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It can be challenging to buy car speakers since you need to consider many factors. For instance, speaker positioning, the size of the speaker, good sound quality, etc.

However, by reviewing some technicalities and features, you can easily decide which speaker you should buy.

In this article, you will find some bestselling and top-reviewed car speakers with a detailed description of their features and usage, pros, cons and more.

Top Pick

A two-way 6.5” speaker that comes with a signature red-colored design and high-quality audio dispersion. It’s very simple to install and can be a great addition to any setup. 

Runner Up

A high-energy speaker with loud sound dispersion and a sturdy speaker structure. It’s going to last you a long time and it’s fairly affordable too. 

Also Great

If you are searching for robust-quality speakers with a mid-range bass and balanced sound, then these speakers might be a good choice for you.

Best Cerwin Vega Car Speakers - Top 10 Reviews

These were our top picked Cerwin Vega car speakers and now we will further enlist some other top-reviewed best speakers with the detailed descriptions.

#1: Best 2-way Cerwin Vega Car Speaker - Cerwin Vega V465C Review

The Cerwin Vega V465C is an impressive combination of all the necessary features of a good car speaker with high quality build structure. 

It is composed of high quality components like titanium casings, mica fibre cones and rubber surrounds. These components ensure the deliverance of clear and high audio volumes. 

The specially designed fibre cones enable the speaker to produce a clear and detailed sound. Moreover, the placement of speakers will not affect sound quality. You can mount them in the car doors or at the back side. 

This speaker is capable of producing multiple audio frequencies with an excellent sound quality. The frequency signals are adequately distributed without any audio interference or distortion.

Features of Cerwin Vega V465C

    • Two-way component speakers
    • Heavy-duty titanium casings
    • Sensitivity rate: 94 dB
    • Frequency response: 55-20,000 Hz
    • Peak-power: 400 Watts

Best 2-way Cerwin Vega Car Speaker

The best 2-way Cerwin Vega car speaker is Cerwin-Vega V465C because it provides you with a powerful build structure and high quality audio dynamics. If you are looking for a car speaker with good quality components and loud audio dispersion then this might be a good choice for you.

#2. Best Dual-range Cerwin Vega Car Speaker - Cerwin Vega H465C Review

The Cerwin Vega H465C is a dual-range car speaker which provides you with the best audio features at an affordable price. 

You don’t have to worry about the speakers being damaged by any car shocks or dusty environment since it comes with a high quality steel vented frame and rubber-surround cones. 

It consists of a mica-injected woofer cone that ensures an adequate handling of high power sounds and vibrations. The impressive audio dynamics ensure the deliverance of high quality sound at multiple volume levels. 

All the speaker components are specially designed to deliver the premium Vega sound and are carefully protected by highly durable mesh grills.

Features of Cerwin Vega H465C

    • Mica-injected cone
    • Steel vented frame 
    • Frequency response: 55-18,000 Hz
    • Peak-power: 360 Watts
    • Mesh grills

Best Dual-range Cerwin Vega Car Speaker

The best dual-range Cerwin Vega car speaker is Cerwin Vega H465C because it provides you with a great package of powerful audio features at an affordable price. If you are looking for car speakers with high audio quality and durability then this speaker might be a good pick for you.

#3. Best Clear-Sounding Cerwin Vega Car Speaker - Cerwin Vega V468 Review

The Cerwin Vega V468 is a coaxial speaker set that comes with an attractive design and high-powered audio dynamics. 

If you want a speaker that fits-in perfectly with your car’s interior aesthetics then this speaker might be the right choice for you. It comes with a red ring surrounding that lifts up the overall speaker design. 

The high power handling capacity of 400 Watts ensures the deliverance of high-volumed clear and smooth sound. 

It is important for you to check the placement space in your car before buying these speakers because they do require customized mounting spaces.

Features of Cerwin Vega V468

      • 2-way coaxial system
      • Red ring surrounding 
      • Frequency response: 97 hz-22 kHz
      • Sensitivity: 86 dB
      • Power-handling capacity: 400 Watts

Best Clear-Sounding Cerwin Vega Car Speaker

The best clear-sounding Cerwin Vega car speaker is Cerwin Vega V468 because it comes with a unique build design and provides high-powered audio dynamics. If you are looking for a good quality car speaker with powerful audio dispersion then this speaker set might serve you as a good choice. 

#4. Best Reliable Cerwin Vega Car Speaker - Cerwin Vega H4652 Review

The Cerwin Vega H4652 is a 2-way set of coaxial speakers that provides you with a high definition audio experience and a classic build design. 

