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Buying a good quality speaker wire is really important for your speaker to work efficiently. Finding the best quality wire that is suitable for your speaker can be a hard task.

However, by reviewing some technicalities and features, you can easily decide which speaker wire you should buy.

In this article, you will find some bestselling and top reviewed speaker wires with a detailed description of their features and usage, pros, cons, and more.

Top Pick

A high-quality transparent speaker wire with plastic covering and deliverance of undistorted signals. It is highly insulated and might be a good choice for your house.

Runner Up

A 100-ft speaker wire with CCA wiring, PVC covering, multiple conduction properties. It also comes with convenient routing for ease of installation.

Also Great

A 50-ft long speaker wire with undistorted signal production, convenient routing system, and multiple setting options. It is designed to work efficiently with third-party hardware.

Best In Wall Speaker Wire - Top 6 Reviews

#1: Best Heavy-duty In Wall Speaker Wire - AmazonBasics Speaker Wire

The AmazonBasics Speaker Wire is a lightweight cable wire that provides the necessary features of high-quality signal emission and portability which results in the production of good sound quality. 

It comes with an easy polarity identification mark that makes it convenient for you to connect the speakers with an amplifier or AV receiver. You will find it easily manageable and it requires no time in the connection process

The signal dispensation and transmission get smooth paths due to the insulated plastic spool and plastic jacket cover. It comes with a long length and sturdiness that will not let the wire damage by any bends or excessive power supply. 

You can get a smooth and high-quality sound production with copper connectors that ensure a high conductivity rate and less resistance.

Features of AmazonBasics Speaker Wire

    • Wire length: 100 feet 
    • Wire diameter: 16-Gauge 
    • Polarity identification 
    • Copper connectors 
    • Insulated plastic spool

Best Heavy-Duty In Wall Speaker Wire

The best heavy-duty in wall speaker wire is AmazonBasics Speaker Wire because it provides you with an impressive combination of high-quality wire structure and production of undistorted sound. If you are looking for a long and good quality speaker wire then you might consider buying this.

#2. Best Multi-purpose In Wall Speaker Wire - InstallGear Speaker Wire

The InstallGear Speaker Wire is an impressive combination of flexible build structure and high durability that is suitable for home audio systems and even cars.

A 100-feet cable wire comes with a spool wrapping which ensures durability and easy wire installation. 

It comes with a rugged black and blue surround jacket that works as a protective layer as well as for polarity identification. The amazing part is that this jacket also allows you to use this wire for your car audio system with an easy installment. 

Besides, you will find a powerful sturdy design that ensures high conductivity response and protection against minor bends or twists.

Features of InstallGear Speaker Wire

    • Wire length: 100 feet 
    • Diameter: 14 gauge 
    • Copper clad aluminum wiring 
    • Rugged PVC jacket 
    • Multi-colored jacket

Best Multi-purpose In Wall Speaker Wire

The best multi-purpose in wall speaker wire is InstallGear Speaker Wire because it provides a sturdy internal and external wiring structure with multiple features. If you are looking for a speaker wire that has high-quality performance and will last you for a long time then this might be a good pick for you.

#3. Best Durable In Wall Speaker Wire - Pyle PSC1250 Speaker Wire

The Pyle PSC1250 Speaker Wire comes with a 50 feet length and 16 gauge wire diameter that provides you easy connectivity with amplifiers or receivers. 

You can cut the wire according to the requirements and installation needs. 

Its heavy-duty plastic jacket ensures the deliverance of smooth and undistorted audio signals that will allow you to have a great listening experience. 

The red polarity mark makes it easier for you to identify the cable wire. With the correct identification, you can conveniently connect the wiring system with your stereo or surround sound systems.

Features of Pyle PSC1250 Speaker Wire

      • Wire length: 50 feet 
      • Diameter: 16 gauge 
      • Hard plastic spool 
      • Distortion-free signal transmission 
      • Plastic jacket surrounding

Best Durable In Wall Speaker Wire

The best durable in wall speaker wire is Pyle PSC1250 Speaker Wire because it comes with a heavy-duty build quality that provides smooth signal production with durability. If you are looking for a speaker wire with easy installation and high durability then you might consider buying this.

