Best Speakers For Metal – Top 3 Reviews, FAQs, Tips & More

I love music and I know how important good speakers are to enjoy it. This is true especially for metalheads who need a good speaker (trust me, I know a lot of them). 

A good friend of mine who loves heavy metal still struggles to find the good speakers. With his vast knowledge about this genre and my tech and sound expertise, we tested over 20 speakers. 

We decided to document everything about our tests and experiences so you are well aware of their pros and cons.

Hope this helps.

Before we get on with our detailed review, check this out. 

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Top Pick

The structure of this speaker is very pleasing to the eye. The high-quality raw material used to make this product shines through and cancels distortion for making listening to hard rock an experience.

Runner up

When gaming and watching movies if you want a speaker then this will meet your requirements. This heavy pair of speakers come with an acoustic setting to adjust to the environment.

Also Great

If you are looking for a roadworthy product this portable device has incredible audio quality with 20-hour playtime. Bluetooth 5.0 also gives wireless music play

After lots of research, we have concluded that these 3 speakers stand out from the rest.

We can now move on to look at the other best-reviewed speakers and understand why people are raving about them.

Best Speakers For Metal -Top 3 Reviews

Here, we have reviewed the 3 best speakers while comparing their pros and cons and also giving a conclusion.

#1: Best Roaring Speaker - Klipsch R-41M speaker review

This is a beautifully designed metal speaker that looks like wood but it a scratch-resistant material that covers the body of the speaker.

These speakers are known for being the loudest audio speaker for a bookshelf speaker.

We tested it out by playing loud heavy metal music and it did satisfy the ear with crispy highs and deep lows. 

 This will make you feel like you are present at a live concert and if that’s the experience you are looking for this might be perfect for you.

Features of Klipsch R-41M Speaker

  1. It has 4-inch woofers on this pair of speakers for clear and accurate metal sound.
  2. Has a compatible crossover frequency of 1,730 hertz perfect for loud music lovers
  3. A modern speaker with a removable grille to expose gold and black speakers which can match any decor

Best Roaring Speaker For Metal 

The best roaring speaker for metal is Klipsch R-41M because its basic model is made to focus on listening to heavy metal music. They focus on the basic to make listening to metal sound a worthwhile experience that can adjust to the users’ needs and want.

#2: Best Easy to Use Speaker - Presonus Eris E3.5-3.5 review

These speakers are known for being the best studio monitors for under 100 dollars. They come in pairs which we placed on both sides of our computer to see how well they filled the room with the sound.  

They also can customize your sounds as they come with knobs that allow you to adjust your highs and lows. And can also be paired with your smartphone and still give you amazing sound quality.

This plastic body speaker consists of a very minimal design which is very easy to use and since they weigh about 3 kgs they can easily travel with you to your studio to hear the best audio ever heard.

 Features of Presonus Eris

  1. This studio speaker has 3.5 inch woven drivers for a powerful bass that can give more precise audio, these come in pairs. 
  2. A crossover frequency of  2. 8 kHz comes with an option of acoustic turning which means the speaker will adjust to its environment.
  3. This simplistic design has stereo aux input, headphone jack, volume, and power on/off are located on the front panel.

Best Easy to use Speaker

This easy to use speaker is Presonus Eris 3.5 has a simple design that will not overwhelm you. It’s a loudspeaker that comes in pairs and is ideal for music or content creators. It is for all age groups and can be also used for gaming by younger children.

#3: Best Portable Speaker - Marshall Stockwell 2 Speaker review

We noticed that this speaker has a silicon body with metal mesh in front and on the back of the speaker. It looks like a robust model that comes with a guitar like a leather strap attached to it.

We even splashed it with water to see how well it stood to the claim and it worked perfectly. It has unique adjustments where we could adjust the bass, treble, and volume to our liking which made it a very interesting device to own.

It can be connected to 2 devices at a time and we found it to be very compatible with both apple and android devices.

Features of Marshall Stockwell 2

  1. It has top panel features with analog control knobs that can tune bass, treble, and volume to your liking. 
  2. It has a rating of IXP 4 making it resistant to water in cases of accidents 
  3. It has the most recent Bluetooth technology at about 5.0 and the audio can reach up to 30 feet
  4. This unique speaker has a multi-directional sound that provides 360 degrees of audio.

Best Portable Speaker For Metal

The best portable speaker for metal music is Marshall Stockwell 2 as unlike other heavy speakers you can take this on road trips with you and listen to hard rock and best audio performances anywhere this stylish model can be charged within minutes to give you long hours of rock music. 

speaker for metal

Buyers’ Guide

Before buying a speaker which factors should I consider?

When purchasing a certain set of speakers for metal sound there are a few factors you should consider like 

  1. What’s your budget? No doubt that a high-end loudspeaker can be very expensive. But we would suggest you go for an option that is something you have tested in-store and also has good reviews. All the speakers mentioned in this article can meet the requirements.
  2. The size of your room? If you have a large studio you might want to look into something which has rather large woofers but for a smaller room, you can go for something like Marshall Stockwell 2 which can be enough to fill the room with high-quality sound.

Which is the loudest speaker in the market?

Rock and metal music are meant to be played loud so if you are looking for a loud audio speaker it is to play either of those. Most speakers can often give you loud enough audio but when you are listening to metal music you need the highs to be crisp and the lows to be deep and not all speakers can give you that intensity. Looking at a selection of speakers that have the bristling and raw firepower required to bring out the very best from your favorite artists. Decibels (dB), are used for the measurement of the intensity of sound. So the more that number the louder the speaker can hit.

