Finding a portable Bluetooth speaker with a good battery life and sound quality can be a challenging task.

When we talk about portable Bluetooth speakers, Braven speakers are known to be one of the best speakers that provide all the necessary outdoor speaker functions.

In this article, we will discuss the detailed features, benefits and guidelines of buying a Braven portable speaker so that it will be easy for you to figure out whether or not to buy it.

Braven 705 Portable Wireless Speaker

A lightweight portable speaker that provides high quality and room-filling sound with its wireless Bluetooth connectivity option. Its built-in speakerphone and water-resistant properties make it suitable for outdoor areas.

Alternate #1 – Anker Soundcore Flare Bluetooth Speaker

The Anker Soundcore Flare speaker is an impressive combination of high audio quality, 360 degree sound dispersion and wireless Bluetooth connectivity. It comes with a 12-hour playtime and water-resistant properties.

Alternate #2 – Sony SRS-XB23 Wireless Portable Speaker

The Sony SRS-XB23 portable speaker provides high definition audio with extra bass and elegant design. It comes with easy streaming options and a long battery life that makes it suitable for outdoor use.

Quick Summary of the Main Product

Braven speakers are known for producing high-quality portable and water-proof outdoor speakers. These speakers are specially designed and structured to withstand harsh outdoor environments. The Braven 705 Portable Wireless Bluetooth speaker comes with a powerful room-filling sound and multiple audio features. It comes with a sleek-finished design that will perfectly suit your outdoor aesthetics. 

It comes with a TrueWireless Bluetooth technology which allows you to connect your media player devices (phone, laptops or tablets) with the speaker. You can easily play the music and listen to it from a distance without worrying about the audio breakage or disconnection. Along with that, it provides 12-hour long battery life and a built-in power bank. You can charge your portable devices using the micro-USB port. 

You can use this speaker for attending or making call conversations with its built-in mic and speakerphone. If you want a multi-dimensional stereo sound effect then you can even connect two Braven speakers using wireless technology. 

The Braven 705 speaker is perfectly suitable for your outdoor areas since it has an IPX5 water-resistant build-up that will keep your speaker safe from harsh outdoor environments. Its sleek and elegant design will smoothly merge into your indoor/outdoor area aesthetics.

Features and Benefits

          • Audio Dynamics 

          The Braven portable device is a mid-range speaker with a decent audio quality and minimal bass response. It comes with two audio drivers and a passive bass radiator. The drivers ensure the distribution of low and mid level frequencies with results in the deliverance of clear and detailed audio. The two separate drivers eliminate the frequency interference and provide a non distorted sound. The passive bass radiator controls the low audio frequencies providing a decent sound quality with depth and smoothness. 

          • Build design and Components

          The portable speaker comes with the following components in the packaging:

          • Main speaker 
          • Micro-USB charging cable 
          • Instruction manual 

          The overall design of the speaker is lightweight and portable which makes it easier for you to carry it anywhere you want. It comes in a wide range of colours like purple, white, yellow, magenta and many more. The front panel of the speaker has a brand logo and above that there is a microphone hole. The bottom panel of the speaker is made of a soft silicon material that provides resistance against slippery flat surfaces.

          There are four buttons (volume-up, volume-down, power and play/talk) on one side of the speaker. On the other side, there is a micro-USB port (for speaker charging), a USB port (for charging other devices) and two AUX inputs.

          The overall design is sleek, elegant and easily manageable. For a better understanding, you can see the image attached below with the structure details.

          • Battery Life

          The Braven portable speaker provides you a 12-hour long playtime which will last you the entire day. It can get fully charged within 2-3 hours with the high power lithium battery. The speaker includes a micro-USB charging port and a charging cable. You can also use this speaker as a portable power bank to charge your devices. The in-built power bank has a power rating of 1400 mAh. Moreover, the speaker panel has a battery indicator light that shows you how much battery you are left with. 

          • Built-in Microphone

          As shown in the image above, the speaker comes with a built-in speakerphone that has multiple advantages. You can use the microphone to attend/answer calls or for voice control functions. If you have wirelessly connected the speaker with any device then you can perform different voice control functions or stream music using Siri or Amazon Alexa feature. The microphone audio sensor is quite sensitive so it will quickly pick your voice.

          • Multiple Connectivity Options

          You can wirelessly connect the speakers with your media player devices using the Bluetooth technology. If your device is not compatible with the speaker then you can connect it using the AUX wire cable.

