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Modern audio technologies are rapidly trending throughout the world. One of these technologies gave rise to vibration speakers. Vibration speakers duplicate the sound waves providing you with a rich audio output.

However, selecting a good-quality speaker can be a tough grind. 

In this article, we will help you find the best vibration speaker according to your need and want. Let’s have a deeper look into the specifications, benefits, and technical details of some top-rated speakers in the market. 

Top Pick

This portable mini-sized speaker boasts 360-degree sound diffusion, built-in microphone and a vacuum base for fixed placement. It’s very convenient to use and quite sturdy too.

Runner Up

vibe tribe

Coming with a sleek design, this speaker comes with a strong vibration core, wireless connectivity and long battery life. It’s great for outdoor as well as indoor use. 

Also Great

This portable speaker comes with a vibrating subwoofer, universal compatibility and high-quality audio dynamics. It looks great and it’s very easy to use as well. 

Best Vibration Speakers - Top 3 Reviews

These were our top picked vibration speakers and now we will give detailed descriptions about their features and specifications.

#1: Best Ultra-compact Vibration Speaker - Vibe-tribe Troll Mini Vibration Speaker Review

The Vibe-tribe Troll Mini is a 3 watt strong portable vibration speaker that spreads noise on the surface with the 360 degree sound diffusion. 

It provides you with the latest wireless Bluetooth connection which provides a wide compatibility range with multiple media player devices. It supports A2DP, AVRCP and HFP for the general remote control functions. 

You can enjoy music for a long time with its integrated lithium metal battery. If you want microphone functions for your important calls or conference leads then this speaker will be a suitable choice for you. It provides you with an in-built microphone that is equipped with an echo cancellation feature.

Features of Vibe-tribe Troll Mini Vibration Speaker

  • 360 degree audio diffusion
  • Resonance technology 
  • Vacuum base 
  • 4.0 Bluetooth connection 
  • Built-in microphone

Best Ultra-compact Vibration Speaker

The best ultra-compact vibration speaker is Vibe-tribe Troll Mini Vibration Speaker because it provides you a decent package of portability, widespread production of sound waves and easy wireless connection. If you are looking for an affordable vibration speaker with good audio dynamics then this might be a suitable choice for you.

#2. Best Touch-panel Vibration Speaker - Vibe-tribe Mamba Bluetooth Vibration Speaker Review

The Vibe-tribe Mamba Bluetooth vibration speaker is an 18W powered speaker with high definition sound and multiple audio features. 

Its powerful sound quality and wide dispersion will replace your traditional speaker set. If you want a stereo sound effect, you can connect multiple Mamba speakers using the chain connection system. 

The advanced Bluetooth technology comes with NFC (near field communication) feature that allows you a fast-connect with the compatible media player devices. Along with all the features, it provides you with an elegant and sleek design that will fit-in perfectly with your room aesthetics.

Features of Vibe-tribe Mamba Bluetooth Vibration Speaker

  • Powerful vibration production
  • 18 Watt sound power 
  • Daisy chain system 
  • High-response microphone
  • Multiple connectivity options

Best Touch-panel Vibration Speaker

The best touch-panel vibration speaker is Vibe-tribe Mamba Bluetooth Vibration Speaker because it has a powerful vibration production with multiple connectivity options for a stereo experience. If you are looking for a portable Bluetooth speaker that can be connected with multiple other speakers then this might be a good pick for you.

#3. Best Portable Vibration Speaker - UJOY Portable Vibration Speaker Review

The UJOY Portable Vibration Speaker comes with the premium vibration technology that delivers a high volumed sound and amplified bass production. 

These portable stereo speakers come with a built-in microphone that allows you to make/attend calls with a high vocal quality eliminating any noise or distortion. 

You can connect multiple media player devices using the highly compatible Bluetooth feature that provides a wide connectivity range. Using the wireless technology, you can stream your favourite channels or music applications.

Features of UJOY Portable Vibration Speaker

  • Vibrating subwoofer 
  • Wireless Bluetooth connection 
  • Aluminium metal body 
  • Built-in microphone
  • Rechargeable battery 
  • 36W drivers

Best Portable Vibration Speaker

The best portable vibration speaker is UJOY Bluetooth Portable Vibration Speaker because it provides you an impressive combination of attractive design, latest wireless connection and top notch bass with the subwoofer. If you are looking for a multi-feature portable vibration speaker with high audio quality then this might serve you as a suitable choice.


Buyers' Guide

What is a vibration speaker?

A vibration speaker is basically a surface speaker which is responsible for creating music, audio effects and clear voice communication from resonant surfaces. These speakers are also commonly known as ‘whispering window’ or ‘vibration surface speaker’.

