Best Motherboard For VR – Top 5 Reviews, Features, and Tips

The best gaming motherboard depicts the working capability of your gaming PC. 

A great gaming motherboard will last you a couple of CPUs and raise you for hell-free gaming.

We have tried and listed the best motherboard options for VR, that you can choose from.



MSI B450M is strong form quality and a great evaluated gaming motherboard in an affordable price range. It has a convenient design that can be used for multiple DIY gaming rigs. 

Runner Up


This is an exhibition and element-stuffed motherboard built with premium parts, and a high-level circuit plan. The broad heatsink offers a strong starting point for your new force to be reckoned with in light of the tenth-gen Intel Core processors.

Also Great


The ROG Strix Z490-G Gaming motherboard flaunts supported power conveyance. Has an improved cooling plan, and has natural ROG programming to assist you with taking advantage of the most recent tenth Generation Intel® Core™ processors.

Now that we have reviewed the best ones let’s look into detailed reviews of each.

Best Motherboard For Virtual Reality - Top 5 Reviews

#1: Best State-of-the-art Motherboard for VR - MSI B450M-A PRO MAX Review

Metroid Prime was created by Retro Studios and released by Nintendo for the GameCube. It is the fifth major Metroid game and the first one in the series to feature a first-person perspective and 3D computer graphics.

In contrast to earlier Metroid games, Samus Aran is controlled by players in Metroid Prime, a 3D action-adventure game. The Morph Ball mode is only available in the third-person.

The gameplay involves solving puzzles to uncover secrets, jumping from platform to level, and shooting enemies with the help of a “lock-on” mechanism that permits circle strafing while maintaining an enemy-targeted aim.

Factors to Consider Before You Decide to Buy Metroid Prime 

Price: The price of Metroid Prime is expensive as compared to other games of similar genre. However, the gameplay makes up for the price.   

Genre: You most likely want to play an action-adventure game. Therefore, Metroid Prime is the best option.

Game Mode: The game has only a single-player game mode. However the story of the game is enough to keep you entertained. 

Best State-of-the-Art Motherboard for VR

The best state-of-the-art motherboard for VR is MSI B450M-A PRO MAX because it offers a good build with excellent quality, along with a good bundle of games with control over RGB lighting.

#2: Best Good Quality Build Motherboard For VR - MSI Z490-A PRO Review

The MSI Z490-A PRO is the ideal motherboard for experts. It’s controlled by Intel tenth Gen Core processors, so you can have confidence that your applications will run dependably. 

From the outset, this block supports 128GB DDR4 memory with viable modules and conveys 32GB/s move speeds by means of its Twin Turbo M.2 ports. 

This expert-grade motherboard is a heavenly decision for people who need solidness in their work processes without the concern of accidents or impeded execution.

Factors to Consider Before you Decide to Buy MSI Z490-A PRO

Specifications: The Z490-a pro is made with multiple hardware and software enhancements to enhance sound quality. MSI mystic light includes multiple color options and a spread of lighting effects for users to customize their build. 

Compatibility: The motherboard supports DDR4 modules up to 5000MHz overclocked. It is also fully compatible with the Intel® Core™ i9-10900K Processor.

Support: It upholds tenth Gen Intel Core And Pentium Gold and Celeron Processors. With a maximum acceleration of 4000+ MHz and supports Non-ECC. Also, has un-buffered memory that upholds intel outrageous memory profile (XMP).

Installation: It has countless system tuning and troubleshooting tools that are helpful as a guide, so your installation process goes smoothly.

Gaming: It is very cheap, very good quality, and supports high-quality memory speed using the XMP, which is very rare to see at such a low price, which is why it works great with gaming.

Best Good Quality Build Motherboard For VR

The best good quality build motherboard for VR is MSI Z490-A PRO because it is very easy to install, and the build quality offers durability and reliability for you.

#3: Best Affordable Motherboard For VR - ASUS ROG STRIX Z490-G Review

ROG Strix Z490-G gaming assists you with taking advantage of your work with up-appraised power conveyance and enhanced cooling. The wise controls give you all that you really want to tackle the maximum capacity of your work for top-layered execution.

ROG Strix Z490-G gaming gives you the most recent web association for smooth internet-based encounters and quick document moves. 

