Best Scary VR Videos – Best 5 Picks, Buyers’ Guide, FAQs & More

Scary VR videos will provide you with an experience not everyone can handle. 

If you are a fan of horror content and you want to step up your watching game, VR videos would definitely be a worthwhile experience. However, choosing from a wide range of scary VR videos can be a tough task. 

With our suggestions and detailed guide on multiple videos, you will be able to choose the best scary VR video for a thrilling experience. 


Inside the Chamber of Horrors

Chamber of Horrors is a terrifying and mysterious video that will make you experience VR innovation at its best. The video begins with a scenario where you find yourself locked up on a chair with a dead body. If you are looking for a scary VR video that keeps you hooked, this might be a good option for you.     

Runner Up

Oujia 2: Origin of Evil

Oujia 2: Origin of Evil will give you a 360-degree VR experience that will allow you to look around in all directions. If you are into scary videos with strong VR dynamics that can make you nauseous, then you should consider watching this video. 

Also Great

Horror Laboratory

An extremely scary VR experience that includes chronic executioners, insane researchers, and all dreadful things that can give you a frightening experience. We wouldn’t recommend this one to someone with a weak heart. However, if you are willing to watch something full of terror, this can be a suitable choice. 

Now that we have reviewed the best ones, let’s look into detailed reviews of each.

Best Scary VR Videos - Top 5 Reviews

#1: Best Scariest VR Video - Inside the Chamber of Horrors Review

Inside the Chamber of Horrors can give you a terrifying horror experience with its inside360 feature. It combines the most imaginative computer-generated simulation with a mysterious plot.

We were impressed by how the captivating sounds and visuals blur the line between the real world and fiction. It will make you experience a VR horror adventure like never before.

You’ll see this terrifying man coming as you lash on your VR headset. You can’t move away or run away. Despite the fact that it’s only a couple of moments long, it’s sufficient to make the hairs on the rear of your neck stand up.

Factors to Consider Before you Decide to Buy Inside the Chamber of Horrors

Comfortability: This film has a portrayal at the back to lead you through the video, giving watchers an engaging and instructive experience.

Compatibility: Computer-generated reality recordings can be found on YouTube and on different websites under different horror genres. To start the immersive experience, play the video after placing your telephone into a VR headset.

Graphics: The highest video quality is 4K. In any case, there are a few video variables you can change according to your preferences, like playback speed and even the audio. This makes it simpler for you to have a great time without stressing over the length of the video.

Pricing: It is free to watch and is available on the internet, even on youtube. Just have to google the video title and watch online for the scariest content.

Replayability: This classification of this video experiences VR video, making it an extraordinary choice for when you’re exhausted. In spite of the fact that, on the off chance that levels are not satisfactory enough, it very well may be smart to pass on this one.

Best Scariest VR Video

The best scariest VR video is Inside the Chamber of Horrors because it is a high-quality video and is suitable for all people who enjoy the horror genre. It encompasses everything required to truly scare someone.

#2: Best Gut-Wrenching Horror VR Video - Oujia 2: Origin of Evil Review

Ouija: Origin of Evil is a 360-degree watch experience that is filled with multiple scary strokes and exclusive VR dynamics.

The video unfolds with the story of a bereft mother and her two girls. It further unfolds with how they let evil into their home. However, the video itself is a lot scarier than it sounds. 

The jolts and movements you can feel through its multidimensional VR experience can even make you dizzy if you don’t take a break. 

Watch at your own risk!

Factors to Consider Before you Decide to Buy Oujia 2: Origin of Evil

Comfortability: This video is made for all frightful fans since it is an exemplary version of Ouija. The VR video is the best fit for individuals who are interested in frightfulness and virtual reality, which makes for an experience where you know what you’re going to get.

Compatibility: There are vast classes of computer-generated reality recordings accessible on youtube and at different stages. You can play the video and addition your telephone to any VR headset to begin the vivid experience.

Graphics: The 4K resolution assists you with partaking in a better time insight without stressing over the survey distance. It additionally empowers you to watch very close without seeing the singular pixels.

Pricing: The video is available for free online. You can click on the video which will open another page, and enjoy the gut-wrenching horror unfolding right in front of your eyes.

