Best VR Ping Pong Game – Top 5 Reviews, Pros, and Cons

When it comes to VR, Ping pong is not just a game but an actual physical exercise session. 

If you are a pro ping pong player, intense battles and constant arm actions might give you the best immersive experience. 

We played and did our research on the VR ping pong games to enlist the best ones for you. Let’s have a look!


Racket Fury: Table Tennis VR

Racket Fury involves having cutthroat multiplayer matches that imitate certifiable ping pong to practically approach flawlessness. The single-player content is on point. If you are looking for an in-game realistic experience, this might be a good option.

Runner Up

VR Ping Pong Pro

This game is the development of the hit table tennis test system of 2016, VR Ping Pong. Test your abilities with different testing game modes, as you ascend the positions to turn into the genuine Ping Pong Pro!

Also Great

Eleven Table Tennis

Eleven Table Tennis has been portrayed as “The Ultimate Table Tennis Simulator. ” This game allows you to pick up your ping pong ball and racket and begin hitting a few balls with your companions or against a PC.

Now that we have reviewed the best ones, let’s look into detailed reviews of each.

Best VR Ping Pong Game - Top 5 Reviews

#1: Best Immersive VR Ping Pong Game - Racket Fury: Table Tennis VR Review

VR is best used to recreate encounters we can’t really have in reality, whether it be getting over a deceptive mountain or directing an X-Wing.

Table tennis isn’t one of those encounters, yet Racket Fury: Table Tennis gives a valiant effort to make it one by tossing you against mechanical bosses in space.

This game will let you experience the actual intense matches with all the feels and physical involvement. 

Factors to Consider Before you Decide to Buy Racket Fury: Table Tennis VR

Gameplay: The game feels like Table Tennis. It’s not simply one more computer game ‘variation’ of Table Tennis; it basically is, marvelously enough, Table Tennis.

Graphics: The designs are very great, they’re straightforward and fairly cartoony, yet you can redo your own in-game symbol (seen by others in online multiplayer). This is done with robot parts that you can purchase with in-game credits.

Affordability: Extremely cheap, and we seldom see games copy genuine material science so impeccably that you will really feel like you were playing Ping Pong.

Game Modes: Besides a training mode and a customization device for a symbol you scarcely at any point see. The main mode remembered for the PlayStation VR rendition of Racket Fury is a solitary-player title.

Physics: You can likewise switch between reproduction and arcade physical science with the last option. This is done by simply adding more twists to the balls as should have been obvious and perhaps considering some more power shots.

Best Immersive VR Ping Pong Game

The best immersive VR ping pong game is Racket Fury: Table Tennis VR because the graphics are amazing, and you can customize by the credits that you earn.

#2: Best Beginner Friendly VR Ping Pong Game - VR Ping Pong Pro Review

Ping pong seems like the ideal fit for a computer-generated simulation game. Easy to get, challenging to dominate, and all you really want are eyes to see. And this game is a decent combination of all these features.

VR Ping Pong was somewhat exposed, most definitely, with a lot of degrees for VR Ping Pong Pro to get to the next level. 

It provides multiple levels and some realistic, fast-paced matches you’ll ever experience. 

Factors to Consider Before you Decide to Buy VR Ping Pong Pro

Gameplay: While entering a solitary-player match, you can pick the trouble of your rival in light of a star rating somewhere in the range of one and five. At first, even the one-star AI is very great as you move your direction up through the troubles.

Graphics: This game has a satisfying menu and more sensible illustrations when you enter the game. There are eight conditions, by and large, from a recreation area to an arcade to a Brazilian favela.

Affordability: This is certainly not a major leap from the primary game; the cost is likewise two times as much as the first.

Game Modes: You can play single-player against five challenges and multiplayer in every one of these areas. Moreover, there are arcade modes, yet sadly the multiplayer as of now is by all accounts pretty fruitless.

