Finding the right speakers for your entertainment is easier said than done. You have to consider the product’s price, sound quality, online reviews and all of its features.

However, BoomTouch speaker comes with positive online feedback and multiple high-end features at a very reasonable price. 

In this article, we’ve reviewed the main features of the BoomTouch speaker to give you an idea about their quality, pros and cons. We’ve also included a buyer’s guide to help you make an informed decision.

So, without waiting further let’s get right into it.

BoomTouch Speaker - Quick Review

The BoomTouch speaker, for the most part, has received positive feedback from customers due to a number of benefits that it offers. Most customers found the speaker to have a great sound quality and come at a very cheap price.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that the BoomTouch speaker, like most products, doesn’t come without a fair share of issues which we will also discuss in detail.

Alternate Options to BoomTouch Speaker

We understand that you’d want to consider all options before deciding which speakers to buy. Afterall, the BoomTouch speaker isn’t the only option, and there are a handful of similar products that may have the exact features you’re looking for.

So, to help you out, we’ve reviewed some alternate options to the BoomTouch speaker for your ease.

This speaker has a 33-foot range as well as 2 internal 2.5W speakers. It also has a Bluetooth feature that allows you to wirelessly pair with any smart device and a 3.5mm aux jack for non-wireless devices.

Unlike the first product, OHHAI stereo speaker neither has a non-wireless connection nor a Bluetooth feature. Instead, it works wirelessly by simply placing your phone on top of it. The speaker is portable, rechargeable and has a unique wooden design.

BoomTouch Speaker (Summary, Pros, Cons)

BoomTouch speaker is one of the latest lines of wireless Cell Phone sound amplifying speakers. Unlike most wireless speakers, it doesn’t have a Bluetooth feature. Instead, it works simply by placing your smart device close to the speaker.

So, If you’re a fan of some good quality music, but aren’t satisfied with the sound quality of your smart device, then the BoomTouch speaker is the perfect choice for you.

Features and Benefits of BoomTouch Speaker

  • Easy to Use

You won’t find any speaker that’s easier to use than the BoomTouch speaker. Simply place the speaker close to your smart device and enjoy some quality music.

  • Cheap Rate

We found that the BoomTouch speaker is not only easy to use but also incredibly cheap compared to most portable speakers.

  • Good Speaker Quality

Furthermore, the BoomTouch Speaker has a good built-in speaker quality. So, you get quality entertainment at a very affordable price. 

  • Wireless Connectivity

The BoomTouch speaker doesn’t have a Bluetooth feature. It simply connects when you place it close to your device’s external speaker.

  • No Charger Needed

We found that the BoomTouch speaker uses 3 AA Batteries and doesn’t require a charger.

Additional Features of The BoomTouch Speaker

Now that we’ve reviewed the main features of the BoomTouch speaker, let’s take a look at some of its additional features.

Near Field Audio

This is probably the most unique feature of the BoomTouch speaker. You can easily play good quality music at a high volume with the help of this technology. 

Simply lay your smart device on top of the speaker and play whatever music you like. This feature makes the BoomTouch speaker perfect for indoor entertainment purposes.

AUX Cable Port

We found that the speaker also has a 5V IN Port. This means that you also have the option of simply connecting your smart device to the BoomTouch speaker via an AUX cable.

Sound Clarity

Apart from being portable, easy to use and having a good sound quality, the BoomTouch speaker has amazing vocal clarity as well. 

Most speakers within the same price range as the BoomTouch speaker usually have complaints of sound distortion. However, we didn’t find this to be the case with this product, as it has minimum sound distortion.

Complete Testing of BoomTouch Speaker

In order to determine the overall quality of the BoomTouch speaker, we thoroughly tested its features and compared it to rival products. We also analyzed the customer’s review regarding the BoomTouch speaker.

General Analysis of BoomTouch Speaker

We tested the following features of the BoomTouch speaker

  • Speaker Quality

We compared the sound quality of the BoomTouch speaker to other wireless speakers within the same price range. We found that this product has a much better vocal clarity compared to rival products.

  • Surround Sound Effect

We tested the surround sound quality of the BoomTouch speaker for both indoor and outdoor usage.

Indoors, the speaker produces a great surround sound effect. The sound completely fills up the room and makes for a good experience.

Outdoors however, the effect doesn’t hold up that well. And it makes for a somewhat lackluster experience.

  • Wireless Connectivity

We tested the wireless connectivity and range of the BoomTouch speaker as well. We found that the speaker doesn’t have a good wireless range. 

However, the wireless feature does make it very simple and easy to use compared to rival products. You simply place your smart device close to the speaker and it automatically enhances whatever music you play on your device.

  • Durability 

One complaint that we did discover about the BoomTouch speaker was regarding its durability. The speaker isn’t quite durable and unfortunately has a small longevity. 