#4. Best Multi-colour In Wall Speaker Wire - Mediabridge Speaker Wire

Mediabridge Speaker Wire is a 2-conductor wire that provides an easy installation system with a high-quality wiring structure. 

The 100-ft long wire allows you to connect your audio devices over a wide distance range. Being ETL and CL certified, this wire is perfectly suitable for in-wall use. It also provides you multiple options for custom installation. 

It comes with oxygen-free copper build material that makes it safe to use and highly durable. You will be able to enjoy smooth and undistorted emission of audio signals with the insulated jacket. 

You will find the feature of color-coded conductors super convenient. As it makes it easier for you to differentiate between left and right poles for a quick installation. 

Your overall wire color of the wire gets merged in the wall. 

Features of Mediabridge Speaker Wire

    • Wire length: 100 feet
    • Diameter: 12 gauge
    • ETL and CL2 certified 
    • Black and Blue conductors 
    • Oxygen-free copper conductors 
    • Flexible insulated jacket

Best Multi-color In Wall Speaker Wire

The best multi-color in wall speaker wire is Mediabridge Speaker Wire because it comes with a good package of durability, quality, and flexibility. If you can make a slightly high-priced speaker wire investment for high-quality features then this will serve you as a good choice.

#5. Best Affordable In Wall Speaker Wire - Monoprice 102820 Speaker Wire

Monoprice 102820 Speaker Wire comes with a 14 gauge diameter with a high-quality build structure that will be a suitable choice to lift your home audio system

It comes with pure copper conductors that ensure high conductivity, durability, and safe usage. The 100 feet long length provides wide placement options with the easy dispensation. 

The overall build material is lightweight so you can move it easily without worrying about any damage. 

Additionally, the CL2 certified cable jacket with sturdy material makes it durable and perfect for in-wall installation.

Features of Monoprice 102820 Speaker Wire

      • Wire length: 250 feet 
      • Diameter: 14 gauge
      • 2 CCA conductors 
      • Oxygen-free 99.95% pure copper conductors 
      • CL2 certified

Best Affordable In Wall Speaker Wire

The best affordable wall speaker wire is the Monoprice 102820 Speaker Wire because it provides you with a wide length and easy installation at an affordable price. If you are looking for a good quality speaker wire that comes with in-wall installation then this might be a good pick for you.

#6. Best Loudspeaker In Wall Speaker Wire - C&E Speaker Wire

C&E Speaker wire comes with a premium quality wiring structure and convenient installation system that makes it perfectly suitable for high-end loudspeakers

It consists of copper conductors (oxygen-free) and color-coded PVC jackets that provide easy identification with durability. The CL2 certification makes it appropriate for in-wall installment in-home or buildings. 

Besides other technical features, white color allows you to install the cables without bringing them to notice. 

Its high-quality copper build material ensures less resistance and eliminates the tendency of corrosion under the wire jacket. 

You can get high-quality audio with loudness, crispiness, and clarity with the high performance of these speaker wires.

Features of C&E Speaker Wire

      • Wire length: 250 feet
      • Diameter: 14 gauge 
      • CL2 certified
      • High-grade copper conductors 
      • PVC jacket

Best Loudspeaker In Wall Speaker Wire

The best loudspeaker in wall speaker wire is C&E Speaker Wire because it provides high-quality features with durability. If you are looking for a speaker wire that works perfectly for your loudspeakers and comes with an easy installation system then this might be a good pick for you.


Buyers' Guide

What are the important features to look for in a speaker wire?

The quality of the speaker wire will decide the quality of your speaker audio output. There are some features and specifications that you should check before you buy a speaker wire for your audio system. Following are some important features that you need to consider while buying a speaker wire: 

Build Material

The build material of wire is an important factor to consider because it affects the durability of the wire as well as the audio quality of the speaker. 

Most of the speaker wires are built with pure oxygen-free copper material that ensures high conductivity, corrosion resistance, less resistance, and high durability. 

