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You will agree with us when we say that searching and selecting a good onwall speaker can prove to be a little difficult.

To find the right speaker that fits your desired specifications is a tough task.

To conserve your time, we have reviewed and compiled a list of on wall speakers.

In the following article, you can find reviews on multiple on wall speakers along with some buying tips and some commonly asked questions. 

Top Pick

Bowers & Wilkins Mini Theater M-1

This speaker is designed to fit anywhere in your room. With modern design and exceptional sound, it makes an excellent addition to your home theater.

Runner Up

Klipsch RP-140D           

Designed to be sleek like your TV, this speaker blends in comfortably in your surroundings. The top tier speakers provide amazing sound quality and effects.

Also Great

SVS Prime Elevation

This dual purpose speaker is made to be used as both, table and on wall speakers. With superb sound and heavy duty speakers, it is a fine choice for your home theater.

Now that the best water speakers have come to your knowledge, let’s review them in detail. 

OnWall Speakers - Top 8 Reviews

#1. Best Overall Onwall Speaker - Bowers & Wilkins Mini Theater M-1 Review

This pair of on wall speakers is designed to be compact yet high performing in sound output. The modern curved design of this speaker is made to elevate the appearance of your room.

This speaker can be mounted on your walls and also can be used as standing speakers. It can also be flipped horizontally to fit underneath your TV with ease.

It comes with a built in wall mount to easily fit on your walls. It has a dedicated room at the bottom for easy cable management.

The subwoofer compatibility allows you to further enhance the sound output. It allows you to create organic sound effects of your home theater.

Features of Mini Theater M-1:

  • Easy to install
  • 2 way speakers
  • Anti resonance technology speakers
  • Compact design
  • Easy cable management

Best Overall Onwall Speaker

The Best Overall On Wall Speaker is the Bowers & Wilkins Mini Theater M-1 speaker. It is designed to fulfill multiple purposes. The curved and compact design makes it highly convenient to handle. The high quality speakers produce ambient and high sound quality effects.

#2. Best Design Onwall Speaker - Klipsch RP-140D Speaker Review


This product by Klipsch is well designed to match the ultra thin design of current TVs in the market. It can fit right in with your home theater and on your walls.

The surround sound speaker technology allows it to produce high quality immersive sound effects. This allows the speakers to mix right in your surroundings.

The matte black finish on these speakers are specifically made to match your TV’s aesthetics. This also allows the speaker to attract less attention while viewing in general.

These mount speakers can easily be used as table speakers and on wall speakers. This is due to their included mount which makes them very easy to install.

Features of RP-140D:

  • Easy to mount
  • 2 way speaker
  • Slim design
  • High frequency response
  • Titanium dome tweeter

Best Design Onwall Speaker

The Best Design On Wall Speaker is the Klipsch RP-140D Speaker. It is well designed to match your home theater system aesthetics and surroundings. The high quality speakers makes the sound output of these speakers exceptionally good.

#3. Best Compact Onwall Speaker - SVS Prime Elevation Review

This uniquely designed speaker is made to provide the best quality sound output. The inclined design makes sure that the sound reaches directly to the listener without echoing.

The built in high quality Dolby Atmos speakers produce immersive high quality sound effects. It allows this speaker to give ambient sound with your home cinema system.

The sound system in these speakers reduce the sound and bass distortion on high volumes. It also reduces echo sounds due to walls and ceilings.

The multiple mounting options of this high end speaker allows you to orient in the best way possible. It can be mounted in virtually any direction.

Features of Prime Elevation:

  • High end speaker components
  • Easy wall and ceiling mounting system
  • Cone woofer
  • Up/Down-firing front and Center channel speaker
  • Optimized geometry design

Best Compact Onwall Speaker

The Best Compact On Wall Speaker is the SVS Prime Elevation because it is designed to fit every wall and corner of your room. With its inclined front, it can easily project sound towards you. This also allows you to control the direction of sound according to your room.

#4. Best Vertical Onwall Speaker - MartinLogan Motion SLM Review

These mount speakers are designed to be sleek and thin like your TV. The glossy finish makes this speaker just like your default speaker system.

The dual speakers in this system allow it to produce organic and immersive sound effects. It is very consistent on high and low volumes alike.

The design also makes this speaker a multi purpose item. It can be used as a wall speaker and also as a center speaker system for your home theater system.

This speaker is light weight despite its vertical design. The slim build makes it very easy to mount on your walls.

Features of Motion SLM:

  • Thin and sleek design
  • Easy to wall mount
  • Dual 2 way speakers
  • Flat covered front
  • Good power handling

Best Vertical Onwall Speaker

The Best Vertical On Wall Speaker is MartinLogan Motion SLM because it is designed to match your home theater’s design and height. The high quality speaker produces ambient sound effects with consistency. It also has great utility as a center channel speaker.

