You will agree with us when we say that the G-Drop speaker is among the best waterproof portable speakers available in the market. It is made from highly durable materials and paired with an even better quality of the hardware.

Because of this, we have decided to review the G-Project G-Drop speaker in order to determine whether it upholds its durable standard or not.

In this review, we will thoroughly discuss the key strengths and weaknesses of this speaker to check if it has any value as a viable product.

G-Project G-Drop

Designed to provide you with the best performance quality, this speaker has the best of both worlds. A highly resistant and tough outer casing with a high output speaker inside makes this a perfect fit for your outdoor adventures.

Alternate #1 : Ultimate Ears Boom 3

A cylindrical shaped speaker that will amaze you with its aesthetics and battery life. It is made to last longer and survive harsh conditions.

Alternate #2 : Sony SRS-XB12

Shaped to be highly portable and compact in size, this Sony speaker will amaze you with its sound output and versatility.

Quick Summary of the Main Product

There are many big names in the market when it comes to waterproof portable speakers but this product by G-Project is a serious competitor. We used the G-Project G-Drop speaker for quite some while and found out that this speaker has an exceptionally strong exterior casing. It is made from a combination of top-tier plastics that provides resistance against weather, shock, and impact damages. We must also mention that the front side is covered with a waterproof metallic mesh grill. It protects the speaker from any sort of water splashes and dust particles.

Furthermore, we tested the waterproof quality of this G-Project G-Drop speaker by subjecting it to rain, water splashes, and even submerging it underwater. We were amazed at how water resistant this speaker is. It is completely waterproof and can survive underwater for almost thirty minutes.

Keeping in mind the design and size of this speaker, it is extremely portable and convenient to carry. This G-Project G-Drop speaker can easily fit in your hand and also your backpack. It also has the feature of a carabiner hook which you can use to hang this speaker anywhere you like. Apart from this, it also has multiple input options and control buttons to help you with your listening experience.

Features and Benefits

  • Durability:

The quality of a Bluetooth speaker is determined by its durability and how rugged it is. The G-Project G-Drop speaker is produced in accordance with this important factor. It has a highly durable exterior shell made from a combination of different materials.

After testing this speaker under multiple conditions, we found out that the speaker had no effect on it. The outer body is built from high-grade PVC material which acts as a shock absorber. It can easily withstand minor fall damage or shock impact.

Since Bluetooth speakers are supposed to be used in outdoor settings, this G-Drop speaker can easily survive such harsh conditions. You can use it as you wish without having to worry about it being damaged by a fall or shock.

  • Bluetooth Connectivity:

One major thing that greatly contributes to the quality of a Bluetooth speaker is its Bluetooth connectivity. The G-Project G-Drop speaker is equipped with the latest Bluetooth version available on the market.

After passing it through multiple trials, we concluded that the speaker has a solid Bluetooth range of up to 20 meters. The volume, music/sound quality, and clarity of sound remained consistent within this range. It also showed us no signs of distortion.

You can easily play music on this G-Project G-Drop speaker and move around with your phone. The latest Bluetooth version keeps the signal strong and stable within its range. Furthermore, it also allows you to connect to other devices such as laptops and tablets.

  • Design:

The aesthetics of a portable speaker highly contributes to the versatility and utility of that speaker. The G-Project G-Drop speaker is designed to be highly portable and easy to carry around. Because of that reason, it has a circular shape.

The G-Drop speaker is very convenient to carry with you. We had no trouble carrying it in our hands or even inside our backpacks. It was easy to fit and took little to no space inside our backpacks.

Not to forget, the design also complements the sound output and its quality directly. Because of the round design, the surface of this speaker is bigger than other speakers. We should also mention that this feature allows the G-Drop speaker to emit more sound.

  • Battery Life:

The consistency of the battery directly impacts the life of a Bluetooth speaker. Keeping this in mind, the G-Project G-Drop speaker is equipped with a heavy-duty battery inside it. It makes sure that the speaker gets sufficient power for its even performance.

We tried and tested the battery of this G-Drop speaker for a long period of time. We found out that the battery showed no signs of performance drop or inconsistent battery life. On the other hand, the battery performed just like a fresh product.

It gave us a solid music playtime of 6 hours. It didn’t show any distortion in sound or signal as the battery got lower. You can easily take this speaker on your outdoor adventures without having to worry about charging.

  • Water Proof:

The main selling point of the G-Project G-Drop speaker is its water-resistant capabilities. As a portable speaker, the ability to withstand contact with water and other liquids is important and directly affects the longevity of the speakers.

We passed this speaker through multiple harsh tests and came to the decision that it is completely waterproof. The materials and design complement each other in order to protect the speaker from any sort of internal damage.

We also found out that this speaker can survive underwater for up to thirty minutes. The charging port and the AUX port are protected by a rubber cover. You can take this speaker with you to hiking, cycling, or even a beach. 

