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Tweeters are small speakers in the audio set that bring out the upper-range frequencies. Selecting appropriate tweeters for your speaker set might be a challenging task. 

There are some important factors that can help you buy the best and durable tweeters for your home audio

In this article, you will find top reviewed home audio tweeters with a detailed description of their features and usage, pros, cons, buyer’s guidelines and more.

Top Pick

This lightweight tweeter system with Mylar dome, extended frequency response and high sensitivity levels. We found their sound quality to be the best of the great. They could be a good choice for your audio system. 

Runner Up

With 200 watts of power, this tweeter comes with a built-in crossover, polypropylene diaphragm and multiple mounting options.  These tweeters provide cleaner highs that are great for vocals.

Also Great

These 1-inch polymer dome tweeters come with an electronic protection circuit and stainless steel hardware. This not only makes them sturdy but also offers a more refined sound. These tweeters offer warm highs that are cozy to listen to.

These were our top picked guitar speakers and now we will give detailed descriptions about their features and specifications.

Disclaimer for TT: Please note that the term “best” refers to a specific aspect of a product. 

This could be any of several factors we may use to test a product’s quality such as durability, design, user-friendliness, performance, etc.

These factors are analyzed over the course of some months and extensively compared to ensure that the top product is identified. While we may have a certain recommendation, other resources might have differing opinions due to differences in testing methods.

Best Tweeters for Home Audio - Top 3 Reviews

#1: Best High Performance Tweeters for Home Audio - Rockford Fosgate Prime Tweeter Kit

The Rockford Fosgate Prime Tweeters are specially designed to deliver clear and smooth audio at high volume levels. 

The power-handling capacity of the tweeter pair is up to 40 Watts. These tweeters are easily compatible with a wide range of speakers.

You can connect these tweeters with any factory bought speaker even without an amplifier. 

Factors to Consider Before you Decide to Buy Polk Audio Dome Tweeters 

Price: We feel that the price tag for these tweeters is fairly justified and provides great value.

Build quality: The tweeters consist of Mylar-balanced dome construction which not only ensures wide audio dispersion but also makes them sturdy. 

Sound quality: The Rockford tweeter set has built-in high pass crossovers that filter the mid and low frequencies for much clearer and accurate sound quality. 

Best High Performance Tweeters for Home Audio

The best high-performance tweeters for home audio are the Rockford Fosgate Prime Tweeters since they provide you balanced audio production with clear and smooth sound quality.

#2: Best 3-Way Tweeters for Home Audio - Power Acoustik 3-Way Tweeters

The Power Acoustik tweeters are a set of 3-way tweeters that are available at an affordable price and have easy installation. 

The peak-power capacity is up to 200 Watts. The tweeter set has a ferroelectric transducer that deals with high frequency levels and produces clean uninterrupted sound. 

The in-built crossover ensures the elimination of low frequencies so that the audio remains smooth and clear even at high volume levels. 

Each tweeter comes with a separate mounting cup which makes it easier for you to mount the tweeters at different adjustment levels. 

Factors to Consider Before you Decide to Buy Power Acoustik 3-Way Tweeters

Price: We feel that the price is fairly justified when you take into account the high quality of the sound that these tweeters provide.

Build quality: These dome tweeters are fairly durable with material that is designed to last a long time.

Sound quality: The tweeters are designed with a high-sensitivity polypropylene dome that ensure the deliverance of clear and high quality audio.

Best 3-Way Tweeters for Home Audio

The best 3-way tweeters for home audio are Power Acoustik because they ensure the deliverance of loud audio without distortion. If you want a set of affordable and good quality tweeters, then you could consider buying these.

#3: Compatible Tweeters for Home Audio - Polk Audio Dome Tweeters

The Polk Audio Dome Tweeters are built with a special crossover and dome structure that provides clear and accurate sound at high volume levels. 

You can connect these tweeters with any speaker components with less compatibility issues. 

