Ds18 Speaker Review – Guide, FAQs, Pros, Cons & More

If you’ve some experience with car loudspeakers, you must know about  DS18 car speakers and their reputation.

To check if their popularity is consistent with the quality or are they just a sham, we conducted in-depth testing of DS18 PRO-X6BM speakers. 

In this post, we’re going to walk you through its features, pros, cons, and a buying guide for you to judge them yourself.


If you’re looking for a replacement for your factory car speakers, they can be a great choice. They deliver great bass and are mighty loud. Moreover, they are quite easy to install.

Alternate #1 

If you’re looking for a pair of car speakers, they can be a great choice. The volume is quite loud. Most appreciably, they are highly efficient and have affordable price.

Alternate #2 

If you’re looking for a single mid-range speaker, they can work fine. They are quite efficient and durable. The bass on the speaker is also deep.

Quick Summary of the Main Product

DS18 PRO-X6BM is a replacement car speaker that can fit in almost all vehicles and trucks. It comes in mount sizes of 4 inches, 5.25 inches, 6.5 inches, 8 inches, and 10 inches. We’ll be reviewing the 6.5 inches speaker in detail.

It is a coaxial speaker with optimal mid-range working. It has got a frequency range of 118 Hz –  17 kHz. The sound quality is great with a moderate mid-bass. You can use extra-tweeters with it if you want to listen to quality classical or other high-frequency genres. 

The speaker has a high power-handling of 250 watts RMS with impedance variants of 4 and 8 ohms. The sensitivity can also be regarded as good. We’re pretty sure that it will give great handling with any music. Because of its power, the speakers are also loud. The most amazing thing is that it is quite clear and crisp at loud volumes.

It has got a heavy ferrite magnet and quite great material. The central tweeter has a bullet shape which makes it look good and saves the voice coil from damage. It doesn’t have deep bass. Some people also reported durability issues. Overall, it’s a good choice, if you’re looking for loud and sharp speakers for your car.

Features and Benefits

Dimensions & Weight

The speaker has dimensions of 6 x 6 x 2.75 inches and weighs about 5 pounds. It’s a bit heavy because of the large magnet used. Generally, it fits easily if you’ve bought the right size.

Frequency Range

The speaker has a frequency range of 118 Hz to 17 kHz. It works great for mids and lows. You might need an extra tweeter if you want to play high-frequency music.


It has a power-handling of 250 watts RMS and 500 watts max. It pairs perfectly with any amplifier. Also, there’s no distortion at high volumes.


It has a sensitivity of 90 dB which falls in the hi-fi range. The speaker is moderately efficient and uses lesser power than its counterparts.

Voice Coil

The 1.5 inches voice coil is fitted inside the red bullet of the speaker. It has a quite reasonable temperature-handling and expansion-endurance.

Design & Color

The speaker has a hefty cylindrical doom at the back and an almost flat cone in the middle of which a red bullet is fitted that encompasses the voice coil. The design provides durability and aesthetic value to the speaker.


It doesn’t feature Bluetooth by default. You can use it by connecting a Bluetooth receiver to the speakers. 


The cone is made of non-pressed paper with a cloth-edge surround. It has a red-steel frame and a ferrite (ceramic) magnet. 

Pros and Cons

Social Proof

We scoured the internet to find out what people were thinking about the product. About 75% of the buyers were completely satisfied with the working of the speaker. Only less than 5% of people were very critical about it. Most of the buyers admired the speaker’s loud volume and sound clarity. A large majority of the buyers found them easy to install. Some of the complaints were about the bass of the speaker. A few cases of speaker breakdown within some time of buying were also reported.

More Recommendations!

#1: Best Sound Quality Speakers - Skar Audio (2) FSX65-4 Review

If you’re looking for a pair of 6.5” woofers, Skar Audio (2) FSX65-4 can be a great choice. They have an RMS power of 150 watts with an impedance of 4 ohms. They have an up to par sensitivity of 92.5 ohms. They give a moderately loud audio and are very power-efficient.

They manage to  sound clear at high volumes. The sound, in general, is modestly clean and sharp. Users found it quite easy to install. They are mid-range essentially, you’ll need a pair of tweeters with them to have a better result for high frequencies. 

Features of Skar Audio (2) FSX65-4

  • Dimensions: 14 x 8 x 6 inches
  • Weight: 8.35 pounds 
  • Power-handling:150 watts each
  • Sensitivity: 92.5 dB
  • Magnet: Ferrite
  • Frequency range: 100 Hz – 8000 kHz
  • 1.5-inch Copper voice coil

Overall, if you’re looking for an affordable pair of car speakers, they are a great choice.

Best Loud-volume Speakers

The best loud-volume speakers are Skar Audio (2) FSX65-4 because of their loud volume, and clear audio.

#2: Best Easy to Install Car Speakers - DS18 PRO-GM6B Loudspeaker Review

DS18 PRO-GM6B is a slightly affordable variant of DS18 PRO-X6SBM. Most of the features of the model are the same as the latter car speaker. It has a relatively lower power of 180 watts RMS but a slightly higher frequency of 94 dB. It can be a good choice if you’re looking for moderate volume.

It’s a coaxial speaker with a bullet encasing the voice coil in the middle. The materials of the build are of nice quality. Given its power, the speaker is loud and has clear and sharp audio. They are purely mid-range. If you’re looking for some strong high-frequencies, this isn’t your thing.

Features of DS18 PRO-GM6B Loudspeaker

  • Weight: 4 pounds
  • Dimensions: 6.61 x 6.61 x 2.72 inches
  • Power-handling: 140 watts RMS
  • Sensitivity: 94 dB
  • Frequency response: 160 Hz – 10 kHz
  • Magnet: Ferrite
  • 1.5- inch voice coil

Overall, it is a great choice, if you’re on a tight budget.

Best Easy to Install Car Speaker

The best easy to install speaker is the DS18 PRO-GM6B speaker because of its simple-to-handle setup and great sound.

ds18 speaker review

Guide to Buy

Before buying a speaker for your car, it is advisable to go through the necessary working details. Otherwise, you might end up with something that you’ll regret buying. Here, we have compiled all the features and qualities that you should look for in a car speaker before buying it.


If you previously have experience of buying car speakers, you’ll know what a problem speaker size can be. Always be careful about the size of the speaker. Check the dimensions of your factory speakers and match them with the speaker you’re buying.


Depending upon power, speakers come in a range of volumes. If you’re looking for a loud speaker, buy one with a high RMS rating and sensitivity. 

Manufacturing Material 

Apart from sound quality and loudness, the most desirable quality of a speaker is quality material. Quality materials ensure durability. Generally, stainless steel for the frame, ferrite for metal, and copper for the voice coil are considered advisable.


If you’re self-installing the speakers, definitely you’ll love to buy something that is not a mess to set up. The best way to ensure that is to go through buyers’ comments.


The volume and clarity of sound depend directly on the power and impedance of a speaker. If you want a high-volume and clear audio speaker, look for one with more power. Judge a speaker by its RMS value not max power.

Voice Coil

The voice coil is the part that generates the sound in the speaker. Most of the medium size speakers have a 1.5-inch coil made of copper material. Check if the voice coil works properly and is protected from the environment or not.

Wrapping Things Up

After our analysis of the product, we are confident to say that DS18 can be a great choice if you’re looking for a mid-range loudspeaker for your car. The speaker also has great material and settings. We also found it to be durable. Overall, it is a nice package at the given price.


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