It comes with steel vented basket frames and mesh tweeter grills that ensure the sturdiness and protection of the speaker components. The oversized rubber surround of the polypropylene cones enables the speakers to produce high quality audio without any vibrations. 

300 Watts of high power capacity ensure the deliverance of detailed and balanced audio at multiple frequency levels. You can get all these features at an affordable price.

Features of Cerwin Vega H4652

    • Steel vented basket frames
    • Mica-injected polypropylene cones
    • Frequency response: 55-18,000 Hz
    • Peak power: 300 Watts 
    • Black metal domes

Best Reliable Cerwin Vega Car Speaker

The best reliable Cerwin Vega car speaker is Cerwin Vega H4652 because it is an impressive combination of high quality audio production and a classic design that can easily fit-in your car space. If you are looking for car speakers that are not expensive and have good audio features then this might be a suitable option for you.

#5. Best High-powered Cerwin Vega Car Speaker - Cerwin Vega XED650C Review

The Cerwin Vega XED650C is a 2-way component speaker set that comes with premium sound reproduction features at an affordable price. 

It consists of balanced dome tweeters, curvilinear polypropylene cone and Butyl rubber surround. These high quality audio components ensure the deliverance of high audio dynamics with precision, clarity and an impressive sound detail. 

This speaker set is capable of producing audio at multiple volume levels with no sound breakage or distortion.

Features of Cerwin Vega XED650C

      • Curvilinear polypropylene cone
      • 0.5” balanced metal dome CV tweeter 
      • Power-peak: 300 Watts 
      • Frequency response: 60Hz -18kHz 
      • Sensitivity: 93 dB 
      • Butyl rubber surround

Best High-powered Cerwin Vega Car Speaker

The best high-powered Cerwin Vega car speaker is Cerwin Vega XED650C because it provides you with excellent audio quality and an easy installation system. If you need an affordable speaker set with a classic design and basic audio features then you might consider buying these speakers.

#6. Best Distortion-free Cerwin Vega Car Speaker - Cerwin Vega XED42 Review

The Cerwin Vega XED42 is a 2-way speaker that will provide impressive sound quality and will definitely boost your car music experience. 

It is known for a good sound quality at lower and mid-range frequencies. The specially designed metal dome tweeter and 2-way crossover structure ensure a much detailed and clearer music quality. 

These speakers provide a long-time durability with its polypropylene woofer cone and butyl rubber covering. It has a peak power rating of 250 watts (per pair).

The installation of these speakers is conveniently done. They can easily fit-in to your car’s door or rear package shelf without any placement modifications. 

Features of Cerwin Vega XED42

      • 4” XED series two-way speakers
      • Polypropylene cone
      • Metal Dome CV tweeter 
      • 2-way crossover 
      • Frequency response: 80-18,000 Hz

Best Distortion-free Cerwin Vega Car Speaker

The best distortion-free Cerwin Vega car speaker is Cerwin Vega XED42 because it is a decent package of good quality audio dispersion and a durable speaker case. If you are looking for a car speaker at an affordable price and variety of audio features then this might be a good choice for you.

#7. Best High-performance Cerwin Vega Car Speaker - Cerwin Vega H740 Review

The Cerwin Vega H740 car speakers are mid-range speakers with high quality sound. 

The speaker kit will provide you with two 4” speakers, steel vented-airflow basket frames, graphic-injected cone and a durable mounting hardware. These factors ensure to give you a great sound experience.

The speakers are known for the durability factor since it’s covered and protected in a steel frame, keeping it safe from the environment. 

It is light in weight and provides you an easy installation. You can fix these compact speakers in many different cars.

Features of Cerwin Vega H740

      • 4” 2-way coaxial speakers
      • Peak power: 275 watts
      • Graphite-injected spun cone
      • Linear-woven red spiders
      • Stamped-steel basket frames

Best High-performance Cerwin Vega Car Speaker

The best high-performance Cerwin Vega car speaker is Cerwin Vega H740 because it will uplift your car audio experience with its loud and distortion-free sound dispersion. If you are looking for a power audio system at an affordable price, then these speakers can serve you as a significantly good choice.

#8. Best Affordable Cerwin Vega Car Speaker - Cerwin Vega XED62 Review

The Cerwin Vega XED62 car speakers are best known for high response rate and a sound quality which is not less than any high end speaker. 

