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You will agree with us when we say that finding and selecting a fine Vintage speaker can be very hectic and time-consuming.

It can get quite complex for a new person looking through several options available on the market.

To streamline your decision process, we have reviewed a couple of Vintage speakers to figure out their strengths and weaknesses.

In this post, you can find some of the best Vintage speakers along with an in-depth guide and some frequently asked questions.


Designed to be compact, you’ll be amazed at how easy it is to carry this speaker around. It equipped with all the modern features of a Bluetooth speaker 

Runner Up

Shaped like the old-school speakers, it is a blend of both old and new technology. You’ll be surprised by the number of features it has inside it.

Also Great

You will be extremely pleased by this speaker’s modern features and retro design. Made to fit right in your living space, its aesthetics are eye-catching.

Best Vintage Speakers Under $500- Top 8 Reviews

#1. Best Overall Vintage Speakers Under 500 - Marshall Stanmore Review

If you are looking for a speaker that has the best combination of old-school design and modern features then this speaker is for you. It mixes both aspects with perfection.

After using it for a while, we concluded that it upheld the trademark Marshall speakers’ standard. It has an extremely durable exterior that can withstand fall impacts and shocks.

We should also mention that it has multiple input options. You can connect your devices via Bluetooth or an AUX cord. This highly contributes to the versatility of the speaker.

Furthermore, it also has RCA connectivity. This enables you to connect old devices such as record players and cassette players with your speaker.

Features of  Stanmore:

  • Highly durable
  • Water and dust resistant
  • Highly portable
  • Great sound quality
  • Multiple input options

Best Overall Vintage Speaker

The Best Overall Vintage Speaker is the Marshall Stanmore. It is designed to look retro themed with all the modern features of a speaker. You can connect multiple devices with it using Bluetooth or AUX cable. You can also move it around easily due to its compact size.

#2. Best Sound Output Vintage Speakers Under 500 - Klipsch RB-51 II Review

A mix of vintage studio speakers and a modern home speaker, this speaker is built to serve more than a single purpose. Its versatility is only limited to your imagination.

We subjected this speaker to multiple tests on different volumes and found that it showed no signs of distortion. Hence, it can perform consistently from low to high-frequency output.

The titanium lined dome tweeter inside this speaker makes it highly durable. You can play music for extended periods without any sort of fatigue or drop in sound quality.

It also has a ceramic woofer inside it. It means that you can easily project a wide variety of musical effects with an organic quality.

Features of RB-51 II:

  • Highly durable exterior
  • Heavy-duty tweeter and woofer
  • Lightweight
  • Convenient installation
  • Great power-handling

Best Sound Output Vintage Speaker

The Best Sound Output Vintage Speaker is the Klipsch RB-51 II because it has the perfect balance between a studio and home speaker. It is designed to look like an old-school speaker with modern hardware inside it. You can easily install it inside your house and connect it with your home devices.

#3. Best Bluetooth Vintage Speakers Under 500 - Edifier S1000DB Review

This speaker is a modern powerhouse with an old-school look. It has all the features you need in a bookshelf speaker.

Because of its multiple input options, you can easily connect multiple devices at the same time. You can connect your devices by using Bluetooth, AUX, and optical connection.

It has 2-way speaker hardware inside it. After using it for some time, we determined that the dome tweeter inside it worked flawlessly to generate high-quality audio output.

The high-end 5.5” woofer produces deeper and organic sounding bass effects. This speaker makes sure that you hear everything you play from your devices.

Features of S1000DB:

  • Full Range of musical effects
  • Built-in bass driver
  • Factory-made Dome Tweeter
  • High output
  • Low power consumption

Best Bluetooth Vintage Speakers

The Best Bluetooth Vintage Speakers are the Edifier S1000DB. It has a good looking vintage style paired with high-end modern features. It can easily output low to high range audios. You can use it as a home audio bookshelf speaker or an outdoor speaker depending on your requirements.

