Best Marshall Speaker – Feedback, FAQs, In-depth Review & More

Marshall is a household name when it comes to high-quality speaker products. Marshall speakers specialize in audio quality and durability.

Because of this reason we are reviewing multiple Marshall products to check their performance. 

In this article, we will discuss the major strengths and weaknesses of Marshall speakers along with some alternatives.

Marshall Emberton 

This Bluetooth speaker from Marshall is designed to be highly portable and easy to carry. The silicon exterior body makes it tough and resilient to shock and fall damage.

Alternate #1: Marshall Stockwell II

This Marshall Bluetooth speaker is made to output audio for extended periods. It is equipped with the latest Bluetooth version and can also project sound with a 360 degrees surround sound quality.

Alternate #2: Marshall Woburn II 

Designed to handle loud outputs with efficiency, this Marshall speaker can project sound without any distortion. It features Bluetooth connectivity with a stable and strong connection. It also has AUX cord compatibility. 

Quick Summary of the Main Product

This portable Bluetooth speaker from Marshall is made under their trademark standard. We were pleased by its ability to produce organic audio quality with great efficiency on multiple volumes. This is due to its great frequency range and response.

After using it for quite some time, we noticed that it is installed with Bluetooth 5.0 hardware. We were able to maintain a stable connection within 25 meters range. Furthermore, it has a high-quality battery that can perform for up to 20 hours of non-stop playback time.

Features and Benefits

  • Audio Quality

This Marshall Bluetooth speaker has a built-in subwoofer that can produce bass and treble effects without any distortion.

  • Battery

We tested this speaker and found that its battery can last up to 20 hours of music playtime without any drop in performance.

  • Input options

This pair of Marshall speakers feature Bluetooth 5.0 along with an AUX port for your convenience.

Pros and Cons

More Recommendations!

#1: Best Water-Resistant Alternative to Marshall Emberton Speaker - Marshall Stockwell II Review

Designed to be extremely sturdy, this speaker can easily survive outdoor conditions due to its rubber and plastic exterior.

It has a carry handle which you can use to carry it around with ease. Additionally, it can be detached if you are using it as an indoor speaker.

We tested this Marshall Bluetooth speaker in moist conditions and found that it is highly-resistant to splashes and water impact.

It also features the trademark Marshall knobs for controlling different music effects and volume levels.

Features of Marshall Stockwell II

  • Easy to carry wireless speaker
  • Easy to handle
  • Multiple control knobs
  • Powerful stereo sound output
  • Multiple input options

Best Water-Resistant Alternative Speaker

The best water-resistant alternative speaker is Marshall Stockwell II. You can take this speaker outside with you without having to worry about damage from water splashes. Furthermore, it provides multiple ways to connect your device.

#2: Best Audio Output Alternative to Marshall Emberton Bluetooth Speaker - Marshall Woburn II Speaker Review

The Marshall Woburn II Bluetooth speaker is specifically designed to output audio at loud volumes without any distortion or delay.

It features the Marshall Bluetooth app which you can use to tune your audio settings like music effects, volume, and change tracks using your smart device.

We tested the quality by using it for extended periods and found that it didn’t overheat at all. It dissipated the heat with efficiency.

Furthermore, this Marshall speaker also features an AUX port along with an RCA input port.

Features of Marshall Woburn II

  • Good frequency range
  • Class D amplifiers
  • 30 feet Bluetooth range
  • Good bass effects
  • Powerful sound absorption pads

Best Audio Output Alternative Speaker

The best audio output alternative is Marshall Woburn II. It has built-in subwoofers and Class D amps to project high-quality sound in 360 degrees. Additionally, it provides 3 different ways to connect your device.

Marshall Speakers

Buyer’s Guide

  • Audio Quality

Even though every single Marshall speaker is equipped with high-quality hardware, they all vary in their levels of output. We recommend buying a speaker that fits your requirements. 

If you are looking for a speaker for your outdoor adventures then a portable Bluetooth speaker will serve you well with its audio output. If you are looking for an indoor speaker then a speaker with built-in subwoofers and amplifiers will be your choice.

  • Price

The price determines the quality of hardware and its build materials. We suggest purchasing a fair-priced speaker with high-performing hardware inside it. This way you can get the best out of your speakers while also saving some money for accessories like AUX and USB charging cable.

  • Connectivity

Connectivity plays a vital role in the versatility and overall utility of the speakers. It also depends on your personal preference. If you are looking for a speaker with multiple input options, you should look out for a speaker with Bluetooth and AUX connectivity. These two options act as a backup for each other in case one of them stops working.

Wrapping Things Up

This brings us to the end of our review on Best Marshall Speakers. We must state that Marshall Emberton has impressed us with its consistency in performance. It has high-quality audio hardware that can output audio without any distortion or delay. We were also pleased by its exterior build and how resistant it made the speakers to any sort of fall and shock damage. Additionally, the speaker is very convenient to carry around due to its compact design.


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