Finding an affordable portable Bluetooth speaker with a good battery life and sound quality can be a challenging task. 

When we talk about affordable Bluetooth speakers, there are multiple options available that provide decent features at a cheap price.

In this article, we will discuss the detailed features, benefits and guidelines of buying low-priced Bluetooth speakers so that it will be easy for you to find the appropriate music gadget.

Top Pick

A portable Bluetooth speaker with multiple connectivity options, long battery life and powerful bass production. It’s a great choice for anyone looking for the best value for their money.

Runner Up

This compact-sized wireless speaker boasts acoustic drivers, stereo sound and good battery life. It’s extremely easy to use and simple to install too. 

Also Great

This mini Bluetooth speaker comes with good audio quality, lamp lightning and multiple wireless features. It’s quite budget-friendly as well. 

Best Five Below Speakers - Top 3 Reviews

These were our top picked five below Bluetooth speakers and now we will give detailed descriptions about their features and specifications.

#1: Best Super-Bass Five Below Speaker - NEFI P10 Portable Bluetooth Speaker Review

The NEFI P10 is a portable Bluetooth speaker that comes with a sleek design and multiple wireless features that will uplift your listening experience. 

It provides a 4.1 Bluetooth version that allows you to connect your media player devices (phone, laptop or tablet). For the devices that are not wirelessly compatible with the speaker, you can use TF card or AUX input. 

If you are looking for a low-priced speaker with a considerably powerful bass response then this speaker will be a suitable choice for you. It produces an adequate amount of bass that ensure the deliverance of smooth and deep audio. 

The 400 mAh battery will last for the entire day with a fast charge system.

Features of NEFI P10 Portable Bluetooth Speaker

    • 4.1 Bluetooth version
    • 400 mAh lithium battery 
    • Multiple connectivity options 
    • Powerful bass response 
    • 3.5mm AUX jack

Best Super-Bass Five Below Speaker

The best super-bass five below speaker is NEFI P10 Portable Bluetooth Speaker because it is an impressive combination of high quality audio and easy wireless connectivity. If you are looking for a low-priced Bluetooth speaker with quality features then this might serve you as a good choice.

#2. Best Stereo Sound Five Below Speaker - WS-887 Bluetooth Speaker Review

The WS-887 Bluetooth Speaker comes with a portable design and a wide audio dispersion. 

It consists of two acoustic drivers and a bass radiator that ensure the deliverance of stereo sound with a deep bass. The 4.2 Bluetooth wireless connection provides a fast and easy connection. 

The 820 mAh battery will last for up to 6 hours, when fully charged. It comes with a fast-charge cable and  a micro-USB port. You can get this speaker in different colours that will smoothly merge into your area aesthetics.

Features of WS-887 Bluetooth Speaker

    • 2 acoustic drivers 
    • Passive bass radiator 
    • Battery life: 5-6 hours 
    • 4.2 Bluetooth version 
    • Sound surround 
    • Battery capacity: 820 mAh

Best Stereo Sound Five Below Speaker

The best stereo sound five below Bluetooth speaker is WS-887 Bluetooth Speaker because it comes with a sleek and compact design along with the latest Bluetooth version. If you are looking for a Bluetooth speaker at a cheap price with multiple audio features then this might be a good option for you.

#3. Best LED Design Five Below Speaker - Alment Dancing Light Bluetooth Speaker Review

The Alment Dancing Light Bluetooth Speaker is a specially designed night time speaker that comes with multiple LED light modes and high definition sound quality. 

It is compatible with all the devices that feature Bluetooth technology. Along with that, it supports micro SD card and AUX input. It comes with a standard 3.5mm jack. 

You can also make/attend calls wirelessly using the in-built microphone. The vocal quality is really smooth and clear with a high response rate.  

Features of Alment Dancing Light Bluetooth Speaker

      • Touch sensor 
      • Wireless Bluetooth connection 
      • 3 LED light modes 
      • AUX input 
      • Built-in microphone

Best LED Design Five Below Speaker

The best LED design five below speaker is Alment Dancing Light Bluetooth Speaker because it comes with an elegant LED design that will be perfect for your night time entertainment. If you are looking for an affordable Bluetooth speaker with wide wireless range and multiple connectivity options then this might be a good option for you.


Buyers' Guide

  • Audio Quality

It is quite obvious that you need a speaker that produces a good quality sound. There are different types of speakers available. Some have high volume capacity but that results in sound breakage and distortion. Some have mid-range audio volumes but they have good frequency and bass response.

