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    If you’ve ever owned a Bluetooth speaker, you’ll know that finding a speaker fitted exactly to your needs is very difficult.

    We understand that. To ease your search for a Bluetooth speaker, our team conducted thorough research to find out the best products in the market.

    In this post, we have included reviews of the best product we were able to find, a buyers’ guide, FAQs, and much more.

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    Top Pick

    They are best for outdoor and indoor personal use. They have great volume, sound quality, and bass. They are portable and compact in size.

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    Runner Up

    This model is best for outdoor activities like hiking, traveling, and the beach. They are easy to carry and have an everything-proof design.

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    Also Great

    If you’re looking for extra-bass, this is your go. These speakers have deep bass, loud volume, and great sound quality. They can be very apt for personal use.

    Doss Bluetooth Speakers - Top 3 Reviews

    #1: Best Audio-quality Doss Touch Bluetooth Speakers - Doss SoundBox Touch Bluetooth Speakers Travel-Black Review

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    Doss Touch SoundBox has an elegant structure and portable design. Its most desirable features are the touch control: It has touch volume up, volume down, pauses, and other options. It can also be controlled from your mobile’s control options.

    It can be played from Bluetooth, auxiliary cable, or micro SD card. A compact body of 1.65 pounds and a battery time of 20 hrs makes it perfect for outdoor use. It has an IPX4 waterproof structure. Users found the volume to be fairly good for the size. Bass is also good for the price.

    It only takes 3-4 hrs to recharge. Its structure and color are also very pleasing aesthetically. Doss Touch SoundBox comes in four colors: Black, Blue, Red, and White. Users found hardly any distortion in the sound.

    Some users found the low battery beep very unnecessary and disturbing.

    Features of Doss Touch SoundBox Travel-Back

      • Weight: 1.65 pounds
      • Dimensions:6.6 x 2.9 x 2.7 inches
      • 20 hours battery time
      • 2-4 hrs battery recharge time
      • Micro USB cable charging
      • Color variations: Black, Blue, Red, White
      • Touch controls
      • Bluetooth, auxiliary cable, and SD card connectivity
      • Water-resistant

    Best Audio-quality Doss Touch Bluetooth Speakers

    The best audio-quality Doss Touch Bluetooth Speakers are  Doss SoundBox Touch because of their sharp and clear audio and loud volume.

    #2: Best Travelling Doss Bluetooth Speakers - Doss Traveler Portable Bluetooth Speaker Outdoor-Black Review

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     Doss Traveler Speaker is designed specifically for outdoor use. They have a waterproof, fall-proof, dust-proof, shock-proof, and life-proof structure. It has a handle to carry and a long strap to hang. The structure is very portable and compact. 

    They have a battery time of 12 hours. Its most distinguishing feature is the adjustable flashlight with five light modes: low, medium, and high brightness, strobe, and SOS. Bluetooth, aux, and micro SD card options can be used to play music.

    It has a 20W power-handling which gives it a loud and crisp voice. It has great bass and stereo sound quality. Users admire their durability, long battery life, and sound quality. Some people found the auxiliary port not working well.

    Features of Doss Traveler Outdoor-Black

      • Dimensions: 6.50 x 2.40 x 4.40 inches
      • Weight: 1.5 pounds
      • 12 hours of battery time
      • IPX6 Waterproof
      • Everything-proof
      • Added Torch
      • Micro USB charging
      • 5 Torch modes: Low, Medium, High Brightness, Strobe, and SOS
      • 11 inches short handle and 63 inches long strap
      • Power: 20W

    Best Traveling Doss Bluetooth Speakers

    The best traveling Doss Bluetooth Speakers are Doss Traveler Portable Bluetooth Speaker because of its everything-proof structure, high portability, and clear sound.

    #3: Best Extra-Bass Doss Bluetooth Speakers - Doss SoundBox Pro Bluetooth Speakers Review

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    Doss SoundBox Pro Bluetooth Speakers have all the features of a good with the addition of the extra bass feature: You can add extra-bass and volume by pressing a single touch play button. Also, two stereos can be paired to give loud output.

