Cheap VR Gloves – 5 Best Picks, Pros and Cons

VR gloves are hand-worn devices that interface with a variety of technologies and gather data to give you the feeling that you are touching objects in the virtual world.

There are so many options available, making it challenging to choose one.

In this article, there is a detailed review of the Cheap VR Gloves with their pros, cons, and buyer’s guide. So without further ado, let’s get into it.


Senso Gloves

We highly recommend the Senso Gloves because they provide per-finger haptic feedback and the capability to simulate temperature changes. It is all tracked by an IMU-based system without a camera.

Runner Up

VR Free Gloves by SensoryX

We noticed that VR free gloves are the first mobile hand and finger tracking systems that offer a fully integrated 3D GPS device. They do it on their own without the use of wires or outside references which is pretty convenient for users. 

Also Great


After testing out GloveOne, we noticed that it has autonomous finger tracking and that numerous sensations are available for the user. It is very comfortable and easy to use.

To help you choose the ideal one, we put a lot of time and effort into compiling a list of the top cheap VR Gloves.

Cheap VR Gloves - Top 5 Reviews

#1: Best All-Around VR Gloves - Senso Gloves

Senso is a wireless VR/AR controller that offers haptic feedback, precision control, and movement tracking. 

This device contains five vibration motors, seven IMU sensors, and 9 axis central sensors. The main benefit of Senso is that it can provide hand tracking without requiring any additional stand-alone software from third parties, like depth sensors or standalone webcams. 

To track your fingertips, you don’t need a program like Intel RealSense or Connect. It provides up to 10 hours of battery life. 

The five vibration motors facilitate interaction with virtual reality. It may be used as a joystick and to control drones, robotics, computers, smartphones, and games due to its extremely low latency. Senso collaborates with independent developers and is an open-source enterprise. 

The gloves also have a software development kit (SDK), which has a wide variety of applications.

Factors to Consider Before You Decide to Buy Senso Gloves

Compatibility: Senso Gloves are only compatible with SteamVR apps and games.

Battery Life: The Senso Gloves have a battery that lasts up to 10 hours on a single charge.

Quality: After testing out Senso VR Gloves, we noticed that they have amazing quality. Moreover, they are lightweight and comfortable to wear. 

Best All-Around VR Gloves

Senso gloves are the best all-around VR gloves because of their quality and design. Moreover, it has 6 FoD tracking positions and battery life is more than 10 hours. 

#2: Best Comfortable VR Gloves - VR Free Gloves by SensoryX

VR Free Gloves is the only mobile system that offers integrated 3D hand and finger tracking, zero latency, millimeter-scale precision, and multi-user functionality, as well as motion recording beyond your field of view.

The box included a pair of: 

  • Thin fingerless gloves
  • Rechargeable batteries
  • 1 adaptor
  • 1 connector cable 

There are two versions of the gloves which are a consumer version and a business version.

Factors to Consider Before You Decide to Buy VR Free Gloves by SensoryX

Compatibility:  VR Free Gloves by SensoryX are compatible with

  • Oculus Rift
  • Oculus Rift-S
  • Oculus Quest
  • HTC Vive
  • HTC Focus
  • HTC Cosmos
  • Valve Index
  • Windows MR
  • Varjo

Battery Life: The battery life of the gloves is quite decent. You can use VR Free Gloves for 5 hours on a single charge.

Quality: VRfree gloves by Sensoryx are made of high-quality electrical components that give you the greatest degree of mobility and precision. 

Best Comfortable VR Gloves

The VR Free Gloves by SensoryX are the most comfortable because they are lightweight. Moreover, they have amazing compatibility and fast processing speeds.

#3: Best Compatible VR Gloves - GloveOne

GloveOne VR gloves allow haptic contact with virtual objects through your VR headsets and are compatible with most technology, including OpenCV, MS Kinect, etc.

These VR gloves, which use haptic feedback motors placed throughout the fingertips and palm, are among the best. They enable you to experience precise touch sensations since the actuators vibrate individually at various frequencies and intensities.

Through your fingertips, you may now feel virtual objects such as the weight of a petal, the pressure of pressing buttons, the flutter of wings or leaves, the sensation of holding an object, raindrops, or rough textures.

