Best Social VR Games – Top 5 Picks, Buyers’ Guide and More

Virtual reality is beneficial to everyone, and playing VR games is always enjoyable.

If you’ve been wondering about recent advances, it may be difficult for you to identify the best social VR games.

To make things easier for you, we’ll discuss the best social VR games, their pros, and cons, and provide answers to some frequently asked questions. So, without further ado, let’s get into it.


Rec Room

The Rec Room is an ideal location for cooperative game-building. Party with friends from across the world to chat, hang out, explore millions of player-created rooms, or create something great to share with them. It supports a gaming community and offers a relaxing gaming experience.

Runner Up

Arizona Sunshine VR

Arizona Sunshine is one of the top zombie shooter games. This is something you should do with friends. If you play for longer than four hours, you won’t get bored quickly. It includes both multiplayer and story options to satisfy the frightful expectations of every gamer.

Also Great


The Star Trek Bridge Crew VR acts as a fun simulation and experience for fans of the franchise. You are immediately placed in the spaceship’s captain’s chair in the game. This enables you to have fun with some of the controls and buttons on the panel. Additionally, you periodically engage Klingon ships.

To help you choose the ideal one, we put a lot of time and effort into compiling a list of the top VR games for beginners.

Best Social VR Games - Top 5 Reviews

#1: Best Free Social VR Game - Rec Room Review

Rec Room is a luxurious form of VR chat with better features. It is a location where you can create and play games with your international pals. It offers you a secure setting where you can hang out, talk, browse through millions of player-made rooms, and create brand-new areas.

It offers a variety of settings and game modes for you and your pals to hang out. This game was released in 2016. It is often updated, so you can have an immersive experience.

It is much better than any typical tech demo, but it does require you to register an account.

The virtual reality setting may limit gamers’ ability to express themselves.

However, this does not mean they do not get to gain refined experience with high-quality gameplay.

Factors to Consider Before You Decide to Buy a Rec Room 

Price: Rec Room is entirely free for users to play. You can also chat with your friends on a global platform.

User-Friendliness: It is the best game for beginners because of its user-friendliness. It is an entertaining game with your friends, and you can do enjoyable stuff.

Genre: The Rec Room has video games integrated with it. It can be considered to be a mix of casual adventure games.

 Best Free Social VR Game

The Rec Room is the best free social VR game because you can play a tonne of mini-games, including first-person shooter variations. Moreover, you won’t get bored with this game because there are so many different rooms to pick from.

#2: Best Survival Social VR Game - Arizona Sunshine Review

Arizona Sunshine is the ideal game for those who enjoy killing zombies. In this zombie invasion, you can choose to live alone or with three buddies. While moving across the city, you need to remain alive.

To satiate each player’s nefarious aspirations, this game has been translated into VR. Moreover, it has multiplayer and a story mode.

Even if the game is pricey, it gives you the impression that you can endure it in the long term. As zombies overrun the area in an attempt to murder you, you can gather ammunition and observe. Additionally, you can set yourself up for a better aim.

Factors to Consider Before You Decide to Buy Arizona Sunshine

Price: Arizona Sunshine is an expensive game, but it is worth the money. It gives an amazing immersive experience to the user.

User-Friendliness: Arizona Sunshine is the best-selling VR game because of its amazing quality and features.

Genre: The genres of this game are First Person Shooter, adventure, and indie. Furthermore, you have to fight to survive in this game.

Best Survival Social VR Game

The best social VR game is Arizona Sunshine because it’s multiplayer, exciting, and is set in a zombie apocalypse.

#3: Best Immersive Social VR Game - STAR TREK BRIDGE CREW Review

The Star Trek Bridge Crew VR experience puts the user directly in command of a Federation spacecraft. This entitles you to take charge of the starship and make decisions.

The fact that this simulation supports multiplayer makes the experience even more enjoyable. You can have a fun roleplay with your friends in place of a serious simulation.

The game is enjoyable to play, but there are several areas where it falls short, which might distract you and sabotage your enjoyment. For instance, character models are not visually appealing.

Factors to Consider Before you Decide to Buy Star Trek Bridge Crew

Price: The game is reasonably priced and has several features that make it attractive. You can find it on steam. 

User-Friendliness: The Star Trek Bridge Crew is an easy and simple-to-use VR game. Moreover, it gives an amazing roleplay opportunity.

Genre: The Star Trek Bridge Crew is an action-adventure game.