          The speaker panel contains two AUX input options (3.5mm each). You can get a multi-dimensional stereo sound experience by connecting two Braven speakers, wirelessly. It will increase the sound volume providing you a much fuller and detailed audio quality. This speaker can also be connected with the home theater system allowing you to create a wireless bridge that will turn a standard speaker system into a wireless audio system. 

          • Water-resistant Properties

          The Braven 705 portable Bluetooth speaker is built with IPX5 water-resistant material that makes a perfectly suitable speaker for any outdoor area. You can use this speaker indoors, shower, poolside or even a beach. It comes with a soft silicon base and rubber stoppers that provide resistance against flat surfaces and will provide water-proof properties. 

          • Speaker Setup

          The speaker setup is really convenient and fast. You can learn the working system and the entire speaker functioning in no time. Following are some main functions and their user-guidelines:

          • As shown in the image above, press and hold the top-right power button to turn on the speaker. Repeat the same process if you want to turn off the speaker. 
          • For Bluetooth connection, first you need to make sure that the device you want to connect should have its Bluetooth turned on. Then you need to press and hold the play button until it starts showing on your device. Then you can select it through your device by entering a connectivity passcode i.e 0000. The volume-up and volume-down buttons can also be used as next or previous track buttons. You just need to press and hold them for a few seconds to perform this function. 

Pros and Cons

Social Proof

We reviewed different expert articles and public reviews about the Braven 705 Portable Wireless Speaker to know if the speaker was actually able to deliver the performance it claims or not. The overall reviews were positive where people praised the speaker performance, its compact design and wide colour range.The top reviews were about the high audio quality of the speaker and water-resistant properties. Considering the speaker size, the customers were impressed by its ability to deliver controlled audio signals at multiple frequency levels with the two mid-range drivers.

There were a lot of reviews in which customers were impressed by its lightweight and portable design. The customers appreciated the amount of features and functions that come at such an affordable price.

Braven Social Proof

More Recommendations!

#1: Best 360° Sound Alternative to Braven 705 Portable Wireless Speaker - Anker Soundcore Flare Bluetooth Speaker Review

The Anker Soundcore Flare is a portable Bluetooth speaker that delivers 360 degree audio dispersion with different audio technologies. 

It comes with dual-drivers that ensure a wide stage production of audio with high quality. If you are a bass lover then this speaker will be a suitable choice for you. It comes with BassUp technology that analyzes the digital audio signals and then enhances the bass response according to the audio levels. 

The LED light structure comes with different modes that you can set according to your preference and mood. If you want a high-volumed stereo experience then you can connect two Flare speakers using the wireless Bluetooth connection.  

Features of Anker Soundcore Flare Bluetooth Speaker

  • 360 degree sound dispersion 
  • BassUp technology 
  • IP67 water-proof protection 
  • LED light panel 
  • Dual drivers 
  • Soundcore app

Best 360° Sound Alternative

The Best 360° Sound Alternative is Anker Soundcore Flare Bluetooth Speaker because it is an impressive package of affordable price with an elegant design and multiple audio features. If you are looking for a good quality portable speaker with water-proof properties then this might be a good choice for you.

#2: Best Extra-bass Alternative of Braven 705 Portable Wireless Speaker - Sony SRS-XB23 Wireless Portable Speaker Review

The Sony SRS-XB23 is a wireless portable speaker that comes with a loud sound dispersion and a powerful bass response. 

It is a great speaker for your outdoor adventures since it provides you with 12-hour long battery life and weather-proof features. With the IP67 hardware structure, you can take this speaker anywhere without worrying about it being damaged. 

It is capable of connecting multiple speakers at one time for a wide audio dispersion and stereo sound effect. The X-balanced speaker unit delivers high quality sound with enhanced audio dynamics. 

You can use the speaker to attend your calls by the speakerphone function. It provides an easy-charge facility using the micro-USB cable. 

Features of Sony SRS-XB23 Wireless Portable Speaker

  • Side passive radiators 
  • Wireless Bluetooth connectivity 
  • Powerful bass response 
  • X-balanced sound
  • Battery life: 12 hours
  • Party Connect

Best Extra-bass Alternative

The Extra-bass Alternative is Sony SRS-XB23 Wireless Portable Speaker because it contains all the necessary features and functions of a good outdoor speaker. If you need high definition audio quality with powerful bass, water-proof properties and a wireless connection then this speaker might be a good choice for you.

