You will totally agree with us when we say that the products manufactured by Billboard are top notch high quality. They are all rounders that perform well in every given situation. Sound, durability, quality and eye pleasing designs, these are all specialities of BillBoard products.

Due to that reason we have decided to review a list of Billboard products to find out which product is the most suitable for you to choose. 

In this article we will explore the major strengths and weaknesses of Billboard products and determine if they are worth buying or not.

Billboard IPX5-BB742

Out-fitted with a lot of features, the IPX5 is a very handy gadget when it comes to the music listening aspect. Very dynamic and sleek design makes it very eye catchy yet at the same time it fits right into its surroundings.

Alternate #1 : Billboard Stereo Wireless

Like a twin, this speaker is just like the IPX5. Innovative design to maximize sound output while also maintaining the ability to be eye pleasing and easy to use at the same time.

Alternate #2 : Billboard BB1001

Made to rival a commercial use loudspeaker, this boombox is equipped with enormous power. High quality sound with a big battery to help indoor and outdoor settings alike.

Quick Summary of the Main Product

The Billboard IPX5 is considered the best of the best in the Billboard speakers line due to its overall performance, features and durability over a long period of time. With its modern design, the IPX5 is a perfect fit for people that are looking for a casual looking speaker with a powerhouse fitted inside it. By being only a pound and a half in weight, IPX5 is very easy to carry around.

The black color and its compact dimensions makes this particular bluetooth speaker very easy to fit right into your surroundings. Compared to other similar products on the market, the IPX5 is equipped with almost everything better. A bigger and longer lasting battery pack, better connectivity options and easy access and a lot more.

The IPX5 is a top performing wireless speaker because of its longer range bluetooth and battery life. The water resistant build makes it very useful in outdoor environments. The plastic material used is of high quality to keep the speakers from any damage and keep the sound quality intact.

Features and Benefits

  • 5.0 Bluetooth:

There are many things that make the IPX5 water bluetooth speaker great and contribute directly to its performance as a wireless speaker.

One of these qualities is the latest 5.0 bluetooth technology. Equipped with the latest bluetooth technology in the market, the IPX5 provides strong and stable bluetooth connectivity over close and far distances alike.

The ability to hold a strong and stable connection over a distance of 33-feet allows the user to carry around their connected device along with them without worrying about sound distortion or disconnection.

  • Compact Design:

The IPX5 is designed and built to specifically set in your surroundings. Being almost the size of a coffee mug, this wireless speaker can just disappear without taking much space.

Size and color are a big factor when choosing a speaker. The IPX5 has a wide range of color to match your likeness. The ability to be placed vertically or horizontally, the IPX5 takes little to no space may it be your workstation or your bedside table.

Speakers can take a lot of space because of their designs but this wireless speaker counters that problem very efficiently.

  • Battery Timings:

One of the major features of a bluetooth speaker is its ability to perform wirelessly and that requires a lot of power. It also affects your music quality.

To withstand the use of its wireless ability, the IPX5 is equipped with a Lithium-ion battery. While it can also perform with an AC power source plugged in, the battery performs exceptionally well and longer.

With over 7 hours of playtime when fully charged, it comes in really handy when in an outdoor setting or travelling. This helps you from charging it over and over again.

  • Water Resistant:

A wireless speaker is bound to be used in outdoor settings, it is one their biggest qualities. A good bluetooth speaker has a IPX5 water resistant rating.

To withstand such conditions, the IPX5 is made to be highly water resistant. Due to its enclosed design to provide extra water resistance, it also makes this speaker resistant to dust and sand to some extent.

The water resistance makes it a suitable pick if you wish to carry around a speaker while going on a hike, beach, park or an adventure. It also improves your music quality output.

  • Input Options:

The number of input options a speaker provides also determine its performance and audio quality. An important feature is the bluetooth FM transmission.

The IPX5 provides 3 input options: A USB port, An Aux port and an SD Memory Card Reader. The 4th one being the charging port. The availability of more than one input option makes this speaker very handy.

This speaker allows hands free with bluetooth which gives you your ability to move around easily or an aux port if you wish to conserve your battery life.

  • Audio Quality:

The IPX5 comes equipped with top of the line speakers to help its performance and longer lasting speakers. It makes sure that your music effects are in order.

The heavy duty speakers are fitted in accordance to its power output. It can perform on low and loud volumes alike. Some speakers start to distort sound after elongated use on loud volumes but the IPX5 has proven to withstand this test.

The two speakers fitted on either side also provide better sound quality. Making its music output more ambient and organic. 

  • Portability:

Bluetooth speakers can sometimes get heavy and hectic to carry around due to their designs and weight.