Best Immersive Social VR Game

Star Trek Bridge Crew is the best social immersive VR game because it has dynamic missions and enjoyable roleplay opportunities. Moreover, it gives a good co-op experience. 

#4: Best Amusing VR Game - No Man’s Sky Review

No Man’s Sky allows you to explore the galaxy with your friends in one of the most expensive virtual reality game environments ever created. The center of interest of your story is sorting out what’s at the focal point of the universe.

Furthermore, with such a wide range of space available, you’ll never run out of things to find.

The game also offers a variety of quests that let you build bases, conduct commerce, and look for rewards.

There is a naturally occurring element in the game that motivates you to explore as rapidly as you can.

Factors to Consider Before You Decide to Buy No Man’s Sky

Price: The price of No Man’s Sky is quite affordable, with amazing features and graphics.

User-Friendliness: This game is easy and simple to use. Moreover, you might turn comfort blinders on and off and choose between snap-turning and smooth-turning, transportation, or hand-followed smooth movement. 

Compatibility: No Man’s Sky is the best option if you most likely want to play an action-adventure game.

Best Amusing Social VR Game

No Man’s Sky is the best amusing social VR game because it amuses you with the genuine feeling of discovery and exploration. Moreover, it has an amazing soundtrack, which gives you an immersive experience. 

#5: Best Realistic Social VR Game - Pavlov VR Review

Pavlov VR is a virtual reality multiplayer shooter game. It has a great deal of potential as a first-person cooperative shooter that will give you the impression that you are using real weapons and participating in a real shootout.

It offers traditional game types like Deathmatch, Searches and Destroy, and Team Deathmatch.

Additionally, it contains options for offline and online modes.

Factors to Consider Before You Decide to Buy Pavlov VR

Price: Pavlov VR comes with a fair price tag. You can purchase it easily from Steam.

User-Friendliness: Pavlov VR is simple and easy to use. Moreover, it has smooth controllers.

Genre: It is the best action, independent multiplayer shooter game for your interests.

Best Realistic Social VR Game

Pavlov VR is the best realistic social VR game because you can access the best weapons for shooting and it supports custom game modes. Moreover, it comes at an affordable price.

Buyers’ Guide

social vr

We understand that choosing the best social VR games might be challenging because of the wide range of features and characteristics available.

So let’s get right to these features and their significance.


Most customers often look at the game’s pricing as their primary deciding factor, and this is especially true around Christmas when discounts are frequently offered.

If you decide to buy the game physically or online, the price may change. Look for discounts at local store sales if at all possible.

However, it’s advisable to keep an eye on pricing by using price tracking websites for digital copies since you can end up spending less altogether rather than more upfront.


Genre is crucial to the design and enjoyment of VR games as we continually learn. As players, you perceive a game as an adventure because of its design and advertisement. 

Moreover, when you play, you feel the same aspects as described. That is how expectations and behavior are influenced by the genre.

Virtual reality game genres change more quickly than conventional genres. However, all genres are open to change. Furthermore, the question of genre in virtual reality games is really interesting.

Early virtual reality history is a story of practically total innovation that is unconstrained by genre labels. It is so difficult to envision a stable history of genres that have been superseded by the current ones. Historical events and contemporary virtual reality genres both had a rather chaotic beginning.

The first thing you do if you want to select a specific game is look up the genre. You can enjoy the game with your friends if it is in your preferred genre.


Most people don’t think about how easy it is to use VR games, but this is something that must be done.

Do you find the odd user interfaces and poor controls in the majority of video games annoying? Think about navigating them virtually. You won’t be able to enjoy yourself since the irritation is ten times stronger than you would expect.

Nobody desires that. Therefore, it’s a good idea to read user reviews before purchasing any VR game.

There may also be online gameplay videos for the game you want to purchase. By carefully examining the gameplay and user interfaces, you can gain a far deeper understanding of a game.

Even if other people might not, you might find some controls annoying. By watching gameplay videos, you can decide if a game will be enjoyable for you.

In other instances, certain games are tedious to play due to their lack of polish and bad controls. These games are incredibly frustrating to play and ultimately a waste of money, so you should avoid them at all costs.

Value of Replayability and Content Amount

This is an important consideration when choosing any game, not only VR games.

When you choose to play a game, you put time and money into it. Despite being free, the game still demands time and effort to locate, set up, and play.

You expect to be compensated fairly for that period. As a result, it’s crucial to do your research and decide how much information a game should include.

