Google Cardboard VR Review – Complete Guide, Tips, Tricks & More

There has been an increase in the competition for VR products. So much so, that when Google released its own version of VR, people thought it was a joke. 

You want the most useful 3 pieces to use in Google Cardboard. The first is the cardboard app which is necessary to use with the phone. The second is the smartphone, of course, you can’t continue without a fully functioning one. 

The third is the android app if you happen to have an android and it is created by using third-party developers.

Google Cardboard VR

Google Cardboard is a low-cost virtual reality (VR) platform developed by Google. We found that it has a fold-out cardboard viewer into which a smartphone is inserted. This increases the accessibility and affordability of Cardboard. 

Alternate #1 


If you have any interest in what the gifted movie-makers and animators are doing within the mobile VR and 360 video space, Within is an unfastened and easy download.

Alternate #2 

Youtube VR

It’s an app you can download for quite a number of apps. You can use your phone to get entry to extra immersive VR viewers with 360-degree films and VR reviews with phone VR headsets. 

Quick Summary of the Main Product

Cardboard is the VR sector’s most available and less costly VR platform, assisting each Android and iOS. 

Cardboard allows immersive VR experiences by using the telephone’s sensors to expect the user’s head position in both the actual and digital worlds. This blended with Cardboard’s easy, smooth-to-use headset makes it ideal for short VR games.

Despite being a Google-funded assignment, the Cardboard is additionally well matched with iPhones. It virtually depends on the availability of apps on the platform.

Google Cardboard app is an easy and least expensive gadget for customers to dive into and discover the immersive enjoyment of digital truth using their smartphone. 

The cardboard is made from recycled paper, the lenses are made from plastic, and the magnet is made from neodymium cloth.  

These are all effortlessly-on-hand substances, this means that the final product isn’t difficult to the acute fee fluctuations generally determined in tech.

It is likewise easy to apply and set up, you simply want to assemble the card, download the VR programs and scan the QR code to experience VR by placing your phone within the cardboard.

There are several nearby and international vendors within the market producing the device, and clients can even make their very own if buying one isn’t in the cards (although it is typically inexpensive to buy one and then make it yourself).

The range of carriers inside the marketplace is growing, with many anticipated to enter the listed vendors class on Google’s website.

Features and Benefits

The cardboard features cross-platform support for both Android and iOS devices.

It has a very affordable meaning it has affordable viewers that support one-button input and the gaze-based UI.

The powerful SDKs that make it easy to create virtual reality experiences in the development environment of your choice, you can even get a lot on google play or the iOS app store.

The official google cardboard app makes it easy to insert and secure your phone for VR experiences. 

Additionally, Google cardboard is affordable and lightweight, and portable. It is easy to use even for first-time users with just a single input button you are put in an immersive VR viewer world. 

You can also get a wide field of view.

There is also a holder/enclosure for smartphones with screens up to 6 inches that assemble (and disassembles) in just 3 steps and it has high-quality lenses made of durable material.

Factors to Consider Before you Decide to Buy Google Cardboard


You are going to get tired from holding it up even though it’s incredibly light. It’s not ideal when you want to sit down to watch a movie.


You won’t have a head strap, so you shouldn’t expect integrated audio either. 

However, if you watch enough tech tutorials, you’ll understand that it has a front flap open in the top right corner that you can use with your wired headphones. 

This virtual reality headset is nothing fancy, but it works great with VR apps.


It is fairly worth its price since you can plan short VR sessions. It is cardboard, so it may not rest comfortably. The slight dimming effect and the light leakage is a factors.

However, it is still wearable tech that’s worth your coin.


It comes fully constructed in a cardboard kit when you take it out of the box and simply requires that you fold out the side and front flaps.

On your smartphone’s screen, if you wish to experiment with the official Google Cardboard app, it will prompt you to set it up by scanning the QR code on the headset. 

After that, you’ll be all set to place your phone in the front panel and velcro it into place.


The flimsy design can make you have light leakage. You’ll have to lessen the pupil distance to be fully immersed. With the assembly required, we can’t say for a fact that you’ll have your desired effect. 