Along with the wire material, the coating of connectors also affects the overall durability. There are different materials available but the most common are gold-coated connectors that ensure the deliverance of smooth signals with high audio performance. 

Wire Length

The selection of wire length depends on many factors. If the length is not enough, the whole audio system will fail to provide a high-quality performance. You need to check the distance measurement and your speaker type. 

If you have a surround sound speaker set that it will require extra wire length as compared to a standard audio set. Generally, 50 feet and 100 feet wires are suitable for home audio setups. 

You can always alter the wire length by cutting it according to the speaker and area requirements. If you go for an extremely lengthy wire then you might face installment issues due to excessive tangling or multiple wire interference. 


Wire flexibility is important because it provides an ease to the user when it comes to wire installation and multiple placement options. 

If the wire has good flexibility, it can easily be twisted or bent into different corners and narrow spaces without getting internally or externally damaged. 

When we talk about flexibility properties, a thin wire is considered to be more flexible as compared to a thick wire. 

Power Shielding

Power shielding refers to the quality of wire that protects it from any electric signal interference or resistance. It also ensures the deliverance of smooth audio signals with no distortion or breakage. 

The resistance of a speaker wire should not be too high or too low because it will affect the current flow.

 Resistance measurement is done in ohms. The higher the ohms number, the higher will be the resistance and vice versa. 

What are different speaker wire conductor materials?

There are different types of materials used for conductor wires that have different features and properties. Following are the common conducting materials that are used for speaker wires: 


Copper is the most commonly used conductor material in speaker wires. It is available at a reasonable price and has good conduction properties. 

Copper is capable of maintaining low resistance in the wire. But the oxidation process of copper can result in high resistance and it can affect the overall performance. 

When copper oxidizes, the surface gets covered with a thin layer of copper oxide. This layer results in the creation of a high resistance barrier between the wire cable and speaker (or an amplifier/receiver). 


Silver wires are specially used for high-end speakers and music systems. Silver has excellent conduction properties as compared to copper. But silver also oxidizes after some time. 

So instead of buying an expensive silver conductor wire, it is better to buy a thick copper wire. It will deliver you good conduction properties at a reasonable price. 


Although gold has low resistance and does not oxidize it can be an expensive option to consider. It is not used as the main conduction wire. 

For high-end audio sets and smooth conduction properties, gold can be used as a thin layer on the connecting terminals for the assurance of a smooth and unbreakable contact. 

What is the advantage of buying a good quality speaker wire?

The quality of the speaker wire will directly affect the performance of your speakers. To understand the advantage of buying a good quality speaker wire, it is important for you to first understand what features make a good speaker wire. 

Out of many factors, the main and important ones are the wiring structure and low resistance. Wiring structure involves the built materials and conduction properties.

Low resistance means the deliverance of more signals from the amplifier or receiver to the main speaker. If the resistance will be less, there will be a production of high-quality signals with no interference. 

Copper is widely used as a core conductor material because it has excellent conduction properties with low resistance. 

Now coming back to the advantage of buying a good quality speaker wire.

In any good speaker wire, the polarity identification is clearly distinguished so that you can install the wires conveniently. You can easily connect the negative and positive terminals respectively.

 Along with that, a good quality speaker wire will offer you a flexible outer layer so that you can easily fix it in narrow or curved spaces. Flexible and thick outer covering also ensures the elimination of signal interference. 

Following are some other features that provide you multiple advantages of using a high-quality speaker wire:

  • Oxygen-free 99% pure copper conductors 
  • Polarity identification
  • CL2 certification for in-wall installation 

What is the difference between Bi-wire and a single-wire speaker cable?

Choosing between bi-wire and single wire is another important factor to consider along with wiring structure and insulation materials. When the speaker and amplifier have two sets of connections, that is when bi-wire speaker cable is used. 

One connection is for bass production and the other connection is for the generation of multiple frequency levels. Some speakers provide a crossover unit or it is present in the amplifier. The benefit of this unit is that it provides individual signal paths for bass and other frequencies. 

