Best VR Cooking Games – Best 5 Picks, Pros, Cons, FAQs & More

Cooking games is a good pastime for many people and can also be a good educational tool for some. With VR, that experience is enhanced to a good degree. 

However, there are many games in the genre that are subpar and not up to the mark. So to help you, our team picked out the best games that they could find. 

We’ve ranked them from the best to the worst, along with guidelines. So, we hope this article helps you make an informed decision.


Cook-Out: A Sandwich Tale

In this game, you get to occupy an otherworldly environment that is loaded with hungry animals needing food. We would suggest you play this game in multiplayer mode to bring companions along. If you are looking for complex levels and interesting in-game creatures, this might be a good choice for you. 

Runner Up

Clash of Chefs

Conflict of Chefs VR offers VR interaction where you can test yourself against pre-recorded or live players to see who can make beverages, burgers, and pasta the quickest. We liked the different levels it provides. Moreover, with orders coming in at a fast speed, you will have fun playing it. 

Also Great

Cooking Simulator VR

This game revolves around the goal of becoming an ultimate chef. The fun part is that you can use the cuisine you want to master. We were impressed at how this game offers more than 80 levels. You can play it in a single-player mode and can shift to multi-player mode once you reach the advanced 

Now that we have reviewed the best ones, let’s look into detailed reviews of each.

Best VR Cooking Games - Top 5 Reviews

#1: Best Immersive VR Cooking Game - Cook-Out: A Sandwich Tale Review

If you like playing multiplayer cooking games that involve exciting levels and missions, you might enjoy playing this VR game.  

This is a multiplayer-centered game that will require you and your companions to coordinate under progressively distressing circumstances to make sandwiches for restless clients.

As you keep playing, each new level adds more difficulty and challenging situations. We enjoyed the participation of up to 4 players. 

However,  few players will just have select fixings in their refrigerators, expecting you to speak with different players to ensure everybody has what they need.

 It tends to be tense and troublesome.

Factors to Consider Before you Decide to Buy Cook-Out: A Sandwich Tale

Cooking: The cooking process would be easier for you if you’re familiar with such games. You need to put the fixings down aligned correctly and stack them perfectly utilizing your VR controllers. That implies you truly make squeezing movements with the controller to get things and afterward let go of them to put them on the plate.

Gameplay: The gameplay is fun, exciting, and a little challenging as the game proceeds.  

Onions should be slashed, dishes scoured and plates lined up with both accuracy and proper organization.

Affordability: Cook-Out: A Sandwich Tale is accessible now on Oculus Quest and Oculus Rift for a very cheap price. 

Graphics: The graphics in the game are fantasy fun, adorable and oversimplified. Examining the room, you can see chimneys with arms and interesting photographs of sandwiches on the wall. There is zero violence. This is an incredible game for more youthful or even older players.

Multiplayer: It is a multiplayer game that can add up to 4 players for a single gameplay mission. There’s not only a bunch of party modes set up here but a full, multi-hour crusade across three principal regions with a solid number of levels, each with three separate stages to play.

Best Immersive VR Cooking Game

The best immersive VR cooking game is Cook-Out: A Sandwich Tale because it has lots of content to offer, along with fifty plus levels. Additionally, the controls and comfort were amazing.

#2: Best Multiplayer VR Cooking Game - Clash of Chefs Review

Clash of Chefs VR takes the deep-rooted reason of many preparing games and plans food with progressively complex fixings and strategies. 

All this needs to be done at a fast pace since the clients are eager and impatient. There are four kitchens with various foods, American, Italian, Japanese, and Mexican.

There’s a considerable amount of content for every kitchen, and there’s a multiplayer mode too, where you are set in opposition to other people and can toss blades or plates at your rival gourmet specialists to disturb them.

Clash of Chefs is a strong passage in the rundown, yet it brings nothing especially new to the class. In any case, assuming that you need something straightforward, this may be your go-to.

