Best VR Puzzle Games – Best 3 Picks, FAQs & More

There are quite a few VR puzzle games on the market, so we understand that it can be difficult to pick the right one that can fulfill all your desires.

However, in this article, we aim to provide you with an overview of the two of the best VR puzzle games, so that you can choose the best one for your personal needs.

Now, let’s look at our top two picks for VR puzzle games.


I Expect You To Die

We found this is VR escape rooms puzzle game, in which you have to play as a secret agent with telekinetic abilities. It might be a great choice if the budget is not a problem for you.

Runner Up

A Fisherman’s Tale

In our view, Fisherman’s Tale is a VR puzzle game that has top-notch puzzle design. It is a single-player game. If you’re looking for a fun, affordable game, then this might be a great option.

Also Great

The Room VR: A Dark Matter

We found Room VR: A Dark Matter quite a creative puzzle game in which you have to exploring cryptic locations and discover a parallel world between reality and illusion. Furthermore, it has good longevity, which might make it a good game to play for a long time.  

These were our top three picks for the best VR puzzle game on oculus quest, now let’s dive into a detailed review of each.

Best VR Puzzle Games - Top 3 Reviews

#1: Best Thriller VR Puzzle Game - I Expect You To Die

“I Expect You To Die” is a virtual reality puzzle game in which you play the role of an elite secret agent and attempt to survive in deadly missions. You use your problem-solving skills and the power of telekinesis. 

We found that in this game you must enter immersive and dangerous locales with your smarts in order to solve complex puzzles and complete seven covert operations.

Furthermore, we found this game’s concept quite intriguing as it challenges you to escape death as described in its name. It has finely polished levels with hidden achievements and multiple solutions that might make you want to play them repeatedly. 

Factors to Consider Before you Decide to Buy I Expect You To Die 

Kinds of Puzzle/Genre: It is an adventurous puzzle game.

Length of game: We found that I Expect You To Die has a high level of immersion and pitch-perfect level design which makes the game last for a while. 

However, the number of levels is limited.

Player mode: This game has a single-player mode, but it doesn’t make it any less entertaining.

Space required: This game needs 912 MBs of space in your device to be installed.

Best Immersive VR Puzzle Game

The best immersive VR puzzle game is  I Expect You To Die. This is mainly because it has high-quality graphics, gameplay, and great-level design.

#2: Best Adventurous VR Puzzle Game - Fisherman’s Tale

Fisherman’s Tale is a short virtual reality and incredibly charming puzzle game that is developed by InnerspaceVR studio.

In our view, It is an ingenious puzzle game that might rack your brain and make you feel satisfied. Moreover, it was nominated for Best PSVR game in 2019. 

In this game, the player is a fisherman in a space that resembles a side shore with a lighthouse, boats, and other goods.

There are four levels in the lighthouse, each with its own twist on the central innovation. This isn’t just about swapping tiles and pushing buttons in order; it’s a genuinely stimulating puzzle game. 

However, its gameplay with such an immersive platform makes this game stand out from the rest.

Factors to Consider Before you Decide to Buy Fisherman’s Tale

Kind of Puzzle/Genre: It is an adventurous and indie puzzle game.

Length of Game: It is a short puzzle game and does not last more than 1.5 hrs. 

Player Mode: The game is available in a single-player game mode.

Space Required: You need 10GB of space on deceive to run Fisherman’s Tale.

Best Adventurous VR Puzzle Game

The Adventurous VR Puzzle Game is A Fisherman’s Tale. This is primarily because it has a very great concept of the adventurous puzzle with fantastic animation and gameplay.  

#3: Best Escape Room VR Puzzle Game- The Room VR: A Dark Matter

We’ve got another VR puzzle game review for you.

We found Room VR: A Dark Matter quite a unique puzzle game, that might seem creative and interesting. It is an deep mysterious story of disappearance of an Egyptologist that prompts Police into investigation. 

However, this game allows you to explore cryptic locations, examine the fantastic gadgets and discover the other world, which is a contrast between reality and illusion.

When it comes to the gameplay, you would find essentially two states to it. The gameplay includes various kinds of creative puzzles. There are either small zones or an entire puzzle box that you jump between. In these cases, you might have to change the phase of the moon to activate a key, fill a cauldron with liquids to reveal an object inside or adjust a pendulum lunar clock to release an object.

Factors to Consider Before you Decide to The Room VR: A Dark Matter

Kind of puzzle/Genre: If you like playing adventurous puzzles, then you must consider playing The Room VR: Dark Matter.