This results in the deliverance of high-quality sound with no distortion or signal interference. On the other hand, it is said that the use of single-wire speaker cables provides more detailed, directional, and coherent sound production. So it is up to your personal audio preference and music experience. You should go for the wiring system that best suits your audio dynamics. 

What are different ways to maintain an adequate resistance level?

As mentioned above, the resistance of the speaker wire is an important factor to consider. The following three factors can be considered to maintain an adequate resistance level in a speaker wire:

Wire Length 

The resistance of the speaker wire is directly proportional to the length of the wire. It is better to keep the wire length as short as possible so that the resistance level can below. Although some audio setups require long wiring installments but planning the wiring placement appropriately can save you from the entanglement of lengthy wiring. 

Another important point is that if you have more than two speakers in the audio set, use the same length of wires for all. This will ensure an equal resistance level and the production of balanced audio. 

Wire Diameter 

The wire diameter or cross-sectional area of the speaker wire is known as a gauge. To avoid high resistance, you need to get a thick speaker wire. If the wire will be thin, it will have high resistance and weak conduction properties

Conductor Material

The material of conductors is really important. Copper is the most commonly used conductor material because it has excellent conduction properties. Along with that, it provides easy installment with multiple placement options without letting the internal/external structure be damaged.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What gauge do I need?

The thickness of the speaker wire is known as a gauge. There are different gauge sizes available in different speaker wires. The most common sizes are 12 gauge, 14 gauge, 16 gauge, and 18 gauge.

The lower the gauge number, the thicker will be the wire. The thick a speaker wire will be, the less will be the resistance

Generally, 12 and 14 gauge wire thickness is recommended for high power audio systems which require lengthy wire installments. 

For the speaker wires that are less than 50 feet, 16 gauge wire thickness will be ideal. Decide the gauge measurement according to your speaker system requirements. 

Why is it important to use a speaker wire?

Although a normal electrical wire works the same as a speaker wire, there are some features and properties of speaker wire that make it perfectly suitable for the efficient working of your audio system. 

Speaker wires are capable of handling low voltage current and single sound sources. You need to use the right type of wire that is compatible with the speaker specifications so that you can avoid any electrical breakage or hazards. 

Is a thick gauge wire better than a thin one?

For the efficient functioning and durability of the speaker wire, less resistance is important. A thicker gauge wire will have less resistance as compared to a thin one. 

If the resistance of the wire is low, the transmission of signals from a receiver or amplifier is smooth and uninterrupted. If your speaker system requires long wire installment, you should use a thick wire to avoid high resistance. 

On the other hand, if the wire length is short then a thin gauge wire will also work fine. Comparatively, thicker wire provides better functioning and long-lasting duration. 

Which type of gauge wire is suitable for a home theater system?

A home theater audio system has multiple speakers, amplifiers, and subwoofers. You need to select the wire gauge by keeping the speaker impedance and length of the wire into consideration. A 14 gauge wire is ideal for home theater applications. 

What is the importance of good quality connectors?

Good quality connectors are important for transferring smooth signals from a receiver or amplifier to the main speaker. It is advised to buy connectors or plugs made of copper material so that it emits high conductivity. 

What is the standard length for a speaker wire?

The length of the speaker wire depends on your speaker system. A long wire doesn’t need to produce and transmit better signals as compared to a short wire. 

Generally. 50 feet wire is ideal for most speaker systems. It is easily manageable and does not get tangled. 

However, if you have a surround sound system then you will be needing a lengthy wire (100 or 250 feet).

Final Verdict

We mentioned the list of best In Wall Speaker Wires along with the detailed description of their features and properties.  Considering the requirements, Mediabridge Speaker Wire might be a really good pick for you. Some important properties are to be kept in mind while buying speaker wires for your audio systems and that includes adequate wire thickness, resistance level, electrical conductivity, in-wall installation certification, and durability.  This speaker wire is by far the suitable combination of these features. It has a good wire length and high-quality copper conduction material. The separate colors of conduction wires make the polarity identification convenient.  If you are looking for a good quality speaker wire with easy installation and durability, then this speaker wire might serve you as a good choice.
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