Contractors VR Review – Detailed Overview, FAQs, and More

Contractors VR is a military-themed VR first-person shooter for your PC-based VR headset. 

We have a ton of such games in the market that are trying to imitate Call of Duty. Some of them do it well, while others fail to hit the mark. 

In this post, we will analyze Contractors VR to determine whether or not it’s worth your time and money.

Contractors VR

Contractors VR is a military-themed shooter that comes with a campaign, co-op missions as well as a full-fledged multiplayer mode. You get detailed loadout options that you can explore to build your soldier exactly the way you want for the battlefield.

Alternate #1 

Firewall Zero Hour

Firewall Zero Hour is an online squad VR shooter that is available on the Playstation Store. It’s a super fun game to pick up if you have a group of friends to play it with. It offers a variety of game modes with many weapons to choose from as well.

Alternate #2 

Pavlov VR

Pavlov VR offers a classic approach to the FPS genre inside VR. This is something that many old-school gamers will love and if that interests you, definitely pick this title up. It includes a variety of classic game modes and the gunplay has a staunch focus on realism.

Quick Summary of the Main Product

Compared to many other VR shooters that are its contemporaries, Contractors VR does many things very well. 

It’s not the best-looking game out there but that’s because of a very specific reason. The graphics are down-graded to ensure that the gameplay itself is super smooth and fluid. 

If you’re a person that can forgive ugly-looking graphics for a fun gameplay experience, you’ll definitely enjoy it. 

You get options to choose from a variety of weapons, ammo, items and more to customize your loadout. Different loadouts work well in different game modes and maps.

Features and Benefits

Fluid Gunplay 

The variety of weapons that you have access to within Contractors VR is only rivaled by how fluid they perform and feel. 

It feels very satisfying to play Contractors VR rather than many other VR shooters that feel clunky and janky. 

Immersive Sound Design 

The sounds of guns, explosions and other sound effects are extremely well-realized. 

This, coupled with the surround sound of your VR headset ensures that you have a highly immersive experience that puts you right in the middle of the battlefield. 

Deep Loadout System

The loadout system has a lot of depth and definitely is something that you can spend hours experimenting with. 

As mentioned before, you get access to a wide variety of weapons. Additionally, you also have many items, gear, and ammo to choose from as well. 

Different types of loadouts have different playstyles. Hence, you can spend hours trying out different loadouts to see what works best for you. 

Factors to Consider Before you Decide to Buy Contractors VR


The price of Contractors VR is a great selling point since it’s super cheap. You can get it at a very consumer-friendly price both on the Oculus Quest store as well as on Steam.


The menus are super easy to navigate and the gameplay itself is quite self-explanatory as well. 

Fun Factor

Contractors VR feels very smooth and satisfying to play. This, coupled with its deep loadout system, makes it a super addictive game to play. 

Advantages and Disadvantages

Social Proof

We wanted to check out what type of experiences others were having with Contractors VR. 

Hence, we checked out some reviews on Steam to see what others thought of the game. 

Here’s what they had to say: 

contractors social proof
contractors social proof
contractors social proof

Similar to Contractors VR (Recommendations)

#1: Best Console Alternative - Firewall Zero Hour Review

If you happen to have a Sony Playstation 4 and are looking to have an online squad multiplayer experience, then this title is definitely worth considering. 

Firewall Zero Hour is a squad-based VR shooter that puts you right in the thick of it as you fight through explosive battlefields. The matchmaking is well-optimized and allows you to find a game within minutes on the PSN network. 

Furthermore, the game takes advantage of the PS VR Aim-Rifle controller to provide satisfying gunplay that is accurate and fun. 

The missions are super fun to do with buddies and their intensity really ramps up as you progress through the game. The intensity plays a huge part in immersing you in the world of warfare. 

Ever since VR came out, people have been looking into the possibilities of fun VR shooters and Firewall Zero Hour is definitely a step forward. 

It’s definitely a title you should get if you have a PS4, or a PS VR headset and you enjoy squad shooters. 

Factors to Consider Before you Decide to Buy Firewall Zero Hour

Price: We feel that Firewall Zero Hour’s price is fairly justified. This is due to the fact that it gets regularly patched and updated as well. The price isn’t exactly cheap, but it’s much cheaper than full-retail AAA pricing.

User-friendliness: The UIs are streamlined to ensure you spend as little time on them as possible and get right into the gameplay. As for the gameplay itself, it’s intuitive and easy to get the hang of. That being said, it is challenging to master.

Fun factor: Firewall Zero Hour is super fun to play with your friends. However, that’s the only catch with this game. It’s entertaining if you play it alone too but you may get bored after a while. It’s definitely one of those titles that’s a lot more fun if you have a group of people to play it with.

Best Console Alternative

The best console alternative is Firewall Zero Hour thanks to its satisfying gameplay mechanics, ease of use and reasonable pricing.

#2: Best Budget-Friendly Alternative - Pavlov VR Review

For many years, gamers have been wanting a classic approach to the FPS genre in VR. Pavlov VR is a title that hopes to fulfill those cravings with its classic guns and familiar gameplay. 

The developers created Pavlov VR with the community in mind and wanted to ensure that the game has a steady and dedicated community. That’s why they opted to create an FPS that is very familiar to old-school fans of the genre. 

Within Pavlov VR, you get familiar game modes such as: 

  • Team Deathmatch 
  • Search and Destroy 
  • King of the Hill 
  • Gun Game 

And more. 

Furthermore, matchmaking is well-optimized to the point where you don’t need to worry about waiting too much between matches. 

The gunplay itself is super satisfying with the guns seeming extremely realistic and fun to shoot. Not only that but the sound design also adds another layer of immersion as the guns sound extremely real and impactful. 

