Echo VR Review – Features, Detailed Buyers’ Guide, and More

Looking for a virtual reality adventure through an abandoned space station? Lone Echo has got you covered. 

This game is an impressive combination of thrilling visuals, exciting characters, and immersive gameplay. While we were playing this game, we had a fun experience discovering areas in the space. 

If you are fond of less complex gameplay and enhanced visual graphics, this game might be a good option for you. 

Lone Echo VR

Inspired by the movements of astronauts on the International Space Station, Lone Echo is a game filled with in-space discoveries and missions.  You play as the character Jack, an android aboard a mining ship orbiting Saturn. Moments into the game, something collides with the ship, taking out some vital equipment. Furthermore, we enjoyed the dialogue delivery between the characters which will add up to your overall gaming experience. 

Alternate #1 


Everspace happens in the dazzling universe of the room where the player has some control over a rocket. Moreover, as the game begins, you have to fight against the foe animals that are attempting to obliterate the earth. If you are someone who enjoys action-packed shooter games, then you might consider playing this. 

Alternate #2 

Starpoint Gemini Warlords

Starpoint Gemini Warlords is a game in which the player can assume the job of a subtitle of an extraordinary spaceship loaded up with heaps of weighty weapons. These weapons can be upgraded as you move on to higher levels. The gameplay involves in-space research and construction that is fun yet interesting. 

Quick Summary of the Main Product

The storyline of Lone Echo revolves around two main characters. You will assume the role of Jack who is a robot. The second player is Liv and you both partner together to investigate the issues occurring in-and-around the space station. 

Although the conversations and dialogue between both characters are pre-programmed, however, you do get multiple chances of choosing the desired response. This makes the game a lot more interesting. 

For someone who loves exploring and discovering new areas, that too in a space environment, we would suggest you give this game a try. 

Features and Benefits

Storyline Features

Lone Echo is the tale of Jack, a robot, and Liv, a not-robot

The player takes the character of Jack and participates with Liv to research different aspects that are causing trouble in the space environment. 

The connection between the two characters is the star here. The actual plot gets going as rather unsurprising yet winds up taking the player places they probably will not anticipate. 

Through everything, the chitchat between Jack and Liv is something that keeps up the fun throughout the game.

The player could in fact pick what sort of character Jack has through his reactions.

These don’t impact the story in any capacity, and picking nothing (quietness) is likewise a substantial reaction.

Yet it assists the player with getting associated with their robot persona and shapes him to be either a by-the-book convention droid or a cheeky mockery bot.

In-Game Benefits

The game slips the player into taking care of multiple perspectives. With each development, the game becomes charming and moderately liquid. 

Since there is no gravity in space, the player basically snatches and pushes off objects to head off toward a path. 

Moreover, there are hand sponsors to make slight remedies or just to accelerate. Once more, this takes some becoming accustomed to, however sooner or later it simply seems OK. 

Factors to Consider Before you Decide to Buy Lone Echo VR


To get around, you really want to get yourself along through zero gravity: grasping onto handholds and strategically located waste. 

As you can envision, this is somewhat slower than ordinary development, which loans itself well to developing strain in the more emotional successions.

As man-made brainpower, you can’t actually pass on. Each time you take on a lot of radiation or get harmed here and there, you consequently move your cognizance to another new body in the game.

Immersion Experience 

We think the magnificence of Lone Echo is best perceived by contrasting it with titles like Beat Saber, which are practically reluctantly VR. 

Conversely, Lone Echo can figure out how to drench you in this distance totally. 

Everything from the casual chat between you and Captain Olivia, to the little subtleties like tapping the side of your head to enact your spotlight, will assist you with losing yourself in the game.


Concerning your own body, the game’s opposite kinematics is just about as great as we’ve at any point seen in VR. 

Your arms and hands coordinate alright with your actual body to be convincing other than your feet which normally limp along you as you float in the zero-G climate.

The engineers likewise enhanced procedural hold liveliness, which adjusts to your general surroundings powerfully for a more reasonable hand presence.


With the gameplay optics considered, it’s pretty affordable as long as you have your Oculus to play with. 

Additionally, the developers of this game have worked hard on this story and have even come out with an Echo Part 2 of the game with replayability that the first game lacked


There’s a serious level of consistency to traveling through the universe of Lone Echo as you take hold of the boat’s design and use it to drive yourself.

Lone Echo fires up with a default ‘skyline lock‘ that keeps you continually situated with an irrefutable up and down that won’t ever change. 

This can be flipped off, yet it isn’t suggested for comfort reasons.

Jumping out of the headset and strolling around your gravity-troubled house in the wake of figuring out how to explore in virtual zero-G is a fascinating encounter.

Pros and Cons

Social Proof

To verify what our findings and reviews told us, our team scoured the internet for users’ reviews as well. 

Many users have said that they would definitely recommend this to other Oculus users since it represents a clear path for the future of VR as a competitor to conventional gaming.

The visuals are amazing and prove to be smooth and comfortable for the user. It has detailed textures and effects.

Below are some reviews for you to read.

echo vr social proof
echo vr social proof
echo vr social proof

Similar to Echo VR - Recommendations

#1: Best Aesthetically Pleasing VR Game - Everspace Review

Everspace comprises the riddle series, and each riddle of the game offers more testing and muddled interactivity than the final remaining one. In every mission, the player can confront new circumstances with adversary ships. 

It likewise permits the player to gather every one of the assets during the interactivity to fix a boat or art new weapons and gear. It incorporates center elements like multiple various boats, dynamic presentation, heaps of missions, and numerous modes.

The sublime game controls and setting, an elegantly composed storyline, and wonderful visual subtleties make for an incredible game when contrasted with the other same classifications.