Length of game: We found this game really reliable in terms of longevity. It takes around 4 hours to beat it.

Player mode: It is a single-player game.

Space Required: This game requires 2.5 GB of space in your device to be installed.

Best Escape Room VR Puzzle Game

The Escape Room VR Puzzle Game is The Room VR: A Dark Matter. This is mainly because of its unique puzzles, excellent gameplay, and excellent level environment.

Buyers’ Guide

vr puzzle games


The genre of the game is very crucial to know. This is mainly because it is never apparent from the name of game what the game is actually about. 

It is often happening that promotional content released about games mislead the public. This leads to disappointment for gamers when they play it and realize that it’s not what they expected.

The VR games cover a diverse range of genres that can range from sports and stimulation to fun and adventurous. 

You would want to purchase a game that does meet your interest levels and taste, so it is always a good option to look for the game’s genre. Always be sure to carefully select a game whose genre suits your desires.

Length of Game

The length of a game is a metric to judge the experience of a game.                                         

A good VR game includes engaging acts with a longer length of the game. Consumers would be more discerning about what they spend money on. If one game has 60 hours of content and another has only a dozen, then the former is more likely to be chosen. 

This happens since the value for money is higher with this option.

Player mode 

VR games have multiple player modes. In order to choose the best option for yourself, you must be sure to purchase a game that meets your requirements. 

You might want to consider a game that is according to your personal needs. Vr game can be single-player or multiplayer. 

A multiplayer mode in a video game lets you play with friends online or with strangers or with a team of friends. VR games are cross-platform or simply cross-play. We recommend that you never compromise on the features you require.

Space required

You would want to consider purchasing a game that is compatible with your device. The requirements of the game to be installed must be understood and checked if your device meets all of them.

Space required by the game is the most important step to consider before spending your money. You can free up more storage on your device by uninstalling old games or buying more space.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does the Oculus store has free games?

Fortunately, there are free games available on the Oculus store. There are really interesting multiplayer games available on the Oculus store that is offered by Oculus Quest for no extra charges, so you can play with all of your friends.

How do I cast Oculus Quest 2 to tv via the headset?

You can select your TV or Chromecast in the list of available devices on the right side of the Utility panel and then click ‘Cast To’. The headset should then start casting and everything should work.

How long does VR headset long? 

We’d say that the first-gen Rift has a two-to-three year lifespan, based on current market cycles – five to seven years for consoles, and a yearly cycle for phones.

 Can I play Xbox games on Oculus Quest 2? 

Virtual Desktop is the simplest and easiest way to enjoy Xbox Games on your Quest 2. After installing it, you can mirror your PC screen on your VR headset. After that, you can choose between using Xbox Cloud Gaming and Xbox Game Pass to load games on your PC.

Why VR is not recommended for under 12? 

VR is not recommended for young children because it can affect their vision. 

Their values range between 40-55mm, so their perspective through the GearVR could be so misaligned. They will experience (short-term) disorientation, discomfort, headaches, migraines, eye strain, or even nausea.

Does oculus quest 2 require batteries to run? 

Oculus Quest 2 is a great standalone VR headset, but when it comes to battery life it’s not satisfactory. Keep your Quest powered up.

Originally, the Touch Controllers shipped with one AA battery each, but you should invest in replacement batteries for the Oculus Quest 2. This will ensure that you can continue playing when they run out of power.

Can VR be damaging to your eyes? 

When using VR, a person’s brain is forced to process visual stimuli differently than usual, leading to eye strain, which is simply a case of fatigued eye muscles.

There is no need to worry about eye strain since it is not a long-term condition, but it is a sign the eyes and brain need a break.

Why did Oculus Quest lose track?

It may appear that you are tracking lost errors which seem to be irregular error spikes that occur unexpectedly on your headset. 

Whenever you encounter an issue with your device, Smart Glasses Hub suggests rebooting your Oculus Quest headset, just like with any other device or gadget.

Can I be addicted to VR?

The study is merely an addictive performance of single-player games played in an immersive environment. 

When compared with PC environments, a VR immersive 3D environment will bring more intense pleasure to the brain, resulting in a greater likelihood of subjects becoming addicted.

Final Verdict

After trying and testing multiple VR puzzle games, we recommend I Expect You To Die as the most viable option for you.

This is mainly because it has a bunch of characteristics. It comes with great gameplay and a high level of immersion. However, read this virtual reality game review to figure out which game matches your preference the most.

You are welcome to contact us if you would like any further information.


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