Replayability: It is not very replayable, and it’s easy to get bored with horror once you have seen it already scare you enough the first time. We recommend watching something else on the list to make you have the same feeling.

Best Gut-Wrenching Horror VR Video

The best gut-wrenching horror VR video is Oujia 2: Origin of Evil because the video uses a storytelling technique to explain the filming process of the video to its viewers. Along with great graphics and a great storyline, it makes for a great experience that is free of charge.

#3: Best Terrifying VR Video - Horror Laboratory Review

There are killers, crazy researchers, and doctors in this awful work environment, and anything could occur. This scary VR video will keep you hooked throughout. 

We had the terrifying experience while watching this video due to its intense graphics and multidimensional view. 

This video is not for someone who is new to watching horror content. Therefore, we’d suggest you skip it if you can’t handle extremely scary visuals.  

Factors to Consider Before you Decide to Buy Horror Laboratory

Comfortability: You can watch it anywhere and everywhere. Since it’s online and available for free, you would only require a headset to watch Horror Laboratory.

Compatibility: On the off chance that you like to watch instructive and fascinating recordings, play them while setting your telephone into a VR headset to begin the vivid experience.

Graphics: You can hear voices in your brain enveloping you utilizing solid 3D spatial sound, and the low roaring traces of grunts and sharp shrieks resonated to you as you turned, alarming advice of what’s to come.

Pricing: It is available to watch online for free if you so dare. It can be off-putting in the beginning but it is easy to get into once you have gotten past the first half.

Replayability: As far as replayability is concerned, there are no updates which just adds to the boringness, as you can’t really get any new reactions.

Best Terrifying VR Video 

The best terrifying VR video is Horror Laboratory because this was made for the horror fans as one of the scariest videos out the best horror VR videos. It keeps you waiting for the next moment in anticipation, waiting for the big jumpscare, glued to your seat and still wanting more by the end.

#4: Best Frightening VR Video - SAW Want Play a Game Review

This scary VR video will make you experience the story of a popular movie called SAW. The video evolves with you being the responsible party in question. 

It will make you think you don’t know Jigsaw as well as you naturally suspect you do. Jigsaw plays it safe to make that the casualty he is trying can’t swindle!

It includes scenes that apparently do not include much substance but as it unfolds, you begin to feel the presence of unseen things. Therefore, this video can really scare every fiber of your existence. 

Factors to Consider Before you Decide to Buy SAW Want Play a Game

Comfortability: This video is astoundingly good quality. Its reliance on relative restlessness instead of bounce alerts makes it stand separated from other evil games on the stage. We additionally found that the number of testing puzzles gives the title some real substance.

Compatibility: It is available on HTC Vive, Oculus Quest, PlayStation VR, and Windows. It is even available on youtube if you want to take that route.

Graphics: The game components use additionally created material science, trains, and surface updates. There are additionally upgraded tones for the different fallen angel players that will improve the watch experience.

Pricing: It is available for free online. You can find them on youtube or you can put your phone in a phone-compatible headset like google cardboard and immerse yourself in the horror experience.

Replayability: It can get a little boring if you want to watch it again. We recommend watching everything on the list before you make the decision to watch it again.

Best Frightening VR Video

The best frightening VR video is SAW Want Play a Game because it is currently one of the best VR videos from the horror VR industry with its paranormal activity and torture for humans in the movies.

#5: Best Spine-Chilling VR Video - The Ring 3 Review

Producer Jeremy Sciarappa has made his own little interpretation of The Ring. The character Samara/Sadako ascends from the well on the television and starts magically transporting out of control prior to getting in front of you.

The sudden appearance of characters can be really terrifying and unexpected. 

Moreover, what we liked the most about this experience is that you can encounter it on your PC by clicking and hauling in the video window. It can even be watched on the phone for a closer visual experience.

The video innovation is exceptional, and it definitely uplifts your watching experience. 

Factors to Consider Before you Decide to Buy The Ring 3

Comfortability: The sound of deadheads make continuous cooperation more striking. It also helps you with continuing to play the game.

Compatibility: It is available on oculus venture, HTC Vive, PS VR, and basically any headset since it is available for free on YouTube as well.

Graphics: The bare essential plans, useful material science, various approaches to playing, and multiple horror actions will make you experience fear like never before.

