With the rapid pace of portable speaker production, there are many products available on the market that can make your process of buying difficult.

It is quite time-consuming to find the right speaker to fit your desired requirements.

To help you in your selection process, we have reviewed several portable iPod speakers.

Top Pick

This speaker is equipped with a heavy-duty pair of audio speakers. Along with it, it comes with a waterproof body and a longer-lasting rechargeable battery. It also has multiple control buttons.

Runner Up

Designed to act as an indoor and outdoor speaker, this speaker has a sleek style. It has a front-facing speaker to keep the audio contained and precise. It also comes with a high-performance battery.

Also Great

Made to be a mix between style and performance, this speaker is good-looking and consistent in performance. It has highly-responsive buttons with multiple options. It also comes with dust protection.

Best Portable Ipod Speaker - Top 3 Reviews

#1. Best Overall iPod Speaker - JBL Flip 3 Review

This wireless speaker system from JBL is designed to be sturdy yet high-performing. It generates excellent sound with a highly durable body.

These Bluetooth speakers come with a cylindrical design. You can virtually take this compact speaker anywhere with you.

We tested this iPod speaker’s battery life and concluded that it is highly consistent even after regular use for extended periods. 

Additionally, you can use the remote control buttons available on this Bluetooth wireless speaker to change volume and tracks.

Features of JBL Flip 3

    • Good wireless Bluetooth range
    • Durable exterior casing
    • Consistent battery hours
    • Built-in bass radiators
    • Dust resistant fabric material

Best Overall Portable iPod Speaker

The best overall portable iPod speaker is the JBL Flip 3 because it comes with a combination of sturdiness and performance. Furthermore, you can use this speaker anywhere with you due to its compact and smart design.

#2. Best Indoor iPod Speaker - Marshall Stanmore II Review

Bluetooth iPod speakers are designed to be used as indoor/outdoor speakers. This speaker from Marshall is specifically designed to be used as an indoor speaker.

The front-facing speaker orientation enables you to get an even and concentrated stream of audio. You can also use the Marshall app to fine-tune the system audio.

We tested the compatibility of this Bluetooth speaker. We found that it was able to connect flawlessly with the newer versions of iPod, iPhone, and Android devices.

Furthermore, this portable Bluetooth speaker comes with the signature Marshall design. You can use the speaker to elevate the look of your rooms and your TV lounge.

Features of Marshall Stanmore II

    • Excellent audio quality
    • Signature Marshall look
    • Top tier sound hardware
    • Up to 30 meters Bluetooth range
    • Consistent battery life

Best Indoor Portable iPod Speaker

The best indoor portable iPod speaker is the Marshall Stanmore II. This is because it is designed to fill your rooms with high-quality audio while also enhancing the overall look. Additionally, you can use different modes to connect your devices.

#3. Best Design iPod Speaker - Bose SoundLink Revolve Review

This portable iPod speaker from Bose is made using a combination of style and performance. It has a sleek design with great sound quality.

These iPod speakers have a 360 degrees audio projection. You can place this portable speaker anywhere and still get the optimal sound quality.

We checked the sound of these speakers and determined that it is consistent on low and high volumes alike.

Features of Bose SoundLink Revolve

      • Highly portable
      • Great Bluetooth range
      • Compact design
      • Top-quality hardware
      • Organic music effects

Best Design Portable iPod Speaker

The best design portable iPod speaker is the Bose SoundLink Revolve. This small speaker delivers the best of both, performance and style. Additionally, you can use this speaker for your home use and your outdoor use as well. 


Buyers' Guide

There are many factors that directly contribute to the performance of iPod speakers. Some of these important factors are given below.

  • Audio Quality

The sound quality of iPod speakers is highly crucial to their performance. An iPod speaker with good audio hardware ensures that your speakers do not break or distort the sound. We highly recommend getting a speaker which can easily output all sorts of music effects. You should also keep an eye out for iPod speakers that have built-in bass radiators. 

  • Build Quality

Bluetooth speakers are designed to be used for indoor and outdoor purposes. Because of this reason, the quality of materials matters a lot. We suggest that you get iPod speakers that are not only resistant to dust but are also waterproof

This way you can use your speakers free of any worry. Additionally, you shouldn’t forget that your speakers need to be lightweight and small for easy portability.

  • Input Options

Modern-day portable iPod speakers come with a variety of input modes. Some speakers use Bluetooth, AUX, USB, and sometimes NFC. It is good practice that you buy portable iPod speakers with at least two input connections. The best pair is Bluetooth with AUX inputs. This way you can use one of them in case one of them fails to work properly.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Do I need waterproof speakers?

    Waterproof portable speakers are always recommended. It will enable you to use your speakers in all sorts of atmospheres without any worry of them getting damaged from moisture or water impact from any source.

    Is Bluetooth or AUX input better?

    It depends on your personal preference. Bluetooth delivers wireless connectivity which allows you to move freely while listening to music. On the other hand, AUX input enables you to save battery to keep the music running for longer periods.

Final Verdict

Buying a top-quality iPod speaker can greatly enhance your listening experience.

After using and testing multiple Bluetooth speakers, we have concluded that the JBL Flip 3 is the best portable iPod speaker. We found this speaker to be consistent in performance. Furthermore, we also noticed to be working seamlessly with iPod, iPhone, and Android devices. You can easily take this speaker anywhere with you because of its compact design.

This brings us to the end of our review on the Best Portable iPod Speaker.

Do let us know which speaker do you think is the best.

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