Cynoculars Virtual Reality Review – Complete Guide, FAQs and More

These days, we hear about computer-generated experiences via virtual entertainment, news, and so forth. 

Numerous producers like Samsung, LG, Google, and OnePlus are concocting new computer-generated simulation gadgets, ordinarily known as VR headsets. 

With the assistance of Virtual Reality, you can encounter things or spots that even really don’t exist. It tends to be a conceivable PC-made virtual 3D world that you can investigate without really being there, however, you feel that you are available there literally and intellectually.

Cynoculars VR Headset

Cynoculars is a VR headset which uses your smartphone to offer immersive 360 virtual reality technology. You can install thousands of virtual reality apps from the Apple or Android stores onto your phone that are compatible with Cynoculars. It even blocks the light and does not need any external connectors or cables to immersify you in the VR experience.

Alternate #1 

Pansonite VR

The Pansonite VR Headset offers a bunch of basic headset highlights, for example, the interpupillary distance adjustment and implicit on-ear earphones, that allow you to appreciate versatile VR as it was planned.

Alternate #2 

Evo VR

With soft comfortable padding for your face, you can slide your phone in and watch movies, and play games in VR. It’s easy to use and set up and you have to make sure your phone is compatible with it.

Quick Summary of the Main Product

Cynoculars are intended to utilize your cell phone to participate in different augmented simulation games, and their size makes them viable with any model of phone. 

There are a lot of computer-generated simulation applications accessible on your telephone’s App Store or Google Play, assisting you with leaving an encounter like no other. 

You needn’t bother with any extraordinary connectors or links, since the headset is to a greater degree a holder for your telephone as opposed to anything more. 

To enhance the force of your experience, the headset shut out the light that can emerge out of your ongoing climate, passing on you to see just the screen before you. The Cynoculars even make it conceivable to appreciate 3D viewing.

Most early gadgets have just been viable with a particular game framework, or they have association necessities that limit your mobility. 

These gadgets might give you a positive encounter, yet you wind up paying for each game you evaluate in any case. 

You shouldn’t need to follow through on such significant expenses, for the straightforward objective of turning out to be important for one of your #1 games. 

All things being equal, Cynoculars has the ability to show you another universe of VR games, all with next to no association with wires or without requiring batteries.

Features and Benefits

To utilize Cynoculars, you place your cell phone in the included cartridge, then re-embed it back into the headset, and it’s prepared to utilize. Latest cell phones ought to have no issue squeezing into the cartridge, including such well-known gadgets as the iPhone 7 Plus.

A Bluetooth regulator is likewise included which is intended to assist you with collaborating with games and other applications. We viewed this regulator as the most questionable part of Cynoculars. 

Despite the fact that there was an option to coordinate it with Apple and Android gadgets, we could find no applications that remembered it. 

The main valuable capability of the regulator was to change the volume. Different commentators online have griped about the absence of a practical regulator. 

There are numerous VR games that don’t need a regulator by any stretch of the imagination, and it may not be an issue with those kinds of applications.

You can undoubtedly calibrate the focal points with changes in two bearings, and the focal points are of OK quality. 

Not at all like different gadgets, Cynoculars acquaints you with full 3D encounters, which makes it more straightforward to become mixed up in the game you pick. 

It hones the picture on your telephone for an experience that leaves you feeling like it was genuine. 

What you can change to your preferences:

You can change the focal points while the gadget is your responsibility to get the right view. The delicate cushioning gives your face the solace it needs for the length of time that you’re utilizing the Cynoculars.

You can utilize various amplification settings to guarantee that the application totally enthralls you pick. 

You can likewise change the pupil distance, point of convergence distance, and whether you get a wide-point view. The main thing you can’t tweak to your inclinations is the actual application.

Factors to Consider Before you Decide to Buy Cynocular VR


Cynocular VR is easy-to-use and even comes with a remote to control your experience. Unlike other VRs that have exploded in the market, which also requires robust computers to be attached to the headsets, this one doesn’t.

