Best VR Headset for Nexus 6P – Top 4 Picks, Buyer’s Guide, Tips, FAQs & More

When you’re in the market for a VR headset for the Nexus 6P, it can be difficult to choose due to the sheer number of options available. 

People often don’t know what to look for and end up with a headset that doesn’t properly satisfy their needs. 

In this post, we will provide some of our top picks for the best VR headsets for the Nexus 6P as well as other similar smartphones.


Altasonix VR Headset

This headset is expertly designed and has a lot of room for adjustment. This ensures that the headset can be used by everyone in your household with ease. It even comes with remote control for easy accessibility.

Runner Up

VR Entertainment VR Headset

This VR headset is brilliant since it comes with its own Bluetooth steering wheel and racing app. You can download it from the Play Store to enjoy the game and it can still run everything else on the Play Store as well. 

Also Great

VRbeatz VR Headset

These neat little VR glasses boast accurate motion tracking to provide an immersive experience for Nexus 6P users. It’s made from high-quality breathable material which makes it perfect for use over long periods.

After a brief introduction to our top 3 picks, let’s delve deeper and check out what exactly they have to offer. This will help you determine which VR headset is right for you.

Best VR Headset for Nexus 6P - Top 4 Reviews

#1: Best Overall VR Headset for Nexus 6P - Altasonix VR Headset Review

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This VR headset from Altasonix comes with accurate head tracking and a very reasonable price tag. 

Along with that, you also get to choose from three different color variants. 

The remote control that’s provided with it is great to control Android apps with ease. It’s very easy to pair the remote control and control apps on the go as you use the VR headset. 

Factors to Consider Before You Decide to Buy Altasonix VR Headset

Price: As mentioned earlier, it’s a very budget-friendly option. Even though it’s cheaply priced, the components and materials used to construct it are quite high-quality.

Design and comfort: The Altasonix headset features an adjustable headband along with comfortable, breathable foam. This ensures that you don’t feel hot over extended sessions and that it can fit whatever your head size is with ease. 

Build quality: We did not expect its build quality to blow us away considering how cheap it is. We were dead wrong as each person on our team noted how high-quality it felt, both when they held it as well as when they wore it. 

It’s durable to ensure it will last you a long time and the foam used to pad it is soft but breathable.

Best Overall VR Headset for Nexus 6P

The best overall VR headset for the Nexus 6P is the Altasonix VR Headset thanks to its cheap price, high-quality construction, and ease of use.

#2: Best VR Racing Headset for Nexus 6P - VR Entertainment VR Headset Review

best vr headset for nexus 6p best VR headset anti blue light oculus quest anti blue light best VR headset

With VR headsets with smartphones traditionally, you steer your car with the movement of your head. If you’re someone that wants to get a more immersive driving experience, then this headset is worth considering.

It comes with a Bluetooth steering wheel that can be utilized to play a game that can be downloaded from the Play Store. 

In addition to that one game, you can use the headset to experience pretty much any VR title that is available on the Play Store.

Factors to Consider Before You Decide to Buy VR Entertainment VR Headset

Price: While it is relatively pricey, it’s still a bargain compared to the higher-end VR headsets and consoles that are available on the market.

Design and comfort: The pads are soft and don’t press too tightly on your forehead as you play. Not only that but the adjustable head strap makes sure that anyone in your household can use it. 

Build quality: The overall build quality was pretty good but we were worried about how it would hold up over long periods. 

While the foam was soft, the cloth on top of it did seem low-quality. We imagine that the headset will eventually start to show signs of wear and tear over time.

Best VR Racing Headset for Nexus 6P

The best VR racing headset for the Nexus 6P is the VR Entertainment VR Headset since it comes with a Bluetooth steering wheel that you can use to drive cars in VR.

#3: Best Compact VR Headset for Nexus 6P - VRbeatz VR Headset Review

best VR headset for nexus 6p anti blue light headphones audio lenses phone compatible gaming

This neat little device is designed to work with all iOS and Android devices with ease. 

Its crystal-clear HD lens is adjustable so that you can easily adjust it to your required IPD (interpupillary distance). This ensures you have little to no eye strain or nausea issues. 