Factors to Consider Before you Decide to Buy Polk Audio Dome Tweeters 

Price: Polk Audio has always been great when it comes to pricing their products; these tweeters are no exception. You can get them at a fairly affordable price.

Build quality: Not only are the tweeters made from high-quality material but the circuit protection system inside it keeps the speaker safe from voltage overload. The stainless steel mounting also provides multiple mounting options and durability. 

Sound quality: The tweeter set has a neodymium magnet that ensures the deliverance of quality audio with considerably more detailed and clear sound.

Best Highly Compatible Tweeters for Home Audio

The best highly compatible tweeters for home audio are Polk Audio Dome Tweeters because of their circuit protection system and high-quality audio production.

best tweeters for home

Buyers’ Guide

What are tweeters?

Tweeters are the audio drivers that produce the high audio range. Speakers usually have in-built tweeters but you can also additionally install them for a better audio experience. 

Tweeters are responsible to deal with high range frequencies because high sound frequencies have smaller sound waves hence they are compatible with the compact structure of tweeters rather than the speaker itself. 


Tweeters lift-up the woofers, speakers and other audio components that cannot produce high-pitched sounds. 

The size of the tweeter plays an important role in its functioning. They produce smaller-wavelength audio and have small cones. This structural formation is the best for high sound and volume levels. 

Audio Range

The standard audio range for any tweeter pair is between 3kHz-20kHz. This mainly depends on the speaker’s limitations. 

Design Structure

The tweeter design consists of a small magnet and copper wire voice coil. The voice coil is attached to the speaker dome. The tweeter driver moves a flexible cone to generate sound waves. There are different cone materials like paper, plastic or metal. 

Difference between Drivers

There are three different types of drivers in a speaker. The main difference between a tweeter and other drivers is the structure size. A woofer is a large-sized driver that produces low frequency sounds. 

On the other hand, the tweeter driver is comparatively small in size and it creates high frequency sounds. 

The size of the tweeter depicts the average frequency range because to produce high frequency waves, the cone needs to vibrate at a fast pace. So it will be hard for a large-sized driver to produce a smooth and fast pace like any normal tweeter.  

What are the benefits of tweeters for my audio set?

A tweeter pair will uplift your entire audio system and listening experience. Generally, home speakers do not work efficiently when it comes to high volume levels. 

Sometimes the high-volume sound gets distorted or becomes very sharp. In such cases, a good tweeter pair comes in handy. 

It produces and tackles high audio frequencies to ensure a smooth, loud and clear audio delivery. Following are some common benefits of adding tweeters in your home audio: 

System Upgrade

If you want to upgrade your home audio set and level-up the audio dispersion quality, then adding a pair of tweeters would be a smart choice. Tweeters will boost the high volume vocals and music with a clear and smooth quality. 

The higher notes can’t be handled by other speaker drivers and audio components. So tweeters will bring a noticeable and high quality change in the overall audio production. 

Balanced Sound Production

Different sound levels have different frequency levels. In speakers, there are different drivers that produce different frequencies. The tweeter driver is especially designed to produce high frequency levels. 

Tweeters play an important role in sound separation. Sound separation involves frequency deliverance to the right speakers. 

If the audio system has no tweeters, then the speaker sets will have to deal with all the frequency levels and that might end up making the sound quality bad and distorted. 

Tweeters take away the high-frequency management from the other speakers and ensure a balanced, clear and no-noise audio production. It also provides a full range audio experience. 

Audio Accuracy

The tweeter size is beneficial in many ways. The compact and lightweight tweeter structure ensures the elimination of any vibration noise that might produce when the music ends. 

This is called the dampening effect which improves the audio quality by making it clear, precise and accurate. It is also helpful in minimizing any noise or distortion that might occur at high volume levels. 

What are the different types of tweeters?