Cynocular VR gives you that immersive experience without you having to get additional cords and lets you experience VR in the simplest form. Since you only need your phone, you don’t have to spend money on a system.


If you’re considering buying this headset, do note that when you go to the shop, you should always ask to try them on. This is due to the fact that you’re going to be using this for a couple of hours when playing games or watching movies.

The head strap does provide comfort and holds it in place however, you need to check if it’s suitable for you when wearing glasses.

There is soft cushioning inside for your face, but we recommend taking breaks since it may cause eye strain and headaches.


The best part about the Cynoculars is how easy they are to incorporate into your everyday gaming life. You don’t need to do any special hookups with cords and wires with Cynoculars.

The headset features a cartridge that you directly put your phone into after you’ve set up the game or experience. You have different magnification settings set to your preferences so you don’t need to worry if the system isn’t optimized.

Smartphone Compatibility

With its 360-degree view, it fits phones up to 3.875 inches wide by 6 inches high. You will need an app to go on your phone which works with the headset.

It’s also compatible with both iOS and Android, so you won’t have to buy another phone just to go with the system. The app is free, so that’s an amazing deal for your headset.

Viewing Experience

You will like how you can easily fine-tune the lenses with adjustments in two directions, and the lenses are of acceptable quality.

A Bluetooth controller is also included where you can adjust the volume to your liking. It will help you interact with other games and apps.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Social Proof

A lot of people have said that the product itself is very finicky but it is worth the price point. It gets the job done, and leaves you feeling satisfied. It’s nothing amazing however when used right, it can be fun.

People have also said that the remote doesn’t work much, and does not add much to the experience itself but it’s something that can be used if you are in a pinch and need to get the job over with.

cynoculars virtual reality social proof
cynoculars virtual reality social proof
cynoculars virtual reality social proof

Similar to Cynocular VR - Recommendations

#1: Best Interactive Virtual Reality Headset - Pansonite VR Review

Pansonite VR Headset is a reasonable gadget that isn’t exactly costly. By and large, the elements of modest gadgets are not good, yet this one is simply amazing. 

In the event that you love messing around on your cell phone, this is the most ideal decision for you. Indeed, even kids can play involving this gadget as it is totally ok for the eyes.

Pansonite VR Headset is a consequence of two years of endeavors of the organization. It accompanies adjustable straps with the goal that you can change them on your head.

Factors to Consider Before you Decide to Buy Pansonite VR

Affordability: It comes with a device with built-in 720°Surrounded Hi-Fi Stereo headphones as well as volume controls, which is ideal for all gamers looking for an affordable VR device.

Design: It is furnished with a T-formed flexible tie, a versatile headband, and a more extensive nose segment which works on the experience of VR by diminishing the pressure around your eyes.

Setup: There’s a small manual in the box that details how to operate all the buttons, but it’s pretty brief. All you need to do is pop off the headset’s front cover, place your smartphone in the slot with the headphone jack, connect the jack to the phone and close the headset.

Smartphone Compatibility: It is compatible with both iPhones and Android phones. You can directly download the 3D games from Google Play or Apple App Stores on your phone and play them in VR.

Viewing Experience: It has been created with HD pitch aspherical focal points featuring flexible concentration and understudy distance. The clients can undoubtedly change the focus and pupil distance utilizing the button controls put on the highest point of the gadget.

Best Interactive Virtual Reality Headset

The best interactive virtual reality headset is Pansonite VR because of the blend of features, control, and affordable price is a good choice for gamers.

#2: Best Immersive Virtual Reality Headset - Evo VR Review

EVO utilizes the essential thought of the stereoscope. A stereoscope is a gadget that has two mirrors put at 45-degree points from the watcher’s eyes. Each mirror then, at that point, shows a variant of a similar picture however, zeroing in on various sides of it. 

On the off chance that you saw each mirror in turn apparently like you are taking a gander at strangely positioned pictures. However, if you took a gander at the two mirrors simultaneously your mind combines the pictures as one, making a three-layered picture.

