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Looking for high-end PA speakers for a wedding, party or some other social affair? We understand it can be quite nerve-racking.

So, after testing a wide range of top-rated products, we found the 9 Best PA Speakers for such an occasion.

In this article, we’ll be covering all the factors that make for a great PA speaker system, as well as selecting a winner from our top picks.

We’ve also added a buyer’s guide, which will help you choose the product that matches your needs.

Some products gave fantastic results, while others were less than stellar. In the end, these 3 turned out to be our top choice.

Top Pick

Our winner makes for an enjoyable user experience thanks to its powerful amplifier & multifunction display.

Runner Up

If you’re looking for PA speakers that are easy to operate, and offer wireless connectivity, then you should consider this product.

Also Great

Our final pick is lightweight, making it easier to move around. It also has a brilliant crossover that delivers clear audio.


And now, let’s discuss the 9 Best PA Speakers, along with their top features, pros & cons, and our final verdict.

Best PA Speakers - Top 9 Reviews

1. Best High-range PA Speaker - QSC K12.2 Active 12" Powered 2000 Watt Loudspeaker Review

If there’s one thing that QSC K12.2 is unrivaled in, it has to be its amplified audio, 

Our analysis revealed that the speaker comes with a built-in Class-D amplifier. We compared this with a number of rival products, with QSC K12.2 consistently producing the best-amplified sound.

Compared to its other features though, we didn’t find the bass response to be up to par. 

Best PA Speakers - Main Features of QSC K12.2 Active 12" Powered 2000 Watt Loudspeaker

  • 1. A variable-speed fan to prevent overheating
  • 2. A class-d amplifier that delivers efficient amplified audio.
  • 3. Multi-function digital display which gives a user-friendly experience.
  • 4. Intrinsic correction tuning.

To conclude, if you’re craving for some fantastic amplified sound, then QSC K12.2 is a strong favorite. 

2. Most User-friendly PA Speaker - PRORECK PARTY 15 Portable 15-Inch 2000 Watt 2-Way Powered PA Speaker System Review

Despite being heavy in weight, these speakers are easy to move due to the handles on the sides. Not only that, but we also loved that these speakers can be controlled via the wireless remote control. 

The best part about these speakers is that they can be used to listen to FM radio. You can also connect your devices through Bluetooth which is a convenient feature. 

Furthermore, there are LED lights inside the speakers which light up when they reach a certain volume. This feature adds to the decoration of your area. 

Main Features of PRORECK PARTY 15 Portable 15-Inch 2000 Watt 2-Way Powered PA Speaker

  • 1. 81.6 pounds in weight
  • 2. 30 x 19 x 29 inches dimensions
  • 3. 15 inches woofer
  • 4. Comes with a wired mic

If you are looking for a multi-functional speaker that has a wireless remote, then this is perfect for you. 

3. Best Portable PA Speaker - Yamaha STAGEPAS 600I Portable PA System Review

First of all, this is by far the best portable PA speaker that we came across. This is possible not only due to its lightweight, but also the handles attached to the top of the speakers. Furthermore, these speakers are easy to set up even for beginners.

On top of being portable, this product gives you a clear sound which can be great for a number of reasons such as band practice. 

Lastly, you can use these speakers in large areas as they have a loud sound which can reach about 150-200 people. 

Main Features of Yamaha STAGEPAS 600I Portable PA System

  • 1. 680 watts power output
  • 2. iPhone/iPod can be attached via USB
  • 3. 15.43 pounds weight
  • 4. 30.2 x 16.6 x 24.9 inches dimensions

This product is ideal for users looking for a portable, easy to set up and a good for large area PA speaker system. 

4. Most Innovative PA Speakers - Rockville RPG122K Dual 12" Powered Speakers Review

The first thing that we noticed about this product was that it had an extremely durable design. We are certain that even if you accidentally drop the speaker, nothing will happen to them. It also is light in weight and has a compact design that looks good.

On top of that, the sound does not distort at all which allows you to listen to music without any audio issues whatsoever.

Finally, the bass response time of this speaker is amazing. We were surprised to see that this product has a built-in Bluetooth option. 

Main Features of Rockville RPG122K Dual 12" Powered Speakers

  • 1. 60.2 pounds in weight
  • 2. 17 x 15.5 x 48 inches dimensions
  • 3. Built-in Bluetooth
  • 4. The USB input allows playing MP3 audio

Are you looking for a durable and compact PA speaker? If yes, then this product is what you are looking for.