Vibration speakers can be used in different areas for multiple occasions and applications since it delivers high quality sound dynamics that result in adequate engagement with the listeners. These speakers are specially designed and structured with magnetostrictive materials that produce wide frequency vibrations. It turns the surface into a speaker that delivers high volume sound with crispiness. Although the surface bears extreme vibration, it does not damage or get cracked  since the speaker is composed of low amplitude magnetostrictive materials. 

The powerful micro vibrations are audible from a distance and the voice remains on the same loudness pattern even after coming considerably close, without any harsh noise or distortion.

If you are looking for a portable speaker with high audio dynamics, easy mounting and affordable price, then a vibration speaker is an impressive package of all these features. You can easily mount these speakers anywhere. Most of them come with a suction-cup installment that provides fixed and sturdy placement against any surface. These speakers are also water-resistant and can withstand the humid environment. 

How does a vibration work?

It is important to understand the working of a vibration speaker so that you know the detailed functionality of the product that you are about to buy. A standard external built structure of a speaker consists of a suspension, diaphragm and a dust cap. A suspension is basically the frame covering for the diaphragm. Diaphragm is a cone (made of different lightweight materials) and the dust cap gets fixed in the center of it.

The dust cap is responsible to provide protection to the internal voice coil. A voice coil is a moveable audio component that moves constantly creating an electromagnetic field. The working of a vibration speaker is quite similar to that of a standard speaker, but it does not have any diaphragm.

The voice coil is attached to a moveable plate. The placement of a vibration speaker on a resonant surface allows the moveable plate to vibrate against the surface. The current production in the coil moves it up and down, pushing it against the moveable plate. The moveable plate then gets pushed against the surface transferring the energy into it and that turns the surface into a speaker. 

The vibration speakers are also known as transducers because they convert the electrical energy into mechanical energy.

Surface Material and Response:

 These speakers have different sound effects and dispersion on different surface materials. Some surface materials have better reverberation response than others. Glass and wood surfaces are best to produce adequate and powerful vibration. Vibration speakers can even be mounted on the inside of a wall. That way, the speakers will transfer the vibrations into the wall material and will deliver loud widely-dispersed sound. 

What are the different types of vibration speakers?

Vibration speakers come in different shapes and sizes.Each type has its own significant features and specifications. Following are some common types of vibration speakers and the detailed explanation: 

Flat Panel Speakers: 

Flat panel speakers work when the surface transducer applies micro vibrations to a resonant surface panel. The compact-sized transducer is hidden at the edge of the panel. You can install these speakers near the bottom of the wall so that it can easily be hidden behind your furniture. You can even mount it on the backside of the surface so that it’s completely invisible. The flat panel speakers ensure the deliverance of high quality audio with an even distribution. 

Invisible Speakers: 

The invisible speakers provide an easy installation and affordable price range. These speakers have a sleek minimalistic design that makes them suitable for interior designers or advertisers. Invisible speakers have solid state audio transducers that provide adequate conversion of signals. You can place them anywhere without worrying about them being damaged since they are built with water and heat protection materials. 

Hidden Speakers:

Hidden speaker is an impressive variation of wall and invisible speakers. These can be installed in the interior wall panels. These speakers are capable of delivering high quality surround sound that will lift up your overall listening experience. Hidden speakers are widely used in big restaurants, showrooms, museums and even inside the home. You can hide them under decks, behind walls, underneath the floors etc. 

Outdoor Deck Speakers:

The outdoor deck speakers use high power vibrations to turn the resonant surfaces into high-volumed speakers. These speakers work the best on wooden decks, metal and glass materials. It emits the powerful micro vibrations by the highly efficient drivers that produce sound from both the sides of the surface. These speakers are built with water-proof materials that make them withstand the harsh environmental factors. 

What factors do we need to look for while buying portable Bluetooth speakers?

Following are some features you need to focus on before purchasing a wireless outdoor speaker: 


Latest wireless speakers have various ports available. They can be used to connect your speaker with TVs and audio players. Moreover, you can easily use these additional ports to recharge your speaker via a USB cable.


With this feature, you can easily receive incoming calls through your speaker. The built-in microphone is beneficial in conducting conference calls. Especially in a business setup where audio/video is to be broadcasted out loud. 


Your wireless speaker should be weather-resistant so you can carry it around with you. To use it in a harsh outdoor environment, it must be protected with durable material. Furthermore, it should have waterproof and dust-free qualities. 

Battery Life:

We recommend you choose a speaker with a minimum of 10 hours of battery life. It will keep you from the hassle of recharging the battery again and again.  

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the difference between an ordinary speaker and a vibrating speaker?

Any speaker has following main parts

  •   Dust cap:It covers a part of the speaker known as voice coil.
  •   As suspension: It provides a frame for diaphragm of speaker.
  •   Diaphragm: It is an ordinary cone with a dust cap in the middle.

In a vibration speaker there is no diaphragm. In it, the voice coil is attached to a moveable plate. This plate assists in the production of vibration which is the sole purpose of vibration speakers.

What is a voice coil?