Factors to Consider Before you Decide to Buy Clash of Chefs

Cooking: As clients enter your eatery, orders will show up, presenting new dishes and parts as the speed and the quick environment. The more it takes you to finish a request, the lower your score, so you need to be quick.

If you forget about a dish for a really long time, it will ruin or go cold, and you’ll need to start from the very beginning once more.

Gameplay: Clash of Chefs VR is as direct in its idea as a cooking game can be. The gameplay requires no complex understanding. However, you need to be fast with your order attempts to score more.

Affordability: It’s very cheap and affordable since it is a simple game with colorful visuals and minimalist presentation.

Graphics: Every eatery is conveyed in an unmistakable, animation-like design that is completely practical, like an actual restaurant.

The main graphical component in any cooking game is the means by which effectively the visual language can be scattered while moving at speed, and Clash of Chefs does that well overall.

Multiplayer: Conflict of Chefs likewise dispatches with a PvP multiplayer mode which, for some, will be good to beat all cake. Culinary experts will fight continuously to see who can speed through their orders the quickest.

Best Multiplayer VR Cooking Game

The best multiplayer VR cooking game is Clash of Chefs because it has the most intuitive and accessible cooking, along with being affordable, it delivers on many factors like giving comfort food.

#3: Best Enjoyable VR Cooking Game - Cooking Simulator VR Review

Cooking Simulator will fulfill your dream of becoming a chef with its realistic workspace equipped with a variety of utensils and appliances. 

We were impressed with the wide range of recipes this game provides. You can unlock and try these recipes as you reach higher levels. 

There’s a lifelong mode and a sandbox mode. Profession mode will see you open an eatery and progressively travel through a choice of dishes, bringing in cash to purchase new things and update your arrangement.

Factors to Consider Before you Decide to Buy Cooking Simulator VR

Cooking: The cooking options are exciting with a wide range of recipes and dishes. You need to have prior knowledge about ingredients and food items so you don’t mess up while cooking. 

Pulling the food away from the cooking source at some unacceptable time can prompt punishments when your food is reviewed. 

Gameplay: You get to try different things with many dishes utilizing a large number of fixings. However, the game is actually about the consistent hands and time usage you’ll have to make them.

Affordability: It is very affordable, Cooking Simulator VR gives players access to goof off and  have fun but also learn recipes in the comfort of a virtual kitchen. 

Graphics: Flipping raw steaks are so fulfilling, yet the wiggle of physics will have you enchanted. Furthermore, you can get a couple of utensils and claim to be a culinary specialist as a reward. 

Multiplayer: Unfortunately, there is no multiplayer mode for this game. However, there are other modes like career mode for more challenging gameplay.

Best Enjoyable VR Cooking Game

The most enjoyable VR cooking game is Cooking Simulator VR because it provides with excellent graphics that are aesthetically pleasing to the eye and the gameplay isn’t tense which is unlike other cooking games since this means you can have fun. 

#4: Best Satisfying VR Cooking Game - Lost Recipes Review

This game is definitely not like the usual cooking games. You will be a ghost chef, cooking the most loved dishes of different ghosts.

The game involves you preparing recipes and dishes from different eras and parts of the world. Moreover, you also have to assist by passing on clients’ conventional recipes making sure that they stay alive.

We were thrilled with the unique and fun storyline of this game. Furthermore, this game gives you a chance to combine different cuisines together to make your own menu. 

If you enjoy playing games with unconventional setups and levels, this will serve you a Funtime. 

Factors to Consider Before you Decide to Buy Lost Recipes

Cooking: This game involves cooking different ancient cuisines and gives you the opportunity of creating your very own menu by mixing different recipes together. 

Gameplay: The gameplay is simple yet fun. It comprises interesting cuisines from different places around the world. 

Graphics: It provides a kind of food symbolism as you watch your dish show some signs of life at every turn. As you get to the end and even during cooking, you might encounter some food sources that you might not have seen previously. 

Multiplayer: Unfortunately, it does not have any multiplayer. However, you can learn different dishes from around the globe.