  1. The New SoundBoks. The longest-lasting and loudest Bluetooth speaker. …
  2. Amazon Echo Studio. The best smart Bluetooth speaker for overall sound quality. …
  3. JBL Boombox. Guaranteed to survive the messiest house party. …
  4. Marshall Woburn II. …
  5. Bose S1 Pro System. …
  6. Anker Soundcore Rave. …
  7. Sonos Move.

Best pair of loudspeakers for rock music?

As Klipsch is a company known for making speakers that are perfect for listening to heavy hard rock  hence they are rated best overall speakers for metal we can now look at 5 Best Speakers for Rock Music

  • Klipsch Heresy III Speakers – Best Overall Speakers for metal sound.
  • JBL Charge 3 – Best Portable Bluetooth Speakers for Rock Metal Music.
  • Cerwin-Vega XLS-215 Speaker – Best Floor-Standing Tower Speaker.
  • JBL Control 23 Black Speakers – Best Compact Outdoor Speaker.

What is the best guitar speaker?

The 6 Best Guitar Amp Speakers – Our Round-Up

  1. Celestion Vintage 30 – 12″, 60-Watt. …
  2. Eminence Ragin Cajun Patriot Series – 10″, 75 Watt. …
  3. Eminence 820H Patriot Series – 8″, 20 Watt. …
  4. Eminence Swamp Thang Patriot Series – 12″, 150 Watt, 8 Ohm. …
  5. Celestion G12H-75 Creamback – 12″, 8 Ohm, 75-Watt.

How do I choose a guitar speaker?

  1. Speaker or speaker audio. Speaker sounding: British or American.
  2. Correct speaker or speaker size.
  3. Wattage or correct amount of watts of the speaker.
  4. Correct speaker or speaker impedance.
  5. Speaker or speaker efficiency and sensitivity.
  6. and above all, use your ears.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Best Bluetooth speaker for metal music? 

  1. The best-rated Wonderboom 2 is waterproof and durable prices at  $70 on Amazon.
  2. Bose SoundLink Micro is the best sound in its size class. $99 at Amazon.
  3. The best-designed speaker is JBL Flip 5. It has a price of  $100 on Amazon.
  4. Portable Wi-Fi/Bluetooth speaker. Sonos Move. can be found at a price of 400 dollars a little expensive from the others in this range. 
  5. The best Bose wireless portable speaker has to be  Bose Portable Home Speaker. $349 on Amazon.

Are Klipsch speakers for metal music?

Klipsch has been one of the pioneers of making good quality loudspeakers. Now they are well known for making loudspeakers which makes them one of the best ones for playing metal and rock and roll music. They are also known for having the most expensive speakers in the market. They all use the same design, a horn-driven tweeter with a low-end woofer. Now their design differs from most speakers which use a tweeter that is a speaker cone.

Best speaker for rock music?

Best speakers for rock music 

  1. Klipsch Heresy III Speakers – Best Overall Speakers for Rock Music.
  2. JBL Charge 3 – Best Portable Bluetooth Speakers for Rock and Electronic Music.
  3. Cerwin-Vega XLS-215 Speaker – Best Floor-Standing Tower Speaker.
  4. JBL Control 23 Black Speakers – Best Compact Outdoor Speaker.

Is a bigger speaker better than the smaller one?

That depends on your preference for music and how loud would you prefer it to be. If you have a large room, love bass, and like to listen to loud metal music or rock and roll music, you need big speakers. It’s not just a matter of louder volume or bass, big speakers just prefer sound better than little ones. If you are investing in a speaker and you have a studio then when it comes to speakers, size does matter. Big speakers have an edge over little ones in two ways, they can play louder and have more bass making them eventually better.

Can I connect my guitar to the speakers?

Yes, you can connect regular speakers to a guitar using several methods. You can start by plugging your guitar is not as if it was an instrument but like you were plugging in a sound source like a turntable or a CD player. Or like a tablet of a smartphone which you could use as a source of audio.

How to position your speakers for great sound?

You can place your speakers at least 2-3 feet away from the closest wall. This can minimize the sound reflections, which can impact the sound clarity. You can angle your speakers inward so they’re pointed towards the listener or at a point that’s directly behind the listener’s head. Or you can also get a speaker that has audio of 360 degrees to make life easier for you.

What is good sound quality?

What’s good is what seems good to your ear. Though there are certain standards that can define sound quality as the sound should have Low distortion, wide frequency response, and uninhibited dynamic range. Those are oriented standards, but they can still apply to recordings to some degree not entirely.

Can you plug a guitar into a Bluetooth speaker?

For a speaker to connect to the guitar you need to match the signal of both the devices while the signals coming from the guitar are much lower than your phone’s output and hence the Bluetooth speakers arent meant to be for guitars. But if you are looking for a speaker that plugs into an amplifier then no. It most probably won’t work. It won’t sound as good as an actual amp but it’ll work never the less.

How many watts is good for a speaker?

It depends a lot on what your music preference is like and how efficient you want your speaker to be. If your preference is metal music something rock and roll catches your attention then you will want your speaker to be loud you should look 90dB efficient, 200 watts is likely plenty of power for you. 

But if you only listen to light classical, jazz and don’t expect them to be very loud then 50 Watts is adequate.

Final Thoughts

After looking at several models of speakers we have come to the conclusion that the one that stands out might be Marshall Stockwell 2.

Though it is priced a little higher than the other options in the same category making it a high-end speaker but the fact that it is portable, a smart compact model that can travel with you having the 20-hour playtime to match the fact that it is claimed to be roadworthy. 

While being one of Amazon’s choices it has satisfied the people who have purchased it. It has proved to be a wonderful experience for its users with the 360 degrees sound. Being able to customize the sound to your liking gives it an individual touch. I would really vouch for this specific speaker. 


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