Best VR Player For iPhone – Top 5 Reviews, Tips and Features

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Virtual reality is the latest advancement in technology which has gained and continues to gain massive popularity in significantly less time. The top VR applications include healthcare, automotive, education, and entertainment. 

In order to view the content in VR, there are specially designed applications known as VR players. They function on both small and large screens. There are many players that operate both with android and iOS, whereas some work with either of the two systems.

Following are the best three VR players out of many that are compatible with the iPhone operating system, iOS.



The media player Veer VR is a medium that offers an extremely high standard of experience to the users and creators of virtual reality content. It is known to provide quality content, including movies, documentaries, animations, and much more.

Runner Up

VR Tube

VR Tube offers a variety of entertainment content, from adventure genre to comedy to horror and a lot more. Moreover, its features such as continuous playback, gyro controller through which it allows access to the binocular display, and compatibility with multiple headsets, makes it one of the top players. 

Also Great

Mobile VR Station

This VR player has unique features that make it one of the top media players. It offers viewing not only 3D and 360 video content, but also pictures in a new form. Moreover, it is compatible with panoramic views, has a head tracking feature, and works with most of the best headsets. 

Now that we know which Virtual reality media players for iPhone hold the top three positions, let’s explore each of them, along with two other options in further detail.

Best VR Player for iPhone - Top 5 Reviews

#1: Best Immersive VR Player for iPhone - Veer VR Review

Veer VR is a media player specially designed for VR content. It allows the creators to upload various content such as videos, animations, documentaries, and much more. 

Moreover, veer VR is a free app. It does not require the viewers to pay an amount to watch the content. Veer VR can not only be used with the iOS operating system but also android. 

Furthermore, the headset can also be connected to the best headsets in the market, such as Oculus, HTC Vive, Day Dream, etc.   

The media player also has a blog where content related to Virtual reality technology is posted on an everyday basis. It is intended to help the audience gain knowledge and make informed choices. 

VeeR VR is compatible with iPhone and iPod iOS version 10.0 or later versions. It is also compatible with Mac OS 11.0 or later versions.

Factors to Consider Before You Decide To Use “VeeR VR”

Content Available

VeeR VR is known to have a variety of content available. It provides the audience with not only movies of different genres such as horror, comedy, drama, etc, but also documentaries of different areas including travel, sports, adventure, and much more. 

Moreover, the application also has content in the area of animations, In addition, to this, VeeR VR allows everyone from the audience community to upload their own content of any type. That is then accessible to everyone on the app.


The media player VeeR VR can be installed for free. It can simply be installed through the Mac App store. 

Best Immersive VR Player For iPhone

The best immersive VR player for iPhone is Veer VR because not only does it offer high-quality footage, but it is also free of cost, has a wide range of content available, and is simple to use.

#2: Best 3D footage VR Player for iPhone - VR Tube Review

There are many media players for VR content, but very few of them offer amazing features alongside the simplicity of use. VR Tube is one of those. It not only supports simple 360 videos but VR content as well. There is a variety of content available for each type.

VR Tube has the features of continuous playback, zooming in/out, rotation, and many more. You can simply rotate the device in the direction you want to view the 360 content. Moreover, you can create your own playlist in the app.

The content can be viewed through headsets or VR glasses. VR Tube is compatible with iPhone, iPod, and iPad iOS version 11.0 or later. 

Factors to Consider Before You Decide to Use “VR Tube”

Content Available

The content available at VR Tube varies from genre to genre. It has entertainment videos, horror movies, drama, and much more. Available content ranges from movies to documentaries

It does not have the option of uploading content of your own choice.


VR Tube is available for download free of cost. One can avail of many features of the player for free. However, there are several in-app features that can only be utilized after purchasing them for a given price. 

Best 3D Footage VR Player For iPhone

The best 3D footage VR player for iPhone is VR Tube because it offers a variety of quality content in 3D footage, is compatible with leading VR headsets and has the feature that allows the creation of playlist. 

#3: Best Multi-usage VR Player for iPhone - Mobile VR Station Review

Mobile VR station is one of those VR players that also support image projection, along with video content which includes para normas and simple videos. 

Furthermore, not only can you browse through available content on the app, but you can also upload your own content and transform it into VR mode. The quality of the playback system is exceptional as reviewed by the viewers.

The app supports 180 and 360-degree content. Further, it supports the majority of the headset configuration. You can also browse through your search history, which makes it easier to access your favorite content. Moreover, the app also has a customization feature.

The media player is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod version 12.0 or later. Moreover, it is compatible 

Factors To Consider Before You Decide To Use “Mobile VR Station”

Content Available

Mobile VR Station allows not only allow you to watch movies of your own choice, but also any sort of video content, or pictures that can be viewed on the app. 

The media player allows you to connect a USB adapter and watch your own content. 


Mobile VR Station is a media player which is available for free to use. However, some of the features in the application need to be purchased in order to be used. 

Mostly, these are advanced features that are not of interest to the majority of people. It has the ultimate edition, premium edition, micro player version, and protected drive feature.

Best Multi-usage VR Player For iPhone

The best multi-usage VR player for iPhone is Mobile VR station because it not only allows you to view video content but also pictures, has the downloading option, and allows features customization. 

