Evo VR VS Dream Vision – Side-by-Side Comparison & Features

Evo Vr and Dream Vision are among the top smartphone VR headset competitors and widely used products in the market right now.

As both products are competitors, there are always factors where one product leads the other.

In this post, we will compare Evo Vr and Dream Vision in detail to determine the best for you based on their features, pros and cons, benefits, and reviews.



Screen Size

Operating system



Field of view



Superhot VR


Now that we have a quick idea of what each device offers, let’s dive into detailed reviews of both.

Evo VR - Best User-Friendly Smartphone VR headset Review

Praised and championed as the headset for all smartphones, EVO VR takes you to the next level of virtual reality where all the adventures begin. With this headset, you could dive into an interactive 3D world that is close to a home theater experience. 

Explore the whole world, and the product itself is surprisingly lightweight and comfortable when you wear it. You can immerse yourself in the unforgettable experience of virtual reality with hours of escape and entertainment. 

Features of Evo VR Headset

  • A comfortable fabric face padding
  • Lightweight design with extra soft cushioning
  • Has a smartphone load tray
  • Comes with a Bluetooth controller for gaming
  • Provides Augmented Reality Support
  • A lens cloth to wipe the lens when they get smudged
  • Made to fit smartphones from 3.5 inches to 6 inches
  • Removable headband to wear and keep on your head effortlessly
  • Works with many of the VR apps
  • 360-degree panoramic view of your virtual reality

Benefits of Evo VR

Evo VR headset is an affordable device that will give you a reasonably good immersive gaming experience. You can easily strap it to your phone and have fun with it for at least a couple of hours. 

Purchasing the EVO VR might be a good option for someone who wants to learn about this new trend without dishing out an extra dollar to find out if this is the product for them.

Factors to Consider Before you Decide to Buy Evo VR


The best thing about Evo VR is its compatibility with most Android and iPhone devices. Any phone with a screen size of 4 inches or more will work fine with this model. The maximum screen size that can be supported is 6 inches.

Visual Performance

It’s a pretty good product when it comes to visual performance, but you have to understand that it can only be used for watching videos. If you want to do something different, you’ll want to buy another product. This is not a video game headset.

Design and Comfort

We liked the lightweight, minimal design and comfortable wearing. We tested it with a few smartphones and it paired pretty well. When you put it on your head, use coated ABS and nylon tape to fit it snugly.

Field of vision

It features a wide-angle lens that covers nearly 95% of your field of view and creates a larger 90-degree field of view that allows you to completely immerse yourself in the virtual world you’re watching.

Audio System

The audio system of the Evo VR headset is average, and you will have a fairly mediocre experience when it comes to the audio. You certainly do not have anything that could be said to be immersive. The sound is like what you might experience from a laptop or TV.


Evo VR headsets are produced by Evo, which has a consumer rating of 4.8 stars, indicating that most customers are satisfied with their experience. 

What Do the Customers Think?

When we looked at the online user reviews for the Evo VR, we found mixed reviews. Many users appreciated the lightweight design and the capability to work with a variety of smartphones.

Many users liked the headset’s comfort and design while having fun with games and watching content. Quite a few users complained about the size of the lens. They suggested that a larger lens contributes to a better viewing experience.

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Best Affordable VR Headset

The best affordable smartphone VR headset is Evo VR because it offers exciting features with a unique design at a reasonable price.

Dreams Vision VR - Best User-Friendly Smartphone VR headset Review

The Dream Vision VR headset is a smartphone-compatible VR set, so your smartphone is supposed to do most of the work. However, many of the key features depend on how the headset is assembled.

It is an inexpensive way to immerse yourself in the world of VR.  It’s certainly not the best system, but it’s also not the most disappointing.

This VR doesn’t give you great pictures,  but you’ll get a better look at whether you should be willing to invest more into VR. Ultimately. this is an important factor to consider before purchasing this device.

Features of Dreams Vision VR Headset

  • Works with Android and iOS 
  • Compatible with Galaxy, iPhone, and smartphones up to 6″
  • Built-in navigation, sound, and phone call control pad
  • for an immersive experience, it has a built-in microphone and retractable stereo earbuds.
  • 360-degree video capability
  • Focus/distance adjustments for fine-tuning your experience
  • Adjustable strap and soft foam padding for comfort and secure fit
  • Magnetic control switch enhances experience
  • Google Cardboard Apps and more
  • Lightweight with high durability
  • Works for people with Myopia 600 or less
  • User-friendly for any level

Benefits of Dreams Vision

If you want to immerse yourself in a user-friendly, action-packed virtual reality world, Tsumi Dream is for you. These glasses are compatible with a wide range of devices up to 6 inches long. it has sound, navigation, and action buttons built-in for such a low price.

Moreover, it is very light and comfortable. The adjustable straps and soft padding make it comfortable, so you can use it for hours. Plus, it features retractable stereo earphones for a full 3D experience. 

It is equipped with an anti-glare lens system that is easy on the eyes.

Factors to Consider Before you Decide to Buy Dreams Vision VR


Compatibility is one of the best features of this device. The device works with iPhone and other Android smartphones having sizes around 3.5 to 6 inches. Additionally, it is capable of all kinds of operating systems.

Visual Performance

Most of Dream Vision’s VR visual performance is entirely dependent on your phone. we conducted this review on a relatively new smartphone, so the actual visual processing issues were minimal. However, you may run into issues if you have an older phone model.

Design and Comfort

The device comes with soft vinyl foam pads around the eyes. Plus, it has adjustable straps so people of all sizes and shapes can use it. Adjustable straps ensure a more secure, snug fit and eliminate light leaks through gaps and holes that ruin your experience.

