in outlines each second or FPS.

The quicker the refresh rate, the more smooth the VR experience will be. In the event that the refresh rate is excessively laggy, there will be a more prominent length of waiting between outlines, giving an uneven as opposed to smooth-streaming pictures or video.


All headsets offer a similar capability, yet they achieve this in various ways.

They all contain some type of show innovation, and this will impact the nature of the picture, and, thusly, the VR experience for the headset wearer. 

The fundamental sorts of shows are

  1. LCD
  2. OLED

Resolution Per Eye

A pixel is the littlest displayable unit of a computerized picture, and a few pixels join to shape total pictures, text, and illustrations.

The goal per eye is the number of pixels that the VR headset can show, communicated as a count of pixel width x pixel level. For instance, 1440 x 1700.

Final Verdict

There’s no reasonable winner here if we look at Google Daydream View VS Samsung Gear VR.

On the grounds that eventually it’s really emotional, it relies upon the thing you’re pursuing in your VR experience. 

In the event that it’s gaming, the Gear VR is most likely the better decision. On the off chance that it’s all the other things, Dream is certainly not a terrible approach.

Perhaps you saw this coming, however, neither of these headsets is essentially “better” than the other, they’re both generally excellent for various reasons. 

Also, more significantly, they’re both fun to use. Assuming you’re hoping to get into VR for cheap, you can’t exactly turn out badly one way or the other.

Let us know your thoughts or questions down below.


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