5. Best Bluetooth PA Speaker - ION Audio Tailgater (iPA77) | Portable Bluetooth PA Speaker Review

We were surprised by the high-quality microphone of this speaker. Not only is the mic quality high, but the quality of Bluetooth is also amazing. It connects easily and can connect to almost any device imaginable. 

Secondly, the user can control the level of bass along with other things just by rotating a knob. Not only is it an easy thing to do, but it is also very convenient. 

This speaker comes with rechargeable batteries that can be removed from the product. You will save tons of battery costs due to this feature. 

Main Features of ION Audio Tailgater (iPA77) | Portable Bluetooth PA Speaker

  • 1. 11.9 pounds in weight
  • 2. 9 x 13.5 x 12.6 inches dimensions
  • 3. Built-in Bluetooth
  • 4. Rechargeable battery

Have you ever wanted a speaker with a high-quality mic and a controllable bass? If yes, then this product has you covered. 

6. Best PA Speaker in Sound Quality - Alto Professional TX208 | 300-Watt 8-Inch 2-Way Powered Loudspeakers Review

To start things off, we noticed that the sound quality of this speaker system is absolutely phenomenal. It was clear, loud and it covers the entire frequency range from highs to lows. Plus, its compact design allows the user to easily store it anywhere. 

We also loved that you have the option to choose from many variants according to your needs. It comes in 8 inches, 12 inches, and 15-inch woofers just to name a few.

Finally, the design of this speaker is also fantastic which is good to look at. Not only that, but it also is lightweight which means more portability. 

Main Features of Alto Professional TX208 | 300-Watt 8-Inch 2-Way Powered Loudspeakers

  • 1. 15.7 pounds in weight
  • 2. 16.6 x 9.9 x 10.7 inches dimensions
  • 3. 300 watts peak power
  • 4. Comes in many variants

Do you want a speaker that is compact and has a phenomenal sound? If yes, then you should keep your eyes on this product. 

7. Best PA Speaker in Bass Production - Yamaha DBR10 700-Watt Powered Speaker Review

If you are a drummer looking for a suitable speaker system, then this product has got you covered. Not only is it great for drummers, but it also is very affordable which makes it a perfect option for tons of users.

On top of that, you are guaranteed to get a great quality of bass from this speaker system. We were particularly impressed by the build quality of this product.

Furthermore, this speaker comes with a whopping 7-year warranty that allows you to replace it in case the product does not work as intended. 

Main Features of Yamaha DBR10 700-Watt Powered Speaker

  • 1. Comes with a 7-year warranty
  • 2. 700 watts of power
  • 3. 30.9 pounds in weight
  • 4. 15.1 x 15.9 x 22.9 inches dimensions

This speaker system is made for users looking for an inexpensive product that has a great bass sound. 

8. Most Compatible PA Speaker - PRORECK Club 3000 12-Inch 3000 Watt DJ/Powered PA Speaker System Combo Set Review

When we got our hands on this system, we were mesmerized by its versatility. It is compatible with almost any other audio device that you can think of. Plus, these speakers are wireless which means that you do not have to manage the cables and can place them anywhere. 

Furthermore, you can use any third party subwoofer with these speakers which can save you costs in case you already own a woofer.

Finally, we also noticed that this speaker system is ideal for professional use. Not only that, but it also has a loud sound which can reach up to 500 people. 

Main Features of PRORECK Club 3000 12-Inch 3000 Watt DJ/Powered PA Speaker

  • 1. This can be connected to Bluetooth devices
  • 2. Wireless connection up to 66 feet
  • 3. Stereo sound
  • 4. Weighs 121 pounds

If you are looking for a versatile speaker that is good for professional use, then this is what you need. 

9. Most Dynamic PA Speaker - Acoustic Audio by Goldwood AA15LBS Powered 15" Bluetooth LED Light Display Speaker Review

Not only is this speaker convenient to set up, but you can also connect a USB to listen to your favorite music. Due to features like these, this speaker is the most dynamic out of the rest. Plus, there is a built-in radio. 

Secondly, you can change the volume or the settings through a wireless remote which can make your life easier.

The thing that we thought was the best part about this speaker is that there are LED lights that light up when you turn on the product. 