  • Audio Quality:

To top everything off, the G-Project G-Drop speaker is equipped with a heavy-duty speaker inside it. It has a passive bass radiator inside which allows it to produce organic sounding music effects.

We assessed the sound quality of this speaker on different battery levels and different sound levels. After a thorough inspection, we discovered that the quality remained consistent even after being used on high volumes for an extended period.

Therefore, these speakers can easily handle abuse on high volume levels and can perform equally well on low volumes. You can depend on these speakers to perform and last for a long time.

Pros and Cons

Social Proof

Our personal experience with the G-Drop speaker has been quite satisfactory. To get a better view of our opinion, we decided to look through online reviews of this product. A vast majority of customers praised this speaker for its ability to withstand outdoor conditions such as heavy/light rain shower, dust, and sand. Only a couple of people expressed their disappointment regarding the sound output and battery life of the speaker.

After taking a closer look at the reviews, we found out that some of the reviews were from long time users. They have been updating their experience with speakers on a regular basis stating that this speaker has proven to be highly durable and consistent in its sound quality. They also stated that they were pleased with how they could play the music and listen to every single music effect.

A single review among these highly appreciated the charging and AUX port protective cover. It also mentioned how it made the device look complete in its overall aesthetics. Furthermore, some reviews also mentioned the great battery life saying that it easily lasted between 5-6 hours of nonstop music playtime.

More Recommendations!

#1: Best Battery Life Alternative to G- Drop Speaker -Ultimate Ears BOOM 3 Parent Review

Made in a cylindrical shape, this speaker has the ability to project sound in a 3D fashion. This design allows it to project sound in a wider cone.

It has a heavy-duty battery inside it. Hence, it is able to provide you with a battery life of up to 10-12 hours after being fully charged.

The battery inside it proved to be consistent even after regular use. We didn’t detect any sort of performance issues in sound or the battery itself.

It also has an IPX7 waterproof rating which enables this speaker to be completely resistant to water. We found that it was nearly impossible for a liquid to get inside the casing of this speaker.

Features of BOOM 3:

  • Highly durable
  • Consistent battery life
  • Rugged exterior
  • Great sound quality
  • One-touch control buttons

Best Battery Life Alternative Speaker

The Best Battery Life Alternative Speaker is the Ultimate Ears BOOM 3 because it has a highly durable and high performing battery inside it. It can easily last up to 12 hours of music playtime for your outdoor adventures. It also has a strong waterproof casing.

#2: Best to Size Alternative To G-Drop Speaker - Sony SRS-XB12Review

Styled in a modern design, this speaker is handy and compact in its shape. It is almost the size of a tennis ball with a powerful speaker inside it.

After using this speaker for a long time, we found out that it is completely waterproof and highly resistant to UV rays. This is due to the strong body and top tier paint applied to it.

It has a detachable strap that allows you to wrap the speaker around your wrist or attach it with your backpack. It can also be removed when you are using it as an indoor speaker.

Although this speaker has a small design, the speaker inside it can easily produce high-quality sounds. It can easily project the sound in a 360-degree cone.

Features of SRS-XB12:

  • Compact in design
  • IPX7 waterproof rating
  • Great sound output
  • Multiple input ports
  • Highly durable exterior

Best Size Alternative Speaker

The Best Size Alternative Speaker is the Sony SRS-XB12 speaker. This is because it is small and compact in its design. It has a powerful speaker inside it for enhancing your listening experience. It makes a good fit for your outdoor leisure times.

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Guide to Buy

  • Bluetooth:

The most important thing to look for in a speaker is its Bluetooth connectivity and what version it is. We recommend that you buy a speaker that has at least Bluetooth 4.0 inside it. This is because it allows you to easily connect your devices and maintain a stable connection for a distortion less audio experience. It also makes sure that you hear everything you play from your devices.

  • Price:

The price of a Bluetooth speaker is mostly related to the quality of the hardware inside it. It is good practice to buy a speaker that has high-quality hardware inside. Rather than spending huge amounts of money on a speaker that looks good and has average sound quality, it is better to buy a speaker that has average looks with great sound quality. It also saves room for buying extra accessories for your speaker and phone. 

  • Battery life:

The battery life of a Bluetooth speaker greatly contributes to the overall life of the speaker. We recommended that you purchase a speaker that has a durable battery with good battery life. This will enable you to carry your speaker anywhere along with you without having to worry about its battery life. It will also ensure that your speakers get enough power to perform at all volume levels.

Wrapping Things Up

This brings us to the end of our review on the G-Drop Portable Bluetooth Speaker. We must say that our experience with this product has been quite satisfactory and fulfilling. The battery and the durability of its exterior greatly contribute to the overall performance of these speakers. The completely waterproof build allows it to be carried anywhere and the Bluetooth enables it to maintain a stable connection over a long-range.

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