#4: Best Cinematic VR Player for iPhone- VR One Cinema Review

VR One Cinema is known to provide an extremely realistic experience of a 3D cinema. 

The mobile screen transforms into a cinema, with not only the footage of the video content visible but also includes the entire setup of the cinema as in real life.

The viewer can select the movie of their own choice from their camera roll. Further, one of the features of the app allows the viewer to see his/her virtual body in the movie as well as others around. You can also pause and play the movie according to your choice.

The media player is known to be compatible with iPhone and iPod version 11.0 or later.

Factors to Consider Before You Decide To Use “VR One Cinema”

Content Available

VR One cinemas allow you to upload your own content and view it from your gallery. You can share mp4 content through iTunes file sharing and view it smoothly on the VR media player.


VR One Cinema player is available for free. All the features in the media player are accessible with a simple download and don’t require to be purchased.

Best Cinematic VR Player For iPhone

The Best Cinematic VR player for iPhone is VR One Cinema because if offers an immersive plus realistic 3D experience, allow you to view the content of your own choice, and provides free access to all the features of the application. 

#5: Best Customizable VR Player for iPhone - VR Player Pro Review

VR Player Pro is a media player which offers customization and many advanced features. It supports not only 2D and 3D content but also supports 360-degree content. 

The media player also has the feature of Bluetooth connectivity. You can control the VR player through a keyboard or any other device, such as a headset.

Moreover, VR Player Pro also supports panorama pictures. The player is available in several languages. It is compatible with iPhone, iPod, iPad version 9.0 or later, and also with macOS 11.0 or later versions. 

Factors to Consider Before You Decide To Use “VR Player Pro”

Content Availability

VR player Pro allows you to access google drive, any folder on your device, or any other application through which data can be transferred onto the media player app and viewed. 


VR player Pro is not free to access and can only be used after downloading it from the Mac App store for $1.99. 

Best Customizable VR Player For iPhone

The Best Customizable VR Player For iPhone is VR Player Pro because it works with many formats, has playback feature, and supports panorama format. 

Buyers’ Guide

vr players


The content available on any media player is a significant determinant of how much the viewer will find the application of their interest and accordingly spend greater or lesser time on it.

Some of the media players have a variety of content available, from different domains such as movies, documentaries, travel shows, etc to different genres such as comedy, sports, drama, and much more.

The application that has a variety of content allows you to make free choices. Moreover, some media players have the latest content, whereas some don’t. This factor also is important to the majority of the viewers.

Another aspect to consider when we talk about the content available on an app is whether you can upload your own content or not. Some of the media players allow this whereas some don’t. 


Some of the applications are accessible free of cost. Whereas, some have to be bought in order to be used. 

Few of the media players have both elements. Some of the features of the application are accessible without any cost, while others have requirements to be bought.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can Veer VR content be shared through a QR scanner?

Yes, the application allows you to share content through the QR scanner. When you click on the share button visible on the right-hand side of the screen, there will pop up an option for a QR code. Once you click that, a QR code will be generated.

You can share that code directly with those you want to share the content with or download the code and then share it.

IS Veer VR free of use for the users?

Yes, Veer VR does not charge its users. All the features available, including advanced and latest ones, are free of cost.

Is there a feature that allows you to upload your own content on the VeeR VR application?

Yes, Veer VR media players allow the viewers to upload their own content on the application, which can be viewed by the audience. 

The app allows the uploading of a simple video which is transformed into a VR video by the application itself through a simple hassle-free procedure.

Is VR Tube short form for VR Youtube?

No, VR Tube is a media player specially designed to display VR content. It provides the audience with a variety of VR content. 

Youtube VR is another application that is affiliated with Youtube. The application has a similar purpose of providing access to VR and 360-degree shot content.

Which virtual reality media players allow the viewers to create a playlist of the content they are interested in?

VR Tube is a VR media player which consists of a feature that allows the viewers to be able to create playlists of the content they are interested in. 

Is there a VR media player that allows the audience to enjoy viewing the content offline?

The majority of media players don’t allow the content to be viewed offline. VeeR VR is one of the few players that allow you to download the content and view it offline whenever you want.

Can VR Player Pro be controlled through a game controller?

Yes, VR Player pro can be controlled through several game controllers as mentioned on the official apple website. 

It is supported by Playstation Dualshock and Xbox controller. Moreover, any other game controller that is compatible with Apple can also be used with VR Player Pro.

Final Verdict

Currently, VR technology in the entertainment industry is the most demanded form of entertainment. With passing time, the audience is developing a significantly greater interest in it, and also expects a greater choice of platforms to enjoy virtual reality-based entertainment.

There are a lot of media players that are specially created for VR content. Not a lot of them are compatible with the operating system of an iPhone.

How great is the demand for VR media player platforms by iPhone users?

iPhone users are immensely huge in number and collectively create a huge audience interested in VR-based entertainment. Only a media player specially designed for VR content can provide a high-standard experience hence undoubtedly the demand for VR players is great.

There are many players that are compatible with iPhone. We have reviewed 5 of the top media players that are known to provide an exceptional experience, each having unique features. 

However, VeeR VR tops the list for the best VR player for iPhone as it offers a variety of content, great quality footage, an easy-to-understand and use manual, and a lot more features that maximize the experience of users. 

Let us know what you think in the comments below. 


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