Box VR Review – Is It Worth It? Complete Breakdown

VR boxing games are a huge success since they completely change the gaming experience and give it a very realistic feel.

There are lots of options available for you to satisfy your passion for bashing, punching bags and slaying virtual enemies with your fists.

In this article, we will check out the main features of the best boxing game, Box VR, its pros, cons, and buyer’s guide, as well as some alternative games that you can find on the market. So, without further ado, let’s get into it.

Box VR Review

The virtual reality fitness game BOX VR immerses the user in a variety of innovative and diverse workout routines. It seeks to motivate people to get up and move while playing a game to get them off the couch. There are a variety of exercises available from which you can choose one.

Alternate #1 

The Creed: Rise to Glory

Creed: Rise to Glory is the game with the most cinematic exposure, offering three different game modes. This game is made to be challenging both mentally and physically. Each setting allows you to have a different experience.

Alternate #2 

The Thrill of Fight

The Thrill of Fight VR gaming provides you with the opportunity to experience the most realistic boxing scenario.It is famous for offering the best fitness and entertainment together. The game is executed based on a storyline and successfully tickles players’ interests.

Quick Summary of the Main Product

Box VR was released in 2017, and the platforms which support that game are Oculus Quest, PlayStation 4, and Microsoft Windows.

This VR game is known for being an excellent weight-loss tool because it offers challenging fitness routines.

It easily integrates into a real fitness boxing workout routine and may be used to prepare yourself for harder bouts.

It is primarily renowned for its simple and uncomplicated techniques.

Features and Benefits

Assist in Increasing Energy Level 

After playing BOX VR, you will feel more energized. This indicates that you will have a significant increase in metabolism to the point that you will continue to burn calories even after the game is over.

Additionally, BOX VR engages your mind in ways that conventional aerobic exercises just don’t. While you are truly burning calories and losing weight, your brain will trick you into thinking that you are having fun. Overall, the situation is advantageous.

Reduces the Risk of Injury

Box VR is a healthy substitute if you want to exercise but are concerned about hurting yourself in some way. Playing the game significantly reduces the risk of injury. This particular exercise is also good for reducing pain.

Even if you might not be able to use the treadmill, you can still get your exercise by playing a VR game.

Boosts Levels of Performance And Stamina

Even if you might have doubted it, playing virtual reality games can leave you gasping for air. With BOX VR, you’ll find this to be the case. This is a great workout since you will ultimately grow accustomed to the effort you are putting forth.

Your endurance and performance level will both improve with time.

Other Features

Box VR differs from other games in that it allows you to maximize the VR experience with so many settings available.

You can take advantage of several different features with BOX VR. Some of them improve the effectiveness of your workout, while others are created to make you laugh.

Here are some of the main features you can look out for:

Numerous Exercise Options

The BOX VR system includes hours of workouts that were jointly created by many of the world’s greatest fitness instructors. You can participate in each choreographed workout right away. Almost every emotion or goal you may have at the time can be accommodated by a workout.

Play It Everywhere.

Keep in mind that BOX VR is a game. You might not even realize you’re getting a great workout at the same time because it is so much fun. The program’s ability to be played almost anywhere may be its best feature. 

That means you can bring it along on your upcoming business trip and stop worrying about how good the hotel gym is.

Track Your Progress Constantly

One of BOX VR’s most beneficial features is that after each workout, you will be able to monitor your progress and see how you are doing. For example, the system will advise you of the number of calories you have burned as well as your overall progress toward any fitness objectives you may have.

Nearly Every Taste is Covered by BOX VR’s Music

As if everything we’ve talked about so far wasn’t entertaining enough, BOX VR is made much more enjoyable by offering more than 150 music combinations as you play. This means that you can almost always discover the ideal musical selection to keep you inspired as you exercise.

Factors to Consider Before You Decide to Buy The Box VR

Fitness Scalability

Since the game is renowned for offering challenging training opportunities, it means it focuses on the player’s physical condition. When creating profiles, players can adjust the levels to fit their needs.