#4. Best Wooden Design Vintage Speakers Under 500 - Swans M3A Review

Styled with a wooden finish, this speaker has all the features you desire in a vintage speaker. It has multiple sound drivers inside it which produce a variety of sound effects.

We should mention that it has many input options you can use to connect your devices with it. It provides the utility of Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, LAN, and AUX cable input.

The 2-way hardware inside it enables it to produce deeper sounding audio output. This is done by the mid-range tweeter equipped inside this speaker.

After running it through multiple tests, we found no signs of sound distortion and speaker fatigue. Hence, you can easily use this speaker for long periods.

Features of M3A:

  • Great performance
  • Organic music effects
  • Good power handling
  • Multiple input options
  • Stable frequency response

Best Wooden Design Vintage Speaker

The Best Wooden Design Vintage Speaker is the Swans M3A. It has a fine wooden structure paired with a high-end 2-way speaker. You can use it to project clear sound output without any distortion or disturbance. It also elevates the overall look of your living space.

#5. Best Paired Vintage Speakers Under 500 - Bestisan SR01 Review

This bookshelf vintage speaker is designed to look elegant and sleek. This speaker can easily fit in your living space and elevate its overall look.

We should mention that this speaker comes with a Bluetooth 5.0 version. This enables you to connect all sorts of new Android, iOS, laptops, and tablets with your bookshelf speakers.

The full range dome tweeter unit inside this speaker is suitable for all sorts of audio outputs. Hence, it can easily generate music, movies, and dialogues with clarity.

After using this bookshelf speaker with its dedicated remote control, we were pleased with how it worked seamlessly with it. There was no delay between the speaker and the remote.

Features of SR01:

  • Sleek and stylish design
  • High-quality studio speakers
  • Multiple sound modes
  • High output bass drivers
  • Great frequency response

Best Paired Vintage Speaker

The Best Paired Vintage Speaker is the Bestisan SR01 Speaker. It is because this speaker is very easy to pair with your devices and other identical speakers. You can use your smart devices to play your choice of music. It also has the latest Bluetooth version installed in it.

#6. Best Bass Vintage Speakers Under 500 - JBL Studio 230 Review

This pair of bookshelf speakers from JBL is equipped with multiple bass and sound drivers for optimal performance. Therefore, it can produce a wide variety of deep sounding music effect.

Apart from it, this pair also has a great frequency response. It enables you to get the best sound quality on every single volume level.

We should also mention that this speaker has a cinema-grade sound balance. It means that every sound you hear is highly optimized and projected how it exactly should be.

When it comes to the design of this pair of speakers, we were highly pleased with how JBL managed to transform a classic speaker design into a futuristic-looking shape.

Features of Studio 230:

  • Great frequency response
  • Multiple bass drivers
  • Sleek design
  • Good rubber pads
  • High-quality sound output

Best Bass Vintage Speaker

The Best Bass Vintage Speaker is the JBL Studio 230 because it has high-quality cinema-grade speakers inside it. You can use it for music or movies. It can project audio with great clarity on all volume levels. Plus the sleek design makes it great as your indoor speakers.

#7. Best Budget Vintage Speakers Under 500 - Polk Audio RTI A1 Review

This pair of vintage bookshelf speakers are made from real wood. Hence, it has a very authentic finish to it. It also has a fine paint job to complement the overall build.

After multiple durability tests, we found out that this speaker has an exceptional ferrofluid cooling system paired with a heavy-duty heatsink. 

Although this speaker is compact and cheap in price, it can easily produce high-quality sounds for long periods and can handle abuse efficiently.

It also has a silk dome tweeter equipped inside it. It enables the speaker high-quality audio for your listening experience.

Features of RTI A1:

  • High-quality wood build
  • Durable dome tweeter
  • Great power handling
  • Balanced frequency response
  • Heavy-duty heatsink

Best Budget Vintage Speaker

The Best Vintage Speaker is the Polk Audio RTI A1. This pair of bookshelf speakers from Polk Audio has all the best features you need on a budget. It has high-quality hardware inside it which can perform and output consistent audio without any drop in quality.

