Best Samsung VR Videos – Which One Should You Watch?

Virtual Reality videos are videos that are recorded using specialized omnidirectional cameras that allow simultaneous 360-degree filming.

One of the simplest ways to kill time is to watch VR videos. Here are some of your top choices.

In this article, we will talk about our top five best Samsung VR videos. So, without further ado, let’s get right into it.


Roller Coaster Rides

Roller coaster rides will give you exactly the right amount of adrenaline. This film is available to you whether there are no amusement parks nearby or you are unable to visit one. It’s an experience like no other because the top 5 roller coaster rides are all included in one video.

Runner Up

Mythbusters: Sharks Everywhere

This video could be the perfect one for you if you enjoy anything about the ocean. The video was filmed using a high-resolution camera and is suitable for almost anyone who cares about the environment. When you concentrate on sharks, it almost feels like you’re in the water with them!

Also Great

Cliff Diving from a Rocky Ledge in Italy

In this video, you will experience cliff diving from a rocky ledge in a highly realistic and immersive way, regardless of whether you’re terrified of heights or have been daydreaming about conducting high dives. The video is primarily taken from the point of view of the divers for an immersive experience, including everything from approaching the edge of the diving platform to jumping off.

Best Samsung Gear VR Videos - Top 5 Reviews

#1: Best Adventurous VR Video - Roller Coaster Rides Review

This video features everything, including roller coasters with Batman themes and Jurassic Dinosaur coasters. 

The video features five virtual reality roller coaster rides that are all back-to-back for adventure seekers, complete with timestamps so you may skip to the one you like most.

The Batman Roller Coaster is undoubtedly our personal favorite. The blurring of the lines between reality and fantasy is made possible by the immersive experience, which makes the VR experience more thrilling.

As was stated in the video’s beginning, this ride is free and has no lines, so get ready for an adventure!

Factors to Consider Before You Decide to Watch Roller Coaster Rides

Video Quality

The highest video quality is 4K. However, there are several video qualities available you can choose from. This makes it easier for you to have fun without worrying about the viewing distance. 


The experience is enjoyable and realistic because of the video’s natural background sounds. Most of those, aside from the opening, are similar to those on a real roller coaster ride.


This video falls under the adventure VR video category, making it a fantastic choice for when you’re bored. However, it would be a good idea to pass on this one if heights are not your thing.

Best Adventurous VR Video

A roller coaster ride is the best adventurous video because it gives an immersive experience and has 5 rides compiled into 1 video.

#2: Best Exciting VR video - Mythbusters: Sharks Everywhere

The video, which is shot in the middle of the ocean, utters the phrase “Sharks everywhere.” The videographer explains to the audience how they were able to draw the sharks toward the camera while being surrounded by them.

The ocean and its inhabitants are of great interest to many people. This video satisfies the curiosity of individuals who are curious about life in the ocean.

If that describes you, you already know what video to see next!

There is a huge selection of VR Earth-related videos on BBC Earth. If you’ve read through all of those, too, National Geographic is the place you should head next. The international space station VR and the total solar eclipse are both must-sees.

Factors to Consider Before You Decide to Watch Mythbusters: Sharks Everywhere

Video Quality

You can watch the film in 4K, which is the ideal setting for creating the illusion that you’re a part of an adventure.


To describe the video’s filming process to its viewers, the video employs a storytelling style. That pleases the interest of the audience by providing a look behind the scenes.


The VR video was created for all nature lovers and was filmed in the water. It is most suitable for those who are fascinated by sharks.

Best Exciting VR Video

Mythbusters: Sharks Everywhere is the most exciting VR video. It is a high-quality video and is suitable for all nature lovers.

#3: Best Immersive VR Video- Cliff Diving from a Rocky Ledge in Italy

Have you ever wanted to perform high dives but refrained because you were too terrified of heights? 

Now that you have this beautiful 360-degree cliff diving video, you may enjoy it virtually. It is primarily shot from the divers’ perspective and includes everything from the approach to the edge of the diving platform through the dive itself. 

