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Jump to the table of contents to choose the best gaming chair in 2018 based on quality, needs, affordability etc. Alternatively you can check out the product summary of top gaming chairs which have been reviewed.

best gaming chair review

Any ergonomics expert will constantly tell you that it is unhealthy to sit in one position for hours, which is why a gaming chair is a good choice. It is extremely difficult to find the right chair, and if you are currently looking for the most comfortable gaming chair, then this review will make things easier for you.

Table of Contents – Best Gaming Chair

Gaming Chair with Comfort, Durability and Best Value for Money

Here, we are going to give a detailed review about the best gaming chairs in the market. But, before that – let’s have a quick summary of all these gaming chairs.

Product Summary

Gaming ChairPrice RangeAudioDurabilityWirelessPrice
Ergonomic Racing Chair$No
Audio Gaming Chair$Yes
Video Gaming Chair, Black$$Yes
Audio Gaming Chair, Wireless$$$Yes
Video Gaming Chair, Wireless$$$Yes

Now, let’s review each gaming chair in detail and explore the best one based on your needs, requirements and budget.

1. Homall Ergonomic Racing Chair

High-Back Gaming Chair PU Leather Bucket Seat, Computer Swivel Lumbar Support Executive Office Chair (Red)

Whether you are 6’1 or you are someone short on budget, this gaming chair is great for you. After spending quite some time on figuring out the best chair, we are confident to say that this chair is a good value for money. You can get this chair between $100-$150.

Ergonomic Racing Chair

It weighs around 33 pounds and once you get it, you will have to erect it yourself. For most people, it was a job of 20-25 minutes, which means that it was not a very time consuming process.

Great Features

Some of the best features of this gaming chair include:
  • A bucket seat that keeps your posture correct for a full day of gaming.
  • It adjusts aesthetically well into rooms.
  • The armrest can be adjusted as per your height and posture.
  • The chair can completely rock – it is not just the backrest that can rock.
  • It can endure loads up to 230 pounds!
  • It as a 360 degrees swivel so you can turn towards various directions.
  • It can also serve as a gaming office chair as well, which makes it multipurpose.


Cons of Homall Ergonomic Racing Chair

However, some of the things we did not like about this chair include:
  • The wheels! They can leave scratch marks on hardwood which ruins the floor.
  • The instructions for setup are somewhat inaccurate.
  • The chair can be wobbly if not set up right (which can be a tedious task)

Customer Reviews – Homall Ergonomic Racing Chair

Before we conclude on the product, here are some reviews you should see.

According to most buyers, the chair is very comfortable and it’s actually a pretty good value for money. However, dragging the chair on the floor might create some scratches and this is something that you can avoid if you are careful. So, apart from that – the experience is superb.

One of the great things about this chair is the fact that it suits perfectly well to people of all heights. This is one of the best gaming chair for tall people. 

Moreover, one of the users was 6’1” and weighed 210 pounds. It was really hard to find a suitable chair but this comfortable did the job. The buyer spent over 5 hours on it and was completely satisfied.

If you have kids in your house, who love to take swings on the chair then this can prove to be a great option for you as it is super durable.

So, if you are looking for a comfortable, durable and perfect solution in the form of a gaming chair that can comfort people with all sizes then this is the best option for you.


2. X Rocker 5142201

Commander 2.1 Audio Gaming Chair

When playing games, a comfortable gaming chair and a good quality of sound make the experience even better. However, finding both of these together is not a simple job.

Audio Gaming Chair

However, this is where X Rocker takes the lead in gaming chair for adults. From listening to music, to enjoying sound immersion while playing games, this chair is excellent.

It weighs 43 pounds and is easy to assemble.


It has some great features like:
  • It can be used for gaming, reading books, watching movies and listening to music.
  • It comes with a subwoofer with 2.1 AFM technology which makes the music experience amazing.
  • It gives a good sitting position with the armrest that can be adjusted and rotated.
  • The music output is compatible with most sources.


Things we liked

We reviewed the X Rocker gaming chair and loved the following things about it:

  • Your gaming experience is relaxing since it puts zero pressure on your back and is ergonomically sound.
  • The setting up of the chair is an easy task.
  • It will not make you sweat.
  • You are given complete freedom through the panels in choosing the right volume, bass and sound settings right near the armrest.
  • It is not too outrageous when it comes to the aesthetics.
Things we did not like

However, it was disappointing because:

  • It is not long lasting. Just after a little use, it will begin to crack with some of its parts breaking off very easily.
  • The armrest is at a strange angle and keeps falling off which makes it less of a comfort and more of a nuisance.
  • It has no lumbar support so it can be a rather uncomfortable experience for tall people.
  • It does not support movement since it has no wheels which means that if you try to move too much, it might just break off from the base.

