Finding a good quality floor-standing speaker with a wide audio scale and powerful bass response is not that easy. 

 When we talk about a pair of floorstanders speakers, Canton speakers are known to be one of the best speakers that provide high quality sound with multiple smart features.

In this article, we will discuss the detailed features,reviews, benefits and guidelines of buying Canton speakers so that it will be easy for you to figure out whether or not to buy them.

Canton ERGO 690 DC Speaker Review

A three-way floorstanding speaker with aluminium wave surround woofers and tweeter. The DC technology allows the speakers to deliver sharp and precise bass production on different audio levels. Its solid build material and design makes it a durable floor-standing speaker. 

Alternate #1 – Fyne Audio F302

Fyne Audio F302 will provide high quality audio with more dynamic sound level and increased cabinet volume. Its multifibre cones and unique floor-standing design deliver a powerful bass.

Alternate #2 – Wharfedale – EVO 4.4 (Black Oak)

Wharfedale EVO 4.4 is an impressive package of rich sound, powerful bass and audio enhancing dynamics. It provides wide audio dispersion at high frequencies without any distortion. 

Quick Summary of the Main Product

Canton is known for producing high quality sound gadgets with multiple audio features. These speakers provide you premium music quality and sound reproduction at the best price.Produced under the Ergo series, Canton Ergo 690 DC is a pair of sleek and elegant designed 3-way floor-standing speakers. It is best known for its top-notch sound quality and attractive design. 

The Canton Ergo 690 DC can handle upto 320 watts. The speaker’s enclosure contains 8 inch aluminium wave surround woofers, 7 inch aluminium wave surround midrange driver and 1 inch aluminium manganese tweeter. It also features DC technology that enables the speakers to produce sharp high-pitched sound with a precise bass reproduction. The crossover design structure ensures good bass response even at lower frequencies. 

The exclusive ADT aluminium manganese tweeter contains a dome and voice coil that provides extended linear frequency response and high power handling. The aluminium cone woofers and drivers are wave surround. The wave surround feature allows the smooth production of high audio excursion levels. These features in the Canton Ergo speakers affect the overall sound quality making it deep, smooth and accurate. 

Canton Ergo series speakers are known for the elegant yet sturdy build materials. This speaker pair has real wood veneers and rounded corners. The high quality metal grills provide protection without affecting the audio quality. You can use these speakers as a two-channel stereo or for your home theater setup.

Features and Benefits

  • Aluminium-Manganese Tweeter System

The aluminium-manganese tweeter transmits for upto 40,000 Hz audio signals that provide extended linear frequency response and high power handling. The tweeter is composed of a one-piece dome and voice coil that ensures a smooth sound production even during the audio frequency fluctuation. 

The aluminium transmission plate primarily serves as a wave guide and it supports the radiation formation of the entire system.

  • Lightweight Cone Structure

The cone woofers and drivers have the exclusive wave surround technology that allow the formation of high audio excursion levels while maintaining the linear frequency range. The internal cone structure consists of lightweight aluminium membranes. The wave surround technology and aluminium membrane ensure a balanced and smooth sound deliverance. 

  • Connection Terminals

 As shown in the image above, the speaker has four connection terminals. These are audio wiring and amplification terminals that can be used to control the high and low-range respectively. The screw terminals are 24 canton karat gold-plated that ensure optimal signal transmission. 

  • Aluminium Grills

The Canton Ergo series have used the high quality aluminium grills that makes it stand-out. The acoustically transparent perforated metal grills provide a solid look. If you go an extra mile to get grills; powerful and sturdy grills provide protection to the speakers without having any effect on the sound quality. 

  • Surface Design

The surface structure of these speakers is made of high quality real wood veneers and rounded corners that provide a sleek and elegant look. It has the same Egro standard arrangement and installation system. You can easily place them anywhere or by the wall side. 

  • Displacement Control

The Canton’s Ergo series provides a new DC technology that makes it better than many floorstanders, with it, it also provides you with other sources. The DC (displacement control) technology is made up of a high-pass filter which prevents the bass driver from reproducing audio that is below the audible frequency range. This bass control provides a really clear sound production with considerably less distortion. In simpler words, the DC technology makes sure that the drivers focus on producing the audio that your ears can easily hear. This skimming and careful inclusion of audio leads to accurate bass production and less noise distortion. 

  • Canton Ergo Crossovers

These Canton speakers have upgraded features that include crossover components that ensure an improved sound quality. The crossovers contain ICW polypropylene capacitors which ensure the audio production with much intensified detail and improved audio response. 

Pros and Cons

Social Proof

We reviewed different expert articles and public reviews, using various sites as sources, about the Canton Ergo 690 DC to know if the speaker was actually able to deliver the performance it claims or not. The overall look on reviews showed positive response where people praised the speaker performance and its accurate response.

The top reviews were about its ability to deliver accurate bass control at multiple frequency levels . There were a lot of reviews in which customers were impressed by its overall elegant design and look and the protective metallic grills that do not destroy the audio quality. Although some customers think that the price range was considerably high but after using the speakers, they agreed to the fact that the product features and overall sound quality is worth the price. Following are some top customer reviews from Amazon:

More Recommendations!

#1: Dynamically Modified Alternative to Carton Speaker - Fyne Audio F302

The Fyne Audio F302 floor-standing speakers have somewhat similar characteristics of its previous model from the same series, but with slight modifications which could make them distinctinction.

It provides you with an increased cabinet volume and a sound production with high dynamic level. The deep bass formation will generate even at relatively low volume levels. 

It ensures the elimination of musical compression and sound distortion with its increased power handling capacity. The Fyne speakers use the laminated core inductors and audiophile-grade polypropylene capacitors in the crossover structures. This enables the speakers to deliver a clean signal path and a detailed audio resolution. 