#5. Best Aesthetic Onwall Speaker - KEF T301 Review

This on wall speaker is designed to enhance the surroundings of your sitting area, living room or your bedroom. The sleek and stylish look really compliments your home theater system.

The vertical thin build of these mount speakers make them very convenient to handle and put up on walls. They can be mounted on any wall in your room.

The dual speakers installed in it provide crystal clear 3D sound output. This makes the overall sound experience immersive and enjoyable.

The 4.5 inch double layered speakers allow for maximum power handling. The insides of these speakers are lined with aluminum for good resistance against distortion.

Features of T301:

  • Ultra thin design
  • High end stylish finish
  • Table and wall mount utility
  • Dual two way speakers
  • Easy to mount

Best Aesthetic Onwall Speaker

The Best Aesthetic On Wall Speaker is the KEF T301 Speaker because it is designed to be extremely thin and sleek. It greatly compliments the current thin TV designs and enhances the look of your room. It comes with multiple mounting options for your utility.

#6. Best Multiple Use Onwall Speaker - Revel M10 Concerta Review

This tall vertically designed mounting speaker is designed to serve multiple purposes around your house. The multiple speakers outfitted in it really benefit the user with multiple options.

The surround speakers installed in it greatly enhances the sound quality and output of your theater system. The 3 way speakers produce all the sound effects you need.

It can be plugged with your TV or can be used as an independent home audio system. It takes little to no floor space and can be placed anywhere in your room with ease.

The silk dome tweeter used in this speaker generates very precise and organic sound music effects. It ensures that your listening experience is immersive and streamlined.

Features of M10 Concerta:

  • Good sound quality
  • Multiple speaker build
  • Great power handling
  • Loudspeaker utility
  • Highly durable speakers

Best Multi Purpose Onwall Speaker

The Best Multi Purpose On Wall Speaker is the Revel M10 Concerta. It is designed to be used as a center speaker or on either side of your TV. It is also designed to be used as a background music device in your daily routine. It has exceptionally good build quality for durability.

#7. Best Budget Onwall Speaker - ELAC Debut 2.0 Review

This product is made to serve all the good purposes of an on wall speaker but at an affordable price. Equipped with high quality speakers and designed with a modern shape.

This front flat panel speaker is designed to blend right in with your TVs and your walls. Compact yet powerful, it can produce a variety of sound and music effects.

The compact design makes it very easy to install on your walls. It also allows you to dismount them with ease in case you want to rearrange them somewhere else.

The high quality speakers inside it are highly durable and longer lasting. The tweeter part is made from soft material for organic bass and treble effects.

Features of Debut 2.0:

  • Compact design
  • Good build quality
  • Highly durable speakers
  • Good power handling and peak power
  • Space efficient

Best Budget Onwall Speaker

The Best Budget On Wall Speaker is the ELAC Debut 2.0 Speaker because it provides everything a good speaker needs at a fair price. It has high quality speakers and a compact design for longer lasting life. It also performs good on low and high power alike.

#8. Best Thin Onwall Speaker - Definitive Technology Mythos XTR-50 Review

Mythos XTR-50 is designed to be extremely thin and tall in design. It fits right along with your theater system and doesn’t seem out of place.

The design matches the majority of TV’s aesthetics and outlooks with ease. The elegant thin design gives your entire room a clean and sleek look while also being space efficient.

Despite its thin design it has high quality and good performing speakers. It produces all sorts of sound and music effects with ease.

It has multiple poly woofer speakers for good sound output. It can perform well when connected to music systems like an amplifier.

Features of Mythos XTR-50:

  • Modern ultra thin design
  • Equipped with multiple speakers
  • Highly durable speakers
  • Aluminum lined tweeter
  • Table stand utility

Best Thin Onwall Speaker

The Best Thin On Wall Speaker is the Definitive Technology Mythos XTR-50. It is designed to match the ultra thin designs of modern TVs so that it can fit right in without catching much attention. The high quality speakers perform exceptionally well along with your home theater system.

Buyer's Guide

There are multiple options available on the physical and online market which are equally well in performance and durability. For a person that is experienced in buying such products, selecting a good on wall speaker can be difficult. To help your process finding an on wall speaker, following are some of the key features and things you should look out for:

  • Sound Quality:

There are multiple options for on wall speakers that provide great utility. A lot of manufacturers focus on their design and mounting options but not everyone focuses on sound quality. It is a very essential part of an on wall speaker.

Most of the time on wall speakers are used for home theater systems and that is the main idea behind them. So compromising on sound quality is not recommended. It is required to produce immersive and high quality sound effects.

Also, the sound quality ensures that you hear everything you see on your TV screen. It makes your overall sound experience more enjoyable and worth your while. It also allows you to listen to music with great clarity.

  • Design:

The design factor of an on-wall speaker is quite important than most people know. How a speaker is designed determines the direction of sound output and how it moves around your room. It also increases or decreases the echoing of sound around your room.