#8. Best Design Vintage Speakers Under 500 - ELAC Debut B5.2 Speaker Review

If you are looking for a pair of bookshelf speakers then this speaker has all the things you need. It has a minimalist design with fine sharp edges to elevate the look of your living area.

After using it with multiple amplifiers, we concluded that this pair is easy to connect with almost every amplifier. It also works perfectly with third party appliances.

The internal hardware of this speaker is mounted to reduce any unwanted vibrations. Because of this, these bookshelf speakers are highly resistant to any internal damage.

The great frequency response on this speaker allows it to produce accurate and organic sounds. We were specifically pleased by its bass and treble output.

Features of Debut B5.2:

  • Stylish modern design
  • Front ports 
  • Built-in dome tweeter
  • Individual bass driver
  • Compact build

Best Design Vintage Speaker

The Best Design Vintage Speaker is the ELAC Debut B5.2 because it is specifically designed to enhance the look of your setup. It is highly convenient to install and use. You can use it for music and movie purposes. It has great bass drivers for crisp sound quality.

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Buying Guide

  • Build Quality:

The build quality of a bookshelf speaker directly contributes to the sound quality and its performance. It also impacts the longevity and durability of a speaker. A good build quality speaker is more likely to last longer than a cheap build quality speaker.

The way it affects the speaker is by mitigating minor internal and external factors. You can observe that a powerful speaker of this type produces a lot of vibrations. A good quality speaker protects the internal hardware from such unwanted vibrations.

Not only does it protect the insides, but it also provides protection from external factors such as dust, UV rays, and moisture. It enables your speaker to last longer in different conditions and makes sure it doesn’t lose any of its appearance points. 

  • Speaker Performance:

These types of bookshelf speakers are designed for people who are looking for something extra in their product. A normal speaker can go just as loud and produce just as many sound effects. However, it’s the quality of those sound effects that matter.

For us, the deepness and the sharpness of these audio effects are quite important. It is important to look out for hardware that has good power handling paired with good frequency response. This way you’ll be able to understand every little detail in your audio output.

Speakers with a good frequency response range are able to generate identical audio effects on low and high volumes. This also impacts the overall performance of your speakers. Furthermore, it increases the longevity of your speakers.

  • Input Options:

When it comes to bookshelf speakers, they are meant to be used in a variety of fashion. Some people prefer wired input while on the other hand, some prefer using it wirelessly. It comes down to your personal preference for how you want to operate this device.

We personally recommend having at least 2 input options. Even though, the more the better. But having two different input choices makes your life easier and increases the versatility of your speakers.

Having multiple input options sort of acts as a backup for each other. In an unlikely circumstance one of them stops working, you can always use the other one to keep your speakers going.

  • Power-Handling:

Bookshelf speakers are designed to be used as the home studio or home theatre speakers. This means that these speakers are supposed to be subjected to a lot of abuse and consistent use over long periods.

Selecting a speaker that has good power-handling can prove beneficial for you in the longer run. A speaker with great power handling ensures that your hardware gets an even stream of current and protects it from any sort of electrical surges.

Furthermore, it impacts the sound quality of your speakers. An even power stream to the speakers means that they can project sound without any distortions on different volume levels. Apart from this, it also protects your speakers from overheating.

  • Speaker Design:

There are multiple types of speaker hardware designs in general. Bookshelf speakers are made in a variety of these ways. Some of these speakers are made in a 2-way design while some of them are made from a 3-way design.

A 2-way speaker means that it has its own built-in dome tweeter. It allows your speaker to produce high-quality sound effects without the need for an amplifier. However, an amplifier is recommended but it is not an absolute necessity.

On the other hand, a 3-way speaker has the same concept as a 2-way speaker but it is paired with an additional woofer inside it. It acts as an individual bass driver to produce a wide variety of music and cinematic sound effects.

  • Price:

Price is a very important factor which determines a lot of things regarding your choice of speakers. Although a high priced speaker ensures that you get top tier quality in every department, it doesn’t mean that you should overlook mid-range priced speakers.