Game Mode

BoxVr is a VR boxing game with a multiplayer feature. This makes it possible to play it with friends.


The entire game offers a consistently challenging level of gaming. Additionally, the intensity levels can be altered. Players are presented with many scenario combinations.

Box VR is known to give the best arm workout.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Social Proof

We have our own opinions regarding the Box VR game, but we also wanted to hear what other customers had to say. 

They seemed to be very happy and satisfied with the game.

The reviews we came across are listed below.

box VR social proof
box VR social proof
box VR social proof

Similar to Box VR - Alternatives (Recommendations)

#1: Best Aesthetic VR Game - The Creed: Rise to Glory Review

The game was released in 2015 and offers a multiplayer feature so that it may be played with other players.

One of the main factors making this game one of the top favorites among players is the specific attention paid to the aesthetics.

These platforms support its playback:

  • Microsoft Mixed Reality
  • HTC Vive
  • Oculus Quest
  • PlayStation VR

Factors to Consider Before You Decide to Buy The Creed: Rise to Glory 

Fitness Scalability: The Glory Creed has various modes, each of which offers guidance for evaluating a person’s level of fitness. 

Playing with friends adds motivation and pressure, which makes it a hard boxing experience and increases the likelihood of a more effective workout regimen.

Game Mode: A multiplayer feature is included in this VR game. Therefore, it can be played with friends.

Intensity: The game’s complex graphics successfully give the player access to a degree of intensity.

The game successfully targets the arms, legs, and core body, making the intensity level 9.5 out of 10.

Best Aesthetic VR Game

Creed: Rise to Glory is the best aesthetic VR game because it offers three game types and has incredibly detailed visuals. Additionally, the game has a multiplayer option, which significantly improves the value of the boxing experience.

#2: Best Realistic VR Game - The Thrill of Fight Review

A virtual reality game that was released in 2016, “The Thrill of Fight,” is famous for giving gamers a feel for a genuine workout.

Players can obtain the maximum level of real-life experience due to “The Thrill of Fight’s” reality. This game’s development is focused on strict attention to the shape and behaviors of the characters.

We noted that the Thrill of the Fight places you in a real fighting ring. With your VR headset on, you are free to roam about and participate in action-packed battles.

These platforms support its playback:

  • Oculus Rift
  • Oculus Quest
  • Steam VR 

Factors to Consider Before You Decide to Buy The Thrill of Fight

Fitness Scalability: This game can be modified to fit a player’s needs. As a result, players can alter it to suit their fitness levels and play accordingly. For beginners, this is a massive bonus.

Game Mode: The game “The Thrill of the Fight” only has a single-player option. The possibility to play with other members is not offered.

Intensity: Users remark that the best thing about the game is that it gives players a terrific workout and an intense environment. You may work out your arms, legs, and core muscles quite effectively with its assistance.

Best Realistic VR Game

The Thrill of the Fight is the best realistic VR game because it is available in single-player mode to give you an authentic boxing experience. Moreover, it can be modified to suit the needs of the player.

Buyer’s Guide

box vr review

Fitness Scalability 

Boxing games just add to the physical demands of the platform, making VR one of the most physically taxing game genres.

The amount of effort you put in is typically up to you, although boxing games, by their very nature, require some movement to enjoy the gameplay.


It’s crucial to understand the variety of intensities the game could provide players who desire to replicate real-world boxing dynamics.

Another great way for beginners to practice virtual reality boxing is through lower-intensity games.

The availability of games with increasing levels of intensity is important for professionals since it enables them to test their fitness levels.

Game Mode

It is critical to know whether the game supports single-player or multiplayer.

You can play it with friends in multiplayer mode, which adds to the pleasure. However, in single-player mode, there is only room for one player to play the game.

Area & Space for Game

We suggest playing virtual reality boxing games in a setting that is appropriate for the activity, like with any room-scale VR experience.

The amount of space you have at your disposal can have a big impact on your freedom of movement and range of motion when hopping around a ring. Yes, size matters, but it’s more important that the area be tidy and clear of other hazards that could cause harm to someone.