The design also helps in mounting and placing of speakers around the house. Some speakers that look good are often hard to mount or have limited options. So, it is natural to buy a good looking speaker but you should look out for its utility too.

The layout of speakers inside it and how they are placed greatly impacts the sound quality. Some speakers that look aesthetically pleasing don’t often perform well in that area. You want to listen to everything that you see on your screens.

An easy mounting speaker with a design that goes along with your TV station is an ideal choice. It makes your interaction with speakers a lot more easier and less hectic. It is recommended to buy a product that fits both the categories.

  • Price:

As in most cases, price is a very important factor when it comes to buying an on wall speaker. An on wall speaker is an independent speaker system which comes in singular and paired options. Their price is supposed to be higher than normal speakers on the market.

It certainly does not mean that you should go for an expensive speaker. More than often, the high price of a speaker is due to its aesthetics and color scheme and outer finishing. It doesn’t have much difference in the actual hardware items inside it.

Although, a high priced speaker is usually longer lasting and durable with the same sound quality. It is recommended to buy a fairly priced speaker that has good quality hardware inside it rather than just an expensive outer shell.

  • Durability:

On wall speakers are designed to be delicate in their overall build. They have sensitive outer shells and inner hardware. The idea behind their design is to just mount them in one place and just let them hang there until you decide to shift your TV station.

The durability part comes in play with the speakers inside it. Home theater systems are designed to perform and produce high quality sounds. That takes a toll on the speakers. The wear and tear along with fatigue impacts the consistency of the speakers.

It is recommended to purchase a speaker that has good power handling and can perform equally well on high and low power. A titanium laminate speaker is usually the best for this case as it allows resistance against harmful impact on speakers.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Do ceiling speakers work on spare batteries?

All of the on wall speakers have conventional power input that requires an AC input. It can be used with heavy duty batteries. But it is highly recommended that it is used with only AC input of your house. It requires a lot of stable current input and a battery might not be able to provide it.

  • Where do I position and mount my speakers?

Positioning and mounting of your loudspeakers depend on the design of your speakers. Everyone has their own preference. But to get the best sound quality and less echoing, you should place it on your ear level while standing and facing towards you. You can place them on either side of your TV or on opposite walls if you want to use them independently.

  • How many speakers do I need for a room?

In most cases 2 on wall speakers are enough for your room space. If you are using small speakers, you might need an extra pair to match the sound output. But usually on wall speakers are designed to produce high sound output for a big room. You can always add extra speakers to match your sound requirements.

  • Do I need 2 way or 3 way speakers?

Having a 2 way or a 3 way speaker depends entirely on personal preference. 2 way speakers are perfect if you are going to use speakers with your home theater system. A 3 way speaker is recommended if you are looking to use them independently for music or some other thing.

  • Do I need an amplifier with my speakers?

Majority of the high end on wall speakers do not require an amplifier as their idea is to be used along with your TV. Although if you are using them for music, an amplifier is necessary. Without it, the music will sound very low and underwhelming.

  • What sort of cable is required for the speakers?

It is good practice to buy cables that can handle the peak power and power usage of your speaker stated on its manual. Otherwise, you will always be at risk of short circuiting and destroying your speakers. A good cable that has good power ratings will ensure that it doesn’t happen even after long use of speakers.

  • Are on wall speakers waterproof?

No, on wall speakers are not waterproof. They are supposed to be mounted and used on walls. It is recommended to keep them away from any splashes or sources of water/liquids. It is also recommended that you use the wall mount at a certain height from your TV stand or table.

  • Are onwall speakers voice enabled?

Some of the on wall speakers are voice enabled but not all. They are usually used with TVs and act as a single system. Some speakers that have the option to be used independently are sometimes voice controlled. It is recommended to check the features of the product you are buying to make sure of it.

  • Do I need grills for my speakers?

Majority of the on wall speakers come with their own plastic/metal grill or a fibre cloth covering. If your speaker doesn’t have a grill or fabric cover over it, there is no need to worry. Most of the on wall speakers are resistant to dust particles and have tightly packed casings.

  • Are my speakers UV resistant?

Not all speakers are UV resistant. To make sure your speakers are UV resistant, you should read the user manual or ask your retailer to be sure about it. You might damage your speakers by mounting them directly in the path of sunlight. They might fade in color and have internal damage.

Final Verdict

Buying a good on wall speaker can benefit you for a very long time. It can greatly enhance your listening and viewing experience. After using and testing multiple products available on the market, we have come to the verdict that Bowers & Wilkins Mini Theater M-1 is the best option for an on wall speaker. It has good speakers for great sound output and a sleek design to match your room’s and home theater’s aesthetics. It is also equipped with high performing and high sound quality speakers. This brings us to the end of our review on best on wall speakers. Do let us know which on wall speaker you think is the best.
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