Physics: We wouldn’t agree that the ball physical science is demanding, yet when you get the hang of them, getting a convention moving or finding the edge of the table with a backhand cut is extremely fulfilling.

Best Beginner Friendly VR Ping Pong Game

The best beginner-friendly VR ping pong game is VR Ping Pong Pro because rit is the best realistic game with different modes of difficulty which gives a greater challenge.

#3: Best Fun VR Ping Pong Game - Eleven Table Tennis Review

This game has the most straightforward and simple gameplay. You just need to follow up a simple match and have a relaxed gaming session. 

Moreover, There are 3 distinct conditions to play in the loft where you start, a ski hold-up and a field.

Eleven Table Tennis has been depicted as “The Ultimate Table Tennis Simulator. ” Pick up your ping pong ball and racket and begin hitting a few balls with your companions or against a PC.

Factors to Consider Before you Decide to Buy Eleven Table Tennis

Gameplay: You hit the ball onto your side of the court, over the net, and afterward, the ball should bob on the opposite side of the table, on your rival’s court. Whoever doesn’t return after a bob, misses, or stirs things up around town gives the other player a point.

Graphics: There are 3 distinct conditions to play in the loft where you start, a ski hold-up and a field. You can likewise change your symbol to be quite a few unique things.

Affordability: Eleven Table Tennis is virtual ping pong at its best; it is unbelievably reasonable. This game is difficult and exceptionally practical, and vivid.

Game Modes: There are a couple of modes for you to play. Play against the AI form of your Oculus Quest Avatar online with companions or online with outsiders.

Physics: The strength of the hit, the area of the oar, and the nearness to the table all have an impact on where the ball winds up. Eleven’s material science framework is so life-like that to no one’s surprise, playing it quite often brought about misfortune.

Best Fun VR Ping Pong Game

The best fun VR ping pong game is Eleven Table Tennis because it helps with increasing your heart rate from it being challenging, not only that but it doesn’t cause motion sickness.

#4: Best State-of-the-art Ping Pong VR Game - PingPong Kings VR Review

PingPong Kings VR is one more magnificent game for Virtual Reality. PingPong sweethearts can now play their number one PinPong game anyplace they end up utilizing a Virtual Reality headset.

It’s exceptionally sensible; the illustrations and sound cause it to feel as though you’re really playing the game on a PingPong court.

Moreover, It is very affordable, and if you happen to have controllers and a headset, it will work amazingly.

Factors to Consider Before you Decide to Buy PingPong Kings VR

Gameplay: You, in a real sense, start toward the beginning each time you play the game! Of course, it looks OK; however, looks are not adequate with regard to sporting events.

Graphics: The graphics are alright. The game can get a little glitchy at times, but it is very easy to understand and play.

Affordability: It is very affordable, and if you happen to have controllers and a headset, it will work amazing, and you can even practice your skills as if you were playing in real life.

Game Modes: It doesn’t have any game modes, but you can play on one level and it restarts to that level every time you open the game.

Physics: Sensible physical science, vivid sound, and liquid movement cause you to feel like you’re truly in the PingPong court.

Best State-of-the-art Ping Pong VR Game

The best state-of-the-art ping pong VR Game is PingPong Kings VR because you can practice your skills at a cheaper price.

#5: Best Aesthetic Ping Pong VR Game - VR Ping Pong Review

If you appreciate playing table tennis and are wavering about this game, we express feel free to allow it an opportunity. Regardless of certain blemishes, it is a decent reenactment, and it will develop on you.

While the glaring absence of multiplayer and, to some degree, successive following hiccups are the essential issues, it will still give you a fun experience.

Factors to Consider Before you Decide to Buy VR Ping Pong

Gameplay: Your rival is fundamentally static, just outfitted with a retractable arm and an oar. That, without swinging can return balls with a sufficient amount of twists to make you hit a shot over your head.

Graphics: The climate is basic; everything comprises square blocks aside from the ball. You inside gives off an impression of being a pool, encompassed by many square characters wearing only swimming outfits.

