CyberPowerPC Gamer Xtreme VR Gaming PC Review – Complete Analysis, FAQs, Tips & More

Gaming PCs have gained a lot of popularity over the past years. There are machines designed specifically for every single type of game like FPS, MOBA, and VR games. 

However, our focus will be on the Gamer Xtreme VR Gaming PC from CyberpowerPC. We discuss its overall performance and various features. 

Besides that, we’ll also go over some alternatives you can get on the market. 

CyberpowerPC Gamer Xtreme VR

The Gamer Xtreme VR gaming PC is a highly-powerful PC designed for an immersive VR experience. It comes with a set of top-shelf hardware paired for maximum performance. Moreover, it has a stylish case with RGB lights. 

Alternate #1 

Skytech Archangel

The Skytech archangel is a customized gaming PC designed for overclocking and high-end PC games. It features the latest hardware components along with the ability to upgrade. Moreover, it comes with a dual-airflow case. 

Alternate #2 

HP Pavilion TG01

HP’s Pavilion series has some powerful pieces of gaming machinery. The same goes for TG01. Its Intel CPU and NVIDIA GPU are integrated to provide an enjoyable gaming experience. Moreover, it comes with a free copy of Windows 11.  

Quick Summary of the Main Product

The Gamer Xtreme VR Gaming PC from CyberpowerPC is a blend of modern hardware and aesthetics. It is designed for you to play VR games in a seamless fashion. 

You can use it to play every AAA title released by EA, Ubisoft, Activision, and many more. Furthermore, the hardware is integrated to perform well with high-demanding games. 

What sort of VR games can I play on it?

We noticed that it can run every major VR game without any lag or screen tear. The list includes Garry’s Mod, Star Wars: Squadron, and No Man’s Sky. 

Other than that, it is also compatible with future releases. Our team found benchmark titles like The Witcher and CyberPunk show promising performance. 

Which peripherals are compatible with it?

We must mention another feature of this gaming rig. It is completely compatible with Razor, Corsair, ASUS ROG, and SteelSeries peripherals. 

You can connect any mouse, keyboard, monitor, or headphones that have a USB 3.0 connection. Moreover, you can also use HDMI and display ports with the GPU.

Features and Benefits


The Gamer Xtreme Gaming PC is jampacked with powerful hardware. After a thorough inspection, our team found that it features an Intel processor paired with an NVIDIA GPU. 

The processor chipset is an Intel 9th-gen i5 with a 9GHz 6-core setup. On the other hand, it has an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 with 6GB of RAM. 

Which motherboard does it use? 

We also noticed that it has an Intel motherboard for maximum compatibility. It is an Intel B360 chipset from 2019. 

Furthermore, we found that the motherboard has 4 dual-channel RAM slots. It comes with 16GB DDR4 RAM pre-installed with 2 free slots for future upgrades. 

PC Case

Our team found that the Gamer Xtreme comes in a custom PC case. The PC case is quite spacious. We noticed that the motherboard only takes half of the total area. 

Other than that, the case has a singular airflow channel setup. The case also has 4 pre-installed RGB fans. Three of them are on the front side while there is one installed in the rear. 

Does it have USB ports in the front? 

We must also mention that the case also has 2 buttons and 4 ports. You can use the two buttons for the power and restart options. The restart button can also be used for RGB lights. 

You can change the colors of RGB lights to seven built-in presets. The 4 ports consist of two USB 3.0 ports and 2 ports for microphone/headphones. 


Another feature of the Gamer Xtreme is connectivity options. You get two different options for an internet connection. 

It has an ethernet port located on the rear side. Along with that, it has a Wi-Fi chipset installed on the motherboard. The ethernet port can transmit data up to 10GB per second. 

What sort of display connection can I use with this PC?

Other than the internet connection, you have also multiple connections for display. It has 2 HDMI ports, one with the motherboard and the other with the GPU. 

We must also mention that it has a display port as well. It is connected to the NVIDIA GPU. 


The base version of the Gamer Xtreme has a 1TB hard drive. You can also pay extra for an SSD between 128GB and 1TB of space. 

Furthermore, it also has 2 extra slots to connect additional hard drives in the future. 

