Best VR Headset for iPhone – Top 4 Reviews, In-Depth Buyer’s Guide, FAQs, & More

Over the past years, VR has moved on from consoles and PCs to smartphones. However, amidst all the hype, it can be hard to find the right virtual reality headsets for your phone. 

This is why in today’s post we’ll look into the best VR headset you can buy for an iPhone. Along with that, we’ll discuss various factors you need to keep in check before any purchase. 

But before that, let’s check our top VR devices.


Pansonite VR Headset

The Pansonite VR headset is designed specifically for iPhones. It is compatible with iPhone 8 and above. Besides that, it has built-in headphones for complete immersion. It also comes with a game controller for VR gaming. 

Runner Up

BNEXT VR Headset

The BNEXT VR headset is designed for a comfortable virtual reality experience. It has anti-blue light filters for eye protection. Moreover, you can also adjust lens position for better image quality. 

Also Great


GEARSONE VR headset made the list because of its lightweight build. It has soft cushions that reduce stress on your forehead. Besides that, it has adjustable head straps for a perfect fit. 

Best VR Headset for iPhone - Top 4 Reviews

#1: Best Overall VR Headset for iPhone - Pansonite VR Headset Review

Our team selected the Pansonite VR headset because of its numerous utilities. Unlike other VR headsets, Pansonite’s headset comes with built-in headphones. 

You can use it to watch HD videos and play games in crystal clear quality. Moreover, it has a remote controller for VR games. 

Does it act as a standalone VR device? 

Just like every other VR device for smartphones, you have to insert your phone inside it. The headset is compatible with iPhone 8 and models after it. 

Furthermore, you can adjust the focal lens as well. This feature is quite helpful if you have iPhone models 10 and 11. 

Factors to Consider Before You Decide to Buy Pansonite VR Headset

Size: The Pansonite headset is quite bulky in size. It is mainly because it has built-in headphones. Moreover, the adjustable head strap can be used to fit the headset perfectly. 

Lens Adjustment: We noticed that this iPhone VR headset comes with two separate buttons to adjust the focal distance. You can also use them to adjust the lens-eye distance.

Compatibility: We tested multiple VR apps and found them to be completely compatible with this headset. You can easily watch videos on YT and Netflix. 

Moreover, you can also play games like Asphalt with the wireless controller. 

Best Overall VR Headset for iPhone

The best overall VR headset for iPhone is the Pansonite VR Headset. You can use this virtual reality headset for videos and gaming. It has a handheld controller that you can use to navigate various apps. Moreover, it has blue light filter glasses for better image quality.

#2: Best Comfortable VR Headset for iPhone - BNEXT VR Headset Review

When it comes to VR headsets, comfort has no parallel. This is why we picked the VR headset from BNEXT. 

It comes with a combination of soft cushions and adjustable lenses. Moreover, you can adjust the head strap easily. 

Does it have any ventilation system?

We must also mention that BNEXT has designed their VR headset with ventilation holes on both sides. You can wear it for extended periods without any sweat.

Furthermore, the cushion pads are covered with absorbent fabric to keep your eyes and forehead free of any moisture. 

Factors to Consider Before You Decide to Buy BNEXT VR Headset

Size: In terms of size, we found this headset to be quite compact. It is mostly suited for users aged 14 and above. Moreover, it features velcro straps for extra grip. 

Lens Adjustment: We noticed that you can adjust the lens position with help of spring-based buttons mounted on the bottom of the headset. 

Furthermore, each lens can be adjusted separately for a better object to pupil distance. 

Compatibility: We tested and found that these VR goggles are compatible with screen sizes 4.3” to 6.3’’. You can easily fit iPhone X, XS, 8, 9, 11, and 11 Plus. 

Best Comfortable VR Headset for iPhone

The best comfortable VR headset for iPhone is the BNEXT VR Headset. This is because it has breathable foam that allows you to wear the headset for extended periods. Moreover, it has a velcro head strap for extra comfort.

#3: Best Lightweight VR Headset for iPhone - GEARSONE VR Headset Review

Lightweight VR headsets for iPhone are hard to come by. This is why our team handpicked the GEARSONE VR headset. 

It is made from light yet durable plastic. We also noticed that instead of fabric head straps, it uses rubber head straps for comfortable viewing. 

Does it have any control buttons?

The GEARSONE virtual reality headset features a magnetic button for quick release. Moreover, it has hand controls for each lens on the bottom of the headset. 

Furthermore, it has a 103-degrees field of view. You can watch high-quality videos without any disturbance. 

Factors to Consider Before You Decide to Buy GEARSONE VR Headset

Size: The GEARSONE VR headset weighs 0.93 pounds. Other than that, we found it to be quite average in size. It is not too bulky and not too small to hold iPhones. 

Lens Adjustment: One interesting feature we found about this headset is the dual adjustment. Along with the pupil distance, you can also change the focal distance.