Affordability: It is a bit overpriced for its value. However, it is still worth purchasing for the different modes.

Game Modes: The game incorporates a competition mode where you progress through a section of progressively troublesome rivals while holding back nothing. There’s also a variety of “arcade modes” which comprise smaller-than-expected games.

Physics: The absence of swinging movement in the restricting oar makes it hard to anticipate ball direction while playing against harder enemies that can utilize quicker shots.

Best Aesthetic Ping Pong VR Game

The best aesthetic ping pong VR game is VR Ping Pong because it is worth purchasing if you’re a big fan of table tennis.

Buyers’ Guide

ping pong


Gaming was normally perhaps the earliest application to be brought to computer-generated reality headsets. Be that as it may, early adaptations were somewhat awful.

Today, even the most no-nonsense gamer would be intrigued by VR gaming.

Every sort under the sun is addressed including sports, first individual shooters, fight royale, endurance, puzzle, dashing, frightfulness, music beat games, and that’s just the beginning. 

Multiplayer is progressively a choice.

Ultra wide-screen, bent screens augment the field of view, encompass sound, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

With the most recent VR innovation, high goal, 360-degree sees, quick invigorate rates, and super exact hand-planned controls rejuvenate games more than ever


VR gaming appears to have arrived at an untouched high, with an eminent report proposing an almost four-times expansion in clients in the previous month.

Some of the games are expensive however, you can find plenty of affordable options. 

Game Modes

Most games accompany a multiplayer mode. The number of individuals who can play together in a game will be shown when you select that specific game.


With a physical science-based approach, we can play lots of games. 

What’s more, those can “show object weight in a visual way by showing how your hand is hauled downwards by the item, when you snag it.”

We call this strategy fascinating for experienced players, yet we caution this can be mistaken for more up-to-date clients.

Concerning paintballs, we just own it’s “exceptionally difficult to precisely reenact the most common way of tossing objects in VR,”.

We think that everybody has different opinions because things like technology constantly developing.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is there a Ping Pong game on Oculus?

Indeed, there is Ping Pong Pro.

Ping Pong Pro accompanies eight distinct conditions, five trouble levels for AI rivals in single-player mode, and multiplayer choices for taking on companions, as well.

You can battle to the top in a Tournament mode and, beyond conventional matches, there are minigames as well.

Is VR table tennis a good practice?

On the off chance that you play with an undeniable level genuine player, it will feel a lot like playing no doubt.

So to do without it is an excellent arrangement.

It is likewise a generally excellent answer for training paired with genuine preparation. Long-haul VR just is extremely difficult to test.

Is Eleven table tennis a good workout?

Eleven Table Tennis is virtual ping pong at its best! This game is difficult and extremely reasonable and vivid. 

You will rapidly have the hours pass by and as you improve, you will get decent exercise.

A solitary player is played against an AI. There are 5 preset challenges compared to similarly separated focuses on a trouble slider on a size of 0-100. 

With every trouble, the AI plays all the more forcefully and less typically.

Which is better racket fury or eleven?

Of the two, Racket Fury was most certainly a smoother experience, however, neither offered an optimal arrangement.

For the best outcomes, you’ll have to handle players nearer to you, which brings about much better ongoing interaction.

How do you serve in Eleven?

You might see a red framework seem when the ball is before the line of the table. 

A legitimate serve requires the hit to happen behind the standard.

The main side it needs to hit after it hits your oar is the side of the table nearer to you, then, at that point, fly over the net, then, at that point, hit the contrary side.

Final Verdict

Ping pong appears to be a characteristic fit for VR. 

VR Racket Fury feels like one more in the long queue of OK-ish VR sports titles.

However, it’s sufficiently engaging and offers a sprinkling of interesting minigames to balance the customary one-on-one experience.

VR Racket Fury is astonishing and its steady physical science leaves you needing more.

Let us know your thoughts down below.


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