Factors to Consider Before you Decide to Buy Pavlov VR

Price: Most consumers can easily pick up Pavlov VR on Steam as it’s very cheaply priced. We think this product is a steal when you look at how cheap it is and the level of value that you get for the price. 

User-friendliness: The gameplay is quite self-explanatory and should be nothing new to old-school fans of the genre. That being said, it will definitely take you some time to get used to all the guns and their recoil patterns, etc.

Fun factor: Pavlov VR is super fun to play. However, it must be stated that it’s a lot more fun with friends than it is alone.

Best Budget-Friendly Alternative

The best budget-friendly alternative is Pavlov VR, thanks to its online multiplayer, cheap pricing and satisfying gameplay mechanics.

Buyer’s Guide

buyers guide

In this section, we will discuss factors you must watch out for when you browse the market for VR games. If you’re a seasoned gamer, you’ll have better luck initially since a lot of the same rules apply to VR games as they do to regular games. 

However, if you haven’t been into video games in the past and are just now wetting your feet with VR, it could prove to be a challenge. Luckily, there are some key factors you can keep in mind to assess what your needs and what you would most likely enjoy. 

These factors include: 


This is a factor that most consumers will assess and think about for sure. It’s something that you should consider when you buy any product including a VR game. 

Assess your budget and determine what the maximum amount is that you can spend on a VR game. 

When it comes to judging whether a certain VR game is worth its price or not, you have to look at many variables associated with the game. 

First of all, you must consider the amount of content that a game has to offer. Many VR games are linear adventures that only last a few hours, if that. That’s all they can provide and once you’re done, there’s nothing new for you to experience. 

This causes games like these to only be entertaining for a short period of time. 

On the other hand, you have multiplayer games as well as other games that have dedicated communities that continue to add content to them regularly. Examples of such games include VR experiences like Beat Saber. 

Beat Saber has a highly active and dedicated community that continues to make and add maps for it. This results in an endless library for you to choose from. These types of games can stay fresh for a very long time and thus, give you a great bang for your buck. 

Along with the amount of content, you must also look at the quality of the content that you are getting for a certain price. Some games may be short but may offer a breathtaking experience that very few other titles can. 

Aspects like this alone can justify a VR game’s higher price. However, this may be subjective and it’s up to you to decide whether or not a game’s price is justified or not.


Next, we must consider how user-friendly a game is. Of course, there do exist difficult games which many gamers prefer. However, there’s a large difference between a game being difficult and a game being difficult to play. 

When we talk about the former, they provide a challenging but enjoyable experience to the player. Allowing them to hone their skills and overcome obstacles thrown at them through trial-and-error. This can often result in a very rewarding experience. 

On the other hand, the latter is something that is the result of incompetent game controls or just a plain, boring approach to game design. The game may be designed in a way that is not really challenging but straight-up frustrating. 

Oftentimes, such games don’t even feel rewarding when you actually surpass certain obstacles. This is simply due to poor level design and clunky controls. 

Naturally, this is something you can’t really gauge unless you buy the game and try it out yourself. However, there are other ways you can figure out if a game is user-friendly or not. 

You can read online reviews, check out gameplay footage and also, and play any demos that may be available for the VR game. These can often give you a good idea of what the game is like.

Nausea and Motion Sickness 

This is a factor that is also fairly subjective. 

One individual may enjoy a certain VR game with ease but another individual may not be able to play that same game because they become nauseous. 

While there are many games that are well-optimized but still cause motion sickness for some people, there do exist games that are just simply not well-optimized. These types of games can cause motion sickness for pretty much anybody out there. 

This is because the movement inside these games can often seem unnatural or odd. This is something our minds are not used to and thus, this results in the player becoming nauseous. 

You can get an estimate of whether or not a certain VR game will make you nauseous or not by checking out gameplay footage on Youtube and other places online. 

If the game has any free playable demos available, you can check those out as well. Demos are small stages of a game that are particularly crafted to give the player a good idea of what a game has to offer. 

Thus, if the gameplay you experience in these demos causes you to become nauseous, you can make the decision to not buy that game. 


Another highly subjective factor; is something that you must ask and figure out for yourself. 

What types of genres do you enjoy? What kind of experience are you looking for within VR? 

Answering these questions will put you on a clearer path when it comes to what type of VR titles you should look for. 

Do you want something fast-paced and adrenaline-pumping? Or do you want something calm and meditative? 

Do you want to face foes in battle or do you want to experience lifeforms in their natural environment? 

Do you want a fantastical experience or something that’s more realistic and closer to life?

Once you’re able to figure out what type of genre and gameplay experience you enjoy, you can start looking for VR games that offer that type of experience. 

Once again, we highly recommend that you check out gameplay footage and demos prior to buying a game to really seal the deal.

Fun Factor

Lastly, of course, the game has to be fun. That’s the core reason why anyone plays games, right? 

Well, if a VR game has repetitive gameplay, a bland story or just clunky controls, it proves to be something that is inherently not fun. Not only will it feel like a waste of time, but it will also be a waste of money. 

Hence, make sure that you read reviews to ensure that a game definitely has engaging and dynamic gameplay to keep you engaged throughout its runtime. 

Lastly, we must also stress that fun can also be subjective. Something that many others enjoy may not be fun for you. Hence, again, we encourage you to check out demos and gameplay footage for yourself as well. 

This will help you figure out, without a doubt, whether a game will offer you a fulfilling and fun experience or not.

Wrapping Things Up

That’s the end of our Contractors VR review.

Ultimately, we feel that it’s a VR experience that will be enjoyed most by individuals that are already fans of the FPS genre. If you enjoy games such as CS:GO and COD, then this is something to definitely look forward to. 

What do you think of Contractors VR? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.  


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