Customer Reviews – X Rocker 5142201

Commander 2.1 Audio Gaming Chair

Here are some of the customer reviews.

According to customers, this is a must-get gaming chair if you are looking for durability and comfort. This goes especially for people who are tall. The experience was great however, there was no lumbar support. 

Moreover, the sound quality is superb. One of the customers says that he almost got an anxiety attack (in a good way) when he scored a goal in FIFA. The quality of sound is epic. The experience was remarkable and it almost felt like he was playing in a stadium.

If you are someone who is wants a great gaming experience, superb comfort, remarkable sound quality then you should definitely go for this.


3. X Rocker 5143601 II

Video Gaming Chair, Wireless, Black

We believe that wires are a new way of captivation. However, this X Rocker gaming chair gives you freedom since it is wireless.

Video Gaming Chair, Black


Some of its great features include:
  • This chair is supported by X Rocker’s amazing surround system. You get two speakers near the head, and one near the base which makes you literally live the game.
  • It is affordable and the price is between $140-$200.
  • You can control the sound with the controls on the sides.


Things we liked

We loved it because:

  • It is very easy to assemble.
  • The black vinyl back makes it stain resistant.
  • It will not make you sweat.
  • It is compatible with most devices: Wii, Playstation, Xbox, MP3/CD/DVD etc.
  • The gaming chair can fold into half for storage.
Things we did not like

However, some features made it lose points such as:

  • Requires an additional cord to work with the latest consoles.
  • The arm rests do not have enough padding.
  • It is not a very lasting product.
  • It is very difficult to lift since it is heavy.
  • It needs new batteries quite often for the audio transmitter.

Customer Reviews – X Rocker 5143601 II

Before you make a final choice, here are some reviews for you:

This chair has proved to be up to the mark. One of the customers got it for her husband and now she uses it more than him. This is a super comfortable chair and it fulfills all the requirements of a person who is interested in gaming.

The sound quality is epic and creates a realistic experience. It’s great for people who love gaming and TV. The room manifests itself to be very quiet and the sound comes only from the head. But at this point, it should be noted that since the chair does not have a padding – it can cause discomfort.

This is great if you need a superb sound quality experience and want to gift it to someone.


4. X Rocker 51259 Pro

H3 4.1 Audio Gaming Chair, Wireless

X Rocker is a famous name when it comes to gaming chairs and they keep proving why.

Audio Gaming Chair, Wireless

Imaging playing a car racing game and experiencing a crash. The crash causes you to hear a loud sound and your entire body vibrates. If this is your #1 gaming fantasy, we recommend X Rocker 51259 Pro H3 4.1 Audio Gaming Chair to you.


This game has great features like:
  • The bass system is tuned to a mild jolting system which will sent a mild tremor for more prominent moments in the game.
  • It had 4 speakers for total immersion and a powerful subwoofer that makes it a great surround system.
  • It has a built-in wireless radio receiver that works perfectly well with RCA systems.
  • It can fold which makes storage easier.
  • It can be used as a multi-purpose chair in your living room.


Things we liked

This gaming chair  is amazing because:

  1. It is comfortable to sit for longer hours so you can have a good gaming experience.
  2. It is very easy to clean so for all those clean freaks, this will not bother you.
  3. It is compatible with Wii, PlayStation and Xbox, but might require an extra cord for the latest version.
  4. The vibrator can even make it a massage chair since it can vibrate at nominal loudness.
  5. Setting up the chair is simple because the manual is pretty clear..
Things we did not like

This wireless gaming chair was disappointing because:

  1. The power cord is not long enough. You might need an extension cord which adds to the cost.
  2. The cushion becomes damaged and worn out. You might require extra padding every few weeks.
  3. It is extremely heavy so you cannot even imagine moving it here and there.
  4. If you sit in a bad angle, you will fall back.
  5. The seat is too low and you are only a foot above the ground.
  6. You should expect no support from the company since they hardly ever answer their phone.

Customer Reviews – X Rocker 51259 Pro

Before the final verdict, you should consider some of the reviews from real buyers.

One of the customers had two X Rocker gaming chairs to compare, but prefers this one. According to him, the vibrations were great. They were complemented by remarkable sound experience. The overall experience was superb and it’s a great value for money.

However, due to lack of padding – this chair lost some points when it comes to comfort. In terms of features like vibrations and quality of sound it is great. However, for comfort and durability it is good for you only if you are careful about your things and can take care of it. The vibrating feature is way better than any other.

This is one of the best choices for someone who is careful and looking for great features. The gaming experience is definitely remarkable and it’s a great value for money.


