You will agree with us when we say that Fisher is a top brand that produces high-end speakers of all kinds. Their speakers are designed to be highly durable and consistent in performance. Durability is Fisher’s department of expertise.

To check whether Fisher products are durable or not, we have decided to review one of their speakers.

In this post, we will discuss the main features of the Fisher speakers along with some viable alternatives.

Fisher FBX822

This wireless speaker system is designed with high-end hardware to provide exceptional sound and music effects. You will be amazed by its connectivity options as well as the sound quality it has to offer.

Alternate #1 – Pyle T65

Designed to be highly portable and compact, this speaker has a lot to offer in terms of music effects and utility. You will be pleased by how loud it is while keeping distortion to a minimum.

Alternate #2 – Gemini AS-10P

Equipped with a highly durable battery, this speaker can output audio at the optimal quality for a long period. You’ll be surprised by the consistency of the hardware inside it.

Quick Summary of the Main Product

Fisher has been producing high-quality speakers for more than half a century. They have excelled in the durability and sound quality aspects of a speaker. The Fisher FBX822 is produced under the same strict standards of quality. The audio hardware inside FBX822 is designed to project high-quality sound with consistency. Hence, it can produce sound effects like bass and treble with great clarity. Furthermore, it has a built-in woofer and tweeters to make sure that you get to listen to every single minor detail in our music.

We should point out that this speaker has a studio standard equipped inside it. It makes the speaker highly durable and resistant to any and all sorts of internal damage. The wiring system in this speaker is made from high-grade copper. It allows you to use this speaker for an extended period without any sound distortion or drop in the audio output.

Among all the features, the sturdy exterior of this speaker stands out. It is made from a high-quality mixture of plastic materials. It is designed in such a way that projects the maximum amount of sound while minimizing internal vibrations. After running it under multiple quality tests, we found out that it was highly resistant to shock and impact damage. We also noticed that the exterior of this Fisher speaker is also scratch-resistant.

Features and Benefits

        • Built Quality

        When it comes to outdoor speakers, the way they are made is quite crucial. It directly contributes to the durability and the performance of the speakers. It also affects how the audio is produced. This Fisher speaker makes sure to keep all of these things in check.

        We decided to pass this speaker through multiple tests to determine the level of its exterior quality. It showed us no signs of damage from fall or shock. Furthermore, it protected the internal hardware and kept it in place with ease.

        To top all this off, Fisher made sure to further protect the sensitive hardware inside. It has vibration absorbing pads installed inside it. These rubber pads reduce any unwanted vibrations generated by the speakers to provide you with authentic sound effects.

        • Sound Quality

        The clarity of the audio and how it is produced directly contributes to the quality of a speaker. This speaker has a pair of built-in high-quality dome and tweeter which make sure that your speaker generates organic and deep sounding music effects.

        The 8-inch woofer installed inside this speaker outputs sounds with great performance. After trying it under multiple circumstances, we concluded that the speaker performed exceptionally well on all volume levels. 

        We should also mention the high-density cabinet structure of this speaker. It enables this speaker to project sounds in a farther and wider cone. This feature enables your speakers to elevate the atmosphere of your social and outdoor gatherings.

        • Bluetooth Connectivity

        The quality and performance of a wireless speaker are also determined by the Bluetooth inside it. It helps maintain a stable and strong connection between your device and your speakers. It also ensures the consistency of sound output.

        We discovered that Fisher speakers, specifically the FBX822 are equipped with the latest Bluetooth version. It has a Bluetooth 5.0 version inside it. Hence, it able to maintain a stable connection over a distance of 32 feet.

        We must point out that within this range the audio output doesn’t show any sort of distortion in vocals and music effects. This enables you to carry your smart device anywhere with you without worrying about disconnection or sound distortion.

        • Battery

        When it comes to wireless/outdoor speakers, their battery is an important factor. The consistency and durability of a battery ensure seamless sound output. It also helps the internal hardware of the speakers by providing them with sufficient power.

        These Fisher speakers are installed with high-capacity and high-performance batteries. We used the Fisher FBX822 for quite a while and subjected it to multiple tests. From these tests, we concluded that it held up quite well even after regular use for an extended time.

        Furthermore, we noticed that it didn’t drop the sound quality when the battery got lower. It maintained the quality of sound effects. It also enabled the speakers to handle abuse on high volumes with efficiency.