This 6.5” speaker set comes with a curvilinear cone and butyl rubber surround that ensures a deliverance of loud and clear audio quality. 

The speaker pair is sturdy and durable that ensures the high quality of build material. It comes with a protective frame that keeps them safe from the external harsh conditions.  

Features of Cerwin Vega XED62

      • 6.5 inch size 
      • XED series 
      • Curvilinear poly cone 
      • Frequency range: 60-18,000 Hz 
      • Impedance level: 4 ohms 
      • Mounting depth: 2.2”

Best Affordable Cerwin Vega Car Speaker

The best affordable Cerwin Vega car speaker is Cerwin Vega XED62 because it will uplift your whole music experience with its exceptional features and easy installation. It might be a good choice for you at an affordable price.

#9. Best Responsive Cerwin Vega Car Speaker - Cerwin Vega V469 Review

The Cerwin Vega V469 speakers come with a unique red surround design that will perfectly suit your indoor car aesthetics. 

If you are a bass lover then these speakers will be a suitable choice for you since they come with large woofer cones that ensure the deliverance of a fuller and deep audio. 

These speakers are highly responsive with a power handling capacity of 100 watts (RMS). It consists of titanium dome tweeters that allow the speakers to produce much detailed and precise audio quality.

Features of Cerwin Vega V469

      • 1 inch titanium dome tweeters 
      • Frequency range: 45-20,000 Hz 
      • Signature red surround 
      • Power handling capacity: 500 watts (Max)
      • Sensitivity rate: 94 dB

Best Responsive Cerwin Vega Car Speaker

The best responsive Cerwin Vega car speaker is Cerwin Vega V69 because it is a great combination of attractive design and high audio quality with a powerful bass. If you are looking for an audio set that provides you a good listening experience and easy installation system then this might be a suitable option for you.

#10. Best-Designed Cerwin Vega Speaker - Cerwin Vega H7693 Review

The Cerwin Vega H7693 is a 3-way coaxial speaker which is specially designed and structured to deliver sound that has liver-performance audio dynamics.

The high quality dome and super tweeters ensure the deliverance of loud and clear sound with no distortion or sound breakage.The crossovers enable the speakers to produce audio of multiple frequencies.The sound quality is crisp, clear and considerably detailed.

With the H7693 car speaker, you don’t necessarily need an additional amplifier. The speaker will work even with factory-installed or already existing radios. 

Features of Cerwin Vega H7693

      • 6×9” 3-way coaxial speakers
      • Stamped steel vented frame
      • Linear woven red spider
      • 1” PEI dome tweeter
      • 0.5” balanced super tweeter

Best-Designed Cerwin Vega Speaker

The best-designed Cerwin Vega car speaker is Cerwin Vega H7693 because it provides you with a coloured design and good audio dynamics. If you are looking for a speaker set that matches with your car interior and delivers loud and clear audio then this might be a suitable choice for you.


Buyers' Guide

What factors do I need to look for while buying car speakers?

When you are buying a new set of car speakers, there are multiple important factors that you need to look for so that you can buy a product that fulfils your requirements. Following are some major key features that can help you in your car speaker research.

Speaker Size:

Speaker size and mounting depth are two important factors to check since your speaker set needs to fit in the vehicle appropriately. The car audio speakers generally come in the size range of 4-9 inches. The speakers are installed in an enclosed space like car doors. The depth and size of the enclosure design affect audio quality. So larger the size, the better the sound quality will be. A deep mounting depth isn’t preferred to avoid contact with the underlying surface. 

Build Material:

It is important for all the speaker components and hardware parts to be sturdy and durable. The woofer material should be lightweight and good quality. Synthetic films like polypropylene are preferable since they are lightweight and tough. For surround material, rubber is preferred due to its flexibility and heat-resistant properties. Tweeters material should be soft and tangible for a smooth and clear sound quality. 

Coaxial Type: 

Generally car speakers are available in three types i.e two-way, three-way and four-way. The number goes up, so does the sound quality. In a four-way speaker, the sound quality is exceptional since the frequencies get split into different parts and that enables the speaker to deliver a high definition sound.

But with the increase in better sound quality, the price range also increases. So now it is your decision to make according to your budget and music requirements.

Car Compatibility:

Before you buy a speaker, make sure that you check the car specifications. You need to check that the power handling and sensitivity of the speaker are compatible with your car or not. You can determine it through your head unit or external amp that is the standard volume level of your speakers to attain the sensitivity.  

What are the different types of car speakers?