Some games don’t have a lot of content. However, when they do supply information, it is typically of quality and reliability that makes paying for them justified.

The content in other games is simply very extensive. In these games, there is a substantial library of levels and stages that you can explore and play through. Online communities for these games are frequently quite vibrant.

Communities frequently contribute significantly to the survival of these games. This is because passionate gamers constantly add new experiences, levels, and stages to the VR game.

Exploring these growing collections is a never-ending experience.

Another type is a game that doesn’t necessarily have a lot of content to offer. However, you are free to look through and study that information as you please.

These games include ones that let you change your strategy or choices to affect the results. Depending on your decisions, some games offer numerous possible outcomes.

This gives those games an absurdly high replayability value because you can play them again with different options and outcomes even after you’ve completed them.

Game Mode

Always makes sure the game you buy meets your requirements. Before deciding which is ideal for you, you may want to take into account the game’s single-player or multiplayer possibilities.

Online multiplayer games can be played by strangers, a small group of friends, or people in social groupings. Cross-platform or cross-play virtual reality games should be taken into consideration. We recommend never giving up on the features you seek.

Fun Factor

Naturally, you need to make sure the VR game you download is fun.

Sometimes it can feel like a pain to play games that are poorly made and polished. They are either painfully dull or painfully obnoxious.

Again, you can learn a lot about a game by watching gameplay videos and reading online reviews.

Age Rating 

When you think of the best social games, it’s always VR games, and we have reviewed all the top ones for you.

There are some amazing ones available, whether you want to play Rec Room, No Man’s Sky, Pavlov VR, or Arizona Sunshine. 

Games for VR are becoming more and more well-liked.

These games were chosen based on user reviews and took their age rating, software update, and genre into consideration.

A VR game’s age rating must be visible on the game’s website. These ratings can be used as a guide, particularly when deciding whether or not the content is suitable for your children.

People of all ages frequently engage in VR gaming. Even though many games have no age limitations, some are intended for older children, and some even contain material that is only appropriate for adult audiences.

The creators of VR games stress that a parity evaluation is conducted before obtaining and verifying a game’s age rating. This age rating comes with a justification of the selection criteria every time.

The information about the game’s age rating is easily accessible in the specifications. 

Each game developer is required to create a rating standard that they can easily reference. However, if they don’t offer age rating certification, it could affect the audience as well as the game developer’s sales and profits.

Software Update

The best software is always needed for the best social VR games. Software upgrades in virtual reality are, therefore just as important as the cheese on your pizza.

If a game has the most recent update, you can play it uninterrupted. Additionally, having no errors is a requirement for a fun multiplayer game.

Software developers and producers usually keep supporting games after they are published. The vast majority of updates have little or no impact on your game.

Due to their greater technical proficiency, these developers frequently resolve stability issues and prevent crashes. Some updates, on the other hand, are more complete and come with fresh capabilities and features to improve your experience.

So, to avoid problems, you should get the most recent version of your game.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can VR damage your eyes?

VR has no known long-term consequences for eye development. However, there may be a link between excessive screen usage and the development of myopia. Healthcare providers are becoming increasingly concerned about myopia, an eye ailment that causes hazy distance vision.

Can virtual reality cause motion sickness?

In virtual reality, the ears convey that the body is static and that no movement is taking place, while the eyes convey that the individual is sprinting and jumping across a dimension. A type of motion sickness might happen because the eyes and ears are not in sync.

Does the Rec Room offer voice chat?

Real-time voice conversation and interaction with other users are possible in the Rec Room. We encourage you to learn how to use the mute, block, report, and other comfort options that Rec Room offers.

How much do VR games cost?

The pricing of VR games varies greatly: some are free, while others might cost up to $60

Particularly when compared to independent games and games from smaller studios, which sometimes have cheaper prices to entice players to check them out, games produced by big studios are more likely to have a higher price point.

How long should one use VR?

Take 10- to 15-minute rests when using VR. Although it has been recommended that breaks be taken after 15 to 30 minutes of use, more research is required. 

Final Verdict

This brings us to the end of our best social VR games review with its features, pros, cons, and buyer’s guide.

At the end of the day, our top choice is the Rec Room because VR should be an experience that you can share with other people. There is no better VR game than Rec Room to make this possible. 

While our top three choices have been carefully considered, the other games mentioned in this post are also our favorites because of their amazing features and engagement. 

What do you think of Rec Room VR? Let us know in the comments section below. 


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