Factors to Consider Before you Decide to Buy Gamer Xtreme PC


The first thing anybody looks for in a gaming PC is the price. The same is the case with Gamer Xtreme Gaming PC.

After a detailed comparison with other pre-built PCs, we found that the Gamer Xtreme is moderately priced. It is neither too expensive nor too cheap. 


As we have already mentioned, the Gamer Xtreme is specifically designed to handle VR games. The list includes all the major developers in the industry. 

Moreover, the entire setup is paired together to be highly compatible with NVIDIA’s DirectX 12 software. You can easily get up to 120 frames per second and high-quality texture rendering.


The last factor you need to consider is the specification of this PC. Gaming PCs are generally designed to provide optimal performance for at least a year. 

After that, either you can upgrade or get a new one. In the case of Gamer Xtreme, it provides freedom in terms of upgrades.

Pros and Cons

Social Proof

After our thorough testing, we decided to head over to the internet to find some reviews from other users. We found that most of the customers were highly satisfied with their purchase. 

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Social Proof 3
Social Proof 2

CyberpowerPC Gamer Xtreme Gaming PC Alternatives (Recommendations)

#1: Best Stylish Gaming PC - Skytech Archangel Gaming PC Review

For our first alternative, we have selected the Archangel gaming PC from Skytech. It comes with  high-performance hardware wrapped in an eye-pleasing case. 

We found that it has all the high-end components you need for gaming, editing, and rendering. Moreover, you can also use it with standalone VR headsets like HTC Vive and Valve Index.

Does this gaming PC have any internal cooling?

Besides the flashy hardware, one main advantage of this PC is its internal cooling. The case is designed and installed with fans to maintain dual-channel airflow. 

You can place this PC anywhere in your room without any overheating problems. Furthermore, the case is installed with heat-absorbing material to reduce the impact on internal hardware. 

Factors to Consider Before you Decide to Buy Skytech Archangel Gaming PC


Skytech Archangel comes in 3 unique bundles with varied prices. You can buy the base version at a cheap price. However, the other two are fairly expensive. 

This is mainly due to the additional upgrades of GPU and CPU. Moreover, you can also find cheaper options during seasonal sales. 


We noticed that this PC has sufficient airflow to keep it from overheating. On top of that, it has the option to attach a water cooling setup as well. 

You also have enough space to install a liquid-cooling system. However, for that purpose, you’ll have to change the motherboard.


Our team found the Archangel Gaming PC comes with a Ryzen processor instead of an Intel. It is a Ryzen 5 3.6GHz with a 12-Thread and 6-core setup. 

For the graphics card, it uses an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 GDDR6 with 6GB of dedicated RAM. You can also choose between NVIDIA 3060Ti and 3080Ti. 

Best Stylish Gaming PC

The best stylish gaming PC is the Skytech Archangel. This is because it features a combination of performance and style. Moreover, you can use it for editing and rendering. It also has dual airflow to keep the hardware cool. 

#2: Best Multi-Purpose Gaming PC - HP Pavilion TG01 Review

HP is widely regarded as one of the best PC hardware brands. We chose the TG01 because of its ability to perform multiple tasks efficiently. 

It has a powerful processor paired with fast-track storage devices to keep everything streamlined. Moreover, it features a minimal design. 

What is the FPS limit for this PC?

You can easily get between 90-120 FPS based on the type of application. We found that it can run most of the games at 120 FPS. 

However, for software like Adobe Lightroom or Photoshop, it caps out at 60 FPS. We also noticed that it comes with a copy of Windows 11 pre-installed. 

Factors to Consider Before you Decide to Buy HP Pavilion TG01


After a comparison with various market options, we noticed that the TG01 is fairly cheaper. The main reason behind its low price is the simplistic design. 

It doesn’t use a flashy case or an equally flashy internal setup. The entire setup is designed for performance rather than looks. 


Our team found that the case itself only has a singular fan to keep the airflow streamlined. However, it has enough space to install a processor fan and a separate cooling system. 

You can either choose Corsair or ASUS cooling systems. 


Unlike other options on the market, the HP Pavilion TG01 only offers one optimized setup. We found that it has an 11th-gen Intel processor with a 2.6GHz processing speed. 