A high priced speaker charges you for its eye-pleasing aesthetics and high-quality hardware. A fair-priced speaker on the other hand might lack in one of those areas. It is good practice to search for a speaker that has high performing hardware.

We recommend that you look for a speaker that has a pair of high-performance speakers and a durable outer casing. This way you’ll get a great sounding speaker that can easily stand the test of time and might even save you some bucks.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do vintage speakers have FM radio features?

Many of the modern speakers don’t come with the features of FM radio. It isn’t demanded a lot in the market. Hence, many manufacturers do not go the extra mile to add it to their products. But there are still a number of brands that do provide this feature. To make sure that your speakers have FM Radio compatibility, read the product description of your speakers.

How important is it to have a vibration-resistant vintage speaker?

Most of the vintage speakers have their own woofers installed inside them for organic audio output. Because of this, they produce a variety of strong and weak vibrations. In the short run, they might not affect your speaker at all but in the longer run, they can seriously damage your speaker coils, speaker magnet, and the woofer itself. We suggest that you buy a speaker which has some sort of vibration protection installed inside or under it. Vibration absorbing pads are the best for this purpose.

Can vintage speakers be mounted on stands or walls?

It is fairly easy to mount vintage speakers on either walls or pole stands. The majority of the speakers come with empty mount bracket space on the backside in case you decide to mount them on a wall. They are usually mounted by using a couple of 4-head Phillips screws. However, due to their weight, we highly suggest using strong wall brackets or highly stable pole mounts.

What is the difference between Vintage and Bookshelf speakers?

Vintage speakers are basically a sub-type of bookshelf speakers. They are essentially the same thing besides their design. Vintage speakers are styled in old-school fashion to give a 70’s-80’s feel. Besides that, they almost have the same concept, same hardware, and same utility. It is important to note that every vintage speaker is a bookshelf speaker but not every bookshelf speaker is a vintage speaker. 

Do vibrations interfere with my speaker’s audio output?

The internal vibrations generated by speakers greatly impacts the final sound output you hear. Most of the time the sound gets distorted. It also poses a great threat to the speaker’s casing and the hardware installed inside it. We highly recommend using vibration-absorbing surface or vibration absorbing pads along with your speaker in order to minimize the risk of internal damage. 

What is a good Bluetooth range for vintage speakers?

Many of the vintage speakers do not offer the Bluetooth feature. However, some of the brands which provide this feature make sure that it is equipped with the latest version of it. Since these speakers are meant to be used indoors, a Bluetooth range of up to 20 meters is more than sufficient.  

Are Vintage speakers waterproof?

No, the majority of the vintage speakers are not designed to be waterproof and it is not recommended to use them close to a liquid source. They are a highly sensitive piece of technology and should be handled with care. We also recommend covering your speakers with a protective layer against dust.

How complex is it to install a vintage speaker?

The wiring and installation of a vintage speaker are quite similar to a normal speaker. You just need a pair of high-grade PVC covered wires and a pair of pliers. The user manuals are pretty straightforward. However, you might need some professional assistance if you are planning to hook up your speakers with an additional amplifier or some other non-conventional sound device.

Are vintage speakers heavy?

It depends on the build material and design of the vintage speaker. Some of these speakers are made from PVC materials and have a 2-way dome tweeter inside which makes them lightweight. On the other hand, some of them are made from genuine wood and a 3-way speaker hardware which causes a significant increase in weight. It also makes the speaker quite difficult to handle and move around.

Final Verdict

Selecting and purchasing a fine pair of vintage speakers can provide you with a lot of long term benefits regarding your music and cinematic experience.

After using and testing numerous items available on the market, we have decided that the Marshall Stanmore is the best Vintage Speaker under $500. It has a sturdy and rugged exterior which is paired with a powerful speaker inside it. It can flawlessly perform on every single volume level providing you with crystal clear sound effects. The build material used in this speaker is highly resistant to any sort of internal or external damage. 

With this, we come to the end of your review on Best Vintage Speakers under $500.

Do let us know which vintage speaker you think is the best?

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