Best VR Chat Worlds – Top 4 Reviews, FAQs. Buyers’ Guide & More

VRChat worlds are filled with interesting landscapes and realistic depictions of many popular locations. However, it can be tough to decide which VR world you should visit. 

This is why in today’s post, we’ll review the top VRChat worlds you can explore. Moreover, we’ll also discuss the pros and cons of these VR worlds. 

Let’s check our top 3 picks first. 


Japan Shrine

This world is a take on Japan’s medieval architecture. It has cherry blossom trees and soothing scenery. Moreover, it has traditional rooms where you can relax and spend your free time.

Runner Up

Void Club

Void Club is a virtual world that comes with a wide variety of interactive elements. It has multiple different worlds in the form of nightclubs. Moreover, it also supports up to four players for couch or online play.  

Also Great

Room of Summer Solitude

This VRChat world offers a break from real life. It has unique worlds where you can sit, rest, and sleep. Moreover, you can also disable other avatars and spend time in complete solitude at an iconic location. 

Best VRChat Worlds - Top 4 Reviews

#1: Best Overall VRChat World - Japan Shrine Review

The original Japan Shrine is a virtual reality world that comes with many iconic medieval elements of Japan. We chose this virtual world because of its soothing aesthetic. 

You can search for it in the World’s tab and jump right into it. Besides that, it also offers a distant view of places like Mount Fuji. 

Factors to Consider Before you Decide to Get Japan Shrine

Aesthetic: We found the overall virtual reality environment of the Japan Shrine to be quite peaceful. It has ambient noise to match the beautiful scenery.  

Multiplayer: Japan Shrine comes with the option to interact with players online. However, you can also choose to go in solo. 

Price: Just like every other VRChat world, Japan Shrine is free of cost. You can simply select it and experience this unique game mode.  

Best Overall VRChat World

The best overall VRChat world is the Japan Shrine. This is because you can sit back and relax in a comfortable environment. Moreover, it also has the feature to include only a few players to increase immersion. 

#2: Best Interactive VRChat World - Void Club Review

Next on our list of VRChat worlds is Void Club. We picked it because it features the aesthetic of a nightclub with a dance floor with hints of peculiar science fiction style.

You can join other avatars dancing, sitting, or simply hanging around the bar. Moreover, it also has specific areas for VIP clients.  

Factors to Consider Before you Decide to Get Void Club

Aesthetic: Void club features a wide variety of different aesthetics. You can visit multiple floors and check which atmosphere fits your mood.  

Multiplayer: We found that Void Club is an entirely social space. You can interact and chat with other players. 

Price: The base access to this VR world is free. However, you can pay to get access to VIP areas which include various perks.  

Best Interactive VRChat World

The best interactive VRChat world is the Void Club because you can hang around in a virtual nightclub. It also comes with interactive actions like dancing. Moreover, you can also access special areas to hang out with your friends. 

#3: Best Immersive VRChat World - Room of Summer Solitude Review

Our team selected this new world in VRChat because of its player-less environment. The Room of Summer Solitude is a solo world where you can hang out in peace. 

Furthermore, we also noticed that it has life-like landscapes. The overall texture quality is high compared to other worlds. 

Factors to Consider Before you Decide to Get Room of Summer Solitude

Aesthetic: The overall aesthetic of this VRChat world is designed to lift up your mood. Moreover, it has different scenic views with pale blue sky and large cities in the distance.   

Multiplayer: This VR world doesn’t feature multiplayer. The whole design is based on peace and solitude.  

Price: We found that the entire VR world of Summer Solitude is free. You can simply jump into it and enjoy your time.  

Best Immersive VRChat World

The best immersive VRChat world is the Room of Summer Solitude because you can access this world without any players in it. You can go on a floating island or simply rest and sleep in a bean bag chair. 

#4: Best Social VRChat World - The Black Cat Review

VRChat worlds are not all about popular worlds with mini-games. We picked this VR world because it offers social interaction with other avatars. 

You can hang around with other people in a nice restaurant and talk to each other. Moreover, it also has a classic pub with AI bartenders. 

Factors to Consider Before you Decide to Get The Black Cat

Aesthetic: The entire aesthetic of this VR world is based on a restaurant. It has ambient music, dim lights, and a sitting arrangement as well.    

Multiplayer: We found that every element of this VR world is based on multiplayer. You can interact and talk to other players easily.   

Price: Black Cat is a free VR world for every user. You can simply access it from the worlds tab. 

Best Social VRChat World

The best social VRChat world is the Black Cat because you can interact with other players freely. Moreover, it has various immersive elements to light up your conversations. Other than that, it also has the option of a bar. 

Buyers’ Guide

vr chat world


VRChat worlds have a long list of unique environments you can choose from. Some of them are based on real-life elements while some offer fantasy elements.  

Before you jump into a new world, try to look for its description. This way, it’ll be easier for you to adapt to new worlds. 

Can I find anything related to VRChat worlds on YouTube?

We must also mention that you can find countless videos on various popular worlds. These videos showcase various important aspects of these worlds in detail.


The next factor to keep in check is the multiplayer feature. For some peace and solitude is the sweet spot. While on the other hand, some prefer to co-op adventure with a friend. 

It all depends on your personal preference. We must mention that most of the VRChat worlds have the multiplayer option enabled by default. 

Are there any VR worlds without multiplayer?

Yes, of course. You can also find multiple VRChat worlds that can only be accessed by people on your friend list. 


Lastly, you need to check the price of VR chat worlds. Even though most of them are free, you can still pay for extra features. 

As a rule of thumb, you should test out free VR chat worlds before you decide to purchase one. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does the VRChat game continue after I disconnect?

Once you log off from a world in VRChat, the game goes back to the starting point. You can start a new story in a different world from scratch. Moreover, VRChat doesn’t kick you out from the world if you happen to fall asleep. 

Where can I get costumes for my avatar?

There is a specific VRChat world named Costume Museum. You can head over there and choose any costume for your character. Furthermore, there is also a non-stop costume party in this world where people show off their custom-made costumes. 

How do I access the VR chat option?

You can find the chat option in your settings tab. It has options for audio and text chat. You can either set your mic to open or push-to-talk. Moreover, all of your text chat appears over the head of your avatar. 

Final Verdict

After a careful judgment of the pros and cons, we have concluded that the Japan Shrine is the best VRChat World. 

Japan Shrine offers a virtual place for you to hang out and admire the scenery. It has an interactive environment with massive social space. Moreover, you can invite your friends from other worlds as well. 

Which VRChat worlds are your favorite to visit? Do let us know in the comments below. 


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