If you have any desire to completely encounter the systems administration capability of the web, you want to coordinate your PC with a remote gadget. 

Factors to Consider Before you Decide to Buy ASUS ROG STRIX Z490-G

Specifications: It’s controlled by the Intel Z490 chipset and upholds tenth-era Intel processors with the LGA 1200 attachment. Up to 128GB of double-channel DDR4 RAM, arriving at 4600 MHz when overclocked, can be introduced across four memory spaces.

Compatibility: An extra PCIe 3.0 x1 space is accessible for viable development cards. The RGB headers interface light strips, which can be matched up with other Aura Sync-viable peripherals, for example, mic and consoles.

Support: The motherboard highlights progressed cooling and support up to two M.2 SSDs and six SATA III capacity drives, which can be placed into RAID 0, 1, 5, or 10 arrangements. 

Installation: The pre-mounted I/O safeguard smoothes out the motherboard installation process. Updates might be performed without a CPU or memory installed.

Gaming: It is perfect for gaming because it has boosted power delivery, optimized cooling, AI overclocking, and even AI networking.

Best Affordable Motherboard For VR

The Best Affordable Motherboard For VR is ASUS ROG STRIX Z490-G because it offers a clean look and a solid feature set.

#4: Best Reliable Motherboard For VR - Asus TUF Gaming X570-Plus Wi-Fi Review

With the TUF-Gaming X570-Plus, we’re apparently taking a gander at another incredible worth-orientated board that in spite of its valuing, demonstrates very capability on all fronts. 

Contrasted with when we previously saw loads up with RGB lighting, sellers have understood that occasionally toning it down would be ideal.

 The X570-Plus is a demonstration of that and effectively one of the more outwardly striking sheets we’ve found in this cost portion.

Factors to Consider Before you Decide to Buy Asus TUF Gaming X570-Plus Wi-Fi 

Specifications: It accompanies PCIe 4.0 help, double PCIe 4.0 M.2 spaces, Wi-Fi, and a USB 3.1 Gen 2 Type-C port out back, among different highlights. The memory support is reliant upon the CPU age.

Compatibility: It’s compatible with lots of CPUs, including Ryzen 5 3600, 5 3600x, 5 3600XT, and even 5 4500.

Support: It has Intel 2×2 802.11ac Wi-Fi with MU-MIMO support. It also supports dual-band frequency 2.4/5 GHz and AMD CrossFireX™ Technology.

Installation: The sequential port connector is for a sequential (COM) port. Interface the sequential port module link to this connector, then install the module to a space opening at the rear of the framework case. The COM module is bought independently.

Gaming: It is a splendid motherboard decision for anybody who likes gaming and needs one of the most incredible UEFI BIOS interfaces.

Best Reliable Motherboard For VR

The best reliable motherboard for VR is Asus TUF Gaming X570-Plus Wi-Fi because it’s not only very affordable but you can make the best use out of the X570 chipset.

#5: Best Performing Motherboard For VR - ASUS PRIME B550M-A Review

The B550M helps a miniature ATX structure factor with a Socket AM4 that permits you to introduce the most recent Ryzen processors for a definitive exhibition.

Regardless of how serious the game is, Fan Xpert 2 will keep your board’s temperature under control. The parts of the framework are safeguarded with 5X Protection III.

You can match up your PC’s lighting with other AURA-empowered gadgets with the ASUS Prime. The B550M has double M.2 spaces that permit you to introduce the most recent NVMe SSDs.

Factors to Consider Before you Decide to Buy ASUS PRIME B550M-A 

Specifications: The B550M has 4 DIMMs that can hold up to 128 gigabytes of RAM. High-recurrence activity at lower voltages is potential because of the ASUS OptiMem innovation.

Compatibility: It’s compatible with lots of CPUs, including Ryzen 5 5600G, 5 5600GE, 5 5600X, and even Ryzen Pro 3600.

Support: It has DDR4 support and 32Gb/s M.2 Support in PCIe 3.0 x4 & SATA mode, which gives an incredible performance boost.

Installation: The M2 attachments are in a seriously difficult situation that expects you to first uninstall the GPU. To have a space to introduce an NVMe SSD or something and afterward reinstall the GPU.

