Best VR Strategy Games – Top 5 Picks, Features, Buyers’ Guide & More

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Virtual Reality has become immensely popular in all fields of life. 

One of the top applications of VR technology is its contribution to the entertainment industry. Gaming is one of the areas where virtual technology has successfully improved the dynamics resulting in increased interest in the player community.

Out of many genres available in VR video games, strategy games are one of the most demanded by the audience. 

In this article, we will talk about the top five VR strategy games. We will discuss factors to consider before playing, pros and cons, and some of the frequently asked questions for each game.


Catan VR

Catan VR is known to provide one of the best experiences to the players as it offers one of the top-rated board-game in a completely new and vivid format. Not only does it offers matchmaking multiplayer, but also has a cross-play platform and multiple other interesting features. It offers everything board gamers love.

Runner Up

Brass Tactic

Brass Tactic offers not only realistic but detailed visuals, with many more advanced features that make it one of the top games amongst the player community. It offers multiple game modes and player modes, along with comfortable controls and a guide to the game.

Also Great


Skyworlds offers story-based dynamics to the audience with high-quality immersive VR footage. It can be played on multiple platforms and not only offers standing and sitting play area features but also offers a room-scale play area. With an engaging and challenging environment, it has successfully gained massive popularity amongst the player community.

Now that we know which of many VR strategy games hold the top three positions, let’s explore each of them, along with two others, in further detail.

Best VR Strategy Games - Top 5 Reviews

#1: Best Classis VR Strategy Game - Catan VR Review

Catan VR is a simulation strategy game released in 2018, and within a short time, it became the most popular strategy game among the player community. It provides an immersive display that makes the board game more interesting.

It supports multiple game platforms and offers authentic and detailed visuals. The game provides a tutorial that guides players on how to move through the game. 

This game offers a voice chat feature in case the player wishes to chat with his competition. Moreover, it has background features that keep the player engaged throughout.

It is compatible with the following headset platforms:

  • Windows Mixed Reality
  • Oculus Rift
  • HTC Vive
  • Valve Index
  • Samsung Gear VR 

Factors To Consider Before You Decide To Play “Catan VR”

Game Mode

On the platform Steam, it is mentioned that the game is available in Single-player mode, Online PvP, Online Co-op mode, and Cross-Platform Multiplayer mode.

On the other hand, Oculus supports one mode of the game, which is multiplayer. 

Play Area 

The game only offers a seated play area. This means that the player can only play the game while in a sitting position.


Catan VR is available for an extremely affordable price to be bought and played on the platform Steam. Whereas, on the gaming platform Oculus, the game costs comparatively higher.

Best Classic VR Strategy Game 

The Best Classic VR strategy game is Catan VR because it is unique in its offerings which includes several game modes, impressive gameplay, affordable price, and engaging gaming environment.

#2: Best Immersive VR Strategy game - Brass Tactic Review

Brass Tactic was released in 2018 under the publisher Oculus Studio. It is officially supported by the following two platforms: Rift and Rift S.

The game is based on the gameplay of 6-plus hours, offering impressive graphics and an engaging storyline. The game Brass Tactic is based on the Action and Strategy genre.

Moreover, the game is available in multiple languages, which include English, French, German, and Spanish. 

Factors To Consider Before You Decide To Play “Brass Tactic”

Game Mode 

Brass Tactic offers three game modes, which include Single User, Multiplayer, and Co-op. Each mode is unique in what it offers, making the experience in each mode very different from the others.

Play Area

The two play area modes are supported by the game sitting and standing. The players can play the game by being in any of the two positions, sitting or standing. 


The game is available on the gaming platform Oculus for a comparatively higher price than other games of similar categories. 

Overall, the game is reviewed to offer value for the price it costs. 

Best Immersive VR Strategy Game

The Best Immersive VR Strategy Game is Brass Tactic because it offers impressive graphic visuals, a very engaging 6 plus-hour running gameplay, two-player modes, and three game modes which make the game experience worth the cost.

