Gear VR International VS the US – Review with Complete Comparison

Since the Samsung Gear showed up available, we’ve seen a huge expansion in how much rivalry across the VR space.

In correlation, the Gear VR can appear to be very basic, yet it offers a remarkable passage point into the universe of computer-generated reality for those with a restricted financial plan.

The Gear has had a couple of updates throughout the years to line up with the most recent Galaxy cell phones. In this review, we’ll be taking a look at both the international version and the US version of Gear VR.







Superhot VR


Let’s discuss each feature in depth. 

Samsung Gear VR (International Version) Review - Best Affordable Virtual Reality Headset

VR is a problem. It’s expensive and hard to set up. Right now, you might be in an ideal situation attempting to purchase. 

Samsung has strolled a brilliant way with the Gear VR. As of late delivered another third-age adaptation of its phone-fueled headset, and its objective hasn’t changed, which is to be straightforward and reasonable.

Gear VR is a snap-on, remote reasonable method for transforming your Samsung Galaxy telephone into a shockingly able fundamental computer-generated simulation headset. What’s more, years after the fact, it’s still really great.

Benefits of Gear VR (International Version)

The most recent iteration of the Gear VR presents a VR-driven controller. Intended for one-gave use, the Gear VR regulator fits pleasantly in the center of your hand and highlights a huge touchpad, buttons for Back, Home, and volume with a trigger along the back. 

Moreover, this Bluetooth 4.2 gadget has movement detecting innovation that will permit you to connect and get something in your virtual territory, everything being equal.

Oculus has quite recently made the Samsung Gear VR somewhat more socially comprehensive, adding Chromecast support for clients to stream computer-generated reality frolics to their TVs.

Others can now see what’s happening inside the Gear VR headset, which stands to make the entire experience more public. 

It’s likewise a valuable method for directing those with less involvement with VR, adjusting what’s on-screen without having to ceaselessly pass the headset this way and that. 

Think about it as a piece like The Crystal Maze, with you and your sister yelling at your mother as she thrashes about with headstamps.

Factors to Consider Before you Decide to Buy Gear VR (International Version)

Headset Design

The most current Gear VR is a bit bigger than the first, with aspects of 12 x 2 x 9.9 cm and a load of 345g (excluding your telephone) contrasted with 318g. Yet those additional grams won’t have a recognizable effect while wearing it.

The padding around the eyes is currently a lot thicker and more strong, permitting you to involve the Gear VR for delayed timeframes without encountering uneasiness. 

The optics have seen improvement, as well. The focal point optics can be flipped utilizing a dial on the headset, and under the lens, a couple of air vents have been added.

Samsung has overhauled the fitting and play port on the headset to USB-C so you can charge your telephone as you utilize the Gear VR.


It has a round touchpad, volume and control buttons, and a trigger on the back for shooting match-ups.

The regulator feels decent in the hand as well, with movement following up to the norm of the Oculus Go, not exactly a shock, given it’s planned by a similar organization.

Variety of Game

There are around 600 games on the oculus app that can be used with the Samsung gear VR. The variety of games is still very much overplayed, and they haven’t come out with new ones.

So, hopefully, that will change soon.

Virtual Reality Experience 

The head-following on the Gear VR is extremely smooth, as it generally has been. This is presumably because of the Oculus chip inside the headset, which finds your head development perfectly. 

There’s no outside camera or sensor, however, so you can’t move about inside your virtual climate or incline out and over to see down a chasm, for example.


It’s cheap compared to the US version and even comes with a remote controller. You only need your phone to use it, of course, so it is recommended by is to get the international version.

It has a lighter weight and improved fit for people who wear glasses. There’s also an upgraded touchpad for you to use. So, all things considered, it is the better deal

What Do the Customers Think? 

A lot of customers have said that sometimes the remote can lose connection but quickly reconnects after. It does overheat if you have an older phone. 

You’d need a newer phone version if you don’t want your phone to overheat and possibly explode because that has happened.

Some users have also said that it only works if you’re sitting upright and not at a different angle. However, there’s lots of content, and for most users who wear glasses, this felt like it was the right purchase for them.