There are two main types of the aftermarket speakers. Both have different structural design and specifications. It is important for you to understand the different functions and performance rate of both the types so that you can purchase the right product. 

Component speakers:

Component speakers are known for the best audio quality and sound experience. They might be a bit difficult to install since the drivers of component speakers come separately and they even need to be installed separately. Each speaker component is placed in different parts of the car and is mounted accordingly. This surely does improve the music experience but can be a bit fussy. The component placement is done according to your car interior. 

Coaxial/full-range Speakers:

Coaxial speakers are comparatively easier to install and budget-friendly since all the speaker components are within the system. There is no need for the separate installment of different components. It has a woofer that deals with the mid and low frequencies and a tweeter that handles high frequencies. Overall, coaxial speakers provide you with a good audio quality and are comparatively better than the factory-installed speaker system. 

How many car speakers do I need?

The factory-installed car speakers do not have any specific number. The number differs according to the car size and other technical specifications that are updated every year. The latest audio systems for cars have multiple new features like noise cancellation, powerful bass response and wide sound dispersion. In that case, you will not be needing more speakers to enhance the audio quality. 

The number of speakers also depends on the type of performance and audio requirements you want. If you want to replace both front and rear speakers then it is preferable that you buy both speaker sets of the same brand. This will ensure a better audio match and the overall sound deliverance will have rich audio dynamics. This audio set-up might be a bit expensive so you can opt for buying the front speakers first. When buying the rear speakers later on, make sure they are of the same brand or series so that you get consistent sound characteristics. 

Front Speakers:

Vehicles that are considerably small in size generally have two speakers. These full-range speakers are fixed in both the front doors of the car. Some vehicles have four speakers. The setting includes two front speakers and two on each side. The latest car models even have a center dash speaker that delivers a balanced audio production and handles door chimes and navigation functions. 

Rear Speakers:

Rear door and rear deck speakers have full-range audio components. These speakers are used to deliver sound for the back seat passengers. The audio produced by rear speakers does not get merged with the audio of front speakers. If you often don’t have back passengers in your car then you will not be necessarily needing the rear speakers. 

What are the important elements of car speakers?

Understanding the car speaker elements and functioning is important so that you can buy a good speaker set with quality components. Following are some important car speaker elements:

Woofer Material:

The woofer material differs in factory and aftermarket speakers. The factory-bought speakers mostly use paper cones which are not durable and they do require a replacement after some time. On the other hand, the aftermarket speakers use durable materials for cones that are powerful yet lightweight. The lighter mass of the cone, better will be the audio production with accuracy and precision. 

Tweeter Material:

Tweeter design and material greatly impact the overall sound quality. If you need a smooth and mellow audio quality then you should opt for soft tweeter materials like polypropylene or silk. If you want high-pitched and crisp sound production then you can get the speakers with metallic or graphite tweeter materials. 

Surround Material: 

The woofer surround material is an important factor to consider. The woofer cone movement and the bass production depends on the surround-quality of the woofer. The surround material should be durable enough to withstand different temperatures and environmental factors. Generally, the car speakers have rubber surrounds that ensure high performance and durability. 

Pivoting Tweeters:

Tweeters ensure the production of directional high frequencies with a wide audio dispersion. Full-range speakers with pivoting tweeters uplift your overall listening experience. It delivers much clearer audio with smoothness and depth. 


Generally, the woofer and tweeter are powered through a single amplification channel. The latest crossover structures come with multiple input terminals that provide individual slots for the woofer and tweeter. This allows the channel to transmit separate amplification signals. If you want high quality music performance with accuracy and precision then you must look for this feature. 

What is the best range for car speakers?

There are different price ranges available when it comes to buying car speakers. It’s for you to decide what price suits your budget and if you are getting the desired features in that price or not. Following are different price range options.

Below $60: 

These are the most budget-friendly set of speakers that provide a decent audio quality and bass. They might heat-up quickly due to a narrow airflow. There are many speaker options available in this price range. 


As the price is high, so is the quality. You can find many speakers in this price range that produce HD quality sound and are made of good quality materials. If your budget allows this price-range speaker investment, you should totally go for it. 

Above $80:

You will find all the high-end car speaker brands in this price range. Speakers in this price range will offer you multiple features, upgraded technologies and a high audio quality.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • What is the best placement of car speakers?

    The speaker placement depends on different factors like vehicle size, audio requirements and mounting space. However, there are some general placements that are most commonly used in every car. If you want a decent and minimal level audio experience then you can install the front speakers only.