Additionally, the gloves include sensors on them in various places that allow them to detect contact between fingers and allow users to issue contact commands.

Factors to Consider Before you Decide to Buy GloveOne


GloveOve is compatible with:

  • Windows and Linux 
  • OS X as
  • C++ Lib 
  • C# Wrapper

Battery Life: The battery of GloveOne can be used for up to 4 hours with normal use. 

Quality: The GloveOne is made of amazing quality, which makes it user-friendly. Moreover, it has autonomous finger tracking.

The Best Compatible VR Gloves

GloveOne is the best compatible VR glove because it has intel real sense with amazing finger tracking. Moreover, numerous sensations are available to the user. 

#4: Best User-Friendly VR Gloves - Perception Neuron 2.0

The Neuron 2.0 gloves offer haptic feedback and track movement across the entire body. These gloves are included with the suit, which performs fantastically right out of the box. The device is capable of recording movement from head to toe.

C/C++ SDKs are pre-installed on the machine and are integrated with Unity 3D and Unreal.

Sensors have been integrated by the Neuron team in various places throughout the suit. Each sensor functions as a very compact combination of an accelerometer and a gyroscope. 

Up to 32 separate sensors can be connected to the hub that is included in the box at a frame rate of 60. With 17 sensors, it can give a faster speed of 120 fps.

Factors to Consider Before You Decide to Buy Perception Neuron 2.0

Compatibility: Perception Neuron 2.0 is only compatible with Perception Neuron Studio Inertial Kits.

Battery Life: It contains a 280 mAh battery that can operate for 6 hours under normal use.

Quality: The quality of Perception Neuron 2.0 is fairly good. The gloves are comfortable and easy to use. 

The Best User-Friendly VR Gloves

Perception Neuron 2.0 are the best user-friendly gloves because they are easy to use, lightweight, and comfortable. 

#5: Best Performance VR Gloves - Dexmo VR Gloves

Dexta Robotics created the Dexmo gloves, which provide both haptic and forceful stimulation. Seven vibration motors are used to produce a haptic response, and each motor is attached to a finger or thumb to produce forced feedback. 

The virtual object appears to be pressing through your finger when you receive forced feedback. Even when they are simply linked to power, gloves still offer additional resistance with all the fundamental functionality. 

This is so you can feel the extra resistance your fingers have when you try to move them.

Factors to Consider Before You Decide to Buy Dexmo VR Gloves


Dexmo VR gloves are compatible with:

  • Oculus
  • HTC Vive
  • PlayStation VR
  • HoloLens

Battery Life: It contains a powerful 2000mAh LiPo battery that can operate wirelessly for 6 hours under normal use.

Quality: Dexmo VR gloves use high-quality fabric, which makes them so comfortable to wear.

Best Performance VR Gloves

The Dexmo VR gloves are the best performing gloves because they are so comfortable to wear and lightweight. Moreover, they have force feedback and accurate monitoring of fingers.  

Buyers’ Guide


In this section, we’ll go over several things to look out for while you browse the VR Gloves on the market. Since many of the same guidelines that apply to traditional gloves also apply to VR gloves, it will be easier for you to start if you are an experienced player.

However, it can be difficult for you if you’ve never played video games before and are just getting started with virtual reality gloves. Fortunately, there are some important considerations you may bear in mind as you determine your needs and what you would probably enjoy.


Make sure the material utilized to create the VR gloves you’re considering buying is of good quality and provides comfort when worn.


Neoprene, lycra, and nanofiber sensor fiber are commonly used in the construction of VR gloves because they are conductive, offer a comfortable fit, and can be easily bonded with wire to give users a sense of connection to the virtual world.

Battery Life

A VR glove that runs out of battery after an hour of use is not what you want. Look for VR haptic gloves that can support prolonged use of Oculus and other VR headsets and have long battery life.


Your VR gloves need to be comfortable for you to enjoy them. A few factors that affect comfort are the headset’s weight and the quality of the gloves. Good VR gloves are lightweight, but this does not compromise the glove’s quality. 


To make the virtual experience more realistic, latency should be as minimal as possible. The VR gloves are being examined for a variety of uses, including surgery.