The IPX5’s design makes it really easy to carry it in your backpack. Being lightweight and compact, you can even carry it around in your hand if you like. It makes this speaker a suitable pick for adventures like hiking, travelling or just a small outdoor gathering.

Having room for objects to carry with your bluetooth speaker makes it less hectic to manage your baggage.

  • Built-in Mic:

Along with its features like SD card slot, Micro USB port and extended bluetooth range; this speaker is also equipped with a built in mic.

Some people prefer talking on their phones in a hands free manner. The built in mic in this speaker helps you do that with relative ease. The sound capture is effective and can be used without having the need to yell as you talk.

This feature makes it really useful in situations where your hands are full and you can’t really operate a phone. It also makes it handy to control your music without much hassle.

Pros and Cons

Social Proof

We personally had a very satisfactory and fulfilling experience with this Billboard speaker. But to get a better image regarding the performance of these speakers we explored through many online customer reviews. Many customers who have been using these speakers applauded it as a good purchase stating that it is a good deal for the given amount of money. While only 5% reviews criticizing its performance on their account.  

Many of the customers review were long time users who gave it 5 stars and reviewed it with their regular updates on its performance and quality. A lot of people stated that it withheld its 5 stars status even after a couple of months of daily use. A lot of customers mentioned the customer service to be quite helpful.

Many of the recent customers review this item by appreciating the input options. The ability to freely use your smartphone while listening to music is quite handy. Other reviews mentioned the option to attach an AUX cable or a USB cable made things easy when they wanted to conserve battery. A lot of single review customers also stated their satisfaction with the item.

More Recommendations!

#1: Portable/Casual Alternative to Billboard IPX5 - Billboard Stereo Wireless Bluetooth Pill Review

The Billboard Stereo pill is a very suitable alternative to the IPX5 if you are looking for a rather compact and lighter alternative. With almost identical sound output and quality, this bluetooth pill is a mini-boombox.

Designed to fit right in with your home system, it fits perfectly with a TV or a laptop and even a PC.

Being wireless allows one to freely use their devices. The lightweight build makes it as easy to carry around as a normal phone.

The product details ensure that this speaker is longer lasting in performance. The customers review also suggest that the sound quality is consistent even after regular use.

Features of Billboard Stereo Pill:

  1. USB and AUX input
  2. Control buttons
  3. Strong material build
  4. High quality speakers
  5. Multiple speakers

Best Portable/Casual Alternative Speaker

The Portable/Casual alternative is Billboard Stereo Wireless Bluetooth Pill. Loaded with just as many features as any other speaker, this item is rather easy to carry around. The ability to attach multiple devices makes it just as useful.

#2: Outdoor/High Output Alternative to Billboard IPX5 - Billboard BB-1001 Portable BoomBox Review

The Billboard BB-1001 is a power house if anything. Built to be used in outdoor enovirmnets just like a commercial speaker, this speaker has exceptionally loud and clear sound quality.

The built in handle makes it very easy to carry around despite its big dimensions.

Also equipped with bluetooth technology makes this speaker easy to use and hassle free of cable management.

Features of Billboard BB1001:

  1. Organic sound quality
  2. Multiple control buttons
  3. Built in boombox
  4. Multiple speakers
  5. Carry handle

Best Outdoor/High Output Alternative Speaker

The Outdoor/High Output alternative speaker is the Billboard BB1001 Portable Boombox. Equipped with everything needed for an outdoor setting this item is amazing at loud volumes. Good for parties and social gatherings without any audio skipping or distortion.

Guide to Buy

  • Connectivity:

The top of the line speaker manufacturers have started to use the latest bluetooth technology to increase the bluetooth connection range. This impacts the sound quality of devices over long distances. It is always beneficial to get something that is good over long distances as it helps you move around freely without worrying about disconnecting your phone from the speakers.

  • Battery Time:

Bluetooth speakers tend to have a built in Lithium-ion battery for their wireless performance. A lot of reviews recommend that it is suitable to find a speaker that provides somewhere over 4 hours of battery timing so you can use it for a good duration before having to recharge it again. Lower battery timings often depend on AC inputs early as compared to longer lasting battery timings.

  • Price:

Bluetooth speakers are made to be cheap and affordable as compared to full-fledged stereos and speakers. A moderately-priced bluetooth speaker is often more than good enough to use. Reviews suggest that a high priced speaker, when compared to a moderately priced speaker, doesn’t provide a lot in terms of utility or sound quality. A fairly priced speaker will last longer and perform just as well as a high priced speaker.

Wrapping Things Up

Bringing this review to its finish line, we must agree that the Billboard IPX5 speaker has made quite an impression on us. It is definitely a good deal for its price. This item is very good in its sound output and quality. It’s strong and water resistant design makes it good for indoor and outdoor settings alike.
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