The video’s conflict-free simplicity is a very welcome option, and the camera viewpoints give it an immersive feel. 

There are no flashy extras; there is just a sportsperson, a cliffside, and a dynamic motion.

Factors to Consider Before You Decide to Watch Cliff Diving from a Rocky Ledge in Italy

Video Quality

Cliff Diving from a Rocky Ledge in Italy is a high-resolution video of 4K streaming. It gives you an immersive experience.


The video’s ambient natural sounds make the experience delightful and genuine.


This video falls under the adventure VR video category, making it a fantastic choice if you are a fan of diving.

Best Immersive VR Video

Cliff Diving from a Rocky Ledge in Italy is the best immersive VR video because of its amazing quality. It is best to watch for those who are diving fans.

#4: Best Lively VR Video - A Guided City Tour Review

This video takes you on a virtual tour of the lovely city of Rome. It can be wonderful for people who want to travel through Europe virtually. The video is educational because it also provides historical context for the city.

This VR video is filmed in excellent resolution, unlike some other VR videos, giving you the impression that you are there. It’s a fantastic way to kill time, and many people can find it amusing.

Additionally, the video is shot from a first-person viewpoint, creating engaging information. The 360° aspect also provides a smooth picture that enables you to look around.

Factors to Consider Before You Decide to Watch A Guided Tour City

Video Quality

The 4K streaming gives the video of the tour of Rome a higher resolution. The environment is well defined because of the sharp image. All of this gives you the impression that you are traveling with your friends.


While some 360° films are accessible with no background noise, others do have some type of sound. This specific film has narration at the back to lead you through the city, giving viewers an entertaining and educational experience.


Virtual reality videos can be found on YouTube and other sites in countless categories. This is an excellent place to start if you’ve decided to travel the world in virtual reality.

To begin the immersive experience, play the video while putting your phone into a VR headset.

Best Lively VR Video 

A Guided City Tour is the best lively VR video because it is relaxing, has amazing video quality, and allows viewers to take in the ancient European city through a camera lens.

#5: Best Educational VR Video - WHAT HAPPENS INSIDE YOUR BODY?

What Happens Inside Your Body is an entertaining, charming video that has the appearance of a more structured Magic School Bus trip. 

The narrator’s voice will tell you about how the human body functions as you pass through blood veins and interior organs. The perspective helps the viewer get a good sense of the size of the human body and the amazing animation. 

The organs are also depicted in great detail without being gory, making this film ideal for viewers who are young or sensitive. 

Add this video to your list if you’re seeking a fun educational adventure.

Factors to Consider Before You Decide to Watch What Happens Inside a Human Body? 

Video Quality: What happens inside your body has 4K streaming in high resolution. It gives an amazing experience. 

Genre: In this video, the narrator is telling viewers interesting facts about different parts of the body. It gives an educational and entertaining experience.

Category: if you like to watch educational and interesting videos, play them while placing your phone into a VR headset to start the immersive experience.

Best Educational VR Video

What Happens Inside Your Body is the best educational VR video. In this video, a narrator explains very interesting facts about the different parts of the human body. It is a high-resolution 4K video.

Buyers’ Guide

best samsung vr videos

Video Quality

When searching the internet for VR videos to watch, one of the important things to look out for is video quality. Make sure the watching experience is as good as it possibly can be. To access such videos and fully appreciate immersive experiences, you can use mobile apps.

From within the confines of your home, high quality gives you the impression that you are in an otherworldly dimension. Check the quality of your visit before entering the virtual reality environment the next time.

The greatest option to search for in VR videos is 4K quality, although it’s not required. So, if you can’t locate a video you like in 4K on YouTube, try searching for a 1080p version instead.


Although there are many different types of VR videos on YouTube, everyone has different preferences. Here are a few types of viewers you might want to start with, depending on the kind of viewer you are.