Pricing: It is available for free online. You can find it on youtube and can enjoy the horror experience.

Replayability: It justifies watching again since it appears to be a video from the future. Moreover, the rest of VR gaming will presumably take a nice long timeframe to work, which makes it significantly less boring.

Best Spine-Chilling VR Video

The best spine-chilling VR video is The Ring 3 because now movie producers are making their own computer-generated simulation encounters that everybody can insight here and there, shape, or structure.

Buyers’ Guide



Having the headset situated on your head appropriately can improve the overall movement, which makes the experience simpler to process.

Fortunately, every application in the Oculus store has one of three comfort evaluations: Agreeable is fitting for the vast majority. Moderate is fitting for the overwhelming majority however positively not every person. Extreme is not fitting for the vast majority, particularly individuals that are new to VR. 


The best place to search and watch your favorite scary VR videos would be YouTube. You can easily find them and can watch them as many times as you want. 

To watch VR and 360 degrees recordings on YouTube, download the YouTube application or the YouTube VR application and peruse and watch crude recordings or use your headset to watch the video.


The Valve Record provides some of the best visuals of any standard, monetarily accessible VR headset, with a presentation goal equalling the Vive Expert, Quest, and Odyssey+

You can watch it in 360 video which is a circular video design that, when seen on a VR headset, provides watchers with the feeling of being there. It’s by and large a non-intuitive configuration and it tends to be seen in 2D or 3D.


VR video graphics range in cost from modestly reasonable to extravagantly high and complex. Planning for the development of a VR film or even wanting to have virtual reality products can be very expensive.


We think VR recordings currently have more replay yet customers don’t use the elements that work with them. Recordings are often put away because of post-game difficulties, only a small amount of gamers really see this problem.

Pretty much every video has the same problem where people don’t come back to see it again, some even have content that is just accessible to a small number of people.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the future of VR films?

VR hardware is still genuinely big right now. You probably won’t have the option to watch an entire full-length film while wearing VR covers and tangible gloves. Furthermore, you’ll require a great deal of space to completely immerse yourself in the VR experience. 

A commonplace theater, particularly one with 360-degree sees, won’t be reasonable for VR films. In the event that the studios concur, watchers might have the option to see the movies from the comfort of their own homes.

How can one enjoy horror VR videos?

Numerous VR thrillers you’ll experience right presently are shorts spread by people who are really into thrillers. Take, for example, the Easter Rabbit. It’s simply a concise 360-degree video of a man wearing a startling veil that has seen more than 1,000,000 hits on YouTube.

You’ll see this terrifying man coming as you tie on your VR headset. You can’t move away or stow away. All you need to do presently is hang tight for him to move toward you.

How do you play VR videos on Android?

You could select to download the numerous VR applications that either have VR recordings on their Cloud stockpiles, permit you to look through them on YouTube, Vimeo, and different stages, for example, Vuze which permits you to watch it on the web or to download.

When you introduce the application on your telephone and search for the video, click on the video to watch it while looking in 3D involving your fingers every which way without the computer-generated experience headset.

Can I convert regular videos to VR?

You can use the following converters to convert your video into VR easily. Or check resources available online or as PC and mobile apps to do so.

  1. Wondershare Uniconverter formerly called Converter Ultimate for Windows PC, and Apple iOS devices this tool, the 3D maker allows you to upload videos and select the output settings.
  2. VideoProc for Mac and Windows.
  3. Pavtube Video Converter.
  4. iFun Video Converter.
  5. VideoSolo Video Converter Ultimate.

Final Verdict

Virtual reality will continue to advance the horror genre as long as there are horror fans out there.

Albeit virtual reality can give remarkable degrees of immersive, it might always be unable to aid in customary filmmaking.

You probably won’t have the option to watch an entire full-length film while wearing VR veils and tangible gloves. You’ll require a ton of space to completely submerge yourself in the VR experience.

Running against the norm, the computer-generated reality is a moderately new and high-cost film design. Moviemakers are doing all that can be expected with the assets they have. 

Maybe more VR blood and gore movies will arise as VR gets further and updated, less expensive, and less heavy on the eyes.

Let us know your thoughts down below.


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