Cave Digger VR Infinity Stones What They Do – Everything You Need To Know

In Cave Digger, you get Infinity Stones. Do you want to know what they do?

Let’s find out.

Cave Digger VR Infinity Stones What They Do?

  • First one is the vacuum which you can use to suck dem gems to your hand.
  • Second one gives you the ability to punch the rocks with your fist.
  • Third one is a bit tricky to use, but by aiming in the middle of the screen, it should shoot green and bounce ghost fists from your hands.
  • Fourth one will make your punches explode.

Cave Digger Trophy Guide

Stage 1 – Saloon – All Endings

Welcome to the cave digger trophies guide. The first part is completing the saloon and achieving all the endings there.

There are a total of 6 to achieve:

  1. Gauntlet: Buy the Gauntlet for 400 gold and find all 5 gems.
  2. Vault: Collect all four keys and unlock the hidden vault.
  3. Apocalypse: Use the red trigger button to set off the nuclear bomb.
  4. If you want to nuke the overworld, use the red trigger button in the saloon. You need to be down there with the red trigger button.
  5. Space Elevator: Drop the nuke into the shaft, towards the right while you’re in the saloons. Wait for it to drop down and activate the button.
  6. VR Glasses: Buy the VR glasses from the shop and put them on.

You can buy things from the store by clicking on them. When you click on an item, it becomes available for purchase.

Once you’ve bought something, it disappears from the store. If you want to get back to the store, you must go up the shaft again.


Stage 2 – Train Section / Farm Money

Your primary goal within the training section is to earn a large number of gold coins. You’ll need to purchase most of the available upgrade items for around 80,000 gold each.

As you progress through the game, you’ll gain access to new parts of the cave. You’ll be able to collect more gold by using the chainsaw to chop up some of the rock formations.

There are lots of different types of rewards, and here are some examples of what they’re worth:

  • Cowboy Hat – 260
  • Mining statue – 390
  • Fossil – 600
  • Hammer – 450
  • Book – 1000
  • Statue with head – 160
  • Ancient tablet with prophecy – 1040
  • Brown bottle – 650
  • Orange seed – 390
  • Tee-supreme – 2000
  • Thorn crown – 1300
  • Book with a face on it – 1040
  • Lasso – 260
  • Dagger – 520
  • Dice – 500
  • Golden kiwi – 1300
  • Black Pyramid – 1900

You’ll see some giant golden statues in early sections. To feed them enough to become fully golden, you’ll need to give them enough coins.

If you complete this quest, you’ll be able to buy the painting for 99.999 money, which will allow you to play “Space Whales.”

Final Ending

To complete the game, you’ll need to unlock the final part of the train (Levitation upgrade), then find the golden seeds and put them next to the giant tablet

If you’re having trouble finding the golden seed, make sure to look for it near the end of the level. The level may bug out if you try to move the golden seed from one section to another.


End: Dimensional War

Send the nuke through another dimension

End: Apocalypse

You brought about nuclear war. Great job!

You’ll need to buy the giant bombs and the red switches. Place the bombs somewhere in the saloon, then go down the shafts. Activate the red switches. When you return to the saloon, the trophies should appear.

Blind Pass Toss

A valuable item that has been thrown away without looking at it first.

You earn this achievement by throwing a precious stone into the bin without looking at it first. It triggers when you mine.

If you’re having trouble, here are some things you could do:

Look at the top of the screen for a moment, then throw in an item. If it works, the prize should appear.

End: Chaos Gauntlet Become a new deity

To get this trophy, you must purchase the Chaos Gauntlet and find all five gems within the game. You can buy the Gauntlet for 400 gold.

You can spot the five gemstones by looking for a glowing light emanating from them.

End: Unlock the Mystery Vault

Find the four keys and open the ultimate secret.

You will have to collect four keys and open the secret room. They can be found at:

  1. Lava: Hidden in a random stone. The key looks brown. Location: Second one is at the vault.
  2. Radio: Smash the radio! It’s inside. The key is gold. Position: Fourth one at the vault.
  3. Mushroom: Eat a Mushroom and you will start trippin’. One of the trips will lead you to Space where you will see a floaty thing. Grab it and keep holding onto it until you make it back to the vaults. The floaty thing is colored. Position: First one at the vaults.
  4. You can buy the last key from the store for 1,000 coins. It has five diamonds in different colors.

When all keys are put into the keyboard, go inside and you will see a little speaker icon. Click on it and the trophy will appear.

End: Space Elevator

Launch yourself into space

Throw the nukes down the shaft (left side), wait for a few seconds, then press the red button and you will be launched into orbit, earning you this trophy!

End: Nuke the Overworld

Trigger the nuke in the saloon

Press the button for the nuclear bomb + press the button for the elevator shaft at the same time.

End: Useless Tech Unlock Self-referential irony mode

Get the VR goggles and wear them, this will unlock a Minecraft-like world, which will earn you the trophy.

My Precious

Bring something useful with you when you go for a run.

You need to mine gems and keep them with you while making your way up. Hold onto them and press the red button when you reach the top. Once you’ve done so, the trophy will be triggered.

Explode In Hand

Let an explosive explode in your hand.

If you hold an explosive in your hands and don’t let go, you won’t die.


Overall we enjoyed playing Cave Digger VR Infinity Stones.

There were many good things about the game, such as the graphics, music, and gameplay. However, there were also some issues. For example, the controls felt very awkward and the camera was often too close to the player.

If you have any questions feel free to comment below.


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