    The best part is that the speakers have beat-driven illuminating lighting that plays in  3 illumination patterns with 5 different colors. Bluetooth, Aux cable, TG card, and Echo dot can be used to play music. The body of the speaker is compact and well-designed.

    Like other Doss models, this one also has a waterproof body. Users found the audio quality to be great. Bass and volume were more than one can expect at this price range. Some people didn’t find it great for movies.

    Features of Doss SoundBox Pro Bluetooth Speakers

        • 20W stereo power
        • Dimensions: 7.70 x 2.90 x 3.00 inches
        • Weight: 1.39 pounds
        • Battery time at 50% volume: 20 hrs
        • Beat Driven Illuminating Lights
        • Waterproof
        • Micro USB charging
        • Active Extra Bass
        • Color variations: Black, Blue, Grey

    Best Extra-Bass Doss Bluetooth Speakers

    The best extra-bass Doss Bluetooth Speakers are Doss SoundBox Pro because of their high bass and great sound quality.

    doss bluetooth speaker review

    Buyers’ Guide

    Before buying a Bluetooth speaker, you should always keep some things in mind to make sure it a great deal. We have discussed in detail the types, merits, demerits, and benefits of different products and what will be best for you.

    Types of Bluetooth Speakers

    Depending on their use, Bluetooth speakers can be divided into three categories:

    • Indoor Bluetooth Speakers
    • Traveling Bluetooth speakers

    Speakers made for indoor use are optimized to perform great in houses. Whereas, speakers for outdoor use are made rough and tough to resist damage.

    Outdoor Bluetooth Speakers 

    Outdoor speakers are designed for use in the outside environment. If you’re a passionate traveler and often go hiking, traveling, and on beaches, you should buy outdoor speakers. They have a number of added features than indoor portable, wireless Bluetooth speaker series:

    1. Shock-proof and fall-proof frame to avoid damage from falling or shocks.
    2. Waterproof and Snowproof design to make them workable in waters and snows.
    3. Dustproof body to refrain dust particles from entering into the speaker’s body.
    4. Some traveling speakers also have installed torches.
    5. They usually have louder volumes
    6. They have a strap or handle to make them carriable

    They are made to resist damage. We found Doss Traveler to have all of these great features.

    Indoor Bluetooth Speakers

    As the name suggests, indoor speakers are designed for indoor use. For a speaker resting at your table, high damage-resistant features, like those in traveling speakers, are not needed. They need to be more clear in sound, compact in size, and aesthetically pleasing in looks. All these factors are well-balanced in their design.

    • Although some models are waterproof they don’t have an everything-proof structure.
    • They usually have a compact and portable structure with a box-like shape.
    • The models are made to look aesthetically pleasing.
    • They usually have high bass.
    • They don’t have straps or handles for carrying.

    Overall, as compared to traveling speakers, they are more suitable for personal use at the home, office, or other homely environments. If you don’t travel to very adventurous places, probably they will do good for you both outdoors and indoors.

    Features to Look for

    While buying any speakers you must analyze some features, otherwise, you may regret buying them. 


    Always look out if the little speaker has enough bass or not. Bass is the ability of a speaker to play lower frequencies. The more low a frequency a speaker can play the more deep its bass is. There’s no hard and fast rule to check the bass of a product.

    The best way to determine if a device has good bass or not is to go through the review section of the product. You can learn from others’ experiences if the speaker has deep bass or not. If people are negatively reviewing the bass of the speaker, better avoid buying it.


    The general rule for the battery time of a speaker is the more battery time the better it is. Different speakers have different battery life depending upon the price range. Most moderate-price speakers have a battery time of greater than 10 hours of battery time.

    More high-end speakers have a 20 hour battery time or more. If you’re a traveler, it is advisable for you to buy long-battery speakers. Also, check if the lithium-ion battery is good overtime or not. For that, you’ll have to refer to the review section of the product.