Moreover, it uses a highly powerful NVIDIA GeForce 1080 graphics card. It can easily handle dual-screen operations.

Best Multi-Purpose Gaming PC

The best multi-purpose gaming PC is the HP Pavilion TG01 because it has a combination of powerful CPU and GPU. You can use it for editing and rendering software. Moreover, it has consistent FPS with no overheating issues.   

Buyer’s Guide

CyberPowerPC Gamer Xtreme VR Gaming PC Review - Complete Analysis, FAQs, Tips & More

Following is a list of factors that you need to keep in mind before you purchase any gaming PC. Let’s see what they are. 


The first factor you need to keep in check is the price. You can find numerous gaming PCs with identical hardware at different prices. 

It is a good practice to check out multiple options before you settle for one. This way, you’ll be sure of not being ripped off by a vendor.


You should carefully check the cooling system of a gaming PC. It’ll dictate the overall performance of your PC. 

Generally, it is good to have multiple fans to keep the airflow stable. We recommend that you get a PC with dual-channel airflow to separate cold and hot air.  


Next up on our list are the specifications of a PC. It goes without saying that you should check for the CPU and the GPU first. 

Other than that, your second priority should be the motherboard. We recommend that you compare the specifications with the price. 

A high price for average specifications will only result in poor performance.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Should I get a CPU cooler fan?

The pre-installed fan with any processor is good enough for casual use. However, if you are going for high-quality gaming, the processor will need a better fan. You can either choose a heatsink fan or a liquid-cooled setup. 

What is the ideal case for a gaming PC?

There are two factors that make a case ideal for a gaming PC. First is the airflow. You need to check if it has multiple options to install a cooling system. Second is the room for upgrades. You should buy a case with enough space to change the motherboard and the GPU. 

Which GPU should I buy?

You have a lot of options for graphics cards between NVIDIA and AMD. Currently, the best option for NVIDIA is either the GeForce 2000 or 3000 series. However, the 3000 series is hard to come by due to scalping issues.  

What is the price of Gamer Xtreme? 

The base price of Gamer Xtreme Gaming PC is just under the thousand dollars mark. However, the price can change if you decide to get extra storage, RAM, or a cooling system. Furthermore, we must also mention that the price of its peripheral bundle is over the thousand dollars mark. 

Why is the price of Gamer Xtreme so high?

It is mainly due to the scalping issue NVIDIA has been facing since 2018. Vendors like CyberpowerPC charge a higher price due to the shortage of graphic cards. Moreover, it uses the latest generation of Intel processors. 

How does Gamer Xtreme impact my VR experience?

To put it simply, many people complain about screen tearing and stutters even with powerful VR headsets. This happens due to the lack of processing power at the back end. Gamer Xtreme eliminates this problem with the help of an optimized loadout.

What part does optimization play in performance?

In most cases, even a top-shelf PC that isn’t optimized can underperform. Optimization keeps all the hardware ready and distributes the load in a seamless manner. Moreover, it reduces the chances of bottleneck instances. 

Which components should I upgrade?

The current specifications of Gamer Xtreme are liable for all the present titles with a 2-year margin. However, if you decide to upgrade, there are only two components that need attention. 

You can either change the GPU or the CPU depending on which section needs an upgrade. The GPU upgrade will enhance your gaming experience. 

Does the Gamer Xtreme support new GPU units?

The base motherboard of Gamer Xtreme is compatible with the newer series from NVIDIA. You can hook up 2060, 2070, 2080, 3060, 3070, and 3080 GPUs. Moreover, you can also use the SLI feature to double graphics units. 

Is it better to upgrade GPU or CPU?

Both components are equally important for high performance. However, if you want to improve your gaming experience, it is better to upgrade your GPU. 

Wrapping Things Up

This brings us to the end of our review on CyperpowerPC Gamer Xtreme Gaming PC. We hope this information proves to be useful for you. 

The Gamer Xtreme Gaming PC from CyberpowerPC is a highly-powerful blend of hardware. It has a 9th-gen Intel processor paired with an NVIDIA GeForce GPU. Moreover, it has a sleek case to add flair to your gaming setup. 

What was your first choice for a gaming PC? Let us know in the comments below. 


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