Gaming: It is an excellent keyboard for gaming because of its features and also its affordability. There are many slots and ports to keep you happy throughout.

Best Performing Motherboard For VR

The best performing motherboard for VR is ASUS PRIME B550M-A because this is a very capable keyboard, both affordable with durable for long-term use.

Buyers’ Guide



The actual impression might be something you want to consider while picking your motherboard. 

On the off chance that you’re tight on space, you might need to consider a more modest measured PC case

If you have a lot of room and need to fabricate a great framework, then, at that point, going for a bigger structure variable could be helpful.

For what reason do you want a chipset?

A huge variable while figuring out which motherboard is ideal for yourself as well as your necessities is the chipset. 

Your chipset is a vital part, which figures out which includes your motherboard accompanies. This reaches from PCIe paths to SATA ports or even overclocking support. 

Regardless of whether your processor permits overclocking, in the event that the motherboard’s chipset doesn’t uphold it, you won’t have the option to make it work for you.

Why do you need fan headers?

The last thing you really want to ensure is that you have sufficient fan headers for all that you anticipate running. 

On the off chance that you’re running a lot of fans, or perhaps RGB regulators, you must ensure you have an adequate number of headers on the motherboard to help this.

In the event that you’re keen on getting familiar with motherboards, you can find out about how motherboards are made, as well as what each of the principal parts does.


Ensure its compatibility:

With regards to checking memory compatibility, you want to focus on four things: Max upheld memory, memory speed, multi-channel backing, and the number of memory spaces on the board.

Actually, take a look at the specs against the motherboard, this will tell you exactly what the motherboard will uphold with regard to speed.

Compatibility for Chipsets

With AMD and Intel having non-viable attachments and chipsets, it’s consistently worth ensuring that your most recent equipment parts are viable.

Particularly when new RAM, motherboards, and CPUs are being delivered on a very ordinary premise.


The expression “VR Ready” was a promoting term for featuring the way that the motherboard has enough USB ports and HDMI ports to help VR headsets.

It is the general framework that you need to fabricate that makes a motherboard exceptionally important.

Messing around on a Virtual Reality headset expects that your GPU supports an exceptionally high goal. Accept Oculus Rift, for instance. 

It has a goal of 1280 x 1440 for each eye, adding up to 2560×1440 on both.

In that capacity, to game on this enormous showcase while keeping an exceptionally high casing rate, you would require a reasonable power gaming PC.

You would require a PC that has support for the necessary CPU attachment as well as runs cool in any event during weighty burden, thanks to better quality VRMs.


There’s a great deal to consider while choosing your motherboard. 

While not straightforwardly influencing the VR experience, your motherboard will give the establishment to the remainder of your equipment. 

You’ll need something viable with your CPU yet in addition to good quality.

What specifications will you require?

You’ll likewise need to ensure that your motherboard can uphold your peripherals in general (for example, USB 3.1 or E-SATA) and your inside parts as a whole (like M.2 SSDs and such)

These headsets likewise utilize an impressive number of USB ports

Ensure your motherboard has every one of the essential ports, as well as three USB 3.0 ports and no less than one USB 2.0 port accessible for the headset and following cameras. 

Continuously ensure you twofold actually take a look at the requirements of your definite headset, as well, in the event that they contrast from these common rules.


A decent motherboard is the structure block of a decent gaming PC. 

Why do you need to check the specifications?

If you have any desire to construct an extreme gaming PC to help the top-of-the-line and high-res VR headsets.

It is suggested that you put resources into a decent-quality motherboard for VR too.

While CPUs and video cards are fundamental for any great gaming PC, they don’t address the entire picture. 

Motherboards are the unrecognized yet truly great individuals of PC gaming, and no apparatus is finished without them. 

Clearly, the essential explanation they’re significance is that they house your parts; anyone could let you know that. A strong graphics card is the most basic part of any VR-based gaming PC.

Final Verdict

We trust that this article has provided you with a reasonable comprehension of what to search for in the best motherboard for VR gaming.

While we say MSI B450M is authoritatively the best board, we can likewise let you know where your needs ought to lie.

Remember these focuses and treat them as rules while looking, and Best Motherboard For VR Gaming will offer you precisely what you want.

Tell us your thoughts down below.


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