    These speakers are installed on each side of the car doors and have a normal audio dispersion. If you want a full-range audio dispersion then you can add two rear and one center speaker in your car audio system. The rear speakers are installed at the back-end of the car and the center speaker is installed in the dash-board. 

    How much power is required for my car speakers?

    The amount of power that is required by the speaker set is mentioned as the RMS power handling capacity. The speakers with low RMS power are best suited for factory-bought or aftermarket speakers.

    However, if you want to connect the speakers with an external amplifier then you will be needing high power capacity. The power compatibility is an important factor to check but even if you use slightly higher power range, the overall audio quality will get considerably better. 

    If you are planning to attach the speakers with an additional amplifier then you need to make sure that the RMS rating is equal on both. If the rating is high or low, the speaker system will either remain under-powered or overpowered. The high power range can even breakdown the entire audio system by high voltage. 

    What is the importance of tweeters in a car audio system?

    An audio tweeter is basically an audio driver designed specifically for producing high range sound. They are chemically modified to compliment the inbuilt woofers and speakers that cannot produce high pitched sound. In other words, audio tweeters are small-sized speakers specialised to produce high range sound.

    They serve well in giving out crisp sound as well-detailed vocal qualities. So if you want a high-volumed and wide audio dispersion in the car, you will need good quality tweeters. 

    How do I improve the sound quality of my car speakers?

    There are some factors that can boost the overall performance of your car speakers. There are some speaker sets that come with tweeters which are adjustable. Tweeter placement plays an important role in the final audio output. You can place and adjust the tweeters in such a way that they deliver the audio in the same direction where you are sitting. 

    Another way of lifting the audio experience in a car is buying speakers that come with multiple bi-amp inputs. This will allow the woofer and tweeter to have a separate path for receiving audio-amp signals and that will end up producing a much clearer and deep audio production. 

    Can I install my car speakers on my own?

    Yes, you can easily install your car speakers. The coaxial type of speakers are easy to install. You will just have to fix the speakers in the mounting placements and set-up the wiring system. On the other hand, if you have component speakers the installation might be a bit of challenge. It is better to get the component speakers installed by some expert so that you don’t end up missing or damaging any component. 

    Are aftermarket speakers better than factory-bought speakers?

    There are certain factors and elements that make the aftermarket speakers better than the factory-bought ones. The internal structure and audio components of the aftermarket speakers are built of high-quality materials. They ensure the deliverance of clear, loud and accurate audio. On the other hand, the factory-bought speakers come with minimal features and specifications that deliver mid-range audio. So, if you are a music enthusiast or an audiophile then it is better for you to replace the factory bought speakers with an aftermarket audio set. 

    Why should I purchase 6×9 car speakers?

    6×9 speakers provide you with a complete package of multiple features. 6×9 speakers produce impressive mid-range and high frequencies. They will also fulfil your basic bass requirements. Along with all these factors, 6×9 speakers are found in an affordable price range. So if you are looking for a good quality speaker system for your car that is budget-friendly, you can definitely go for a 6×9 speaker.

    What are the different types of 6×9 speakers?

    First you need to know the types of 6×9 speakers so you can choose accordingly. As mentioned earlier, 6×9 speakers are of three types:

    • Single speakers
    • 2-way speakers
    • 3-way speakers

    Single 6×9 speakers provide mid-range frequency with a decent bass level. 2-way 6×9 speakers generally have high-frequency transmission with comparatively better sound quality. And lastly, 3-way 6×9 speakers have multiple features and the best audio quality among all. There are different brand options available in all these types. You can select one according to your budget and other preferences. 

    Do I need an amplifier for my car speakers?

    It depends on the power range of the speakers and its compatibility with the car’s head unit. If the RMS power range of the speakers is compatible with the head unit, then you don’t necessarily need an amp. If the head unit is not able to transmit enough power to the speakers, then you will be needing an additional amplifier.

Final Verdict

We mentioned the list of best Cerwin Vega car speakers along with the detailed description of their features and specialties. Considering some important features, Cerwin Vega V469  might be a really good pick for your car audio. Some important factors are to be kept in mind while buying speakers for the car and that includes the sound quality, bass level, sound dispersion, durability and installation system. The V469 speaker is by far the suitable combination of these features.These speakers are highly responsive with a power handling capacity of 100 watts (RMS) that allow the speakers to produce much detailed and precise audio quality.. If you are looking for classic-designed and good quality car speakers with a smooth sound, then these speakers might serve you as a good choice. 
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