Best Speakers For Honda Goldwing – Top 3 Reviews, Tips, Guide & More

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Bike speakers are small speakers installed in the bike that uplifts your biking experience. Selecting appropriate speakers for your bike might be a challenging task. 

There are some important factors that can help you buy the best and durable speakers for your bike. 

In this article, you will find top reviewed best speakers for Honda Goldwing with a detailed description of their features and usage.

Top Pick

It is a lightweight speaker kit for your Goldwing. The waterproof speaker with poly mylar tweeter due to which gives out ideal sound and an easy mounting system makes it suitable for your bike.

Runner Up

This speaker comes with a versatile basket for installation and features which provide you higher sensitivity and clear sound. 

Also Great

It is a 2-way speaker, engineered with inner strength and rigidity for durability. Equipped with an easy mounting system that makes it installable to your Goldwing.

Best Speakers For Honda Goldwing - Top 3 Reviews

#1: Best 2-way Speakers For Honda Goldwing - Show Chrome Accessories 13-104 4 1/2" 2-Way Neodymium Speakers Review

This speaker kit is intelligently designed by Show Chrome to specifically mount in your Goldwing. It gives out fine and balanced sound quality with its weather-resistant properties.

The speaker has a sturdy frame which makes it rigid to any type of weather it is exposed to. Therefore, it provides you a carefree ride with good music to listen to. 

You will find it resistant to water splashes as well as other humid conditions of weather. The RMS of 120 wattages gives them a good sound quality to rock your biking experience. 

Besides, another good feature is the wiring harness which enables you to have easy control over the speakers. The harness allows you to control them by the fader present on the control center.

These speakers can also fit on the front of your Goldwing and will give you a crystal clear voice quality no matter the mounting location.

Features of Show Chrome Accessories 13-104 4 1/2" 2-Way Neodymium Speakers

  • Lightweight 
  • Sturdy structure
  • 2 ¼” Depth
  • Weather-resistant
  • Wiring harness

Best 2-Way Speakers For Honda Goldwing

The best 2-way speakers For Honda Goldwing are the Show Chrome Accessories 13-104 4 1/2″ 2-Way Neodymium Speakers because it provides you with a balanced tweeter which gives out crystal clear midrange notes

#2. Best High-Performance Speakers - Pioneer TS-F1634R 6.5" 200W 2-Way Speakers Review

These speakers come with a versatile design and fit perfectly into your vehicle’s stereo system. Their elegant design encloses the speaker into a basket which also makes the installation easy.

The Pioneer TS-F1634R 2-way speakers come with greater sensitivity as its impedance rating is 4-ohm. This feature also reduces the chances of distortion in sound quality.

Although the speakers are pretty lightweight they come with a high-energy 200 wattage which provides rich and powerful sound at high volumes. However, they are lightweight enough to not put a load on your vehicle’s music system. 

You will find them durable due to their rigid structure which makes them strong to a lot of use. You will find these speakers coming to you in pairs so that you can wire them up with each other.

Features of Pioneer TS-F1634R 6.5" 200W 2-Way Speakers

  • Powerful 200 wattage
  • 4-ohm coil
  • Shallow basket for easy installation
  • Wide frequency response
  • 88 dB cone

Best High-Performance Speakers For Honda Goldwing

The best high-performance speakers are Pioneer TS-F1634R 6.5″ 200W 2-Way Speakers because they come with a powerful wattage due to which provides the listeners with loud and clear sound. 

#3. Best High Fidelity Speakers - J&M Hi-Performance Speakers FRSU-GL1518 Review

The J&M Hi-Performance speakers are so equipped to produce rich bass and balanced frequency response. They are full-range speakers who are capable of capturing a wide variety of notes from different tunes.

They are specifically engineered for the audio system of Goldwing and therefore come with an easy and perfectly-fitting mounting system.

You will find their output according to the power levels of Goldwing with a maximum wattage of 140. It comes with a rigid Neomodiyum structure which ensures its durability. 

They will uplift your listening experience with a high-sensitivity coil and provide you with maximum air movement. With these features, it might be a suitable speaker set for the audio system of your Goldwing.

It has a sturdy and magnetic structure and provides Hi-Fi sound therefore, you might want to choose this speaker set for your riding experience to be enhanced.

Features of J&M Hi-Performance Speakers FRSU-GL1518

  • Neomodiyum magnetic structure
  • 3-ohm impedance 
  • Injection-molded polycarbonate cone
  • Superior bass
  • Midrange frequency response
  • 140 wattage

The Best High-Fidelity Speakers For Honda Goldwing

The best high-fidelity speakers For Honda Goldwing are J&M Hi-Performance Speakers FRSU-GL1518 because they provide you with powerful wattage and they are equipped to capture various notes from various tunes.


Buyers' Guide

What are the different types of motorcycle speakers?