This enables you to pair different phones with it easily.

Compatibility: For the compatibility aspect, we encountered no troubles with iPhone 8 and newer models.

It can easily fit screen sizes between 4.3’’ to 6.3’’. 

Best Lightweight VR Headset for iPhone

The best lightweight VR headset for iPhone is the GEARSONE VR Headset. You can wear this VR headset without any discomfort. It has soft cushion foams for your forehead and nose. Moreover, it features dual-lens adjustment for you to easily get a better viewing experience. 

#4: Best Remote Control VR Headset for iPhone - VeeR VR Headset Review

It can be quite a hassle to control your phone when it’s plugged into a VR headset. This is why we choose the VeeR VR headset. 

Unlike other VR headsets for iPhone, the VeeR VR headset comes with a remote controller. You can control volume, rewind/forward videos, and navigate various phone apps.

Why is a remote control better?

The answer to this is quite simple, convenience. The remote buttons replace hand controls. You don’t have to take out your phone every time you want to switch things up. 

You can simply do that with the press of a button. 

Factors to Consider Before You Decide to Buy VeeR VR Headset

Size: Compared to various other headsets, the VeeR headset is quite big in size. It weighs almost a pound due to added features like built-in headphones. 

Lens Adjustment: The VeeR headset comes with two adjustment options. You can change the lens and focal positions for a better immersive experience. 

Compatibility: We used multiple iPhone models and found no compatibility issues. The headset can easily fit iPhones with a screen size between 4.3” and 6’’.  

Best Remote Control VR Headset for iPhone

The best remote control VR headset for iPhone is the VeeR VR Headset. You can wear this VR headset without any discomfort. It has soft cushion foams for your forehead and nose. Moreover, it features dual-lens adjustment for you to easily get a better viewing experience. 

Buyers’ Guide

vr headset for iphone

It is quite easy to find VR headsets for iPhones but there are some key aspects you need to keep in mind. Let’s see what they are in detail: 


The first thing you want to look for in a virtual reality headset is compatibility. With the progression of VR technology, current headsets are compatible with most phones. 

However, you still need to check the compatibility in terms of size and control. Some phone apps require control buttons for volume and other features.

What type of size should I look for?

Any headset that is compatible with 4’’ to 6’’ screen size is good for you. Generally, it can fit iPhone 8 and models after it. 

Moreover, the compatibility aspect also lets you merge VR headsets with a different rig. For example, you can pair your headset with a laptop or a PC. 


Next factor is the price of your VR headset. You can find numerous cheap options on websites like Amazon. However, the price doesn’t always determine the quality. 

It is important to compare the price of devices with their features. This way, you can determine the balance between money and value. 

What is the optimal price range?

For iPhone VR headsets, your sweet spot should be between $25 to $50. Within this range, you can get a durable and high-performance iPhone VR headset. 

Lens Adjustment

One main problem many users face with this technology is the position of lenses. Many virtual reality headsets come with the option to adjust the lens in one way or another. 

We suggest that you get a virtual reality headset that comes with a dual-lens adjustment. It will enable you to change your phone position and also the focus of the lenses. 

Why is it important to have lens adjustment?

To put it simply, every phone has a different focus. So, in order to experience virtual reality to its full potential, you need a headset with lens adjustment. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We ventured on the internet to find some commonly asked questions. Let’s see what people ask about VR headsets.

Can I use controllers with a Vr headset?

You can only enjoy dual controller experiences with dedicated VR headsets like Oculus Quest 2. Whereas, for normal headsets, controllers aren’t usually compatible. You can still use a separate controller but you might face compatibility issues. 

How should clean the lens glasses?

You can simply clean the lens glasses with a clean piece of fabric. Make sure the cloth piece is dry and has no dust on it. You can also use a liquid cleaning agent to remove any stains. Furthermore, make sure that you do it gently.

What games are compatible with VR headsets?

Almost every game that has a VR option is compatible with a VR headset device. Moreover, there are so many phone apps that require a controller, so you have to keep that in mind as well. 

Are VR headsets rechargeable?

The only VR headsets that can be charged are the ones that have built-in LCD panels or headphones. Otherwise, you can just fit your phone inside and it is good to go. For charging, purposes, you’ll only need a USB Type-C charger. 

What sort of head strap is good for VR headsets?

Generally, any nylon-based head strap is good for a VR headset. But if you want to use the headset for long periods, it is good to get one with rubber straps. They are comfortable and don’t put a lot of stress on your head. 

Final Verdict

After careful testing of every single VR device, our team has decided that the Pansonite VR headset is the best option. 

You can use this VR headset for complete immersion. It has built-in headphones with ideal quality. Besides that, it has a remote control for VR gaming. You can also adjust the lens distance with individual buttons. 

This brings us to the finish line of our review on the best VR headset for iPhone. Do let us know which headset is your favorite in the comments section. 


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