You will agree with us when we say that Bose is one of the top quality speaker producers in the market. Their products are made by pairing high-quality materials with evenly matched top tier hardware. It is well known that Bose specializes in sound quality and material quality.

Due to this particular reason, we have decided to review the Bose 151 speaker to determine whether it performs in accordance with the Bose standard or not.

In this post, we will find the strengths and weaknesses of Bose speakers along with some alternative options and some tips.

Bose 151 SE

Designed to be sleek and stylish looking, this Bose speaker has a high-quality speaker paired with it. You will be amazed by the quality of sound and the clarity of music effects projected by this speaker.

Alternate #1 

Another top tier product from Bose that has a powerhouse inside it. It will surprise you with its build quality and durability.

Alternate #2 

Produced to serve as a high output outdoor speaker, you will be astonished by the sound quality of its hardware. It is also paired with strong resistant materials for longevity.

Quick Summary of the Main Product

Bose is considered one of the best speaker manufacturers in the world. The Bose 151 SE environmental speaker upholds its standard of material and hardware quality. After using it for a while, we found out that the body is made from a weather-resistant combination of plastic and metal. Therefore, it can easily withstand the harsh outdoor conditions of a rainy day or a midsummer day. The grills which are used to protect the front of these speakers are made in such a way that no liquid or even dust gets inside them.

To complement the highly durable body, this speaker is designed in a curved pattern. The arc which makes the front part of this speaker emits high-quality sound at an angle greater than a normally flat surface speaker. We were amazed at how it could send the sound signal far away from it despite its compact size.

To top everything off, the internal hardware in this product are the premium Bose speakers. After testing it on multiple sound levels over a long time, it showed us no difference in sound quality at all. It was highly consistent in performance. Although this speaker is small in size, the internal speakers are right to the trademark standard of Bose.

Features and Benefits

  • Design:

When it comes to Bose speakers, they are always looking to produce a product that is equally futuristic in its sound output and its aesthetics. The Bose 151 SE Environmental speakers are nothing short of that.

They are designed in a curved arc shape that is pointing outwards. While testing it alongside other speakers of the same category, we found that the design gave Bose speakers additional surface area. This directly contributed to the sound output of the speakers.

The clever design allowed it to produce more sound compared to other flat surfaced speakers. The Bose 151 SE outdoor speakers were also able to throw sound farther due to their curved design. 

  • Sound Quality:

Bose has established itself as one of the best sounding speakers in the market. Their speakers are always equipped with the best hardware in the market. The same is the case with Bose 151 SE Environmental speakers.

The speakers are outfitted with a full range of glass-filled speaker cones. Hence, this speaker is able to produce high-quality surround sound on multiple audio frequencies. It highly contributes to the bass and treble music effects, making them even deeper and organic.

It has a total of 3 speakers in each pair. They work exceptionally well with each other in order to produce a 3D effect in the sound. You can easily differentiate little sound effects of drums and other musical instruments.

  • Weather Resistance:

Since the main purpose of these speakers is to be used as outdoor speakers, Bose made sure that the speakers don’t fall short in performance due to harsh weather. We found that these Bose outdoor speakers are made from highly durable materials.

To ensure that the speakers don’t get harmed by different weathers such as snow, rain, or extreme summers, Bose has outfitted Polypropylene glass-filled cabinets inside each speaker. This feature makes it highly resistant to even fog and humidity.

Furthermore, we discovered that the paint coating on these Bose outdoor speakers is stronger and tougher than normal weather-resistant paint. It doesn’t scratch or peels off easily which protects the metallic grill covers and the plastic body of these speakers.

  • Build Quality:

There is no doubt that Bose speakers are made to stand the test of time which is why they almost feel unbreakable. The Bose 151 SE Environmental speakers are just the same. They are sturdy and strong, internally and externally.

The exterior body of these Bose 151 outdoor speakers is made from high-grade PVC material. To make that even stronger, they have covered it with a magnetic and weather shield. This is to ensure that your speakers sound great in all sorts of conditions.

After testing the metallic grills of these speakers, we came to the conclusion that it was impenetrable. It didn’t allow any sort of dust or liquid drops inside which otherwise would harm the sensitive internal hardware. It highly contributes to the outdoor use of these speakers.

