Fortnite Introduces 5 New Reality Augments in v23.20 Update

Fortnite, the popular battle royale game, has been able to maintain its relevance even after all these years, thanks to its consistent efforts to offer fresh content as frequently as possible. With new chapters, Epic Games provides crazy new additions to the game, and the latest chapter 4 is no stranger to this tradition.

“New Additions to the Game” One of the newest additions to the game is the reality augments. At the beginning of the season, 22 new Reality Augments were introduced to the game, providing players with a brand new perspective to the gameplay. And now, with the latest v23.20 update of the game, 5 new perks have been added to the game.

5 Brand New Reality Augments in Fortnite

In each Battle Royale mode match, players are presented with the chance of grabbing some Reality Augments at random intervals. When a player is able to select a Reality Augment, a symbol will appear on the mini-map. These augments are randomly generated, so players are not guaranteed to get the augment they desire every time. But new augments will stack up as long as they survive in the match, greatly increasing their chances of getting good augments.

On January 18, 2023, one of the most trusted insiders of Fortnite, HYPEX, shared a recent tweet leaking some brand new reality augments in the game. According to the leak, there will be 5 new reality augments coming into the game. The augments mentioned in the tweet are:

  • Peely’s Plunder: Receive a treasure map that leads you to buried treasure
  • Shotgun Striker: Your shotgun fire will give you Siphon upon hitting opponents
  • Rarity Check: Get Siphon upon eliminations with Common and Uncommon weapons
  • Zero Chance: Temporarily gain the Zero Point dash ability each time you break an enemy shield
  • Danger Hero: Briefly regenerate health and gain movement speed when your shield breaks

Other Upcoming Additions

Other than these, there have been some leaks teasing “Treasure maps” coming in the game after the upcoming Uncharted collaboration. There will also be a new deployable “Falcon Scout” in the upcoming update.


This is everything that has been announced for the upcoming new Reality Augments in the latest update of v23.20. These new augments are now available on all platforms, so players can start experimenting with them right away.


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