Bowers And Wilkins In-Ceiling Speakers Reviews – Overview, FAQs & More

You will agree with us when we say that Bowers and Wilkins is a high-tier speaker manufacturer. Bowers & Wilkins has been making speakers of high-quality in both durability and performance. They have excelled their skills in performance and proudly claim it to be the best in the market.

To check whether Bowers & Wilkins uphold their quality standard, we decided to review one of their products.

In this article, we will thoroughly discuss key features of the Bowers & Wilkins In-Ceiling speakers along with some tips and market alternatives.

Bowers & Wilkins CM362

This in-ceiling speaker is equipped with high-performance audio hardware. It can consistently produce music and cinematic sound output on all volume levels.

Alternate #1 : BOSE 591

A heavy-duty speaker paired with a modern and aesthetic design. It is designed to enhance the look of your living space and your listening experience as a whole.

Alternate #2 : Yamaha IC800

A trademark product designed by Yamaha to provide you with great sound quality. The speakers are made to be high-durable in order to perform longer.

Quick Summary of the Main Product

Bowers & Wilkins make their products under strict quality standards in order to deliver consistent performance and durability. We found it to be the same about B&W CM362. These in-ceiling speakers are made from a highly durable combination of plastic materials. We observed it under multiple conditions and noticed that it was extremely durable. The exterior body is nearly indestructible and hard to scratch.

Upon further inspection, we found that the paint on these speakers is made to be resistant to dust. It doesn’t fade or corrode over time. Additionally, these speakers are designed in a 2-way style. It means that these speakers have a built-in dome tweeter for great sound quality. We tested it on multiple volume levels and got the same consistency in vocal and music effects.

The two-way design of these speakers is one of the reasons for its surround sound. You can easily install the speakers anywhere in your room and get an immersive sound experience. The bass and treble effects are organic and deeper sounding. You can use it for both music and cinematic purposes. This speaker system can consistently output a variety of sound effects even after extended periods of use.

Features and Benefits

  • Audio Quality

The clarity and consistency is an important factor when it comes to in-ceiling speakers. It ensures that you get to listen to every minor detail from your speakers. This pair of in-ceiling speakers from Bowers & Wilkins takes care of that efficiently.

We operated the B&W CM362 on multiple sound levels for long periods and concluded that it does not drop in sound output. The audio clarity remains consistent on low and high volumes.

You can use this speaker for watching movies and documentaries too. It produces even the smallest details with precision. It makes your listening experience with your home theater worth a while.  

  • Material Quality:

The materials used in the build of a speaker determine the durability of that product. It also directly contributes to the sound output. To ensure that, this pair of speakers from Bowers & Wilkins is made from a combination of high-quality PVC materials.

We conducted multiple quality tests on the exterior casing of this speaker and found that it is extremely sturdy. We also noticed that casing mitigated all sorts of internal vibrations. Hence, every single music effect produced was crystal clear.

Furthermore, the paint used on the exterior casing is resistant to corrosion. The paint job protects your speaker from any external damage due to different weather conditions. You can place the speakers right beside your windows if you want to.

  • Power-Handling

The power-handling of a speaker contributes to performance over extended periods. A speaker with great power-handling can easily maintain the quality of sound and keep the sensitivity of the speakers intact.

We used the speakers for long periods on multiple volumes to check the stability of sound. We noticed that not only it upheld the sound quality but also kept the speakers from overheating.

This enables you to use your speakers without worrying about them getting damaged from overheating or short-circuiting. It also indirectly increases the life of your speakers by making them perform consistently.

  • Mounting Depth

The mounting depth of a speaker means how deep the hardware is placed in the speaker. It contributes to the deepness of sound effects produced by the speakers. Furthermore, it also hinders your speaker from producing any unwanted vibrations.

The mounting depth of the speaker also determines how easy it is to install it. We found out that this speaker from Bowers & Wilkins has separate mounting hinges. You can just use screws to easily mount it in your ceilings.

The B&W CM362 makes sure that your audio output isn’t disturbed by internal vibrations. B&W achieved this by separating the hardware from the screw mounts and the protective grills.