Field of vision

It features a wide-angle lens that covers nearly 95% of your field of view and creates a larger 90-degree field of view that allows you to completely immerse yourself in the virtual world you’re watching.

Audio System

 Dream Vision VR has retractable earbuds and a built-in mic. They allow you to navigate the area through stereo headphones. The earbuds are nothing special, but the attachment to the device is great. The built-in mic is also great, picking up the user’s voice clearly and making it easy to take calls.


The Dream Vision VR headset is manufactured by Tzumni Dreams Vision, a well-known name in the headset manufacturing industry. Their main focus is to create user-friendly, high-quality devices.

What Do the Customers Think?

We searched online for reviews to find out what users think of the device in the market. Most people seemed to rave about the low cost of the set. They also found it very comfortable and thought it was of decent quality.

On the other hand, they also felt that the functions were somewhat limited. For example, small viewing angles and fragile materials seemed to be common criticism. Some users also found the lack of compatible apps to be very inconvenient.

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Best User-Friendly VR Headset

The best User-Friendly smartphone VR headset is Dreams Vision VR because is easy to use and set up and provides comfortable wear.

Evo VR VS Dream Vision - Buyer's Guide



When buying a virtual reality headset for your smartphone, you must ensure that it is compatible with your device, both in terms of operating system and size. Additionally, your mobile phone must be equipped with a gyroscope, which will allow you to watch 3D videos.

Visual Performance

The visual performance of a smartphone VR headset depends on the smartphone itself, device latency, screen size, and field of view. So when buying a VR headset, consider these things and choose the best one on the market.

Design and Comfort

It is important that the headset is ergonomically designed. If your headset feels heavy when you put it on, and you get tired quickly, you are wasting your money on that product. In order to fully enjoy the VR experience, you need to be comfortable and relaxed.

Field of vision

The width of the visual field occupied by the virtual image in the VR headset is known as the field of view. Logically, a wider field of view means deeper immersion. The best VR headsets offer a 110-degree field of view that also covers your peripheral vision.

Audio System

The audio system of a virtual reality headset is an important aspect that cannot be overlooked, especially when playing video games or watching movies and series. That’s why it’s important that your VR headset have built-in audio. Even more so with 3D audio.


When purchasing VR glasses, we recommend choosing models from reputable brands. This ensures quality products and excellent customer service. Some brands offer very cheap virtual reality headsets, but their performance is usually pretty poor.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a virtual reality smartphone headset?

Smartphone VR headsets use your smartphone to give a virtual reality experience. Users plug their smartphones into headsets, turning them into wearable HMDs. The screen is placed in front of the user’s eyes, and a series of lenses create a sense of depth.

To experience virtual reality with full magnificence, it is recommended to use the most powerful and recently released smartphones.

How do I know if my phone supports VR?

Use the free VR Compatibility Checker app. download the app from the Play Store, open it, and press CHECK. If the app says that your device is VR compatible, then you`re good to go Otherwise, we recommend you upgrade your phone before getting a VR headset.

Is there VR for iPhone?

Yes, in apple, there are several VR apps for iPhones. However, Android is more popular than iOS for VR on smartphones, so more content is accessible.

Which phones are compatible with VR?

A wide range of iPhone, Android, and Windows smartphones are compatible with virtual reality. Users are advised to check on the operating system (OS) and screen size for the headset before purchasing the VR HMD smartphone.

Do all virtual reality headsets require a smartphone?

No, there are other headsets called standalone virtual reality headsets. These are all-in-one devices that can enhance virtual reality itself without the need for a computer or phone.

What’s the difference between Evo VR and Dreams vision VR?

The Evo VR headset is relatively cheaper than the Dream Vision, which is a bit more expensive but relies heavily on your smartphone to retain its functionality. 

On the other hand dream, vision is user-friendly and has inbuilt earbuds as well. However, Dream Vision relies heavily on having a mobile phone, so the more advanced your phone is, the better results you will get.

How do you get the best experience on a smartphone VR headset?

For the best experience, try these tips:

  • Make sure the phone is perfectly horizontal on the headset. If it’s not level, your eyes will squint.
  • Use a swivel chair
  • Use earbuds or headphones
  • Turn on airplane mode; activate do not disturb
  •  Close all the apps
  • Do not use power saving mode on your phone. This will significantly affect headset performance.
  •  Avoid overheating

For whom are virtual reality headsets tailored?

A virtual reality headset might be of interest if you play video games a lot and want to experience them in a different way. It also allows you to watch series and movies in a new way. 

VR goggles are also useful if you own a real estate business and want to offer a new type of service to your clients.

How do virtual reality headsets work?

Virtual reality headsets combine digital and optical technology. The aim is to adapt images generated by electronic devices to the human eye, so as to to create a sense of immersion. 

They want to make you feel like you are entirely part of the reality generated. The function of the headsets is to widen the viewing angle and provide you a three-dimensional image. 

Thus you feel as if you are  within the reality created. Various accessories have also been developed to further enhance this sensation by using body movements and responses to stimuli.

Final Verdict

This brings us to the end of our article for the comparison between Evo VR and Dream Vision VR.

If you looking for an entry-level model for checking out VR, then Evo VR will do the job for you. A classic, decent and affordable headset.

Overall, we’ve found the Tzumi Dream Vision to be of decent quality relative to the price. Its retractable earbuds and built-in microphone are really something you won’t find anywhere in the price range. Moreover, it is widely compatible with a variety of smartphones.

So if you’re looking for an affordable package without the full experience, the Tzumi Dream Vision headsets might be just what you need.

We hope this article was helpful to you. What do you think about Evo VR and Dream Vision VR? Let us know in the comments below. 


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