Below are the customer testimonies so you can see them for yourself.

social proof
social proof
social proof

Best Affordable Virtual Reality Headset

The best affordable virtual reality headset is Samsung Gear Vr (International Version) because it is widely available and has the same qualities and features as the US version.

Samsung Gear VR (US Version) Review - Best Immersive Virtual Reality Headset

The Gear VR equipment hasn’t changed a lot. It’s a froth cushioned headset with Velcro lashes that go above and around your head. 

The froth cushioning is removable in the event that it gets too gunky and you need to supplant it. A Galaxy S6, S7, S8, or Note 5 snaps into the front, utilizing either a USB-C or miniature USB port.

There are removable port modules on the actual headset. On the side, there’s a touch cushion, beneath the back and home buttons for route. A center wheel toward the front changes the headset to match your vision.

Benefits of Samsung Gear VR (US Version) 

The headset’s been marginally changed: it’s lighter, comes up short on cut-on visor toward the front (presently your telephone stays in full view constantly), and another USB goes through permits charging while at the same time wearing the headset. 

When using:

There’s additionally an inner fan that is intended to assist with defogging the Gear VR while wearing it.

With Gear VR, you mostly collaborate by moving your head around. An internal accelerometer, gyro, and magnetometer in the protective cap track head movements and cause you to feel like you’re looking around. 

The Gear VR can’t do more complicated body development or head movement, in any case: it can’t distinguish on the off chance that you’re strolling near or inclining forward.

A side trackpad controls most cooperations, except if you likewise have a Bluetooth game regulator to coordinate with your telephone. 

The trackpad in the S6-viable Gear is currently recessed, so it can saw as more effectively contrasted with the 2014 Note 4 form. 

The Gear VR involves a similar sort of optical innovation as in the past. It utilizes amplified focal points to assist with twisting a split stereoscopic presentation on your telephone into a vivid encounter that stretches around you. 

The field of view is as yet limited to what you can see through the scuba cover like goggles: it truly wants to see a different universe while remote ocean plunging.

The coolest part of using Gear VR is that it uses a phone to power everything. It’s mobile, wireless, and can fit in small places.

Factors to Consider Before you Decide to Buy Samsung Gear VR (US Version)

Headset Design

For a sweeping review insight, the Gear VR with Controller offers 42mm focal points with 101-degree FOV (Field of View) and high-level bending revision innovation to limit movement infection. 

The Samsung Gear VR with Controller will uphold both miniature USB and USB Type-C ports with a converter inbox. Furthermore, the Gear VR will have a tie on the headset to hold the Controller when it isn’t being used.


For ideal play and comfort, the Controller includes an ergonomic, bent design, offering helpful one-hand control and better movement connection with limited head development for an agreeable client experience. 

Likewise, the Controller furnishes clients with limited movement for long-time use. The Home, Volume, and Back keys situated on the Controller give clients all that they need in simple reach so they can maintain their attention on vivid substance.

It also gives a secure grip for comfortable play. Even during the most dynamic developments, the Controller’s wrist tie offers a protected hold for agreeable and secure play. The controller is small and easy to grip so that your experience can be the best immersive experience Gear VR has to offer.

Variety of Games

It has the same amount of games as the International version. Not enough, and pretty much the same old games are being recycled. They haven’t come out with new stuff, but we hope that they will eventually.

Virtual Reality Experience 

There is a different motion input for a better VR experience. The touchpad gives faster determination and cooperation in VR applications.

It also empowers different types of movement, including the capacity to point, simplify, slant, and shoot, among different activities, while the Trigger considers upgraded gaming encounters.


It is more expensive than the international version. That is why we recommend that you get the international version since it’s essentially the same thing with the same features, but it is cheaper. 

What Do the Customers Think? 

A lot of people have said that they were scared that their phones might overheat. They also said that they were scared that their phones might run out of battery really fast.

However, the good thing is that the headset allows the user to charge their phone when using the headset in VR, so you can essentially play as long as you want to. 