Main Features of Acoustic Audio by Goldwood AA15LBS Powered 15" Bluetooth LED Light Display Speaker

  • 1. 14 x 16 x 27 inches dimensions
  • 2. Weighs 36 pounds
  • 3. 15 inches woofer
  • 4. Built-in FM tuner

Not only does this product have a built-in FM tuner, but it also is easy to use. If these features interest you, then you should go for this system.

Buyer’s Guide 

What difference does Active & Passive Power make?

All electrical components are divided into two types, active and passive power. The active power components are the ones that require an external source of power. They cannot power themselves hence why they rely on outside sources. Their most common use is to control power and this type of power can be located in things such as transistors. The passive components can produce their own power and do not need any external source. Passive components can include items such as transformers or the diodes. 

What’s Bi-amplification?

As the name suggests, you use two amplifiers for your speakers to create a “Bi-amplification”. Instead of just one amplifier, you use one to project low frequencies and the second for the medium or high frequencies. This can allow you to get a better quality of audio that covers a full-range and even gives you good bass. The amplifiers should match the power of your speakers.

Why are crossovers important for PA Speakers?

Since most of the PA speaker systems are not capable of covering the full range of audio, people tend to use crossovers. Using a crossover will ensure that your speaker covers the entire sound spectrum such as the low frequencies and the high ones. This also gives you a clear sound that is loud and does not distort.  

What are Intelligent PA Speakers?

Intelligent PA speakers use a technology that allows them to play pre-recorded tones and voice messages. These speakers are connected via the IP network which means that you can either control it individually or in a group.  

Do I need a subwoofer for my PA Speaker?

Usually, your PA speaker will be fine just by itself but in some cases, you might need to buy a subwoofer. Most commonly, people get the subwoofer to have a positive impact on the low frequency. Furthermore, it also improves the quality of high frequencies below the 100-hertz threshold. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

best pa speakers

Can you connect the PRORECK PARTY PA Speaker System to a home theater or home stereo?

Yes, you can connect the PRORECK PARTY PA Speaker System with your home theater. They give you a clear and loud sound which has a full-range and is easy to assemble. These speakers also have a stylish design so they will also add to the decoration. 

Can you hook up a wireless mic to Rockville RPG122K Dual Powered Speakers?

One great thing about this sound system is that you can attach a wireless mic to the speakers. It allows you to move freely when talking into the mic and the mic is convenient to attach. You must simply plug the box into the quarter-inch input of the speaker system. 

Does ION Audio Tailgater Plus have an antenna?

This PA speaker system does have an internal antenna that you can use to listen to the radio. The sound quality is quite clear and loud as compared to some other sound systems. Since there is no external antenna, people assume that this system cannot play the radio. 

Can you use PRORECK Club 3000 PA Speaker System with other subwoofers?

The PRORECK Club 3000 PA Speaker System is a great sound system that can fulfill all your audio needs. However, in certain cases you might want to use other subwoofers with it. The good news is that you can use other subwoofers easily without any hassle. 

Can I use Acoustic Audio AA15LBS for a wedding reception?

The good thing about the PA speakers is that they project loud and clear sounds which can be great for large areas. The Acoustic Audio AA15LBS can be utilized for wedding receptions and will be suitable for around 150-200 people. Getting two speakers will give a better result.  

Do powered PA speakers have good bass?

These speakers have their own amplifier which can be used to project powerful bass sounds. Most of the PA speakers also have an inbuilt low pass filter which allows them to project bass sounds and can be adjusted via a knob according to your tastes. 

How many watts does a PA speaker need?

This is dependent on your usage of the speakers. If you are using them at average sensitivity but are using them for rock songs, they will use around 1500 watts. Usually, for a casual user, these speakers use only about 60 watts. 

How are PA speakers different from home theater speakers?

PA speakers can be directly plugged into the power outlet and they will produce sound. On the other hand, theater speakers need to be plugged into a mixer to send audio. PA speakers project clear and loud sound which can spread across a large area. 

Do I need a subwoofer for PA speakers?

Normally you would not need a subwoofer for your PA speakers. But, if your speakers are large, they will produce low-frequency sounds that do not give you the full range of sound. To get the full-range, you must get the subwoofer which can be active or passive. 

Wrapping Things Up 

With wedding receptions and parties becoming more & more glamorous, it’s no wonder that PA speakers are gaining quite the traction.

Unsurprisingly, our top pick is QSC K12.2, thanks to its unrivaled amplified audio & enjoyable user experience.

And that concludes our article, do let us know which PA speaker you’d choose for social affairs.

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