5. X Rocker 51396

Pro Series Pedestal 2.1 Video Gaming Chair, Wireless

As the world moves one step ahead, we wish for everything to become as real as possible. With the X Rocker chairs, we keep moving towards reality.

Video Gaming Chair, Wireless


These gaming chairs of the Pedestal Series have some great features like:

  • It consists of two great speakers near the head, and a powerful sub-woofer at the base.
  • It can be connected to other chairs for an amazing overall gaming experience.
  • It has an ergonomically sound design.
  • It uses AFM Sound Technology – a feature that is making X Rocker popular for sound.


Things we liked

We liked this gaming chair because:

  1. The immersive audio makes the overall sound system real, and multiplies the fun of gaming by huge factors.
  2. The vibrations and jolts let you experience the game at a different level.
  3. It has a wireless transmitter that makes it a less of a hassle when connecting with RCA outputs.
  4. The chairs are easy to set up and it won’t take much time. When you get a new gaming chair, and you have to spend an hour setting it up, it almost kills the excitement.
  5. It is not very heavy so you can move it around.
Things we did not like

However, we did not like it because:

  1. The cushion is not very durable, and will require replacement very often.
  2. You can lean back to a certain limit, but beyond that it will just break.
  3. To feel the vibrations, you will have to turn the volume up to a deafening volume. The vibrations might be fun, but you will face problems due to over-exposure.
  4. The wireless transmitter uses too much battery and cannot be plugged in. That is additional cost – something that you wouldn’t want to bear every few days after spending this much on a chair.

Customer Reviews – X Rocker 51396

Here are some reviews to help you make the decision:

One of the buyers loved the fact that the chair was super comfortable and the sound quality was epic. However, the vibrations were not up to the mark. May be only he did not like the vibrations, and it mostly varies from person to person if you want the vibrations or not. So, you have to ask yourself if you like immersive and real life experience? If so, then vibrations are for you – otherwise not. 

Another one of the buyers got this chair for his son but was not okay with the durability. He had the same issue with the vibrations as they require high volume playback. This is not for someone who is living in a house of kids.

The main issue with this chair is durability and vibrations. So, if you are someone who is careful, likes to listen at average volume, wants comfort and does not appreciate vibrations then this is the perfect choice for you.

So, for comfort and good sound quality you should definitely get this one.


How to choose the best gaming chair?

When it comes to finding the perfect gaming chair, these can several attributes to consider.


The first question you need to ask yourself before getting a gaming chair is that do you really need one? They definitely add to the overall experience of gaming, but is it right for you? This depends on the hours you spend gaming everyday. If you do not play games frequently, don’t spend a lot on this.


Gaming chairs need to be used very often. You need something that will last long and not break off easily. That means that the game chair should be structurally strong and be made up of good material. That may add to the price but you should not require a replacement very often.


When looking for a good gaming chair, you must remember to test its compatibility. The chair should be compatible with the newer game consoles. A lot of older models do not even work with the Playstation 4, which is perhaps used a lot these days.


You can get a gaming chair for as low as $90 and you can get one for as much as $300. When it comes to choosing a right one, refer to your budget. If your budget is $150, get one around $115-$120, since they almost always need add-ons. You should always keep a reserve budget for that.


Before you choose the right gaming chair for yourself, look at your living room again. What colours would add to the beauty of the room? What would be the right size of the chair? Would you require a chair with bold colours or something with more of a dull tone to it? Make the right choice before you actually spend money on it.


Now, for a gamer, the place might not be a permanent spot. Sometimes, you will want to be close to the screen while at other times, you would like to enjoy it from far. Your gaming chair should be light and easy to handle. Similarly, for someone who moves a lot, easy storage would be a plus point too.

Other features

What are the other specific features that you need to add to your gaming experience? Would a chair with speakers suit you better or would you prefer a wireless gaming chair? Would you like a chair that is just for gaming or would you like to use it when watching TV or reading? This is more about your personal preferences than anything else, so go for the features you require the most.

Editor’s Choice

We had to face a little trouble in choosing a winner for this category. However, we have two options for the best gaming chair in the market…

If you want an amazing sound system with vibrations as a bonus, you should go for the multipurpose X Rocker 51259 Pro H3 4.1 Audio Gaming Chair. In addition to being a multi-purpose chair, and being extremely comfortable, this chair also provides wireless support, which makes it an absolute bargain for this kind of a private. Also, it fulfills the ergonomics standards, folds for better storage and adds to the aesthetics of the room.


If you are looking for a chair with no audio compatibility (in cases when you have a good surround system with your TV or if you have excellent quality headphones), you should go for Homall Ergonomic Racing Chair. This chair gives you comfort, durability and the best value for money.

So, which chair did you like? Let us know in the comments.


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