The point source technology provides stereo sound production and a smooth extended response. 

Features of Fyne Audio F302 

  • Multifibre paper cones 
  • Two-way floor-standing speaker
  • Laminated core inductors
  • Point source technology 
  • Stereo sound 
  • High definition sound quality 
  • Power handling capacity: 120W

Best Dynamically Modified Alternative

The best dynamically modified alternative is Fyne Audio F302 because it provides you a decent package of rich sound dynamics and durable two-way floor-standing structure. If you need a pair of floor-standing speakers that provide high definition music quality and powerful bass then this might be a good pick for you.

#2: Best 3D Alternative of Carton Speaker - Wharfedale - EVO 4.4 (Black Oak)

The Wharfedale- EVO 4.4 floor-standing speakers are known for a powerful sound deliverance and multiple technical innovations. 

It has 6.5 inch bidirectional black-woven Kevlar cone woofers that reduces and distributes resonances among low frequency levels. Moreover, it contains a plug that enables the drivers to share high compatibility with the air motion transformer tweeter. This will ensure a smooth acoustic audio at different frequency levels. 

The optimization technology and crossovers used in the Wharfedale speakers ensure a balanced integration between audio drivers, woofers and tweeters. This allows the speaker to focus on the audible sound and remove the distortion. 

Features of Wharfedale – EVO 4.4 (Black Oak)

  • 3-way floor-standing speaker
  • 6.5 Bidirectional cone woofers
  • Computer aided optimization technology 
  • Enhanced sound dynamics
  • Air motion transformer tweeter
  • Kevlar bass drivers

Best 3D Alternative

The best 3D alternative is Wharfedale- EVO 4.4 because it provides you three-dimensional sound dispersion with an accurate bass response. If you need floor-standing speakers with a sleek look and powerful audio dynamics then you might consider buying these speakers.

Guide to Buy

canton speakers

Buying a floor-standing speaker requires research on many different factors and specifications. There are certain important points that you need to look for while buying any good quality floor-standing speaker. Following are some major things that can help you in finding the best sound gadget.

  • Speaker Drivers

Floor-standing speakers have multiple drivers that pass on the sound signals through vibrations for a wide sound dispersion. The drivers types are different for different floor-standing speakers depending on the internal structure and specifications. There are four main types of speaker drivers that serve different frequency range levels.

Tweeter Drivers:

 The tweeter drivers are considerably small and they deliver high-frequency audio that range between 2000-30,0000 Hz. 

 Mid-range drivers:

 Mid-range drivers deliver audio frequencies that range between 500-2000 Hz. 

Woofer Driver:

The woofer driver produces low frequency audio levels that range between 40-1000 Hz. 

Subwoofer Driver:

The subwoofer driver deals with the bass production and control. It deals with the audio frequency range between 20-200 Hz. 

  • Cabinet Construction 

The speaker cabinet and its construction are important factors to look for when you are buying floor-standing speakers. It is important for the speaker cabinet to be sturdy and have heavy build material without affecting the audio quality. Generally when speaker grills or cabinets are made of sturdy materials, it produces vibration especially at high volume levels, that produces sound distortion. So you need to make sure that the cabinet material is durable yet it does not affect the audio quality. This will ensure a really smooth listening experience. 

The overall design and look of the speaker set is also an important factor to consider. You would surely want a pair of speakers that will merge with your in-door aesthetics. The base structure of the floor-standing speaker is also important. Make sure the foot-base is not pointed or sharp so that it does not spoil your floor. You can also get additional padding for the floor nobs. The additional padding would be safer and will also give a better overall look to the speakers. 

  • Speaker Size:

You need to check the area that you will alot your speakers beforehand, so that you can buy the speakers accordingly. The speaker should nicely fit-in the space. The speaker size also depends on your room size. If your room is big then you need big speakers that deliver wide sound dispersion. And if your room is small, even a small decent sized floor-standing speaker would work perfectly fine. Sometimes when you place large speakers in a small room, the voice might feel a bit sharp and distorted. It is important that you find speakers which have adequate audio level for your room.

  • Features and Specifications:

Doing an adequate research on the features and specifications of a speaker is important so that you can buy a speaker that fulfils your audio requirements. Different brands and speaker models provide different features and audio technologies. Following are some main features that you need to check:

  • Frequency response
  • Impedance level
  • Power handling capacity 
  • Sensitivity 
  • Bass response 


These features may have different levels and capacities in different speaker models. You can always find the ones that best suit your preferences. 

  • Wire Terminal:

The wire terminals in floor-standing speakers are important to check. There are two main wire terminals i.e building post terminals and spring clips. The quality of wire terminals depends on the brand and product price range. The spring clips are mostly used in comparatively low-priced speakers. On the other hand, the building post terminals are of high-quality providing sturdiness and multiple wire connections. They might be a bit pricey. If you can afford a high-end brand speaker, then you can have speakers with building terminals that work the best. 

Wire Terminal Configuration:

There are different configuration systems for different wire terminals. Some speakers provide two sets of terminal i.e one for low-frequency drivers and one for high-frequency drivers. Separate terminals for different frequency levels deliver a much better sound quality. 

Wrapping Things Up

The detailed description of features and benefits conclude that Canton Ergo 690 DC Speaker will definitely serve you as a good floor-standing speaker. It provides you with wave surround woofers and DC technology that ensures an adequate bass control on different audio levels and a great music experience. The solid real wood finish and powerful metallic grills make these speakers durable and elegant-looking. So if your budget allows you to make this investment, we would definitely recommend you to buy this pair of floor-standing speakers. 
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