It is a moveable piece present in speaker. It acts as a magnet, an electromagnet. There is always a magnet present at the bottom/base of the speaker. When current flows through the voice coil a magnetic field comes into existence.

After this, the reversing of current causes the polarity of the magnetic field to change. There is a specific movement that the coil follows in both cases. When the polarity of the coil is the same as the polarity of the magnet of the speaker, electrostatic repulsion occurs and the coil moves outwards by pushing the coil. On the other hand, when their polarity does not match they attract each other and the coil moves inwards. It helps in producing a voice that will not distort.

How is the function of voice coil different in vibration speakers?

In vibration speakers, the voice coil is attached to a moveable plate. On passing of current in the coil, it moves inward and outward while pushing against the moveable plate.  When the vibration speaker is placed on a solid surface, the movement of the moveable plate due to pushing and pulling of the voice coil, transfers its energy to the solid surface. As a result of energy transfer, vibration is produced.

On the other hand, in any ordinary speaker, the voice coil makes diaphragms move downwards and upwards to cause variations in air pressure. Resultantly, the sound we hear is produced.

Why should wattage of Bluetooth speakers be considered?

The rule you should go by is that the larger the wireless speaker is, the higher is its wattage and the more quality sound it will give out. You should really consider the wattage of a Bluetooth speaker because wattage has a lot to do with the sound the speaker gives out and its battery capacity.

Low-end speakers usually come with a low wattage mostly because they have to power a single speaker. However, moving up with the price range you will find better speakers with better audio channels for example in Bluetooth speakers 2.1 channels will provide better sound. Therefore, checking for wattage helps you buy speakers with a good voice.

Why are vibration speakers also called transducers?

A vibration speaker purpose is to convert the surface they are placed on into a speaker. They convert any surface into a speaker by vibrating. This shows that they convert the electrical energy being produced in the speaker into mechanical energy being produced on the surface. Therefore, they are called transducers because they convert electrical energy into mechanical energy. They are sometimes called vibration transducers.

How Form Factor is related to portable Bluetooth speakers?

All the physical features of a speaker are categorized under the name of Form Factor. We should consider the form factor before buying a Bluetooth speaker because it tells a lot about the metrics of its usage, portability, etc. Bluetooth speakers come in two categories,

  •    Semi-portable speakers
  •    Ultra-portable mini speakers

Before buying portable or wireless speakers the Form Factors helps out a lot in considering its weight, portability, usage, resistance against weather or water, etc.

How do the manufacturers protect waterproof vibration speakers?

Portable Bluetooth speakers are constructed to be waterproof on certain levels and conditions. However the most basic and first protection is given by conformal coating. It provides the speaker with protection against change in temperature patterns, moist environments and certain chemicals. The next level is to use nanotechnology to provide protection. This type of water protection uses very small-sized (Nano sized) particles to make the speakers resistant to UV rays and water. Some companies go an extra mile to provide super hydrophobic coating which makes the speakers resistant to water splashes.

Can vibration speakers work under water?

Even if the vibration speakers are waterproof with a good IPX rating but they are only splash proof. No matter the water resistance and the protection made against it, it is not technically possible for vibration speakers to be submerged in water. These speakers require some solid surface to convert it into speakers. The most preferable surface is solid because sound waves travel the fastest in a solid surface. They can travel through liquid mediums too but sound waves will require a lot of energy to start vibrating. Therefore, they cannot be submerged into liquid.

Are Bluetooth portable speakers resistant to seawater (salty water)?

No matter how high the IPX rating for water resistance is but it does not make the speakers resistant to seawater. Chances exist that after being submerged into seawater the speakers start to slow in its performance and will gradually stop working. However, these Bluetooth speakers are made resistant to splashes of salty or seawater.

What are tips for making the best use of your Bluetooth vibration speakers?

Keeping on floor: Keeping your vibration Bluetooth speakers will help them produce better vibrations. Solid surfaces such as the floor will make the flow of vibrations better.

Room size: If you are using your speakers in a closed or compact room then there are higher chances of bouncing back of sound. On the other hand, the sound in large rooms do not last longer and begin to die. Therefore, you should buy speakers according to the size of your room.

·Multi-connectivity: If you are running too many devices on one Bluetooth speaker it may have an impact on the quality of sound it gives out. Make sure the number and type of device you are using are of good standard.

·Two speakers: It will give off a better sound, vibrations can travel and bounce off better. It is the best way to maintain your Bluetooth portable vibration speakers.

Final Verdict

Now that we have discussed some of the best vibration speakers, We hope you are aware of their benefits, technicalities, and specifications. Out of all the speakers, UJOY Portable Vibration Speaker is an excellent combination of all the features you need.  

Moreover, we recommend you focus on the audio quality, durability, and vibration frequency of a speaker before making a purchase. 

If you have any further queries, feel free to reach us through the comment section below. 


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