There are different types of tweeters and each type has its own features and specifications. Following are some of the commonly used tweeter types: 

Horn Tweeters

Horn tweeters have a small speaker opening and they have an average sound performance. These tweeters have a specially designed magnet and dome for better sound quality and audio dispersion. 

Some of the horn tweeters use a piezo driver instead of a magnetic structure. These tweeters have a high power rating. You can use them indoor or outdoor since the sound production is considerably loud. 

Super Tweeters

Super tweeters have a magnetic design that can be a perfect choice for your home audio speaker system or home theater system. They provide a high power rating and are capable of producing loud volume levels with clarity and smoothness. 

They are also comparatively durable than other tweeter types and can be used in indoor and outdoor environments. 

Ribbon Tweeters

Ribbon tweeters have a ribbon-like cone/diaphragm that moves at a fast pace to produce sound. These are the most advanced and efficient-working tweeters that ensure the deliverance of clean audio with no frequency interference. 

Ribbon tweeters are mostly expensive because of the latest sound production technology that is used in them. 

Ring Radiator Tweeter

Ring radiator tweeters are not quite commonly used. The design structure of this tweeter is composed of multiple rings that are present on a center plug. It produces much detailed and precise audio with less distortion. 

What important factors do I need to check in tweeters?

Buying appropriate tweeters for your home audio set might be a challenging task. There are important factors and features that you need to look for while buying a tweeter pair. Following are some common features:

Tweeter Construction

Tweeter construction and build material are two important factors to consider while buying tweeters. Both the factors affect the audio quality and durability of the tweeters. There are different kinds of tweeter materials like textile, polypropylene, silk etc. 

Generally, tweeter material is lightweight and soft so that the tweeter can produce clear and smooth audio. There are other synthetic tweeter materials like Mylar and PET, which are also lightweight and they reduce the production of vibration noise. 

If you are looking for sturdy, powerful and durable tweeters then you might opt for metal or ceramic build materials.Tweeters with metallic build material can be suitable for your car audio as well.  


The production and transmission of high frequencies depend on the shape of the tweeter. There are different shapes of tweeters like semi-dome, inverted-dome and dome tweeters. Semi-dome tweeters can easily fit-in narrow and tight mounting spaces. These tweeters are best suited for car audio. 

You can get these tweeters at an affordable price. The inverted dome tweeters have an inward pointing dome that ensures a better production of sound radiation. Dome tweeters use high power range and deliver a wide audio dispersion but they also require a wide mounting space. 

Power Handling Capacity

The power compatibility of the tweeter and amplifier is an important factor to check. You need to make sure that the power rating and impedance level of the tweeter matches the amplifier. Low power handling capacity of tweeters might result in voltage overload or power breakage. 

Different tweeter types have different power handling limitations so you need to buy the one that has a decent watts peak range and sound dispersion features.

Sensitivity Level

Sensitivity is the measure of sound output and power input. Tweeters that have an average sensitivity level of more than 90 decibels can provide wide connectivity options with different speaker sets and stereos. 

If your tweeter has a low sensitivity rate then you can connect it with the factory bought speakers for a good quality audio production.  

What are the different prices of tweeters available in the market? 

Following are different prices of tweeters with the feature description: 

50$ and less

Since this is the lowest price range of tweeters, you will find average structure and sound quality. These tweeters use soft dome materials which makes them less durable. These tweeters will serve you for a few months and then you might be needing an update. 

You can find some better options in the same price range if you search for the tweeters that are manufactured by well-known brands. 


Tweeters that come within this price range are comparatively better in quality and durability. They have good quality dome material and the sound quality is also quite impressive. These tweeters ensure much accurate and clear audio response. 

They have built-in crossovers that eliminate the noise and ensure that there is no frequency interference. 

100$ and above

Tweeters under this price range provide exceptional audio dispersion and high durability. Many high end brands manufacture tweeters that are available in this price range. They have high quality build material and loud audio dispersion with precision and clarity. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How will my speakers work without tweeters?