    Waterproof & Dustproof

    Nowadays, almost all the brands have waterproof features in their speakers. The waterproofing features vary in strength. Some waterproof speakers can survive a spray of water, others can float in pools.

    If you’re traveling, then better buy speakers that can survive submersing in waters. You should also look if the speakers are dustproof, shockproof, fall-proof, and life-proof or not. 

    Size and Material

    It is better to have a compact-size, and portable speaker. In the case of traveling speakers, make sure they have a strap and handle for carrying. For indoor speakers, the structure should be lightweight and firm. 

    Built-in Microphone

    If you like attending calls from speakers, a speaker with a built-in microphone will be a good choice for you. You can also use voice assistants through speakers that have microphones.

    Sound Quality

    Sound quality is another important factor you shouldn’t miss. Check if the sound is clear or not. Check at different volumes if there’s any distortion in it. Distortion in sound is unpleasing, you should make sure to avoid it before buying.

    Stereo Pairing

    Some speakers have the feature that two or more stereos can be paired to produce the same music at the same time. It is a nice feature to have if you own multiple speakers, this feature can give users a great experience.


    Either if you’re looking for party speakers or not, illuminating LED lighting is a great feature to have. Different speakers have diverse sets of color and illuminating patterns. You can choose as you like.

    Some traveling speakers also have torches on their bodies. These can be very helpful if you’re vacationing in dark places especially at night time. These torches can have different brightness modes.

    Summing it All

    In short, your speaker’s desirable features depend entirely on your needs and likings. But you should always make sure they are durable, have a long-battery, waterproof, and portable.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    1. Can two or more Bluetooth speakers be played at once?

    Yes! Many speakers have the feature of pairing two or more speakers. Some speakers allow pairing of up to 50 speakers. This is a nice feature to have if you own more than speakers. It helps greatly in parties and large gatherings. But you should keep in mind that speakers of different brands cannot be paired from any direct method.

    1. Are Bluetooth speakers as good as wired?

    Wired speakers are generally better than Bluetooth speakers. Wired speakers experience the least interference, fast traveling of audio signals, and produce quality sound than is produced by Bluetooth. Most of the Bluetooth speakers also have an aux cable, micro SD card, and Echo Net options. Therefore, buying a speaker that also has Bluetooth is a better choice. 

    1. Can I connect Bluetooth speakers to my TV?

    Bluetooth speakers can be connected to TVs but it depends on the user TV model. If you have an old-style TV, it will need wired speakers. But modern LEDs and LCDs can be easily connected to a Bluetooth speaker.

    1. Are Doss speakers any good?

    Doss is one of the leading companies producing speakers in the United States. They have good quality and high sales. Their speakers have amazing features like extra-bass, everything-proof, compact-design, easy to carry, etc. which make them unique. Definitely, Doss is a good and reputable speakers company.

    1. Do Doss speakers work in water?

    Almos all of the models of Doss speakers are waterproof. But this waterproofing ability varies from speaker to speaker. Some speakers can only survive a spray of water while others can float in it. Most traveling speakers have high waterproofing features.

    1. How long do Bluetooth speakers last? 

    Bluetooth speakers can last from several months to a number of years. It all depends upon what quality they are and how well you treat them.  The first part that can wear out is the battery of the speaker. If you take care of it, a 30$ speaker can last up to 3 years with proper maintenance.

    Final Thoughts

    After analyzing all the Doss Bluetooth speakers we were able to put a hand on, our team concluded that Doss Bluetooth SoundBox is the best in every aspect. They have a good sound quality and has high bass, and loud volume. The top of the speaker is well-designed, compact, and portable. Features like touch control, stereo pairing, waterproof design, and aux port adds to its value.  Our team found that for traveling purposes, Doss Traveler was more appropriate. It has got a waterproof, dustproof, shockproof, fall-proof, damage-resistant, and compact structure. Other features like torches, and carry handle make it apt for traveling.