The telephone headset innovation makes numerous pictures of a similar virtual scene, so you can move your head in the games and see the world as though it was directly before you.

Factors to Consider Before you Decide to Buy Evo VR

Affordability: Very affordable to use and play around with. It even comes with a controller, and because of its easy-to-use design, it comes as second nature.

Design: It will have a cushion to protect the back of your phone from being scratched and a magnet at the top of the headset to keep your phone in place.

Setup: After setting your phone in, you can adjust how far you want the lens to be, and usually the farther away it is, the better the experience, not to mention, how better it is for the eyes.

Smartphone Compatibility: It has high compatibility and works with the majority of phones, including iOS and Android.

Viewing Experience: EVO also uses head tracking in its boxy interior, all of these pieces of technology come together to create the interactive three-dimensional imagery that EVO wants you to experience.

Best Immersive Virtual Reality Headset

The best immersive virtual reality headset is Evo VR because of its beginner level tech and its ability to use for longer periods of time.

Buyer’s Guide



On account of the advancement of innovation and the lower cost of creation, the expense of gadgets has incredibly diminished, making the possibility of VR considerably more reasonable. 

HTC, HTC Vive, Oculus VR, and Pico are assembling and selling the equipment at far lower value levels, and this has driven a lot of energy concerning VR reception. 

Oculus’ valuing cut in the late spring of 2017 showed customers had a major craving for VR at lower costs, beginning a blast that was broadly trailed by different organizations. 

This pattern finished with the send-off of Windows Mixed Reality headsets toward the finish of last year, along with the declaration of various independent VR headsets.


Sound, contact, profundity, and feeling will be necessary to the VR experience, causing even the most clever 2D screen encounters to feel exhausting and dated.

In the event that you’ve at any point involved a VR headset for over 20 minutes, you’ve probably encountered exhaustion or sickness of some kind or another.

VR can befuddle your cerebrum in light of the fact that your body is fixed however you’re seeing a climate that is moving. Giving a proper reference point, for example, a skyline line or a dashboard that stays with you as you move helps ease sickness.


A significant piece of introductory testing includes assessing how much space is expected to set up one of our picks for the best VR headsets to capitalize on them. 

This doesn’t make a difference to headsets that utilize a phone to control them. 

You ought to take a gander at the fact that they are so natural to get working with an Android phone, as well as the need that might arise to download and how well the phone fits inside the headset’s nook.

Smartphone Compatibility

For some time, cell phone VR seemed like the following huge thing, with organizations like Google and Samsung making a major push for it with their own headsets and VR biological systems. Yet presently, those plans appear to have been generally deserted. 

However, that doesn’t imply that you can’t get in on mobile VR.

While it’s presently not such a concentration for cell phone organizations, there are still VR-prepared phones and related headsets. And there are likewise independent VR headsets that have generally replaced these cell phone choices.

In the event that you need some type of ‘versatile’ VR, by a long shot, your ideal choice is a standalone VR headset.

Viewing Experience

A mobile VR experience is a headset or frill that permits you to see VR without the need to interface with an outer gadget like a PC. 

We like to imagine that there are two levels of a portable VR experience. The main would be simple access, a fast view form that can be gotten to with a telephone, and a viewing accessory like a Homido smaller than normal. 

The second would be a better quality rendition of portable VR as an independent gadget like the Oculus Quest.

Wrapping Things Up

Cynoculars is one of the numerous VR headsets that are at present being proposed to customers that like to feel as though they are a piece of the game. 

Many gaming organizations have begun to foster their own headsets. However, they normally cost many dollars and expect you to buy viable games. 

The applications that you can use with Cynoculars are free and downloadable, which gives you a moment of admittance to this innovation. 

Assuming you’re prepared to take on a situation in the game that surpasses the normal “first individual” experience, Cynoculars might have what you want.

Let us know what you think in the comments below.


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