#3: Best Interactive VR Strategy Game - SkyWorld Review

SkyWorld was released in 2020 and is one of the top VR Strategy games. It is known to provide an interactive and fun environment for the players. 

As reviewed by players, the game successfully sets a high bar as a VR strategy game due to its challenging yet easy gameplay.

Moreover, it is compatible with multiple headsets, which include Valve Index, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and Windows Mixed Reality.

Factors To Consider Before You Decide To Play “SkyWorld”

Game Mode

SkyWorld is available in more than one game mode. It offers Single-player, Online PvP, and Cross-Platform Multiplayer game modes. Hence, the players can play by themselves or against each other from the same or different systems. 

Player Mode

On the gaming platform Steam, the game supports three player modes, which are seating, standing, and room scale. Whereas, on the platform of Oculus, the game is only available in two modes, which are seating and standing. 

Each mode is unique and has its own perks hence the variety is greatly appreciated by the players.


SkyWorld VR strategy game is one of the very few affordable games. According to reviews of the players, some happen to be satisfied with the cost and believe that the game successfully provides value for the cost it charges. 

However, some believe that it charges higher than what it has to offer. It is available to be bought at a very reasonable on the platform Steam.

Best Interactive VR Strategy Game

The Best Interactive VR strategy game is SkyWorld, as it offers multiple games and player modes, a simple yet challenging environment, and detailed visuals which keep the players engaged.

#4: Best GamePlay VR Strategy Game - Cosmic Trip Review

Cosmic Trip is one of the most appreciated VR Strategy games by players. It is known to provide engaging, fun content with stunning visual displays.

The atmosphere is known to be detail-oriented and challenge based. The supported tracking Modes for the game are Front-facing, 360°, as mentioned on the platform of Oculus.

The game is based on genres of Action, Fighting, and Strategy. It is available in several languages other than English, which include Chinese, French, German, Japanese, and Korean.

Factors To Consider Before You Decide To Play “Cosmic Trip”

Game Mode

The game is known to be a single-player game. That means it cannot be played alongside friends or other members. Only a single player can play the game.

Player Mode

The cosmic Trip VR strategy game is available in two-player modes, room-scale, and standing. Players can play the game while being in any position of the two. Room scale refers to having the surrounding space to utilize during the game. The player can make gestures and move around.


The game is accessible on the gaming platform Steam and Oculus. On both platforms, the game is available for the same price.

According to the reviews, the game is audited to offer fair incentives at the cost it charges.

Best GamePlay VR Strategy Game

The Best GamePlay VR Strategy Game is Cosmic VR because it offers display of engaging gameplay, two-player modes, alongside detailed and mesmerizing graphics. 

#5: Best Performance-Friendly VR Strategy Game - Eternal Starlight VR Review

Eternal Sunlight VR is a stimulation strategy VR game that was released in 2021 and gained great success in a very less time. This strategy game is available in most languages than any other game.

It is reviewed to be one of those few games which have original and well-designed mechanics. It offers an interesting storyline that keeps the player engaged. 

This game is known to be compatible with multiple headsets, including Valve Index, HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and Windows Mixed Reality. 

Factors to Consider Before You Decide To Play “Eternal Sunlight VR”

Game Mode

Eternal Sunlight VR only supports one game mode, which is the single-player mode. This means that the game cannot be played alongside or against other members. 

Player Mode

The game is available in three player modes, which include seated, standing, and Room-Scale modes. 


Eternal Sunlight VR is also accessible on both gaming platforms Steam and Oculus. On both platforms, the game is available for a different prices.

Steam charges a very reasonable and comparatively less amount. Whereas, Oculus charges a greater amount.

Best Performance Friendly VR Strategy Game

The Best Performance Friendly VR Strategy Game is Eternal Starlight because it offers three player modes, original mechanics, and has a simple interface. Further, it only supports single-player mode games but is compatible with multiple headsets.