Helmet Motorbike Speakers

They are the latest type of speakers which are equipped with motorbike helmets. They allow you to enjoy your favorite songs without disturbance from your surroundings. 

If they have inbuilt Bluetooth then there are several facilities they might provide you. 

You can have a wireless music listening experience, you can attend to calls from other riders through the intercom service, besides, you can use the GPS for receiving map instructions. 

Handlebar Speakers

They are the typical speakers that are mostly mounted with the handlebars of your motorbike. These speakers come with an easy installation system or adaptations to be mounted easily to your handlebars (with nuts or enclosure baskets). 

What are the different price ranges for motorbike speakers?

$100 or above

In the industry of speakers, these set the bar quite high with their price and functions.

They provide you with many features such as Bluetooth connectivity, remote control over the speakers (multi-functionality button(s)), and other options to connect your speakers with various gadgets.

Because of its rigid structure, it lasts longer than other motorbike speakers. 


These speakers come with several useful features. They have wireless connection options, an inbuilt microphone to receive calls or other stuff, and for a loud and clear sound an amplifier too. 

They provide you with mid-range frequency response and are easily mountable on your motorbikes as well as bicycles. However, what they lack is the remote control which you will get from brand speakers.

Under $50

They lack the advanced features we can say that they are the most basic version of bike speakers. They are mounted in the audio system of your motor vehicle but as they come with an easy installation system

However, they do not have the latest features such as wireless connectivity (Bluetooth).

What are the features you should consider before buying a bike speaker?

Water resistance 

Although, it is obvious for all types of bike speakers to be waterproof because they will be exposed to many different weather conditions. 

You should make sure that whether or not your speakers are water-resistant. If so, then you should take a step ahead to check for the IPX rating of water resistance.


The level of wattage is directly related to the volume of your speaker. The absolute relation is that the higher is the wattage, the louder your sound will be. 

If you want a motorbike speaker to ride around in a small town or streets nearby then it is recommendable to buy a speaker with low wattage. 


You should consider the input sources before you buy the motorbike speakers. As the speakers for your motorbike will always need input to play songs, therefore, you should check what options it provides you. 

Some of them mostly have Bluetooth connectivity options, AUX cable options, flash drive, or SD card port. You should ensure the input according to the gadget available with you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why should you consider speaker mount location?

The very first thing to consider is the mounting location in your motor vehicle. You can mistake the mounting location specifically designed for speakers in cars or other locomotives because many motorcycles do not have that location.

Certain audio setups can either fit into your handlebars or helmet. The highway bars or the handlebars are preferable as they are equipped with an amplifier which gives out loud and clear sound. It can easily fit in your handlebars and produce high-quality sound.

Can I keep my speakers connected even while raining?

Yes, these speakers are excellently made resistant to the worst of the weather. They can bear rain as well as UV rays. 

Keeping in view the construction of bike speakers, it is a safe option to keep your speakers connected even while it is in direct exposure with water.

Does the engine noise interfere with the speaker sound?

This is a common issue that can be thought of before buying speakers for your motorcycle. The ground loops or ‘rev’ sound may cause noise pollution in your stereo system. 

But this problem is not big enough to prevent you from buying motorbike speakers. 

In other cases where there is no built-in technology, you might want to invest an extra amount of money in buying noise suppression devices. An NSD having compatibility with receivers, amplifiers, and equalizers of 10-amp then can easily eradicate the noise of the engine. 

Are motorbike speakers waterproof?

The motorbike speakers are so equipped that they can resist different types of weather conditions. It is obvious for your speaker to be under direct exposure to sunlight meaning UV rays, rain meaning the splashes, or sometimes snow too. 

Will I hear the sound of music while driving my bike at 100mph?

If you customize your speakers according to your need for sound (that is loud) you can surely hear the sound at that speed. 

Additionally, the high wattage of your speaker can make your speakers loud and audible in various conditions. However, it does not justify riding your bike at a speed this fast. 

Why does my speaker keep on shutting down on its own?

This issue occurs because of ‘electromagnetic interference’. However, it can be solved simply by some engineering tactics. Here are two ways to stop this from happening:

  • You can move the cord of your speaker (power cord) away from your engine. This cord carries the noise of the engine directly to the motherboard of your stereo thus causing a disturbance in your sound. 
  • You can also put up a ‘ferrite ring clip’ to stop this disturbance. However, the easier way is to keep a safe distance between the engine and the speaker cord.

Final Verdict

We mentioned the list of best speakers for Honda Goldwing along with the detailed description of their features and specialties. 

Considering the speaker dynamics, Pioneer TS-F1634R 6.5″ 200W 2-Way Speakers might be a really good pick for your Goldwing. 

Some important factors are to be kept in mind while buying speakers for the Honda Goldwing and that includes the audio dispersion, high audio frequency, and power handling capacity. Pioneer TS-F1634R 6.5″ 200W 2-Way Speakers are by far the suitable combination of these features. 

Let us know with your thoughts below.


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