Below are some testimonies for you to review.

social proof
social proof
social proof

Best Immersive FPS VR game

Superhot VR is the best immersive FPS VR game because of its original gameplay and design. Your skills will be put to the test by its dynamic combat system, where time only moves in this VR realm when you move. Therefore, it is a must-play.

Buyers’ Guide

international vs us

Headset Design

When talking about designs, we have to mention Apple, which is among the organizations expected to deliver a VR headset, and it very well may be significantly slimmer than current contenders. 

The forthcoming Apple headset, which blends virtual and increased reality, could utilize a cross-breed super short central length focal point to hold its weight under 150 grams.

The Apple headset will have a complex eye-global positioning framework that can distinguish where the client is looking. In the event that they are squinting, incorporate iris acknowledgment that will consequently recognize clients.

There are stereoscopic focal points situated between the screen and your eyes that contort the picture into seeming three-layered. Two pictures are gone from the perspective, one for each eye, like how our eyes see and cycle visuals in reality.


Distinguishing your hand and finger developments in VR requires a lot of exactness, such as when you are playing VR games where one slip-up can prompt a lost round

Different regulators use different global positioning frameworks with fluctuating levels of precision, and we’ll cover these exhaustively later.

VR recreations can endure from a few minutes to hours, and this is where the form nature of a regulator begins to have an effect. 

A modest plastic cover prompts low toughness. More regrettable yet, inadequately fabricated elusive regulators can drop none of your concerns, particularly during serious VR encounters like gaming or wellness.

Variety of Games

A good VR headset should have a variety of games to play with since you’re going to immerse in different experiences. The more games, the better since you can practice with virtual reality if you’re a beginner.

Many designers are making VR games and applications, movie producers are investigating the potential for narratives and activity, and Facebook and YouTube have gotten on board with that fleeting trend with 360-degree recordings.

Be that as it may, assuming you’re new to computer-generated reality, where would it be a good idea for you to begin? Without any, a passing teacher with enchantment specs here’s the beginning and end you want to be familiar with equipment, applications, and games.

VR gadgets have their own application stores, like cell phone application stores, where you can peruse and download games and applications. 

A portion of these stores has gotten to utilizing the actual gadget, while others – the VR part of the Steam advanced games store, for instance – can be perused on your PC.

Virtual Reality Experience

Virtual Reality, or VR, is the utilization of PC innovation to establish a mimicked climate that can be investigated in 360 degrees. Dissimilar to customary points of interaction, VR places the client inside the virtual climate to give a vivid encounter.

To permit this sensation of presence, a VR headset is utilized, for example, the ones accessible for getting at OISE Library. Other outstanding instances of VR headsets incorporate Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR, HTC Vive, Google Daydream View, and Google Cardboard

These headsets eliminate vision of this present reality and give the video to each eye, taking into consideration the profundity of vision. This innovation is then upheld by the head and body following to associate the virtual world with how the situation is playing out. 


VR headsets that give the most practical encounters accessible can cost a huge number of dollars. These should be legitimate with an unmistakable ROI. In any case, a large number of utilizations don’t request the visual accuracy that these very good quality frameworks convey. 

Applications that range gaming, reenactment, schooling, person-to-person communication, telepresence, and the travel industry loan themselves to more extensive reception of minimal expense headsets.

But, the way toward mass-market VR has been rough as sellers have battled to track down the right harmony between experience quality and reasonableness. 

Yet again the new news that Facebook would end its Oculus Go showed how troublesome it has been to convey VR encounters that have expansive allure.

Final Verdict

On the off chance that you’re keen on VR and are searching for a new cell phone, Gear VR ought to be adequate motivation to turn your head in Samsung’s direction. 

You don’t need to spend a fortune, nor will you really want a high-spec PC to run any of its games, not at all like with the exceptional Oculus and HTC headsets. 

This third-era Gear VR is likewise substantially more agreeable than past versions, and that implies you can play for longer timeframes, and the expansion of a movement regulator immeasurably works on the intelligence of the VR experience.

Additionally, both US and International versions don’t have much of a difference, except for the cost, so you’re better off buying the international version.

Let us know what you think in the comments below.


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