The design of it is also very intuitive to ensure you have no trouble fitting your Nexus 6P inside it for an immersive 3D VR experience.

Factors to Consider Before You Decide to Buy VRbeatz VR Headset

Price: This headset from VRbeatz is the cheapest headset we have on our list today. Despite it being affordable, you wouldn’t be able to tell that from its features.

Design and comfort: The headset features breathable foam with precise holes to make the headset breathable. Not only that but the adjustable lens ensures people with different ideal IPDs can use it with ease.

Build quality: As mentioned above, everything about this VRbeatz headset is top-notch. The build quality is sturdy with the foam being breathable as well as soft.

Best Compact VR Headset for Nexus 6P

The best compact VR headset for the Nexus 6P is the VRbeatz VR Headset thanks to its small size and great price.

#4: Best Ergonomic VR Headset for Nexus 6P - Utopia 360° VR Headset Review

If you want to stay comfortable and cool when you play VR games, this is definitely a headset worth considering. 

It boasts ventilated cushions that will help you maintain your focus while they keep you cool. Not only that but that Utopia 360° VR Headset is also highly compatible as it works with most Android and iOS operating system versions. 

The state-of-the-art optics that it boasts ensure that you’re provided with a seamless 360-degree image for the most immersive VR experience possible.

Factors to Consider Before You Decide to Buy Utopia 360° VR Headset

Price: You can get this headset at a very affordable price. Even though it’s cheaply priced, it still boasts all of the features that you would find in its more expensive competitors. 

Design and comfort: The ventilated cushions help you remain cool in VR while the adjustable head strap ensures you can easily fit it to your head size. 

Build quality: The great build quality of this VR headset makes it capable to last you many years. It’s built to ensure that it can withstand small drops or bumps.

Best Ergonomic VR Headset for Nexus 6P

The best ergonomic VR headset for the Nexus 6P is the Utopia 360° VR Headset thanks to its smart, comfortable design and sleek aesthetic. Not only that but it can work with an iPhone as well as the Nexus 6P.

Best VR Headset for Nexus 6P - Buyers’ Guide

best vr headset

It can be very difficult to choose the best VR headset for your smartphone such as a Nexus 6P. Many people don’t realize the number of factors they must consider to ensure they buy a virtual reality headset that satisfies their needs. 

People who don’t consider the important factors often end up with VR headsets that don’t satisfy their requirements. 

This is why it’s important that you first look at what your needs are and then choose a VR headset that fulfills those needs. 

The important factors to consider when you buy a VR headset for a Nexus 6P include:


Naturally, you don’t want the price of the VR headset to be too high. Since it will be a VR headset that is meant for use with smartphones, you should not spend too much on it. 

This is because the more expensive VR headsets are the ones that are either standalone or work with a PC or gaming console. 

With VR headsets that are meant for smartphones, the typical prices are much lower. 

Even so, you should not aim to buy the cheapest VR headset on the market, however. This is because ultra-cheap VR headsets in the market are often made by shady manufacturers. They’re so cheap because they’re made from low-quality materials and poorly constructed. 

If you choose to go for a super-cheap, budget-friendly VR headset, ensure that it’s from a reputable manufacturer. 

Design and Comfort

VR can get quite tiring and to amend that, it’s important to have a VR headset that has a smart design so that it’s comfortable and functional at the same time. 

The best VR headsets out there are the ones that ensure you’re fully comfortable while you play VR. 

After all, the whole point of VR is to have a highly immersive experience. It’s very hard to be immersed if your VR headset is constantly poking into your skull. 

If you want to buy your VR headset in person, it’s a good idea to try it on first to see if it fits your head well or not. 

If you cannot buy it in person, look out for online reviews to see if anyone’s complained about the VR headset being too uncomfortable. 

Headsets with adjustable headbands are also great as they allow the strap area to be a bit bigger or smaller. This comfortably accommodates different-sized individuals.

Build Quality 

Just like with any other product, you have to ensure that your VR headset is well-built and durable. 

Remember that VR is quite physically intense. If the VR headset were to be dropped or hit by something, it should at least be strong enough to withstand some force. 

Again, if you intend to buy the headset in person, it can be a good idea to inspect it thoroughly to judge whether it’s well-made and what type of materials it’s made from. 