Guide to Buy

      • Buying audio gadgets and products require research on many different factors and specifications. There are certain important points that you need to look for while buying any portable Bluetooth speaker. Following are some major things that can help you in finding the best sound gadget.

        • Audio Quality

        It is quite obvious that you need a speaker that produces a good quality sound. There are different types of speakers available. Some have high volume capacity but that results in sound breakage and distortion. Some have mid-range audio volumes but they have good frequency and bass response. So you need to search for a speaker that fulfils your sound requirements with good audio performance and powerful bass. You need to keep in mind that you will be needing a wide audio dispersion if you want to use the speaker for outdoor areas.

        Checking the frequency response of the speaker is also an important point to consider. Some speakers sound better and clearer than others because they have a good frequency response. The frequency response is generally mentioned on the speakers. 100Hz is low frequency and 20kHz is the top frequency rate. The low frequency rate is much important to consider since it affects the bass response. 

        • Battery life 

        Battery life is an important factor to consider while buying portable wireless Bluetooth speakers. So you need to look for speakers that provide you with a long battery life and quick charging facility.

        Generally, the speakers with high volume output consume more battery. So if you are looking for a speaker that has high-volumed multidimensional sound, then you need a speaker that has a long battery life i.e upto 10-15 hours. Another important thing to know is that Li-ion battery should not be left discharged so for the best output power always fully charge them before you use the speakers.

        • Build Quality 

        The speaker hardware and its construction are important factors to look for when you are buying a wireless outdoor speaker. It is important for the speakers to be sturdy and have heavy build material without affecting the audio quality. Generally, when speaker grills or hardware cases are made of sturdy materials, it produces vibration especially at high volume levels, that produces sound distortion.

        So, you need to make sure that the build material is durable yet it does not affect the audio quality. This will ensure a really smooth listening experience without any distortion or noise. It will also allow you to keep the speakers anywhere outside/inside the house with a guaranteed protection.

        • Frequency Range

        In speakers, Hertz is the frequency range which makes the sound audible. Frequency range affects the sound quality of speakers. If the speaker has a low-frequency range, the sound quality would be deep and smooth. A speaker with a wide frequency range will produce a high and crisp sound. The average frequency range of the speaker is always mentioned by the brand so you can purchase the appropriate speaker according to your preference.

        • Audio Power 

        The audio power is not generally specified in all the portable Bluetooth speakers. For the speakers that mention it, it is mentioned in Watts. The standard audio power for portable speakers is 10 watts but it is not considered quite efficient. So you need to look for a greater audio power if you require a speaker that has wide audio dispersion. 

        • Water-resistant Properties 

        An important feature of portable Bluetooth speakers is that they should be weather and water resistant. This is for the reason that it can easily be taken or placed anywhere. There are many portable speakers by different brands that have water-resistant properties and a sturdy speaker body. You can easily use these speakers at a beach or poolside. Some outdoor speakers come with silicon side-panels that provide protection from water and they can even be washed if they get dusty. 

        • Multiple Connectivity Options 

        Multiple connectivity options in a speaker allow you to connect your portable audio devices easily. The most common wireless connection is Bluetooth, which is available in many portable outdoor speakers. If you need updated Bluetooth features and a wide connectivity range then you should opt for buying a latest Bluetooth version.

        You can also connect the devices (phone, laptop or tablet) using an AUX cable if they are not wirelessly compatible. It is important to check that the speaker comes with a standard-sized AUX cable jack. If you want a stereo sound effect, you can connect multiple speakers together at one time by using the wireless connectivity option. 

        • Wired Input Connections

        If your device is not compatible with the Bluetooth technology then you can use wired audio cable to connect it with your devices. You can also use an additional Bluetooth transmitter but sometimes there are compatibility issues since the old speakers do not have much connectivity features. Most speakers have a 3.5mm wire jack and some do provide the aux connection cable too.

Wrapping Things Up

The detailed description of features and benefits conclude that Braven 705 Portable Wireless Speaker will definitely serve you as a good portable wireless Bluetooth speaker. It provides you with multiple audio features, a wireless Bluetooth connection, good battery life and a decent sound formation.

So, if you need a portable speaker with a sleek design, wide Bluetooth range and built-in speakerphone, then we would definitely recommend you to buy this wireless Bluetooth speaker.

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