Pros and Cons

Social Proof

Our experience with this Fisher model has been quite satisfactory and great overall. But to get a broader view of our opinion, we decided to check the online reviews of this product. We found out that many of these reviews were praising the speakers in their quality and durability. Only a handful of people were critical of this model stating that it had a bad battery life and could use a better battery. They also said that the control panel was too complex for them.

On a deeper look, we noticed that majority of these customers were long-time users. They updated their experience after regular intervals. They stated that the build quality of these speakers was nice and it stood the test of time. They also stated that even after regular use, the speakers didn’t damage internally or externally.

On the other side, the new customers also shared their praise for the speakers. They gave it a 5-star rating and stated that the sound quality was up to mark. The reviews mentioned that the design of this speaker was eye-pleasing and modern looking. They also said that it didn’t take much time to charge up. Some of them also praised the few items it needed to perform on the optimal level.

More Recommendations!

#1: Best Portable Alternative to Fisher FBX822 Speaker - Pyle T65 Review

Made with a modern design, this pair of speakers are compact and easy to carry. It is light in weight and highly convenient for you to carry around.

After passing it through a series of tests, we found out that the internal hardware is high-performing on all sound levels. It showed us no sign of sound distortion.

The location of the speakers is in the mid part for maximum sound output. You can place this speaker anywhere around you and still feel the surround sound effect of its output.

Furthermore, it has a triple speaker setup with a separate pair of tweeters. This enables the speaker to generate crystal clear sound effects.

Features of Pyle T65

  • Compact design
  • Closed cabinet structure
  • Highly portable
  • Rechargeable built-in battery
  • Multiple input options

Best Portable Alternative Speaker

The best portable alternative speaker is the Pyle T65 because it has a compact design that makes it easy to move around. It also has a high-performance speaker for enhancing your listening experience. The speakers are covered with protective grills for added durability.

#2: Best Budget Alternative to Fisher FBX822 Speaker - Gemini AS-10P Review

Produced with a sleek design, this outdoor speaker provides all the best things on a budget. It has a good quality speaker and a highly durable exterior to match it. 

After using it for a while under multiple conditions, we noticed it has a high-end speaker system for better sound quality. It projects sound in a seamless manner. 

To ensure that speakers don’t get easily damaged, the company has used has a combination of sturdy PVC materials. Therefore, it is resistant to fall and shock damage.

We should also mention that the battery inside it is high-capacity.  Hence, this system able to perform for long periods without any drop in sound quality.

Features of Gemini AS-10P

  • 3-way speakers
  • Highly durable exterior
  • Built-in battery
  • Great power-handling
  • Crystal clear sound output

Best Budget Alternative Speaker

The best budget alternative speaker is the Gemini AS-10P because it is made to provide pretty much every good feature of a speaker at an affordable price. It has a good power-handling speaker paired with a durable exterior to perform in outdoor settings.

Guide to Buy

      • Bluetooth Connectivity

      For a wireless speaker, it is important to have a good Bluetooth connection. The newer models come with the latest version of it but you should lookout for a 4.0 or a 5.0 version. It will enable you to maintain a stable and strong connection between your smart device and your speakers. Apart from this, you will still be able to get a clear and distortion-free sound output over long ranges.

      • Hardware Quality

      The quality of speaker hardware is an important factor when it comes to heavy-duty speakers. Speaker models with abuse-resistant hardware are able to produce organic sound effects with ease. It is recommended that you may get a set of speakers with high-grade wiring and internal hardware for optimum sound quality. It will still impact your speaker’s longevity by making it resistant to internal damage.

      • Price

      The price aspect for a speaker contributes to many things like hardware quality, durability, and aesthetics. A high-priced speaker often charges more for its aesthetics and added features. It is recommended that you see which speaker has a fair price and good internal hardware. It ensures that your speakers stand the test of time and perform with better sound quality.

Wrapping Things Up

With this, we come to the end of our review on Fisher Speakers. We must state that our experience has been quite satisfactory. This speaker has a strong and durable exterior with a powerhouse installed inside it.  It can easily perform for your outdoor gatherings regardless of the crowd size. The multiple options to customize the sound output allows you to further enhance your listening experience.
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