Best Satisfying VR Cooking Game

The best satisfying VR cooking game is Lost Recipes because it creates a calm, relaxing experience within which players can find small moments of zen.

#5: Best Produced VR Cooking Game - Job Simulator Review

This is one of the most seasoned VR games on this rundown, dating as far as possible back to delivery on the first Vive headset in 2016. It’s likewise not in fact a full cooking game all by itself.

Job Simulator sees you take on modest errands across a couple of levels set in various workplaces. These include a vehicle mechanics shop, a general store, an exhausting office workspace, and, in particular, behind the barbecue at an eatery.

That last level lands Position Simulator a spot on this rundown. It’s essentially the first cooking game for VR, one of the first to beautify us with its presence.

Factors to Consider Before you Decide to Buy Job Simulator

Cooking: As a Gourmet Chef, you will take food orders from benefactors and make food things like sandwiches, shakes, and cakes, and put out flames. 

At a certain point, an extraordinary visitor comes in wanting a tune to be played on the boombox as you set up an engagement feast where you will conceal a ring in.

Gameplay: In Job Simulator, you take on a task in one of four positions: Gourmet Chef, Office Worker, Convenience Store Clerk, and Automotive Mechanic. Each occupation has an assortment of mission-based undertakings.

Affordability: By and large, Job Simulator is a charming encounter, however, its short length and, to some degree, low replay esteem limit its enduring allure. However, it is still an affordable game. 

Graphics: The designs look great, and cooperating in this environment is simple. Do make sure that you have sufficient free space around you. We have to knock others and gadgets while playing Job Simulator.

Multiplayer: Unfortunately, the game has no multiplayer mode; it relies solely on single-player gameplay and is known to have gags of fun and giggles with silly jokes inside, which increase its replayability.

Best Produced VR Cooking Game

The best produced VR cooking game is Job Simulator because it’s a great virtual reality experience for those who are new to playing with virtual reality headsets.

Buyers’ Guide

cooking game


Have you ever longed to deal with your own café, a popular food truck, or even an extravagant bar? Fear not! 

These cooking games have got you covered.

Cook food, get the beverages ready, and manage the pressure behind and before the counter, regardless of the event that your client is a samurai or a zombie!

With the VR innovation, we have today, one can really figure out how to cook from a certain point of view, and presumably end up proficient enough to have the option to pull it off in reality.


Virtual reality gaming is the utilization of a three-layered (three-dimensional) counterfeit climate to PC games.

As far as the gameplay of cooking games is concerned, it should be visually pleasing and exciting yet a bit challenging. 


From the shopper side, VR is a fresh new innovation. Regularly the primary emphasis is on items that are costly and defective. VR is no special case.

You can expect in the following 3-5 years VR will be substantially more reasonable. Most likely, evening out around 250-300 bucks.

However, VR cooking games are available at affordable prices and there’s a wide variety of options you can choose from. 


Graphics play an important role in VR games. The stronger the graphics are, the more connected you will feel with the virtual world. 

The graphics are a significant variable, intelligence is basic, and precise movements and lighting are a must all while making the game run smooth like butter.


The main thing that would improve it is involving newer people to be a part of your gameplay.

You can assume command over a starship, play a collectible game, or obliterate zombies with individual VR devotees.

The games on this rundown permit you to partake in all that VR offers with companions and different players around the world. 

Will you cooperate or attempt to beat different players? Following is a list of games you could play and enjoy with other people.

  1. Phasmophobia
  2. Walkabout Mini Golf VR
  3. Beat Saber
  4. Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes
  5. Gorilla Tag

Final Verdict

Have a fabulous time in the kitchen without the wreck when you play VR cooking games.

We suggest Cook-Out: A Sandwich Tale since a phenomenal story happens in a cook’s lodge in the woodland inside a fantasy.

Release your internal gourmet expert and look at probably the best VR cooking games accessible on the Quest and Rift Platforms.

Hope you enjoyed it and let us know your thoughts down below.


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