You don’t want a poorly constructed VR headset as not only can it be uncomfortable to wear but it also won’t last you a very long time. 

If you cannot inspect the VR headset you intend to buy in person, then take a look at some user reviews online. 

Popular VR headsets that have a lot of user reviews also have reviews from users that have owned the headset for a while. They do reviews when they first buy it and then another review sometime later (usually a year), to describe how the product fared. 

These types of reviews can be invaluable to your research as they will help you identify whether or not a VR headset will withstand the test of time or not.


With virtual reality headsets for smartphones, you must ensure that the headset you get is compatible with your particular phone. 

This means that it should be able to pair without any issues to whatever operating system that your smartphone is running. 

For the Nexus 6P, you need to be on the lookout for headsets that are compatible with Android devices. If you are on an iPhone, you would look for a VR set that is compatible with iOS devices and so on. 

Not only that but if you have any specific VR titles in mind that you want to play, make sure that the VR set you to intend to buy supports it. 

You don’t want to buy a headset just to not be able to play the game or run the app that you wanted to experience with it.

Interpupillary Distance

The interpupillary distance, IPD, or pupil distance is a very important factor that many people miss or don’t think about when they buy a virtual reality headset. 

The interpupillary distance of a VR set refers to the distance between your pupils and the screen(s) inside the virtual reality headset. 

For most men, the ideal IPD is 63 mm whereas, for most women, the ideal IPD is 61 mm. 

That being said, it can vary if you wear glasses or have other eyesight issues. 

When you opt for a certain VR headset to buy, you have to keep your ideal IPD in mind. With this, you can ensure that the headset you want to buy supports your particular ideal IPD. 

The best headset(s) that we’ve ever tested usually have adjustable IPDs. This is done through the ability for the position of the lenses inside the virtual reality headset to be adjusted. 

Hence, it can be a good idea to go for a virtual reality headset with variable IPD so that different individuals in your household can use it with ease.

Best VR Headset for Nexus 6P - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is VR Worth It on Android Phones? 

Yes. It’s definitely worth the price to check out VR on an Android phone. This is specifically because VR headsets for smartphones are relatively cheap and an easy way for the average consumer to try out VR. 

It can be a great way to check out what the world of VR has to offer. Then, if it piques your interest, maybe you can look towards more higher-end options to experience VR.

Which VR Headsets Work Well with Android Phones?

There are many different headsets available in the market that work very well with smartphones with Android operating systems. 

They instantly pair with Android devices and allow you to play games with ease.

These headsets include: 

  • Merge VR Goggles (link)
  • Altasonix VR Headset (link)
  • Google Cardboard (link)
  • Google Daydream (link)
  • Samsung Gear VR with remote control (link)

Are Virtual Reality Headsets Compatible with All Phones? 

Most virtual reality headsets out there tend to work with the majority of all smartphones currently out there. These would be smartphones that run either iOS or Android operating systems. 

On the other hand, there do exist some manufacturers that produce headsets that only work on either iOs or Android devices; Not both.

How Many Hours at a Time Should I Be in VR? 

VR can be very visually straining as well as physically draining. This is why it’s important to take a step back once in a while and take a break from all the stimulation. 

We recommend that you spend a maximum of 1 hour in VR. It’s better if you can take a break every 30 minutes if you can do it. Otherwise, at the very least, you should rest your eyes every hour.  Not for long; Just a 15-minute break is more than enough to get you back into it. 

Can VR Damage My Eyes?

It’s important to note that when you’re in VR, your eyes are required to process information that is different from the real world. Since your eyes are not used to this, just like any other muscle in the body, your eye muscles get strained. 

Eye strain does not cause any long-term problems. However, if you do experience eye strain, you should definitely take a break from VR and come back to it at a later time.

Best VR Headset for Nexus 6P - Final Verdict

Those are all our picks for the best VR headsets that are compatible with the Nexus 6P. 

In the end, we feel that the Altasonix VR Headset provides everything that a person who wants to experience VR on their Nexus 6P would need. It’s affordable, easy to use, highly compatible, and also, quite comfortable. 

Which VR headset do you think is the best with the Nexus 6P? Let us know in the comments below. 


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