Among the three types of drivers in a speaker; for low frequency, for midrange and lastly for higher frequencies. As with every frequency, tweeters work for production of high frequency. 

Without a tweeter in your speakers, your speaker might produce distorted sound at high notes. For a few people who do not like the really high sound of their speaker they do not prefer buying a tweeter. 

However, without having a tweeter installed your speaker might produce squeaky and shrill sound at high notes.

What are audio tweeters? 

An audio tweeter is basically an audio driver designed specifically for producing high range sound. They are chemically modified to compliment the inbuilt woofers and speakers that cannot produce high pitched sound. 

In other words, audio tweeters are small-sized speakers specialized to produce high range sound. They serve well in giving out crisp sound as well-detailed vocal qualities.

Why do audio tweeters need crossovers?

In cars crossover (left) is used whereas in home stereo systems crossover (right) is used. Their basic function is to control the distortion in the sound that tweeters give out. Here are some reasons why audio tweeters need crossovers?

  • They reduce the power which is provided to speakers
  • It provides a protection to the applied power
  • Tweeters can stop working if a really low pitched sound reaches them or drives them therefore they need crossovers 
  • Tweeters cannot operate normally with low frequency or in other simple words they began to distort. That is why they need crossovers

Do we need to buy an enclosure for our tweeter?

Tweeters mostly need an enclosure for reducing the chances of heating up or for another significant function of distributing low frequencies equally well. 

However, it is really not necessary to buy an enclosure because there are expectedly no chances of tweeters to heat up. And for the purpose of protection we need to know that hardware around tweeters is a well-mounting one. 

So all you have to do is poke a little hole in the mounting area and all of the factors get fulfilled. Therefore, you do not need an enclosure system because sometimes frequencies are captured by this system too.

Does tweeter impedance rating matter?

Yes, the impedance rating for your tweeter does matter because its mismatch can cause major problems/issues in your computer. 

For instance, if you fail to match the impedance and one driver is given more power than the other then a poor sound quality will be produced in the end. 

Resultantly, one driver will give out higher volume than the other therefore, impedance rating for tweeters is important. 

What is the best body material for tweeters?

In the world of tweeters, titanium is a common material which is popularly used to construct tweeters. It is because of its nice and lightweight design and it also has less resonance than aluminum. 

Therefore, it also influences the vocal give out. For instance, it allows the tweeter to finely reproduce high pitched sounds with an accurate volume. Other materials like silk are also used to make tweeters. 

Besides, nowadays most commonly silk tweeters are being manufactured for the latest speakers. 

What is the best frequency range for tweeters?

The sole purpose to use a tweeter is to make the speaker able to give out high frequencies with greater accuracy. It is designed to have a frequency range from 2 kHz to 20 kHz. 

In latest tweeters or speciality tweeters the frequency range can go up to 100 kHz which is very high from the normal frequency range of a human being.

How to prevent blowing out in speakers?

If you operate really high volume on a tweeter for a long, long time then there are increased chances of your tweeter to blow out in the speakers. This can be because of a hardware or designing fault by the company you buy the speakers from. 

However, another reason that the speakers blow out is that we end up using a less sensitive tweeter for highly-powered stereos. Therefore, there should be a balance between the sensitivity and RMS power and the power handling of stereo. 

Final Thoughts

We mentioned the list of best tweeters along with the detailed description of their features and specialties. Considering the speaker dynamics, Rockford Fosgate Prime Tweeters might be a really good pick for your speaker. Some important factors are to be kept in mind while buying tweeters for the home audio and that includes the audio dispersion, high audio frequency and power handling capacity. Rockford Fosgate tweeters are by far the suitable combination of these features. The tweeters consist of Mylar-balanced dome construction which ensures wide audio dispersion with clear, detailed and loud sound. The tweeter dome is lightweight hence it does not require much power. If you are looking for lightweight and efficient-working tweeters that can lift up your speaker system then these might serve you as a good choice.  


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