However, other manufacturers of VR have made it very expensive so you can dip your toe into the VR world using cardboard VR.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Google Cardboard

Social Proof

Before being discontinued, Cardboard received a lot of praise from its customers.

They talk about how simple it is to put together and how it may cause issues with constantly holding it to your face. 

There’s also a small light source issue with the non-availability of the head strap to keep it in place.

Here are some reviews that we came across:

google cardboard vr review social proof
google cardboard vr review social proof
google cardboard vr review social proof

Google Cardboard Alternatives (Recommendations)

#1:The Most Digitally Primitive Product - Within Review

Within was named the #1 VR app for iOS by Apple Insider, and featured as the “Best New App” on iTunes.

It is also the most downloaded and highest-rated cinematic VR app for Google cardboard.

This is basically a VR app that you can watch movies in. It carries award-winning documentaries and stories for people to watch.

Factors to Consider Before you Decide to get Within VR

Comfort: It is a free app, and it’s quick to download and watch movies. You can watch them at your own time and if your phone is out of space, it still lets you watch content.

Audio: The sound quality depends on your phone since it is a VR app. It can work with any device, even android devices or apple.

Pricing: It is completely free to use and play around with. It does not require a VR headset and google cardboard viewers are sure to love this.

Setup: The setup is easy and takes two seconds. You just have to make an account, check the verification email and you can access their content related entertainment.

Optics: It carries professional VR and 360 video content. There are longer and shorter experimental series coming out and it’s really worth getting.

Most Digitally Primitive Product

Within VR is one of the best VR products on the market with its unique content and it’s free availability on the app store.

#2: Best Advanced Realistic Product - Youtube VR Review

YouTube VR is a sub-application of the YouTube video sharing website. 

In short, it’s an app you can download for a range of devices. You can use your smartphone to access more immersive 360-degree videos and VR experiences with smartphone VR headsets.

Daydream and Oculus also offer access to Youtube VR directly from your headset.

Factors to Consider Before you Decide to Buy Youtube VR

Comfort: Though intended for VR headsets, you can still use YouTube VR on a desktop or smartphone. This makes it more accessible for today’s consumers.

Audio: Natural language processing allows users to search for the content they want without having to deal with the headache of typing in VR.

Pricing: It is completely free on the app store and works well with iphones or android devices. YouTube has a series of useful guides and support available for people who need help getting started.

Setup: Users can create videos and share them in VR mode, or just explore the content created by the favourite streamers.

Optics: You can create your videos with 180-degree and 360-degree angles so people can look around when enjoying the content.

Best Advanced Realistic Product

The best advanced realistic product in VR is Youtube VR. With its ability to be taken anywhere and everywhere, the limitless amount of content and the fact that its free. It is one of the best deals on the market.

Buyer’s Guide

google carboard vr review


There are many apps that allow you to explore places that you might not otherwise have the chance to. Google Expeditions can guide you on guided field trips to places like the International Space Station. 


You can use your own wired headphones which can somewhat make the experience better since there is no integrated audio.


It is definitely worth buying since you pay for the cardboard itself. You just have to follow directions to set it up and put your own phone in. 


You have to download the Cardboard app, which is completely free. After that, you have to pair your phone with your viewer by tapping on the right arrow. Then scan the QR code on the cardboard viewer. 

After opening the top flap of the viewer, lift the flaps and press thana against the fasteners on the sides. Then put your phone inside and close the top flap. 

There are also instructions on the screen to begin using cardboard.


Cardboard Camera can also be used to capture 360-degree images of exotic or unusual locations so that you can share them with others later.

Wrapping Things Up

When Google Cardboard launched in 2014, there was little else in the way of VR on the market; even though the product is discontinued, it is incredibly cheap, especially since it was made by Google, a leading digital publisher. 

Moreover, supporting Android and iOS has a better chance of exposing more people to virtual reality. 

The interface is relatively intuitive and offers some excellent experiences and games that just about anyone can enjoy which is why we recommend using Google cardboard. 

Hopefully, you like our cardboard review and now you know what to expect from other future brands from Google.

Let us know what you think in the comments below.


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