Overwatch 2- Players Fear Its Worst Role Could Be Even Worse After Season 2 Changes

Buffed tanks and DPS heroes may be able to easily outshine their support counterparts.

Blizzard’s Acknowledgment

Blizzard has admitted that the unpopularity of playing the role of “supporter” (a.k.a. “tank”) is hurting Overwatch 2’s queue time, and it wants to change things for the better. However, some players who play the role fear that the new season could actually be making the role even less enjoyable.

Overwatch Season 2

Season 2 of Overwatch has just launched, and it comes with a lot of balance changes designed to shake up the meta and introduce the new tank Ramattar into the game.


Doomfist is easily the biggest win for the patch and is currently enjoying a wave of buffs that many top players believe are completely overpowered. However, the general community consensus is not yet clear.

However, there’s certainly no doubt that Doomfists are likely to become even more of a menace in the future, and many pro players, who’ve been given some small buffs but also suffered from a few nerfs, are concerned about the state of the match.

Here’s some more exciting news.

Playing Support

One of the most common complaints with Overwatch 2 is how easy it is for other heroes to absolutely destroy you, even if you’re sticking close to your tank, your entire team, or both.

The likes of Genji and Tracers (who’ve been buffed after a patch, as it happens), have become notorious for their ability to kill supports, but they’re not the only ones, and Doomfist has also been given buffs to help him join the ranks of the Support killers.

Even though Sojourn’s infamous railgun was toning down in Season 2, she received a buff to her primary weapons’ firing range which will make her more deadly in close-quarter combat.

Hero Adjustments

Meanwhile, the few changes made to Ana’s Sleep Dart cooldown, Mercy’s Weapon Swap cooldown, and Mercy’s Blasters’ magazine size were hardly noticeable.

Meanwhile, Kiriko was given a considerable nerf while her other abilities were given minor buffs like an increased number of bullets and a faster casting speed for her defense.

To summarize, the fear is that some of the strongest tanks just got even stronger, while already weak support players barely got anything.

The responses to these heroes’ adjustments haven’t been positive, but they’re not negative either.

It seems that the meta hasn’t settled yet, but most early reactions aren’t positive for supporters. This Blizzard thread from Chubbyboy summarizes things well: “Good luck, supporters.”

“Supports are huge sitting ducks, more than ever,” SnowGhost writes in one of today’s hottest forum posts. Now instead of the DPS focusing the supports all game, now you’ve also got [Doomfist] and [Roadhog] doing it too,” says Spudicus.

“The entire point of every game is for everyone to focus the supports and now there’s no [crowd control] or shields to save them.”

“Sorry about your luck, tank and DPS players,” quips Azrael. “I know it gets hard when support is showered with all this attention.”

The Overwatch subreddit is similarly pessimistic. “Support is going to be rough this season,” bemoans ZaytexZanshin. “Season 2 is just extremely unfun for supports if left as is,” adds MasonPopcorn.

There are some people who think that Season 2 will suffer from even worse damage and queue times than last time, which would be bad for everyone. However, there are no indications yet that suggests that Season 2 will suffer any less damage and queue times than Season 1 did.

The good thing is that starting with season two, blizzard made new overwatch heroes slightly easier to get but you’ll still need to either grind or buy them.

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