Factors to Consider Before you Decide to Buy Everspace

Optics: In each astonishing run, you will confront completely new circumstances. This guarantees endless long periods of exciting ongoing interaction and produces heap open doors for individual, significant minutes to encounter. 

Immersion Experience: Everspace likewise has a no-nonsense mode for a significantly greater test, albeit that might be excessively rebuffing for easygoing gamers. You’ll never feel sick while playing the game and moving around in space.

Gameplay: In the designs division, Everspace has no rivalry at all. This is, by a wide margin, the most lovely-looking game we have gone over. 

Affordability: It’s very expensive for a VR game, according to some users, but all-around worth the price tag.

Comfortability: The developers have been working on the updates to this game to provide the best experience to the users. The more updates, the better the game is. 

Best Aesthetically Pleasing VR Game

The best aesthetically pleasing VR game is Everspace because of all the elements with the characters and storyline making for a good experience.

#2: Best Science-Fiction VR Game - Starpoint Gemini Warlords Review

The game world is loaded with strong foe animals that will attempt to kill the player transport. In this game, the player can uninhibitedly move every which way, utilize his weapons and annihilate all the hostile boats to advance in the game. 

Starpoint Gemini Warlords permit the player to make his own boat with various weapons and parts. We were impressed by its various modes, bunches of redesigns, a special climate, very customized foes, and enhancers are the center highlights of the game. 

Starpoint Gemini Warlords offers magnificent game settings and controls, wonderful illustrations, and fabulous game mechanics.

Factors to Consider Before you Decide to Buy Starpoint Gemini Warlords


The controls in Starpoint are standard. You control the camera with the mouse and move your boat with WSDA while utilizing the parchment wheel to change the choke. What lets the battle down, in any case, is the camera which is constantly fixed on you and your ship.

Immersion Experience

 This game allows you to experience the in-depth visuals and best-synced audio that will ensure an enhanced immersive experience.


 You can buy gear, which is set to your hotkeys. Some gear is utilized for non-battle exercises, such as borehole torpedos (mining) and scrounger drones (rummaging), while other hardware is utilized for battle-related purposes, such as different fixed robots and mines.


The price is affordable and justifies the quality of overall gameplay.


While the space-flight battle has never been high-positioning expertise of anybody, if you have sufficient combat weapons with you, you can fight fearlessly. 

Best Science-Fiction VR Game

The best science-fiction VR game is Starpoint Gemini Warlords because graphics, sound design, and interactive environment.

Buyer’s Guide



Optical plan programming is a significant device for planning VR optics. There are different programming needs for the plan of VR optical frameworks.

The optical architect needs programming to make and enhance the imaging framework, examine stray light in an optical way, and plan diffractive optical components. 

The VR framework may likewise require an electrical designer to follow the eye movement and convey the message to the optical framework. 

Synopsys gives a total arrangement of instruments to reenact AR/VR gadgets.

Immersion Experience 

Immersive virtual reality (immersive VR) is the introduction of a fake climate that replaces clients’ genuine environmental factors convincingly.

To an adequate number so that they can suspend skepticism and completely draw in with the established climate. 

Vividness is a significant component of computer-generated reality applications, for example, VR gaming and VR treatment. 

Regularly, user engagement will shift appropriately, despite the fact that somewhat subject to individual contrasts. 

A deficiently vivid climate won’t connect with the client, while one that totally reproduces this present reality could make erratic mental impacts. 

Until this point in time, the latter situation isn’t an issue since that degree of vividness has not been accomplished.


There are subsets of computer-generated reality gaming that utilize related innovations called augmented reality (AR) and mixed reality (MR).

This is where virtual components are set into the player’s genuine world as seen through a headset or camera. 

Lenovo Explorer utilizes the Windows Mixed Reality stage, which, however still very VR-centered and presents new AR and MR encounters.

Various Sorts of VR Games

Games played on top-of-the-line PCs give the most point-by-point virtual conditions and game choices. Well-known VR headsets for PCs and workstations in late 2021 incorporate Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.

These games are like those played on PCs yet work just with a game control center from explicit makers. The main model is the PlayStation VR headset/stage.

And then there are VR games on smartphones that require a headset like google cardboard.


First and foremost, as you presumably know, our reality presently has numerous kinds of VR, from Google VR (otherwise known as cardboard) on one side to VIVE, Oculus, and StarVR on the other.

Strangely, the fancier the gadgets, the more terrible they appear to be for actual activity. 

In other words, the fancier commonly implies the greater, bulkier, and heavier and, subsequently, the more awkward and sweatier they become with expanded actual use. 

Versatile computer-generated simulation (VR) gaming is the most reasonable experience for buyers.

However, it’s specifically for those who need to investigate VR gaming without burning through a significant measure of cash. 


VR Comfort alludes to the corruption or improvement of your experience that diminishes or wipes out sickness or awkward sentiments.

There are two fundamental ways of doing this. You can give yourself things to change in the choices menu to work on their solace. 

Besides, you can add substitute ways of moving around or collaborate with the goal that you can figure out which play style is generally agreeable for them.

Many individuals manage main problems like claustrophobia

Attempt to try not to place yourself in that frame of mind of circumstance except if your game is well-defined for a type that empowers distress.

Wrapping Things Up

Lone Echo and Echo Arena are uncommon games that show the genuine worth of VR and hand following. It’s feeling of development feels perfect, and it couldn’t exist differently. 

Lone Echo is a very much-acted story and fascinating conditions move at a sufficiently sluggish speed that you can absorb everything.

This single-player game will indulge you in an experience that will not make you feel the absence of other players. 

We hope that our in-depth research and guide will answer all your questions and concerns. 

Let us know what you think in the comments below.


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