Everyone has heard horror stories about VR players who, in their joy, destroyed TVs or crashed into walls with reckless leaps and hand motions. 

Virtual Reality boxing games increase the possibility of this happening because of the nature of the activity—throwing fists, jumping, weaving, and turning.

Compatibility with headsets

Playing a VR boxing game is more complicated than just buying, downloading, and setting it up since competing platforms and manufacturers are seeking market share in VR. Check that it is compatible with your headset first, and then learn which operating systems are supported.

Only PlayStation VR offers a real VR experience on a console, and even that is limited. You need a PS VR headset, a PlayStation console, and only games that are available through the PlayStation Store to play them.

We cannot emphasize enough how important it is to carry out a due diligence investigation before making any financial commitments. Virtual reality boxing games frequently offer excellent cross-platform compatibility.

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

Can I Play PC Games in VR?

When your headset is connected to a computer, you can utilize Oculus Link after you’ve configured it. You should see a VR prompt asking if you want to enable Link. You can then easily launch any Oculus game or turn on SteamVR on your PC to get other experiences.

You’re ready to go now!

Does VR Gaming Harm Your Eyes?

There is currently no proof that VR harms children’s eyes over the long term. However, because virtual reality is a relatively new technology, there isn’t much medical research about its short- and long-term effects on children’s health. 

Most VR system makers advise only using their devices with children 12 and older.

Is Creed a Good VR Game?

Yes, Creed is one of the best VR boxing games available right now, without a doubt. Since you would be quite exhausted if you were knocked down in a real fight, this makes the game more realistic. If you take VR and fitness seriously, you must have Creed in your collection. 

Is a Fight’s Thrill a Good Workout?

According to the VR Institute of Health and Exercise, The Fight is the Quest’s most physically demanding augmented reality game. It’s a great exercise for your core, shoulders, arms, and overall cardiovascular system.

Can VR Boxing Help You Gain Muscle?

Selecting the appropriate shadow boxing and fitness boxing games is all that is required to work out your chest, shoulders, and back in VR. Other muscle regions, particularly your chest and other upper-body muscle groups, will benefit from these types of VR exercises in terms of your fitness.

In VR’s “Thrill of the Fight,” Is It Possible to Knock People Out?

You can never knock out your opponent for a whole 10 counts in the excitement of the fight. Regardless of how many times the umpire counts, it will always be to eight. That somewhat undermines the count’s suspense, but there will never be more or fewer than 8 counts.

Can VR Make You Addicted?

The idea of addiction has traditionally only been associated with drugs like nicotine, cocaine, heroin, etc. The recent development of VR technologies has caused an increase in psychological reliance among users of these technologies. which has a similar effect to drug addiction.

Can Creed VR Be Used to Train for Boxing?

The VR Institute of Health and Workout gave Creed: Rise to Glory an exercise rating similar to tennis. The best virtual reality boxing training game of 2018 can be downloaded from Steam or Amazon.

Can I Use VR on My Phone?

Making sure your mobile virtual reality headset is functional is the first step in using virtual reality on an Android phone. Unfortunately, without one, you won’t be able to use VR.

You must buy one of the various mobile VR headsets available from our virtual reality headset database if you don’t already have one.

Do VR Games Have a Price?

The cost of virtual reality games varies greatly: While some games are free, others might cost up to $60. Usually games from smaller studios have cheaper prices because of different prices. 

However, you should know that they are mainly aiming for players to purchase their game for the price tag. 

Wrapping Things Up

For serious VR boxing game fans, Box VR is a must-play since it provides the best boxing experience that encourages the player to study and improve their skills, with lots of footwork to match.

Additionally, there isn’t much friction with BoxVR. It’s really simple to put on an Oculus Quest, start a BoxVR workout, and then remove it after you’re done.

We’ll now wind up our review of Box VR, the best VR boxing game, and its alternatives. 

Please feel free to leave questions, recommendations, or concerns in the comments section below.


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