Buyers’ Guide

strategy games

Game Mode

Games are often available in more than one mode. The most popular modes include single-player mode, multi-player mode, Online PvP, Online Co-op, and Cross-Platform Multiplayer mode. 

In single-player mode, a single person is allowed to play the game. Whereas, in multi-player mode, more than one individual can play the game from the same or different systems. 

In Online PvP mode, players play against each other. On the other hand, in Online Co-op mode, players play alongside each other to achieve the mission. Lastly, in cross-platform multiplayer mode, different players can play the game at the same time from different gaming platforms. 

It is important to consider this factor so that the players can choose the game according to the mode of their choice.

Play Area 

This factor is very important for players so that each player can select a game according to comfort and expertise level. Most games provide a choice of three play areas, sitting, standing, and room-scale area.

In the sitting play area, the player can only play the game in a sitting position. In standing mode, players can play the game in standing mode. Whereas, in room-scale mode, players can utilize the space around them to move and make gestures throughout the game.


The cost of the game is a significant element to consider as it helps decides whether the player can bear to play the game or not.

Mostly the games are available on several platforms for different prices. Some charge more, and others charge less. 

Hence, the element of pricing is important to consider before deciding on playing the game as it allows the player to understand whether the game offers the worth of the value it is charging or not.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can Catan VR be played for free on steam? 

No, the game cannot be played for free. It is available to be purchased for $6.99.

Does Catan VR support a cross-play platform?

Yes, Catan VR does support crossplay. A cross-play platform is a feature that refers to players having the ability to use different consoles, hardware, and systems to play games with each other.

On which platform can Catan VR be played?

The game can be played on multiple platforms, including HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR, and Oculus Go.

Which player modes are supported by the game Brass Tactic?

The game supports both the sitting and standing mode. Hence, the players can play the game in both states: sitting or standing. 

Is Sky World only available in English?

No, Sky World is also available in multiple other languages. It is available in Korean, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, French, German, Russian, and Spanish.

Which player modes are supported by the game Sky World?

The game is supported by three modes, which include sitting, standing, and room-scale player mode.

In the sitting play region, the player can play the game in a sitting position. In standing, mode players can play the game in standing mode. 

Lastly, in room-scale mode, players can use the space around them to move and make signals all through the game.

Can players join from different gaming platforms, Steam and Oculus, to play SkyWorld?

Yes, since SkyWorld offers a cross-platform multiplayer game mode so players can join together from different platforms to play the game.

What is the process of finding players online to play the game alongside?

The process involves a matchmaking system through which players connect with each other online. 

It is important that when you’re playing with a companion, the beginning time should be noted down in the matchmaking lobby. The other option is to utilize the “Join by IP” component, which will allow being straightforwardly associated with the public IP address of the individual hosting the match.

What is the running time of starlight?

According to the official statement from the developers, the game can be estimated to be around 10 to 12 hours. 

How many missions are there in SkyWorld, and how long does it take to complete one mission?

It is spread over 8 missions with 8 guides set in 3 different Skyworlds. Moreover, it offers different modes of difficulty, specifically five modes. 

It is estimated that it takes around 1 to 1.5 hours to finish one of these missions.

Final Verdict

To conclude the article, we would highlight that each game has its own unique features which make it stand out from others. 

The strategy genre is one of the most popular genres amongst the player community. The availability of strategy games in VR has gained massive success in a very less time. 

Out of many VR strategy games, Catan VR happens to deliver the most features that are important to players. To summarize, it offers multiple game modes, it is affordable, and has one of the most engaging and visually attractive gameplays. 

There are alternatives to the game, including Brass Tactic and SkyWorld, which are also very unique in their offerings and are highly popular.

Have you played any of the five above-mentioned VR strategy games? Which amongst them is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below. 


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