The fundamentals are that this kind of video incorporates the ambient sounds of the place in which it was taken. The sound of rails in a virtual roller coaster or the chirping of birds in a forest, for instance.

The second option is to look for YouTube videos that report on and cover significant media events. For spatial audio, headphones are preferred.

Additionally, some VR video producers favor adding voice overs to their productions to guide viewers through the experience. 


It can be difficult to choose from the countless VR videos available (even for us). The challenge is to choose a category that appeals to you, though. You can pick from a wide range of categories, including nature and adventure.

Always look for something you are already comfortable with to get started. Roller coaster rides are the best option if you find yourself at an amusement park on the weekends.

However, it would be a better idea to check for films with penguins if you’re afraid of heights yet adore animals.

Additionally, there are many horror VR videos available to make you feel like you’re a part of one yourself if you enjoy horror films and haunted houses.

In virtual reality, there is nearly always something to offer; all you need to do is find it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a VR Video?

A virtual reality (VR) video is a type of immersive video that gives the impression that the spectator is actually inside the video. VR headsets are often used to watch VR videos instead of conventional screens. The user is then able to engage with the content being displayed.

Why Am I Unable to Update My Samsung Gear VR on My Phone?

On your Samsung Android smartphone, you may need to provide permission to the Facebook App Manager and Facebook App Installer if you are unable to install Samsung Gear VR updates.

To boost the Facebook App Manager and Facebook App Installer:

  1. Access Settings from the home screen of the phone.
  2. Programs for harness.
  3. Locate the following apps by scrolling down:
  • Facebook App Installer
  • Facebook App Manager


  1. Make use of every program and select Empower. 

Can I Use My Samsung Gear VR Headset While Wearing My Glasses?

We do not recommend wearing eyeglasses with your Gear VR headset to prevent scratching the glass inside your Samsung VR headset.

If you wear glasses, you might want to remove them and use the Focus Adjustment Wheel on the Gear VR’s top to adjust the distance between your phone and the headset’s lenses.

Can You Watch Any Videos in Virtual Reality?

Yes, you can use a VR headset to watch 2D movies. These are standard movies and videos that you can find on Netflix, YouTube, or DVDs (if you still use those). They give the impression that you are watching a screen. You purchased a VR device for 3D videos or movies.

What is Required to Watch VR Videos?

VR headsets powered by mobile phones (such as Samsung Gear VR and Google Cardboard. VR headsets for mobile phones, like the Google Cardboard, are constantly powered by a phone (used as both display, and sensor of head motions).

Can VR Harm Your Eyes?

There is currently no proof that VR harms children’s eyes over the long term. However, because virtual reality is a relatively new technology, there isn’t much medical research about its short- and long-term effects on children’s health. 

The majority of VR system producers advise that only users 12 years of age or older should use their devices.

Can You View 360-degree Videos in VR?

You can watch 360° or 3D panoramic videos that you’ve captured on your Samsung Android phone or that you’ve imported from your computer in Oculus Video on your Samsung Gear VR.

Can I Use an Unlocked Phone With the Samsung Gear VR?

We are certain that you can access the necessary software updates; but, for your Samsung Android phone to function with your Samsung VR, it must be connected to a cellular network.

Note: If you try using an unlocked phone with your Gear VR, you might run into problems that we won’t be able to fix or it might not work at all.

Is VR better than 3D?

You can’t interact with the world in 360 VR; it’s simply for the eyes and ears to experience. 3D VR, in contrast, is developed or produced digitally. Artificial intelligence and computer software are used to create 3D settings that may reflect the real world or create an entirely new one.

Final Verdict

In the end, you decide which VR video is the best. You will undoubtedly find a video in our selection that will make your dreams become reality.

Roller Coaster Ride is our top pick and we’re positive it will be yours too. It was filmed with a high-resolution camera. The immersive experience allows for the separation between reality and fiction, which heightens the pleasure of the VR experience.

We’ve now finished listing our top picks for the best Samsung VR videos. Kindly let us know which one you liked best since we value your opinions.


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