Corpse Keeper: The Medieval Gothic Action-Strategy Roguelike Launches Early Access on February 15th

Melancholia Studio and Thermite Games have announced the early access launch of their medieval gothic action-strategy roguelike, Corpse Keeper, on PC via Steam and Epic Games Store. The game will be available for purchase on Wednesday, February 15th for $19.99 / €19.50 with a 10% discount during launch week.

In the game, players will have to summon forth an army of undead warriors to vanquish a demon who lords over the city of Lenste. The dark art of necromancy is used to form a squad of three corpses, ultimately defeat the unholy abomination residing in the holy cathedral.

Creating Your Army of the Undead

Players will be able to manipulate flesh and bone to create more than 30 different characters including Grave Keepers, Knights, Plague Doctors, and Assassins, each with distinct movesets and traits. The full launch will offer 40+ characters.

Despite the impressive strength of these reanimated battlers, each one will decay during exploration. Mitigate decay with preservatives, but replenish rotten revenants with new corpses by collecting remnants of defeated enemies.

Dynamic Action-Packed Gameplay

Corpse Keeper’s dynamic action takes inspiration from 3D fighting games. Players will slash, parry, and beat down demonic spirits, cursed knights, and sinister jesters to gain experience.

Players will acquire new gear, weapons, and resources along the way to grow ever stronger on the way to the cathedral.

Exploring Grim Environments

The game also features six distinct, delightfully grim environments including a gruesome graveyard and an eerie library. Players will have to strategically manage resources while progressing through these unforgiving territories and learn to determine the difference between necessity and sacrifice.

Helpful facilities can be discovered, and players will have to choose the best course of action to avoid dire setbacks.

A Unique Addition to the Roguelike Genre

“Corpse Keeper takes what we love about the roguelike genre and adds in strategic RPG elements, 3D fighting game mechanics, and a grungy medieval aesthetic,”

said HC Li, producer of Melancholia Studio.

“Despite the grim subject matter, we hope that players will agree that it plays like a breath of fresh air.”


English, Simplified Chinese, German, French, Spanish, Italian, and Japanese languages are supported. Early access players will be able to experience the game’s unique mechanics and gameplay, and provide feedback to the development team to help shape the final product. The full launch will offer more characters, environments, and enemies for players to discover and conquer.


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