Therefore, the accuracy of performing surgery increases with reducing latency. A surgeon should be able to feel the touch in addition to being able to see with his eyes.

Any virtual activity, not just those involving surgeons, is more realistic when the latency is as low as possible.

Refresh Rate

The importance of refresh rate may be seen in how it affects a haptic glove’s latency. The experience is better and the latency is reduced with a greater refresh rate. Higher GPUs are required for higher refresh rates.

The visuals may appear distorted if the refresh rate is high and the frames per second are low, which will influence the haptic reaction of the glove.

Make sure the VR glove you purchase has a refresh rate of at least 240 Hz.

Haptic Response Intensity

The terms haptic technology, kinaesthetic communication, and 3D touch all refer to ways of enabling users to feel touch via evoking a response. It can be detected through motions, rumbles, force applications, and vibrations.

When we touch a phone screen or any other touch-sensitive gadget, we also experience this. To feel the virtual environment with VR Gloves, haptic response intensity is crucial.

Number of Sensors

A decent sensor will make sure that all of your movements are recorded and accurately reproduced in virtual reality. There are many different kinds of sensors that use technology to precisely measure and communicate data in order to capture sound, motion, and animation.

If thin sensors are used, you must consider a number of factors, including whether it is possible to remove the sensors and wash the gloves separately, whether suitable software administration is given, and whether an appropriate framework has been established.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are VR gloves?

VR stands for virtual reality, and VR gloves are utilized as a user interface between the user and the machine. Users can control virtual objects in the virtual world using VR gloves.

These gloves utilize modern IMU sensors, gyroscopes, and accelerometers to precisely locate the hand in the virtual environment. Gloves often operate wirelessly over Bluetooth and have several replaceable batteries (Li-ion or Li-Po).

How do VR gloves function?

Gloves have different input and output sensors that are distributed throughout the surface. The location of the gloves in the air is determined by input sensors such as the IMU, gyroscope, and accelerometer. 

Virtual reality is used to interpret this posture. Vibrators and feedback motors are used to interpret the haptic responses. The CPU and other devices are sometimes housed in a hub that is wired to the gloves as well. 

The range of motion is limited by these types of gloves. Batteries are available to provide lots of power if the device is wireless.

Who should purchase these gloves?

The main query is, “Do you need to buy these gloves?” You shouldn’t, but you should. You see, these gloves are designed to improve your virtual reality experience, so if you don’t already own a VR, you shouldn’t think about purchasing one.

However, investing in a set of VR gloves will significantly improve your experience if you already enjoy playing VR games. Use these gloves to simulate movement controls in video games. 

Does Oculus Quest 2 support VR gloves?

Yes, you can use VR gloves with the Oculus Quest 2 since they can integrate with a variety of technologies, making them adaptable and intuitive while providing a fantastic user experience.

What do virtual reality gloves do?

A complex control system regulates the level of inflation when you put on the glove and engage in a VR or AR experience, applying pressure to various areas of your hand. 

If you are using your fingertips to touch a virtual object, you will have the sense of that object pressing into your skin.

What is a haptic glove?

A haptic glove makes use of haptic response technology, in which the gloves have built-in sensors, and they vibrate when you touch or grab an object in the virtual world.

Despite not touching an object, you get the impression that you are because of this. This increases the realism of the integration with the virtual environment.

Who should buy these VR gloves?

These VR gloves are available for purchase for anyone who regularly uses a VR headset and wants to enhance their experience. It is not just a problem for surgeons, gamers, or the robotics sector.

Where can I get VR gloves?

To take advantage of numerous discounts on the top gloves for VR headsets, buy the VR Gloves from the official website or through Amazon.

Final Verdict

The above-mentioned gloves are some of the best VR gloves because of their great accuracy, minimal latency, haptic responsiveness, and incredible battery life.

In our opinion, the best VR glove is Senso Gloves because it can simulate temperature variations and give per-finger haptic feedback. It is all tracked by an IMU-based system without a camera. 

We hope this article answers all of your questions regarding VR gloves. If not, feel free to use the comment box to get in touch and express your queries and suggestions.


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