Pros and Cons

Social Proof

The B&W CM362 has left quite an impression on us with its bass midrange driver and its performance overall. To get a better idea regarding this series, we decided to explore the online reviews. We observed that this pair of in-ceiling speakers have pleased a lot of customers. Many of them praised the speaker for its flawless aesthetics and sound quality. Only a handful of people were critical regarding the availability in a single color.

The majority of these people gave this speaker a 5-stars rating. They praised the speaker for its convenience in installation and separate hinges for screws. Some of these 5-stars reviews also pointed out the durability of these speakers. They said these speakers upheld their standards and stood the test of time.

Furthermore, some of the new customers were also quick to point out the surround sound effect of these speakers. They stated that even a single pair was able to elevate the atmosphere with its audio quality. A customer also mentioned the full-range of audio effects it was able to produce with consistency.

More Recommendations!

#1: Best Bezel-less Alternative to B&W CM362 Speaker - Bose 591 Review

The feature that caught our eye is the design of this speaker. It is made in a bezel-less shape which makes it fit right in with your ceiling’s boundary.

It provided us with a full-range of sound effects. After using it on multiple volumes, we found out that it didn’t show any distortion or drop in the clarity of the sound effects.

Furthermore, these speakers come with an aluminum dome tweeter. We also noticed that it has a separate bass midrange driver for organic sound effects.

Although this speaker is great at dissipating heat, the design of it makes it quite difficult to install. You will need a professional’s help to properly adjust these speakers.

Features of Bose 591

  • Built-in dome tweeter
  • Separate Bass midrange driver
  • Home-theater compatibility
  • Bezel-less ceiling installation
  • Good power-handling

Best Bezel-less Alternative Speakers

The Best Bezel-less Alternative Speakers are the Bose 591 because it is designed to fit right in your ceiling and become almost invisible. The modern design is paired with high-performance hardware which can perform consistently on all volume levels.

#2: Best Power-Handling Alternative to B&W CM362 Speaker - Yamaha IC800 Review

The feature that stood out for us in this product is the variety of power-handling options. It comes with multiple versions that fit your requirements.

We tested the sensitivity of the internal hardware and found that it was highly-resistant to short-circuiting and overheating. It showed us no signs of internal damage.

It has a separate dome tweeter installed inside it. We also noticed that the dome tweeter is heavily protected by a fabric mesh. It is completely dustproof because of this mesh.

This speaker system also has mount clamps for easy installation. However, it makes these speakers generate more internal vibrations.

Features of Yamaha IC800

  • Deep bass effects
  • Easy to install
  • Seamless pair performance
  • Home theater compatibility
  • Dual mounting options

Best Power-Handling Alternative Speakers

The Best Power-Handling Alternative Speakers are the Yamaha IC800 series speakers. It comes in various power-handling options. You can choose your desired version to fit your home requirements. It is also great in performance for extended periods.

bowers and wilkins speakers

Guide to Buy

  • Sound Quality

The quality of sound output matters a lot when it comes to ceiling speakers. It makes your music and cinematic experience immersive as a whole. We would suggest that you purchase a speaker that has a deep cone design and high-quality hardware inside it. This way you’ll have a pair of speakers that not only provides you with organic sound effects but also doesn’t distort on high volumes.

  • Build Quality

The build quality is an important factor in the performance of an in-ceiling speaker. It contributes directly to the clarity and consistency of the audio output. We recommend getting a speaker that has a high-durable exterior casing. It will protect your speakers from getting damaged by external and internal factors. It will keep your speakers close to the indestructible category.

  • Price

The price of a speaker determines many things. It affects the build quality, the hardware quality, and the performance as a whole. A high-priced range speaker will get you the best in every category but will cost you a lot of money. We suggest buying a speaker that has a fair price range and has high-performing hardware inside. That way you will get the best product out of your money and still save some for other accessories.

Wrapping Things Up

This brings us to the end of our review on Bowers & Wilkins CM362 in-ceiling speakers. We must state that our personal experience with this product has been quite satisfactory. The speaker performs flawlessly generating sounds with great clarity. It handles abuse with efficiency and protects the sensitive hardware from unwanted vibrations. It makes a great fit for your casual music listening and cinematic experience. 


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