Pros and Cons

Social Proof

On a personal level, our experience with The Bose 151 SE outdoor speakers has been quite pleasant. To further broaden our opinion regarding these speakers, we decided to go through online reviews of this particular product. The majority of these reviews were positive and they highly praised the performance of these speakers. Only a handful of customers stated the speaker was too complex for them to install and the user manual wasn’t helpful at all.

After closer inspection, we found that many of these customer reviews were from people who have been using this speaker for a long time. They updated their reviews after regular intervals praising the consistency and durability of these speakers. Some of them stated the paint job hasn’t faded after almost a year of daily use.

Some of the new reviews gave it a 5-star rating while also mentioning that it had an exceptional sound quality and the premium Bose finish to it. They further mentioned it to be even sounding on all volume levels. They praised these speakers for being able to handle the abuse of high volume sounds. A couple of users also pinpointed a minor detail regarding the speaker wire. They stated that it stood the test of time and didn’t show any signs of wear and tear.

More Recommendations!

#1: Best Sound Quality Alternative to Bose 151 SE Speaker - Bose 251 Review

Designed to act as an outdoor stereo, these speakers are designed specifically to produce more sound. This is made possible by their larger height and surface area.

After testing and trying it in multiple weather conditions, we found out that this speaker is highly resistant to almost every weather. It can easily withstand high and low temperatures.

To maintain the high-quality sound, each speaker is equipped with a multi-chamber bass box. Hence, it is able to produce deeper and organic-sounding output on different sound levels.

We should also mention the adjustable mounts of these speakers. You can easily place them vertically or horizontally and adjust them to your personal preference. 

Features of Bose 251:

  • Great sound output
  • Tough material build
  • Weather-resistant brackets
  • Adjustable mounts
  • Built-in Bass Box

Best Sound Quality Alternative Speaker

The Best Sound Quality Alternative Speaker is the Bose 251 because it has better and bigger speakers inside it. It can easily enhance your outdoor listening experience with its built-in bass box. It can easily project sound in a farther and wider area to accommodate your social gatherings.

#2: Best Compact Alternative to Bose 151 Speaker - Herdio HMS Review

The Herdio HMS speakers are designed to compact in design. They have a square-like shape with a 2-way speaker inside them.

The speakers inside it are made from 2-way technology. Hence, it has a built-in dome tweeter for enhanced sound and music output.

After multiple tests, we concluded that this speaker has a tough and durable outer casing. The paint on the outer casing is highly resistant to UV rays.

The pre-installed mount brackets on these speakers allow you to orient them as you wish. You can easily place them anywhere in the room and face them towards you for better sound quality.

Features of HMS:

  • 2-way speakers
  • Adjustable wall mounts
  • Compact size
  • Great frequency response
  • Durable exterior

Best Size Alternative Speaker

The Best Size Alternative Speaker is the Herdio HMS. It has a compact size and design which makes it easy for you to install and carry anywhere with you. You can easily use this stereo everywhere, be it your outdoor gathering or your adventures.

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Guide to Buy

  • Material Quality:

The quality of the material is extremely important when it comes to outdoor speakers. It determines and contributes to the overall life of the speakers. It is recommended to purchase a speaker that has a highly durable build material such as PVC or coated metals. It will make sure that your speaker stands the test of time and doesn’t breakdown due to different weather conditions.

  • Price:

When it comes to price, there is a key point you should keep in mind. Speakers are priced by their hardware and aesthetics. High priced speakers provide the best of both worlds. A fair-priced speaker on the other hand has the same hardware but compromises on the external looks. It is good practice that you purchase a speaker that has high-quality hardware installed inside rather than spending a lot of money on great external looks.


  • Mounting Options:

Outdoor speakers are meant to be mounted and placed at a stationary place. You should purchase speakers that are relatively easy to install and uninstall. It allows you the ability to move around your speakers easily. It also allows you the ability to repair or change the wiring if it happens to tear or even break from the speakers. Different mounting options also give you the ability to orient your speakers as you see fit.

Wrapping Things Up

With this, we come to the end of our review on Bose 151 speakers. It is hard not to admit that these speakers have left quite an impression on us. The overall performance paired with a highly durable external body makes this product a perfect fit for an outdoor speaker. The Bose standard is maintained by its all-weather resistant material and paint job allowing it to perform without any disturbance.

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