So, you need to search for a speaker that fulfils your sound requirements with good audio performance and powerful bass. You need to keep in mind that you will be needing a wide audio dispersion if you want to use the speaker for outdoor areas. Checking the frequency response of the speaker is also an important point to consider. Some speakers sound better and clearer than others because they have a good frequency response. The frequency response is generally mentioned on the speakers. 100Hz is low frequency and 20kHz is the top frequency rate. The low frequency rate is much important to consider since it affects the bass response. 

  • Battery life 

Battery life is an important factor to consider while buying portable wireless Bluetooth speakers.

So, you need to look for speakers that provide you with long battery life and quick charging facility. Generally, the speakers with high volume output consume more battery. So if you are looking for a speaker that has high-volumed multidimensional sound, then you need a speaker that has a long battery life i.e up to 10-15 hours. Another important thing to know is that the Li-ion battery should not be left discharged so for the best output power always fully charge them before you use the speakers.

  • Frequency Range

In speakers, Hertz is the frequency range that makes the sound audible. The frequency range affects the sound quality of speakers. If the speaker has a low-frequency range, the sound quality would be deep and smooth.

A speaker with a wide frequency range will produce a high and crisp sound. The average frequency range of the speaker is always mentioned by the brand so you can purchase the appropriate speaker according to your preference.

  • Speakerphone

Many wireless speakers provide you the feature of built-in microphone that enables you to receive calls through the speaker. These microphonic speakers are quite helpful in audio/video conferences and meetings. 

  • Multiple Connectivity Options 

Multiple connectivity options in a speaker allow you to connect your portable audio devices easily. The most common wireless connection is Bluetooth, which is available in many portable outdoor speakers. If you need updated Bluetooth features and a wide connectivity range then you should opt for buying the latest Bluetooth version. You can also connect the devices (phone, laptop or tablet) using an AUX cable if they are not wirelessly compatible.

It is important to check that the speaker comes with a standard-sized AUX cable jack. This jack is generally on the back panel of the speaker. If you want a stereo sound effect, you can connect multiple speakers together at one time by using the wireless connectivity option.

  • Online Music Services

You can stream music via your devices or you can connect directly with online music applications or services.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Does Bluetooth technology specifications affect the audio quality?

    The improvements and updates in any technology deliver a lot more features and benefits. Same is the case with the Bluetooth technology. The latest Bluetooth version allows you to have a lot more advantages and features as compared to the previous ones. For instance, the audio and streaming range has expanded in the new version hence you can connect more devices at one time for a wide sound dispersion and multi-stereo sound experience. 

    Do I need wired or wireless speakers?

    It depends on your preference. If you want to fix the speakers in one place or you want to mount them on a wall, then you can buy the wired speakers. But if you want a portable usage, then setting up the wires would be a hassle. So in that case, a portable Bluetooth speaker would be a better option. Both the types have their special features and working but the sound output is more or less the same. The benefit of a Bluetooth speaker is that you can cater multiple needs through it. You can use it in the outdoor area of your house, on the side of a pool or on your way to hike. As long as it supports a good battery life, you can take it anywhere. 

    What are some important features and specifications that you need to consider while buying a portable Bluetooth speaker?

    Doing adequate research on the features and specifications of a speaker is important so that you can buy a speaker that fulfils your audio requirements and is worth the money. Different brands and speaker models provide different features and audio technologies. Following are some main features that you need to check while buying an audio product:

    • Frequency response
    • Wireless Bluetooth connectivity
    • AUX cable connection
    • Impedance level
    • Power handling capacity 
    • Sensitivity 
    • Bass response 

    These features may have different levels and capacities in different speaker models. You can always get the ones that suit your preferences and budget.

Final Verdict

We mentioned the list of best five below speakers along with the detailed description of their features and specialties. Considering the important factors and affordable price range, WS-887 Bluetooth Speaker might be a really good pick for you. Some important factors are to be kept in mind while buying Bluetooth speakers that include the sound quality, bass level, sound dispersion, weather protection and durability. These speakers are by far the suitable combination of these features. It has a loud and clear sound quality with good deep bass. The speaker provides 4.2 Bluetooth wireless connection that has fast and easy connection with 820 mAh battery. If you are looking for a good quality Bluetooth speaker at a cheap price, then these speakers might serve you as a good choice. 
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