We also found that the speaker is quite sensitive, which further makes it less durable and more prone to damage..

Customer Review of BoomTouch Speaker

We also checked the overall customer review about the BoomTouch speaker in detail. We found the following points to be most common among all reviews.

  • Size and Portability

Most customers agreed that one of the best things about the BoomTouch speaker was its small size and lightweightness, which makes it portable and easy to handle. 

  • Price Range 

Another important fact was the price range of the BoomTouch speaker. For all of its unique and user-friendly features, the BoomTouch speaker is incredibly cheap and easily affordable. 

This means that you get good quality entertainment for an incredibly fair price. The same can’t be said for most rival products.

  • Loudness

This was probably the most interesting fact about the BoomTouch speaker. Most customers claimed that the speakers weren’t as loud as other rival products. 

Despite this however, they all agreed that it wasn’t such a big issue and it did not compromise the entertainment value of the speaker.

  • Sound Clarity

One thing that most customers agreed about was the vocal clarity of the BoomTouch speaker. The majority of consumers claimed that the speaker had much clearer sound and audio compared to similar products within the same price.

Moreover, they claimed that the BoomTouch speaker had much less sound distortion compared to other speakers, which makes it a strong favourite among consumers.

  • Overall Experience

We found that almost everyone who used the BoomTouch speaker enjoyed their experience with the product. Moreover, most of them gave the speaker a positive review online and recommended the product to other potential customers.

Buyers’ Guide

As we mentioned earlier, buying the right kind of speakers is easier said than done. Sometimes, the product just doesn’t have the feature you’re looking for. Other times, it just might not be in your price range.

So, to make sure you don’t have to face such problems, we’ve discussed the most important things to keep in mind while buying speakers.

  • Built-in Speaker Quality

Of Course, the most important thing to look for is the quality of the speakers. You should always make sure that the speakers have good amplified power, loudness and audio clarity. 

  • Product Price

Another very important thing is the product price. If you’re looking for cheap and easily affordable speakers, make sure you compare their features to other products lying within the same price range.

If money isn’t an issue, make sure that your choice has exactly everything you’re looking for, to get the best out of your investment.

  • Connectivity

Another important fact about speakers is their connectivity feature. Some speakers have an AUX cord or USB port to connect your device non-wirelessly. Others have a wireless feature like Buetooth. 

Some products even go a step further and offer you both wireless and non-wireless connection options. So, whatever speaker you want to buy, make sure it has the connectivity option you prefer. 

  • Battery Life

Always make sure that your speakers have a decent battery life and short charging time. Some speakers don’t even need charging as they’ll have changeable batteries. These speakers are usually easier to work with compared to chargeable speakers.

  • Durability 

You should always make sure that the speakers you want to buy are durable and have a long lifetime. That way you can get as much usage out of them as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

BoomTouch Speaker Review

How many watts of power does the BoomTouch speaker have?

The BoomTouch speaker has 3W power. It can get really loud depending on the volume of your device.

Does the BoomTouch Speaker work with non-smart home devices?

Yes, as long as your device has a cable connection or an external speaker, the BoomTouch speaker will work with it. 

Does the BoomTouch speaker have a power cord?

No, the BoomTouch speaker is non-rechargeable. It works on AA Batteries so it doesn’t need a power cord.

Will the BoomTouch Speaker play if your phone is ringing?

Yes, the BoomTouch speaker continues to play. Only instead of playing the song, it will play the ringtone sound.

Can you control the volume through the BoomTouch speaker?

No, the BoomTouch speaker doesn’t have a volume control feature. You have to adjust the volume from your smart device.

How long do the Batteries in BoomTouch speaker last?

The AA Batteries last for 8 hours. The speaker can also be powered by connecting a micro USB cable to the back DC 5V IN Port

What kind of Power Cord is suitable for the BoomTouch Speaker?

Any micro USB cable would be suitable for the BoomTouch speaker. You can also use AAA Batteries to power it.

Does the BoomTouch Speaker work well with a CD Player?

Yes, the BoomTouch speaker works well with a portable CD player

Does the BoomTouch speaker turn off automatically when not in use?

No, the BoomTouch speaker remains active even when not in use.

Will the BoomTouch speaker work with an MP3 Player?

As long as your MP3 has an external speaker, the BoomTouch speaker will work just fine with it.

Wrapping Things Up

To give you a quick summary, the BoomTouch speaker is small in size, lightweight and portable. The speaker has great sound quality, vocal clarity and loudness, and gives minimum sound distortion.

It wirelessly connects to your device and is much better than the available alternatives. It isn’t without its flaws however, as the speakers aren’t quite durable. 

To conclude, we would highly recommend the BoomTouch speaker for any kind of indoor music entertainment.

And that’s the end of our article. Do let us know if this was helpful for you as we would greatly appreciate your feedback. 

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